Lendable Wife – Mayumi’s Cuckolding Report

Lendable Wife

Our hero, Takasaka Yasutomi wants to see his own wife in embrace of another man.

At first Mayumi refuses husband’s wish, but eventually she warms up to that idea, and agrees under certain conditions.

“As long as it is a man you trust…”

They agree to “rent her out” to protagonist’s boss, Satoru Nii, who often goes on business trips.

Forbidden “adultery business trip sex”.
What will happen between the two?

48 comments on “Lendable Wife – Mayumi’s Cuckolding Report

  1. This one isn’t netorase more as strait up netorare. I mean sex between two consenting adults is fine, and if people want to have an open relationship that’s a-ok. Sex is sex, and you can even share love if you want.

    Whatever floats your boat. The problem with this one, isn’t that it’s about sharing love, and open relationships. Or even building jealousy until some guy gets off on it. She just strait up lies to him, and that would totally destroy a relationship, and she didn’t even have to. He was ok with their relationship, she could have totally come clean and everything would have worked out. So that’s kind of garbage.

  2. If you ask me, Mayumi as a character is extremely annoying. Even before any major event happens she makes me cringe. Literally couldn’t play this even to the end of the prologue. As for the people who say that a fetish like this is the dumbest thing ever because it makes no sense, before saying that take a look at scat, insect or torture hentai. Not to mention you can find this fetish outside of hentai. I thought Marina’s Cuckolding Report was way more enjoyable. The whole point of netorase is to raise jealousy of the husband/boyfriend, which is a fetish outside of porn too. I don’t get netorase, ntr or netori, but to play/read/watch this genre you don’t really need to understand it.

  3. Serious, who the fuck likes cuckolds themselves? I just fap to things like this because the desing, animation and game fluency are fking awesome, but serious? I mean, I respect any kind of taste, but Netorare is simply a way of psicological masochism, it just makes no sense. Even liking lolis is more normal, because people can like shorter and inocent woman, or even liking a small body, but this is not. I prefer “onee-sans” and big tits, asses, so don’t tell me as a lolicon.

    Mind it, I know about the dangers of “lolis” and I know that people disgustinly serious going for pedo there, but I think that rather prevents people going to real because they have fantasy instead to going for it. On the other hand it also can provoke if obsession goes far a worse effect, but I think it does more good than bad.

    Fuck netorares, i was going to fap to this shit because the quality seen, but after looking at the synopsis I rather stopped it, just together with full furrys this thing is disgusting (I respect species mixing, who doesn’t want an elf or any other kind of humanlike form).

    Shit, this text went to far, i’m just disgusted and bored. Have a nice day all.

    1. America been having a crisis with incest porn, but anime scenes of cheating is what made you become a keyboard warrior? ok. lmfao

    2. Another two digit IQ dumbass who cares about other people sick kinks and who’s has time to preach his childish virtues on the internet.

    3. You’re clearly a person very secure in themself! Not at all judging anyones fetish! Maybe you have some personal hurtful reason behind your words? I’d love to hear it. Yummy

  4. Call me crazy with a K but, normally the women cheats on the husband because the lover has a bigger dick, why does it look like the husband has the bigger package in the screenshots ?

  5. A lot of Spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

    All of Atelier Sakura – Team NTRs games are so awesome!
    Each of them is so hot, from Please Bang My Wife, over Marina’s Cuckolding Report, to Lendable Wife.
    I couldn’t even say which ones the best.
    I love how in PBMW the wife let’s completely loose and how they fuck like rabbits behind his back.
    Marina is so unbelievably hot with the reports. Even though they are mostly lies, it’s so erotic how she tells them. And then seeing the actual scenes where she get’s nailed so hard and does things she wouldn’t even do with her husband.
    And finally Lendable Wife. This one is so, so good, that I really wish it would be longer. It’s such a turn on to see how the wife let’s loose. The idea of getting her to smoke was brilliant. I never thought it would be such a turn on, to see a woman getting into smoking. Combined with the consume of alcohol during their sex sessions to make them really lose their mind and fuck like crazy.
    Man I love it so much. I really wish even more of their games would get a translation. But it’s also great as is now.

  6. Quite new to these games. This was amazing. The best parts are after the game has finished. Can anyone recommend another?

    1. Please Bang My Wife, President Yukino, and Lendable Wife are all cuckold NTR from the cuck’s perspective. Please Bang My Wife is my favorite eroge of all time so far. I am playing Lendable Wife at the moment, but it’s hard for me to get through, it really kicks you in the nuts.

  7. Hey Admin,any idea whether we will get wife lending marina’s report complete series in English. only one is translated right now, but there are 4 more games.

  8. @OneUglySunuvabitch

    Yea I agree. This layout is perfect the way it is. It doesn’t need to change….

    Althooooo I did like the little tab that shown the recent comments. Admin you should add that back in if you can.

  9. @admin: Thank you, really! ^^ Please DO NOT change the UI ever again, it really is already perfect the way the original is showing now, being dead serious here. 🙂

  10. yay original is back! for now at least.
    got to agree with you guys, i like this more. The new one had some good points but this is way better for scrolling through and filtering what we like, which is really important because i guess most of us only like like 12-20% of the vns that get uploaded here.

    1. Yea. It was easier for me to fix old layout to work with chrome again than to make new layout not look like an ass. I’m terrible at graphic design.

      1. In all honesty, the original was perfect just the way it was before, I really do miss it already, ah well… 🙁

  11. I can’t open the CG option I keep getting a error when I click on it. The rest of the game works fine any suggestion?

    1. Not really huge, but it was running unchanged for almost decade, with various patchwork fixes plastered over – recently more and more features were acting broken on modern browsers (like reply to specific comment or tabs), so I decided to nuke it all and start over from scratch with modern codebase.

      1. I like the ideas of tags and so on shown without having to click on the item, but the layout is not the best, It could be a firefox thing but there is just a massive blank space on the left which is shown on the screenshot someone else provided.

        1. Yea. Ultimately, site’s layout is kinda vertical – game cover picture, followed by game description, followed by links/screenshots tabs, followed by tags, comments and so on. While modern screens are horizontal widescreen – I end up with massive amount of screen real estate on sides that I don’t have idea what to fill with.

  12. Waiting for this, Boku to Nurse no Kenshuu Nisshi. i like it more 1 and only exclusive heroine with no NTR that is bad for your heart

    1. Thanks my dear didn’t knew this one, sound interestind and seem to match my taste perfectly (Only virgin heroine, No NTR, Marriage ending) =)

  13. Is there any chance that you can upload RAI 7? Guide in hongfire is so comlicated for a complete noob like me. Hoping you can compile the latest english patch and turn it into one click application. TIA!

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