Marina’s Cuckolding Report 3

Marina's Cuckolding Report 3

It has been almost a year since he lent his beloved wife, Marina, to a former porn star.
And Kenji, the husband, has a stronger desire to see Marina cheat on him at will.
Then one day, Marina receives a call from her ex-boyfriend for the first time in over a decade, asking her to get back together with him on the premise of marriage.

Marina naturally refuses, but when Kenji hears about it, he confesses his even stronger desire to be a cuckold.
“Kenji confessed his stronger desire to be cuckolded, and revealed his forbidden wish to get back together with his ex-boyfriend.
This is a different kind of relationship, one where everything is done by her own will.

What will happen to Marina when her ex-boyfriend keeps pressuring her to get back together with him?

The third (and final) installment of the Marina’s Cuckolding Report series​.

21 comments on “Marina’s Cuckolding Report 3

  1. Amazing game, the best of the genre that i’ve played so far.
    At the end shinjou was the real “lonely inlove” cuckolded “with the heart”.

  2. So a summary of this and why I hate NTR. Taken from a reviewer from a long time ago since I can’t stomach reading this. It’s Netorarese which the MC organize and allowed the other guy so jump to the final chapter the MC wants Marina to stop it and made both the guy and Marina promised to never do it again. Then Marina and the guy got into a business trip and Marina a b*tch in heat broke her promised and had sex with the guy. After that she wants to break the connection with the guy but the guy doesn’t want to agree with her so he kidnap her together with the MC and had sex with her while the MC is tied up after that the two idiots the MC and Marina (yes they are both idiots) says they are wrong MC for having agreed to the Netorarese and Marina for being always a b*tch in heat the end.

    1. Sounds like the reviewer you took that from didn’t really read it either. She did not break her promise. MC wanted her to cheat on her own volition because he thought that’d be more exciting than him asking her to do it. Missing the whole point of the story. MC was playing a dangerous game and in the end they learned from it.

      The ‘bull’ in this situation didn’t even really kidnap them

      1. i put the patch in the game folder but i get a syntax error, some blue console window opens and nothing after. does this need some other software to run?

        1. You need to change your system locale to Japanese. Just google it, change it and restart and it works I just tested after having the same issue.

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