Detective Masochist

Detective Masochist

The story so far: Our pathetic, lazy hero and his childhood friend Satomi, as beautiful as she is brilliant. He lives his days in a hardboiled fantasy, playing at being a detective while barely managing to make ends meet. She’s attending a top university and looking after him by acting as his reluctant partner.

Never quite managing to make it past “just friends”, the two get wrapped up in a startling incident, and suddenly things are turned upside down! Due to the actions of a mysterious man, Satomi is transformed into a super sadist whose thirst for punishment cannot be quenched!

The sadistic Satomi toys with our hero, twisting him this way and that…perhaps finally going so far as to force him to claim her virginity!

“If I don’t change Satomi back to normal quickly…I’ll never be able to resist her punishment…”

What fate awaits our hero? Will he be able to track down the mysterious man and save Satomi? And what will become of the two of them?!

36 comments on “Detective Masochist

  1. Anyone else think it’s weird how there’s an enormous size difference in the character? It’s like they enlarged Satomi’s sprite and shrunk down Subaru’s, lol.

  2. Does anyone know how to get the 100% save to work? I dropped it in the save folder but it won’t unlock the CG’s.

  3. Well, I successfully downloaded, extracted and even tried the setup/installing of it but when it comes to the opening/tile, I can’t choose any of the buttons, I can’t click it.

    Anyone know how to solve it??
    I’ve been re-downloading the file over and over again then execute the same actions above, but agh..

    — Thanks in advance~ ^^.

    1. Try running it without applocale? It is a localised version, so it might run into problems thanks to using applocale?

  4. The game keeps freezing my pc everytime I try to run it. Am I the only one experiencing this, and how do I fix it? I’m running it on Windows 7, System Locale is already set to Japanese.

  5. Whenever I try to start the game I get an error message saying “Error initializing system sound”. The game than shuts down. What can I do to fix this? I am using Windows 10.

  6. While it is a fun game, the endings are a bit lacking as both of them seem to end on an open end or a cliffhanger depending on how you look at them.
    Would’ve liked to see more of satomi and sonoko and less of subaru. That little girls just looks like way too young, too old to be considered a loli but not old enough to be seen as a teenager. Just felt weird…

    1. according to an earlier post, it is supposed to be part 1 of a trilogy, hence the open endedness. I hope this gathers enough support to lead to the other 2 installments AND HOPEFULLY more into more femdom related games in general. (I like monster girl quest and starless, but I’d like something without monsters and doesn’t lead to some pretty horrific endings to the girls like starless/discipline)

    1. Shouldn’t be needed – it’s official USA release. I tested it under Windows7, and it worked without locale change.

      1. The futanari is one scene, and if you pick the right ending it goes away. It’s sort of part of the plot I guess.

        At first I was against it too, and wasn’t going to buy the game, but now I want to see more of this so…

  7. Does anyone know how to get 100% in progress? I keep getting the sonoko vs. subaru ending and can’t seem to find the 2nd ending. I’m stuck at 88% progress…

  8. this sounds amazing, please don’t let me down. Need more femdom that doesn’t end in horribly tragic deaths

    1. oooo, from mangagamer. Totally buying this, I hope that this gets enough support to open the market into more femdom, its only 15 bucks

      1. Has anybody had trouble getting this game to work? I keep getting the message “Failed to initiate voice” when I try starting it up.

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