Gyaruzuma Sex

Gyaruzuma Sex

The protagonist, Naohiro, and his wife Risa have been married for 4 years. Their married life is smooth sailing, and the good relationship between them is enough to be envied.

Except for one feeling born from Naohiro’s heart…

It all started with a small incident. One night, when the couple was happily drinking together, Risa talked about her ex-boyfriend, and after the conversation, Naohiro felt a strange excitement.

Feeling weird, he searched the internet about it, and while doing so, realized that he does indeed have “that” fetish.

However, he can’t possibly tell that to his beloved wife, but the more they find happiness with each other, the more stinging sensation torments him from within.

Then one day, one of his juniors back in school, Tsukasa, consulted him about something…

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  1. MachoMaster is onto something here. Self-hatred might actually be a driving motor in this. Kind of plays into my idea as well i think. Devaluating the female which you actually desire is a form of self hatred too i think.

    1. Same, I’m always wondering who it degrades. The guy being cucked for having twisted fantasies or the girl who basically proves she wants to fuck other men. Who loses here? Both IMO but the guy more.. anyways I have really low self-value and stay away from this, it hurts me.

    1. @Revvo Right? Even if it’s someone’s fetish, why play an eroge about it? There’s no shortage of girls willing to sleep around in real life, so why the fuck would you need a 2D girl to fill that need?

      Garbage-ass genre.

      1. The thing why I hate NTR is how dumb the female MC is. A good example is the Marina series that whole series can be summed up with because Marina is a slut. Most of the female in NTR is dumb as a rock and a slut.

        1. i guess that probably is the core of this fetish. I can only imagine that the allure is the fantasy of reducing a woman down to only her sexuality. Like with the porn of young women sleeping with old man? The idea of them being so stupid for sex, that they would do it with anyone?
          at least that’s the only way i can try to comprehend the fetish.

        2. Most of the time, the protagonist of an harem anime/vn is the least interesting character of his universe. He is often dumb, boring and oblivious to the attempt of the girls. When I read a doujin NTR, I project myself as the one cucking the bland protagonist and It is often a story more complex and interesting that all the girls going for the worst virgin of their universe.

          1. Because most Harem VN is a romcom. So you’re argument will be invalid imagine a romcom Harem VN with a serious character it will become a serious VN and not a lighthearted one. Take SNAFU for example Hachiman is a serious, hardheaded and calculating person so what did happen it became a serious LN. Same with Yuuji from Grisia and Kyousuke from G-Senjou. So a romcom MC has to be dumb and oblivious for it to work while Serious MC will have a more dark and serious tone. Also imagine if in a NTR genre the female is not dumb and a slut do you think it will work out if they fight after being rape or blackmailed.

          2. You, me, we all know that this isn’t why the NTR genre is so famous now.

            The NTR genre is the new edgy trend among coomers and incels.

            They like to say that they indentify themselves with the one who CUCKS the weak “idiot HAREM MC”, but we all know that they in fact are more close with the one CUCKED in personality and etc. and that’s why they “hate” him, and why they try to project themselves into the #MachoMaster2304inchDik to steal his girls, and with that “punish” the weak MC/their weak self, to gain some self esteem.

            Think about this as some sort of: the one bullied starts to have delusions that he’s the bully.

          3. Honestly, I think it’s simpler than that. It’s not some edgy trend. Some people get horny when they’re frustrated, and NTR helps them tap into that without actually being betrayed by a loved one. It ain’t my jam, but some people are into that. Everyone’s got a specific preference. I feel like the people that get super angry at the existence of NTR porn are probably closet cucks themselves that don’t know how to channel that frustration.

          4. Lol. What’s up you are envious of those protagonists with harems….. It gives you so much pleasure to wish evil to others….. You are pitiful…

      2. And why some people are into incest ? into gay stuff ? into femdom ? into rape and violence ? into watersport ? etc…

        Why do you people even care ? Don’t you have better things to do ? Fetishes and preferences are often stuff deep inside instinct.
        I’ll still reply for my case, since you people seem to care: I find it arousing to see a woman acting as slutty as possible in those kind of games, or to see the woman being degraded (honestly). Especially because it’s just games, I’d never let my gf do one tenth of this stuff, for that very reason that it’s degrading and filthy. Finding it repulsive irl is paradoxally what makes it kind of arousing in a game, because it’s taboo and unthinkable. It’s like finding violence fun in GTA, you still wouldn’t harm real people because of the consequences it has.

        But I’ve realized with time that some people really act in games like they’d like to act irl (if they could), which is scary. I don’t understand this lack of distinction. Maybe it’s because most of you are young thus clueless that you think it has to be like that.

      3. This is retarded logic. Why consume porn at all if you can just have sex with a woman irl? Stop caring so much about what other people masturbate to like a little bitch baby. It’s fiction.

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