My girlfriend is the President – Walkthrough


1. I want to let my friend borrow the disk…
2. Small bottomed girl
3. Unforgivable. I’ll dispose of it!
4. The Indian to the right


1. I want to let my friend borrow the disk…
2. Small bottomed girl
3. It’s the same as usual. Leave it be.
4. Delicious, delicious, it’s delicioooous!!


1. I want to let my friend borrow the disk…
2. Small bottomed girl
3. It’s the same as usual. Leave it be.
4. Yup. It doesn’t taste too bad.
5. Praise Ran-neechan


1. I want to let my friend borrow the disk…
2. Small bottomed girl
3. It’s the same as usual. Leave it be.
4. Yup. It doesn’t taste too bad.
5. Ask about the panda instead
6. This emotion… is this love!?

45 comments on “My girlfriend is the President – Walkthrough

  1. big typo surprised noone noticed tis actually my friend only let me barrow the disc. not i let my friend barrow the disc

      1. lol, a typo in a sentence about a typo in a sentence about typos. we need to go deeper…

        it’s or ’tis would work.

  2. Kinda reminded me of ‘Shuffle!’
    Yukino reminded me of Kaede except Kaede can actually cook.
    Ran kinda reminded me of Asa, good cooking and loud personality.
    Ell like Primula, not being human and quiet.
    Last but not least I guess Irina kinda reminded me of both Nerine and Sia.. Sia’s aggressiveness and Nerine’s shyness I suppose.
    It wasn’t a bad game, but originality would’ve been nicer.
    Point made :L

  3. I personally found Putina to be quite annoying. . .the game was nice though. I also thought Kuon was kinda cute~

  4. this is the first eroge ive played and i love it its really fun and has a goofy fun humor about it but is also very interesting and awesome 10/10 ill definatly play more of these i also have to thank oriemo because thats the reason i decided to try these games out

  5. do you guys have any idea how you can download the fandisc on the internet? been searching on many sites now but many of them require credit card but i only have paypal.

  6. ha~i they are translated all the route, honestly i like yokino personality, totemo kawaii~desu 😀 ehehehe i wish there girl like that in real world

    1. I’ve just completed Putina route – this game is great! And it’s not the first galge/eroge/vn I’m playin’, so my impression could be kinda right ;d
      //going for another routes

  7. Actually, the walkthrough is EASY in this game…
    Starting from the third choice of the game (Locker love letter scene)
    If you choose moderate response (E.g : Well, it’s usual just leave it) Then you will skip the character’s route

    However, if you choose an EMOTIONAL response (E.g : It’s unforgivable!!! I’ll dispose it immediately!!) You are entering the following character’s route

    IF YOU CHOOSE MODERATE RESPONSE IN ALL 4 CHOICES (starting from 3rd choice), you’ll eventually get the BAD END

  8. John, said reply was posted over 2 years ago, it was most likely an earlier patch that was posted on this site, since there is no longer an option to download a patch, but just the complete game.

    Most likely Admin updated the download with an oficcial release as it got released to the world.

    1. The glitch only shows up in Windows 8 with the patch. If (like me) you’re on Windows 7 or previous, you probably won’t see the glitch.

  9. I just finished Ell’s route but on the second one I selected kitten skinned girl and I still got Ell’l ending is there another ending for Ell or no?

  10. Excellent eroge! I hope they would release Qoo, Remi and Kuon on thier official release, then they will me as customer ^^.

  11. So is there no way to get the official release of this thing on this site…I’m mean, I’m sure Jast took some stuff out, but I want a full translation.

  12. It only bugs when in Ran route she faces the maid with sunglasses. This glitch happens twice, since she faces her two days in a row. When you are faced with an empty box of text and it does not want to advance anymore. Save and quit the visual novel. Remove the patch from folder(I just shoved it on the desktop) Then reboot game, load save and then just continue past the fight with maid into the next scene since the game only saves at checkpoints. You will miss some text but once the scene is over save and quit again. And put again the patch back into folder and continue with your reading. Not that major of a bug and you only miss a bit of text.
    If and only if I remember right, the first time I proceeded in japanese until the protagonist starts talking to Kuu and the second time is when Yukino appears.
    Don’t be scared by a bug like this since the visual novel is pretty good and worth it.

    1. May I know which is the patch file? Sorry I’m not so familiar with this since I just started downloading and playing this recently.

  13. Hmmm, never thought Ell was one of the routes. Loli for t3h w1n! But the part about Ran worries me, can someone tell me what part it is exactly? It would help with saving and all…

    1. Yeah, I know her name is Ell/Ezekiel, but considering where her bridge is rather blatantly copied from, and being a die hard Trekker myself, I loved the reference so much that I just gave up and started calling her “Enterprise.” ^_^;

  14. Try to save before where it stucked, exit the game, remove the patch from the folder, play past through where you stucked, Save again, close the game, put back the patch, and voila, you went through that part

    1. umm…..can u give me more detail or be more specific i have no idea what to do to get past the glitch

  15. It may be just me, but the first part of Ran’s route is glitched (won’t continue) and the second part is almost completely untranslated, except for the choices.

      1. The fandisc has 2 paths. You choose one at the start of the game, then there are no more choices.
        The paths are:
        1. Ell – which has several Ell scenes as well as Kuu and Remi
        2. Irina – which has Irina and Yukino scenes

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