Maggot Baits

Maggot Baits

Kantou, Pandemonium—

Formerly known as Kajou City, a central metropolis of the Kantou region, it was transformed overnight into a demonic city where the supernatural runs rampant after it was linked to the swirling power of chaos from the Abyss several years ago.

When immortal, unidentified beings called “Witches” began to appear, the government responded by quarantining the metropolitan area, and ceding the land from their sovereign borders.

Though old Kajou City became a ghost town for a time, criminals, illegal immigrants, and defaulting debtors who couldn’t make a living in this corrupt world sought refuge in the city, followed by an influx of prostitutes, black market dealers, and yakuza seeking to take advantage of them.

After growing to a population of 150,000 over several years, the curtain rises on this tale when a certain man encounters a lone “Witch” here in this unrecognized free city known as Pandemonium.

The wheel of destiny begins to turn for one man and the “Witches”, here in this dangerous, evil city beyond the reach of law.

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  1. Excellent followup to Euphoria, I’m enjoying it even more. Oozes atmosphere. It uses the “immortality” aspect to ante-up the torture (an immortal being can be tortured that much more…). Definitely not for the squeamish. Has literal skull-fucking. But beyond all that, it actually has a good fucking story. The brightest euphoria requires the deepest despair, and vice versa.

    This game has a lot of rape/torture but it’s never shown as a good thing. The writers have a sense of real morality and the “pure love” tag on this isn’t a joke. The arching theme is “love conquers all”.

  2. when i try to extract the complete free download it keeps telling me that the archive file for part 07 is incomplete

  3. This is garbage. One rape scene after another for no reason. I get off to fake rape, but this is fucking shit. It’s not world building, they are using the VN to show more rape scenes than time to tell me who the fucking main character is. Imagine watching torture and rape 80% of the time, with a snippet of story, and back to someone being raped. The whole premise is fucking stupid. Spoilers ahead. Immortal women whose only weakness is to fight each other, and that is the only way they can get captured and killed. Well, better fight amongst each other to let the humans catch and rape us. No fucking way that would happen.

    1. OK, now that I have finished it, I have to say I was spot on.

      This story is absolute garbage.

      Spoilers ahead: The ending is so out of left field and unsatisfying that I feel like I wasted my time. The game insists on reusing CG all the time in action scenes and the dialogue is so bad that I skipped through some and nothing was lost, I could still follow everything because nothing of value is ever mentioned, nothing that advances the relationship between characters.

      The characters are one dimensional and stay like that through the whole story. No one ever changes really. They remain the same people they are through the entire story. Bully is bully, idiot is idiot, loyal is loyal, confused is confused. This story has NO redeeming qualities. This is a story written just to vomit ideas at you that never stick together well enough to make you believe this is a world that could exist. Hey, get this, the city is lawless and ONLY infested with criminals, there are NO innocents in it, gang rape is a guarantee for women, yet there is a female information broker walking around town talking to thugs and gathering info for the MC. Garbage! Don’t waste your time like I have. This story has no staying power.

      A town with witches and crime all around, everyone in Japan knows, and somehow this town gets electricity and flowing water and food (who is feeding all the cretins and how, since there is no order to be able to earn money), and the idiotic writer thinks he can say “Yeah, the criminals are blackmailing the politicians to continue providing electricity from outside”, AS IF THAT COULD LAST FOR 7 YEARS without the outside world finding out who is doing it and removing them from power! It’s not hard to see where electricity is coming from! Hey, everyone who wants to enter that city is in trouble with the law. It’s a magnet to easily identify criminals, right? All the cops would have to do is stand at the border and arrest or kill people who want in,right? Nope, no one has time for that! Trash world building!

      There are only 2 scenes, between the same characters, with reused CG images, that show sex that is not rape or torture. At one point, there is a CG of an enemy with his face close up (they zoomed in on the pic), only that she production team didn’t crop out the blood splatter from the pic which is used later in full view, so I knew he was gonna die, even knew the facial expression he would make. Incompetent.

      Oh, you have one choice in the game. That’s it.

      Fuck I’m pissed at the time I lost. Would not recommend.

        1. LOOLLL!!! This is the reason VNs are superior to Calarts Roflmao! Maximum cruelty and rape. THIS is the reason I love VNs. No punches pulled. You are not a real VN fan if you do not like this. Go play Stray, fake geek.

  4. So spoiler in this question,

    after quick Google search saw like 90% of the characters die in this, is that just the bad ending or all endings?

    1. I like Euphoria but not this.. It’s not even comparable…heck some heroine don’t even have a sexual encounter with the MC,

      1. When you compare the two, Euphoria has MB completely destroyed OSTwise. Rakuen no Tobira nukes anything MB has.

        Plotwise? MB’s plot is just tiny snippets between [random] h-scenes. Euphoria’s plot is also covered in h-scenes, but at least the h-scenes themselves were going somewhere.

        Artwise? I guess I’ll call them equal. Some like guro, some like scat, some like vanilla pure love. Depends on reader.

        1. I agree. Euphoria has such a great soundtrack. I’m not even really into rape at all, but I enjoyed the story in Euphoria. It’s darker than I usually play, but it had a story at least. and that story is the only thing that kept be going through it. I don’t think I’ll like this one based on the comments. I like having a lot of choices and games with a deep story or at least some interesting world building. The secret/twist at the end of Euphoria was well worth playing through. It’s a sad game, but eh, I’m a nakige whore anyway so I don’t mind a sad game.

    2. I enjoyed euphoria because eventhought I hate rape, and many of the fetish that appeared (honestly disgusting scat, piss and others inhuman for ill mental people), it had a great story, and the characters eventually seems to enjoy, like the mc or not caring about participating.

      Honestly, even with that I wouldn’t play Euphoria. What make Euphoria a must play is:

      – Plot
      – Scenes.

      No one that like hentai can fucking say that this game scenes are bad, because the voice+art are the most awesome I’ve ever seen, and I’ve played a lot of games like this, but the character design + camera way is simply out of this world.

      Add to that the incredible history, that’s what made this game triumphant, none other. I played maggots and honestly, it’s skippable trash.

      The one thing that saves this game to be played: The “normal” scenes. There’s a few consensual sex scenes that are great, and other rape scenes that are fucking amazing and deserve to be watched, honestly 2 loli witch scenes were awesome.

      So things that you may not want (or you will if you’re fully ill):

      – Gore
      – Monster, tentacles
      – Futanari
      – Sodom Rape
      – Shit plot, skippable nukige

      Things that make this game playable to fap a few times and skipping:

      – Scenes design in general (I don’t know how they do it, but they really are able to make enchanting alike scene, and so erotic)
      – 1-2 Vanilla Sex scenes
      – Awesome voicing/acting
      – BDSM scenes
      – Good groupal
      – 95% girls are awesomely beautiful, exotic and well drawn
      – Some rape scenes are pretty amazing and actually “consensual”
      – One of the Greatest art work I’ve seen in eroge industry

      Recommendated guide:

      1. Download and play it.
      2. Watch well till the end of the first sex scene
      3. Activate “skip All”
      4. Skip everything till the first election.
      5. For god sake don’t chose “Take her down”, it will activate short ending with futa raping monster that has scenes that are not even erotic at all.

      6. Skip everything and try to remember more or less where each scene you like is (this will activate the first ending because you have to make a second go to activate other). There’s a few great scenes so keep the eye. If you choose, you can make it in the go and saving each time so you don’t have to skip everything again and watch the scene just in the first go

      7. Replay the game following the first 5 steps, but now when doing the 6, if you didn’t use save and all the stuff, go in the scenes you like (for humans)

      8. Enjoy the scenes.

      9. On the election will present choose what you want, and keep the 7 and 8 till the end.

  5. I dont know if I want to torture myself enough to actually put over an hour into downloading all 16 parts when you have to wait like 6 minutes between downloads


    I’m usually patient but thats kinda ridiculous

  6. Interesting!
    not a fan of gore but i like seinen settings more than over the top goofy/moe stuff.
    Looks promising.

    Thank you admin!

    1. I found your response funny Revvo. I guess hardcore torture and gore is too much for normal people.
      How long into the game did you say, “screw it I’m out”?

      1. tbh i didn’t even make it to the game. While downloading i started reading comments, then read a review, then looked at the cg and was quickly certain that this is not up my alley.
        I like dark, serious settings, i don’t have a problem when there is a certain power dynamic to sex/relationships in some cases, but torture, pain and killing? I have no idea who you could ever dig that.
        I know this is just a fantasy and it’s prob more about power than sex, but if you enjoy something to this extent i have to assume you have some very very deep seeded problems which you should probably seek treatment for. (i don’t even feel that way concerning loli porn)
        Can you explain how this works for you, if you are actually into this?

        1. The gore, torture and killing scenes aren’t really H-scenes more so they’re an element of the story and the problem’s at hand, the MC is kinda like a Rambo type character trying to stop the bullshit, the H-Scenes that involve actual sex do not actually have any gore and are pretty good. The gore isn’t a turn on but it isn’t a complete turn off either, I’m pretty good against gore probably because I deal with gory situations and dead bodies in real life, which has made me pretty numb to most things.

        2. I wish I read the reviews as well, but I am a purist. As someone who just finished the game, I completely agree. People who get off to this have serious mental issues. The first chapter made me wanna quit multiple times. I wrote a mini review on the site if you wanna know what you missed (a garbage game by a sick mind with zero writing skills).

        3. Please don’t assume that “Ryu” is me. He’s just some weird little guy that posed as me for some reason.
          I do not get off to this. This is more of some morbid curiosity thing for me.
          This game has horrific scenes of torture and rape that can be skipped, and the story can still be easily understood. And the story IMO is good, despite the fact that it has logical flaws.
          All the torture and rape made even me a little nervous, and I have a high tolerance for these things in a game, but as I said before you can skip em.

    1. Let’s see. A few guys tore open a loli’s stomach, ripped out her intestines filled with shit, and stuffed them in her mouth. They then remarked she clearly enjoyed it, considering her “shit-eating grin”.

      The pure love story tag may or may not be appropriate. Beneath all the vile bloodletting, there seems to be some underlying feels. Will this turn out to be a Clannad-class nakige in disguise?

    1. Thinking after having gone through the entire thing, the pure love story tag is appropriate. Pure love refers to true love overcoming all, and that really is the case for both main endings.

      Light shines the brightest in the deepest of darkness, and the vileness in Maggot Baits only serves to emphasize that light.

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