Suzukuri Dungeon: Karin in the Mountain

Suzukuri Dungeon: Karin in the Mountain

After a thousand-year nap sealed deep inside a mountain, the diabolical demon queen Karin herself is about to be unleashed once more!

Meanwhile, the young adventurer Kazuto is in serious trouble. When his whole party quits on him at once, his future prospects in the trade look bleak.
But just when all hope appears lost, he receives a helping hand from… the demon realm?!

This mysterious lady refers to herself as Fuu—she leads him to a dungeon hidden beneath Mt. Giou, where he finds himself face to face with Karin, the demon queen of legend.
Kazuto loses a bet to her, and before he knows it, he’s entrusted with the lofty task of managing the entire dungeon, with absolutely no strings attached!
…Not the merest fiber of the meagerest thread!

Expand your budding labyrinth, and strengthen your squads of fearsome (and cute) demons!
Build amenities to shake intruders down for cash, then send them packing with well-placed traps and bosses!
Cozy up to your sexy and stalwart companions, and maybe a few dungeon-delving adventurers…!

If you plan well and fight hard, you might learn Karin’s secrets…?
Make a majestic lair that’s worthy of your dear devilish despot!
Or find love, peace, and happiness with someone else along the way.

47 comments on “Suzukuri Dungeon: Karin in the Mountain

  1. Is this a spin-off of the Koihime Musou series because these characters look almost exactly like the ones in that series?

    1. Karin Project is a collaboration between Softhousechara (BUNNYBLACK) and BaseSon (Koihime Musou).

      So yes, same characters in a different setting.

  2. I’ve never played a game like this before. I keep running out of turns, I’m on my 7th try (I know I suck). Does anyone have a guide or tips for how to get more turns?

    1. You get more turns by levelling up your dungeon.

      But this game is designed to be played in multiple (more than five) playthroughs of New Game+. It is literally impossible to reach the best endings on the first couple playthroughs as your low level units will quickly get overwhelmed by high-scaling story missions.

  3. So what are people using to get the endings? I’m trying to get Renfa, but I couldn’t get her. I know she’s a heroine because I managed to get her on once, but that time I ran out of turns and as Karin fully revived. Does anyone know the conditions of unlocking her?
    Also, I know there’s an ending where Karin tries attacking the dungeon, but how do I get that?

    1. Actually just try and not to talk to demon queen at all if you complete her talk menu the demon queen will be resurrected as soon as the next turn, so dont talk to Karin and continue sending to capital in return can you tell me how to get Minmie ending? I dispatch to highway but there are no more talking or events occurring my dungeon variety is ss.

  4. Does anyone know how to delete this game? I’m finished with it but when I try to delete it it says it’s being used by another program.

    1. You could try to boot into safe mode and delete it from there. I remember having to do that to delete koichoco when it was giving me issues a long time ago.

  5. If the game doesn’t work try what other people reccomend. If it still doesn’t work you can try editing ags5.dll file. I’ve found this on one of the forums( can’t post a link):

    I dig a little bit on why it was crashing and found it was actually crashing on ags5.dll when you hover over the screen. Specifically, when you hover oven the screen it was trying to read some data before calling out “set_cursor”. The data which it was trying to access was invalid and thus crashing.
    I’ve editted the ags5.dll to skip that very specific set_cursor function and its working now.
    Everything should work now but try at your own risk.

    PS: Here is the patchfile if you want to apply it yourself

      1. thanks for your work on this, i can finaly play this game.

        I do not even need japan locale..

        Again thanks too all those that worked hard to made it run.

        (of course thanks for posting this game in the first place)

      2. I was able to circumvent that by not having the cursor on the game screen while it loads, and after you see the title screen you can use the cursor without problem.

    1. Basically any “crack” file will be flagged by Windows Defender since in order to bypass the DRM shit (the thing that makes games un-pirateable, lol) they behave similar.

      This is bound to happen with any pirated Steam game, like this. Nothing to worry about.

      Make a file in your C drive (other locations don’t seem to work), and add that file as an exception to Windows Defender, then place your game files there to avoid the hassle.

  6. when i start the game it just opens very shortly and closes afterwards with no error message appearing can somebody help out here ?

  7. So, I finished downloading and decompressing the files into a folder, and my antivirus immediately deleted the .exe file because it detected it as a Trojan.
    How can I fix this? Or is there reallya virus in this files?

    1. There is no virus. It’s just a false positive. The same happened to me, if you are on windows 10 and use windows security you just have to allow the file. Enjoy!

  8. Figured out how to run it, I moved the game to my C Drive like the other comment said, then I turned off real time protection, and started the game normally, with no locale emulator.

    Hope this helps, and thanks Mr. sexpillin

    1. Literally tried everything I could find on the internet. Still doesn’t work. I can’t give up, but nothing I do really works. Maybe i am doing it wrong?

      1. Same here, but then I tried moving it to an external storage device like Nobody said. Somehow it’s working, don’t ask me why.

  9. I was able to get it to work by moving it to the C drive, example:


  10. Hi. I haven’t yet downloaded the game myself but has anyone tried the following for their problems:
    – switching system locale in control panel to Japanese (Don’t use locale emulator)
    – switching off your antivirus before extracting your files and while you play (antivirus software tends to recognise cracks as Trojans)
    – NOT extracting the game on the desktop (it’s considered a protected file on Windows 10)

    These are just suggestions on my part. Hope things work out.

  11. So like some others here I can’t start the game. Locale emulatoe doesn’t work either. Does anybody know how to fix this?

  12. Hi all!

    I have a problem after starting the crack to play the game. I’ve used locale emulator with admin settings.

    The game crashes with meiqNS.exe error. Tried to redownload,same problem. I’m using windows 10.

    1. Hello,
      i have the same Problem. I try to start the game und after a few secends the game crashed.
      Sometimes i get the following Message:
      unable to access the game folder
      Any Ideas?

    2. Hello,
      i have the same Problem. I try to start the game und after a few secends the game crashed.
      Sometimes i get the following Message:
      unable to access the game folder
      Any Ideas?

  13. So I downloaded all the parts and extracted them to my game folder. I went to go play it, especially was looking forward to a new RPG type eroge, but my security telling me that the actual game file is infected with a trojan? Is anyone else getting this or is it just me? Maybe it’s a false positive?

    Any help would be appreciated! Thx.

  14. Oh. Nice. I played this one in japanese. Even though i didn’t quite understood it was pretty good and has a nice gameplay. Having said that there are a few new characters, like girlwolf and a sucubus, but i never found how to get the sucubuss. Maybe now i’ll find her.

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