It all happened after the grand adventure that was NUKITASHI…

The Lewd War is over, and Junnosuke Tachibana, savior of Seiran and creator of the True Perverted Sex Law… spends his days with his NLNS buddies reminiscing over victories past as one of the island’s “Steel Six.” True coexistence has now been achieved, and these peaceful days will continue for a long time to come—or so he believes.

One fateful day, he exchanges sex sleeve data with another user on Fapista, a social network where gentleman perverts gather. However, the pleasure of the sleeve proves so great that his fapping hand breaks through the speed of light, engulfing Junnosuke and the FS Big Three who happen to walk in on him in blinding light and transporting them to a parallel world.

In this alternate utopia, Junnosuke is feared and revered as “His Sexellency” and has established absolute power as the FS’s vice president. What’s more, on this new Seiran Island, the perverted sex law of old remains in place… Will the NLNS be able to relive their former glory a second time? And can Junnosuke and his friends safely return to their own world?

A new battle begins for Junnosuke, backed by the FS Big Three!

“This is what it truly means for the minority to get vengeance.”

3 comments on “NUKITASHI 2

  1. Free download part 11, gives an error of a file in the folder movie, tagged o6r5y1f2g7 being damaged and being unable to be extracted

    1. if you’re using winrar, try 7zip instead. I used to get extract errors all the time when downloading from this site, but the issue got solved by changing the software.

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