Marina’s Cuckolding Report

Marina's Cuckolding Report

Azuma Kenji is a married man with a wife and child. One day, he reads someone’s online account of their wife sleeping with another man, and it intrigues him.

What kind of sex would his wife, Marina, have with other men?

He decides that wants her to sleep with another man. Just once would be fine. At first, Marina refuses Kenji’s request, but she finally caves in to his enthusiasm and agrees do it JUST ONCE.

She chooses to “loan herself” to Hiroto, a college student a decade her junior. Hiroto’s the type of guy who triggers her maternal instinct. He has a habit of blowing his load quickly, but he’s proud of the fact that he can easily rebound and go multiple rounds.

At first, their agreement is only for a single time, but Kenji, Marina, and Hiroto all soon become addicted. Eventually, the explicit wife-loaning play escalates to extremes, like bareback sex and all-night “loan-outs”…

64 comments on “Marina’s Cuckolding Report

    1. i pray every night and day.
      tried to play it with a translator, but it was tiresome. i guess the best way to enjoy this content is to learn japanese.

  1. I am fine with everything and all but the fact that they have a child and still do stuff like that makes them human scumbags ….

  2. I played the original game in Japanese, and I’ve easily got Hiroto’s route or point of view.

    And I completed the game saving each time a chose was given for me, but couldn’t get Hiroto´s route.

    Any help?

  3. I dunno, maybe because I’m a girl but… yeah, I get it that everything was consensual but the fact that Marina lied, even just a little, at the scene where she said they were not having sex yet, it’s just that the deterioration of a relationship starts even with just a little lie. So, those doubts will definitely pile up until the long run.

    Hiroto and Marina were also already saying “I love you” to each other so even though the husband agrees with the sex, I don’t think he agreed with them being affectionate in terms of the heart? I mean, he agreed to physical affection but not emotional affection. So it’s kind of cheating “emotionally.” It’s one thing when she likes Hiroto for his body, but it’s another thing when she is actually starting to like him for him. Which is why the husband was broken-hearted when he saw hem cuddling together at the last scene.

    1. That’s precisely why people love cuckold NTR. We love the soul crushing feelings of rage, sadness, and jealousy that are stirred up by our SO’s sluttiness. NTR is all about the mental game.

  4. I like this game, it’s a netorare but not thos type of shit where wife gets win over by some guy or protagonist become shit, instead wife enjoys having sex with another man and husband enjoys watching it, glad it had a happy ending.

  5. This is not at all Netorare. Considering that there is no instance where the wife is stolen nor is there any forced sex. Both husband & wife are well aware of everytime infidelity is committed.
    There is only 1 actual ending to the game and it doesnt really involve the wife being stolen. After all husband wants wife to cheat, the wife cheats with husband’s permission.

  6. I have no respect for any man who gets off on watching his loved ones have sex with another man. Willing cuckolds are a disgrace.

    1. A disgrace are people like you that can’t live without spreading negativity everywhere. Nobody forces you to consume a type of content that you don’t like/understand so just find something you enjoy and quit hating on everything you don’t.

  7. To all NTR haters
    This one is actually good and has Happy-Ending!
    They all has consent and happy in this relationship.
    I recommend skip pass the first playthrough ( from husband perspective) which is quite frustated bcos u dont know anything.
    But from wife perspective (from Scene Replay mode) we will see that she is so hot! … err I mean she just plays around but still love her husband.
    And the young boy know his place and only want to become sex-partner.
    So when u know this – this eroge actually has no sad moment. 🙂
    And I hope that we will get to see the sequel ^^
    (Anyways, if u dont like kinda bitchy female -skip this)

    1. I love this game too at first it gave me strange shock and excitement as well also Marina is fine hot Wifu damn so In love with her

  8. Ugh. Cuckfag garbage. Pass.

    Why is it that pretty much all of the nukige coming out are either regular crap or cuckrap? The very few ones that don’t fit into either categories are all from the female(s’) POV.

    What happened to the days of glorious harems? I’d even take one of those boring as shit generic rapist protagonists right about now. I see a lot of fap-decent untranslated ones. But it seems the market nowadays are just catering to the little beta bitches.

    1. dont worry this is not such netorare where the husband doesnt know anything about it
      its like fuck buddy situation where they wanted it themself instead of being forced

  9. Speak for yourself CUCK. I have two degrees and a 142 IQ. Is also knock your fucking head off if you spoke to me like that. The only ”dumb as dog shit” person here is you… You fucking CUCK. I’d suggest watching Trumps speech about Hillary from The other day. We both know you won’t, and I’d be a large portion of my salary that you’ve never watched one of his speeches. You get all your news from what? CNN? MSNBC? Tyt? Huff post? Tumblr? You’re a little shit, with a shit brain and zero clue what’s going on. Get fucked.

  10. I couldn’t care less about the MC’s pov but the scenes with the wife’s perspective are so hot. Thanks for the upload admin!

  11. I like the Netori genre, not netorare, but black lillith games don’t bother me too much, but some of them are crazy. It’s not about the woman though.

  12. not a fan of Netorare but… from the summary i think its not a story about a pathetic guy who got his lover stolen and decide to kill himself because of it so… its all good xD

  13. To the people saying this game is “not for me” I just have one question. How do you feel about Black Lilith games? If you like those and other games in the rape genre but can’t stand seeing something where the woman actually likes sex without needing to be forced into it..

    1. Not my thing either. Im a Vanilla-Boy for all eternity haha.
      Currently hoping, that Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai wont take that much longer.

    2. I find them ranging from interesting cuz different to distasteful.
      From time to time they have their use in mixing things up amidst the vanilla stuff I usually play, but I tend to forget about them just as quick; it’s kind of like clickig on a black midget gay porn video because you’re curious, not because you think it’s going to become your next preference.
      Stuff like this while not really exciting in the H-Scenes also leaves me with a very unpleasant feeling or in the worse ones simply annoyance; so I tend to drop them after 2~3hrs.

      Whether the fictional woman enjoys what is fictionally done to her doesn’t really factor into my decision for disliking it.

    1. Sorry admin, nevermind, I didn’t see it in the download list and didn’t go back in recent downloads yet. Love you :3

  14. Never really understood why, but somehow NTR bothers me the most out of all Eroge content I’ve tried so far, even compared to some of the shit Euphoria or Starless presented.

    I’d honestly be curious what fans of the genre find so appealing about it.

    I’m already spending my time on a 2D porn game so I really do not need the game to drive home the point that I’m pathetic; I’m aware QQ.

    Still thanks for your dedication admin, really appreciate it, even if this one really isn’t for me.

    1. I got into NTR content by just starting with slave-manager/corruption games. My first real NTR was probably Thug Hero Party. I felt the same way and dropped the game after playing half of it even though the girls where sexy and good drawn. It was just feeling, like when you try you best but you don’t succeed. I knew I didn’t like NTR content then. Some time later I got into R-18 novel reading. TYhe comment that made me try NTR genre was like this: “Imagine that the actual MC is not the one you are having perspective of. The main characters are the girls and the guy/monster doing the NTR. You just have to think of the “MC” as some random unlucky dude and failure and associate yourself with the one who does the NTR.” After that I picked up the novel “Sisters Violated Many Times in Dream and Reality…”(btw, really good novel to get into NTR as the MC still is left with other girls) and resumed my playthrough of Thug Hero Party. The bad feeling was gone and what left was girls getting corrupted by sex. Now i can enjoy this.

      1. What you are describing isn’t Netorare. It’s Netori (or Netoru).

        Netorare fans get a kick out of taking the perspective of the one being bullied, Netori fans get a kick out of taking the perspective of the ones doing the bullying.

        They’re completely opposite.

    2. I’m not a fan of “netorare” but I the love “cheating” genre. The differences are the types of characters you see in them. Netorare always has an ‘alpha male’ cuckolding a ‘beta male’ out of his significant other. Usually to the dismay of the S.O. Cheating on the other hand has a willing S.O. and less alpha male bullshit. The best thing about this game is the other guy, while superior to the hubby, is very humble about it. While the wifey’s getting off on it too. She’s not the dumb, coy, weak ass victim type you get in netorare.

    3. Honestly it depends on the game/story but the main appeal of netorare is the thrill of the jealousy of losing somebody you love to somebody else.

      Well I mean hell, everybody choose what they want to play but I’m pretty experienced with hentai stories and I enjoy the particular thrill that netorare gives me. After you’ve played through the several hundred vanilla VNs, you start to look for something more controversial.

    4. I know right?

      I tried this one, but its just not for me. Some kind of barrier prevents me from playing it further. The music worsens this, too. So I think I would rather prefer for some guy to fall in love with a girl and do it the common way.

      Yeah, i will just stick with stuff like Majikoi, Princess Evangile and so on. I find it much more satisfying ( although Im always feeling sad knowing I now have to ignore the girls, whose routes I played in the previous walkthroughs^^).

  15. In case you didn’t see it yet there are a lot more new uploads then just this. If you want to see then check the RSS feed or the forums front page.

  16. I really liked this game but whats the deal with the routes? there’s only 2 choices and two endings but a bunch of extra scenes and missing CGs.

  17. Netorare? Nope, nope nope. Protagonist-organized or not. It’s my policy to give everything a try, but I tried netorare game before and found that I hate it. So I will be skipping this one. Does anyone know when a nice VN is coming? Non-netorare of course.

  18. So this is more of a cheating/swinging story right? I love me some slutty, cheating wives but can’t stand when the other guy is an arrogant, pompous, goading asshole.

    1. says cuckholding in the title but yeah this one is specifically netorase, meaning the husband asks the wife to bang another guy while he knows about it.

    1. This.

      Not even one link exist on the internet. the patch already release after the game release shortly but no one upload uncensored version.

    1. …Dude, Mangagamer’s bringing out some awesome stuff. The entire Rance series is on the way, plus Evenicle, along with plenty of story-based VNs of various genres. Nakige are a good way to make money, which shall be further channeled into other, better vns.

      1. They’ve made no mention of the entire rance series. Just 5d/6, sengoku rance which (judging by mangagamer’s translation quality) already has a superior fan translation version that has been out for a decade, and magnum which is apparently not much fun.

      2. man… i think its been years since i heard that and so far only the mentioned Rance series that’s been translated by them

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