Taimanin Yukikaze

Taimanin Yukikaze

Dark existences were secretly invading Tokyo, the diabolic city.
Behind the success of ninjas of justice called Taimanin, the darkness starts the action…

While the deadly battles continue between the evils and evil busters, Yukikaze, a young taimanin, applied for a dangerous mission to save her mother, Shiranui. Asagi, the leader of taimanin, stood opposed to the high-risk rescue plan, but Yukikaze had a strong will and she was assigned for the job along with Rinko.
The two women were still virgins, and wished to give it to Tatsurou, the protagonist. However, they had to depart before their wish was fulfilled…

Yukikaze and Rinko infiltrated into the evil city as enslaved candidates for the brothel. There they learned a contract to become a whore comes with a cruel contract with a devil: a seal on their tongue to restrict any rebellious actions! Their body would explode once they make a disobedient move.

There’s only one way to stay alive: become a submissive enslaved prostitute! Yukikaze and Rinko had to earn money by working as a whore and get past a terrible lethal contract. In order to save Shiranui, there was no other way than to become successful ladies of pleasure and make a lot of money. Thus their humiliating sexual training started under the threat of death…

Their life as apprentice whores begins as their virginity is taken away miserably. Yukikaze and Rinko supposed their mission would be canceled once their colleagues learn about the critical situation they are in, and gave a fake report that claims their occupation as hostesses in a bar. That was also to keep it secret to the beloved Tatsurou; however, this drove them to further extremity!

Is there any hope left to these new taimanins in peril!?

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  1. hod do you go past the orgy scene? i finished that and i got a black lilith link along with unlocking the training diary? pls reply

  2. the both degraded ending is it the ending in which they both die and they send them back in suitcases? also i havent unlocked all the training videos from rinko and yukikaze how do i unlock them all?

  3. The cuckold stuff in this VN really irked me for some reason… I couldn’t even get past the scene in the shower before I rage quit. I don’t even know why, though. Lmao. Like, the cuck shit in Starless was decent. But, this just pissed me off.

    Just so everyone knows this patch is outdated the updated patch has more images edited and you can play the game without Japanese locale with it installed. Look it up and get the right one.

  5. it is saying that data.xp3 is broken, i already tried downloading again and it didnt change anything, is there something i can do?

  6. For those who got error
    Try to change your region to Japan
    This happen to me too, but after I changed it fix

  7. A+”walkthrough”

    For the first end, pick all the top choices.

    For the second end, pick all the bottom choices.

    For the third end, pick a mix between the top and bottom choices.

    Once you’ve seen all the three ends, pick Wind as Tatsurou’s power and act on the new choice that’s given to you. Proceed with the story and you’ll get the true end.

  8. i downloaded all of the winrar files, extracted the files, and tried to run the game. However, a small box that says a lot of question marks and it says syntax error. I tried opening LBK-30068 btw. Any1 know what to do?

  9. downloaded applocale installed and ran it in windows 10. but it says applocale was unable to launch the specified application make sure the app specified is valid

  10. where can u download Applocale? The applocale that i downloaded is apploc.msi but it’s a word document file which is weird. SHouldn’t it be an installation application?

  11. Hey can you please translate “Ochiru Hitozuma” by black lilith? I would appreciate it soooo much.

  12. just asking, how much lilith works have been translated? fan and western release, can someone give me a list?

    1. Here we go 🙂

      – Armored Warrior Iris
      – Captive Market
      – Misleet in Prison
      – Prison Battleship
      – Prison Battleship 2 (partial Translation only)
      – Shion – Cruel Magical Angel
      – Space Pirate Sara
      – Taimanin Asagi
      – Taimanin Asagi 2
      – Taimanin Asagi 3
      – Taimanin Asagi Gaiden
      – Taimanin Murasaki
      – Taimanin Yukikaze
      – The Gang Rape Club
      – Valkyrie Svia

  13. omg u guys still cant run it in win 7 it ez
    just download applocale and run it administrator and compability with windows xp 3

  14. hi admin you are great and thx a question can you upload Himegari dungeon meister ? thx again 🙂

  15. Hi Admin, and everyone else:

    I previously got the Clannad HD game (great job by the way, no issues whatsoever) and was wondering if you will be trying to get the new Clannad Side Stories game shortly.

    I didn’t know where to ask so I thought I’d ask here first.

    Thanks for the work you do!

  16. i have the same problem with people above me but i erased the save data first and the game worked but it’s in japanese…. seriously :'(

    1. It is strange to hear people having this, especially having save data if they aren’t able to play it. On the Japanese, is the patch.xp3 still in your folder?

      1. The save data file comes only after failing to execute the game from script error/blue screen. I’m not sure if it’s because we’re running on window’s 10 or what, but I know I have it on app local of japan already x:

        1. I have a tiny idea, but haven’t tested it. I was able to run this game on my desktop but not my netbook. This leads me to assume, it’s related to having the correct fonts dl’d the the computer. The admin has an area where you can dl these different types of fonts and you have to store it into your computer to run certain games. I believe this is one of those games ._.

          1. Changed the system app local to japan. I messed up and didn’t properly change the right one l: Works properly now ^_^

        2. I get the feeling a lot of problems people are having comes from windows 10 itself being a lot more bothersome when it comes to playing japanese-region games.

  17. i keep getting the blue screen also this is what it shows (currentPage ? “— ” : “•\”) + “ƒƒbƒZ[ƒWƒŒƒCƒ„” + currentNum +

    // conductor ‚ð ‘click’ ‚Ü‚Å‘Ò‚¿ó‘Ô‚É
    click : function
    clickWaiting = false;
    fore.base.cursor = cursorDefault;
    } incontextof this
    clickWaiting = true;
    fore.base.cursor = cursorWaitingClick;
    return -2;

    function showPageBreak(elm)
    // Œ»Ý‚̃ƒbƒZ[ƒWƒŒƒCƒ„‚Ƀy[ƒW‘Ò‚¿‹L†‚ð•\Ž¦‚·‚é

  18. OMGGGG Idk this gonna have an english release!!!! YESS I HOPE THE SEQUEL WILL GET AN ENGLISH VERSION TOOO!!

  19. I was gonna flat out avoid this game, but then I accidently found the “mind break” tag, and now I’m considering this 😀

  20. It sucks how all the sex scenes in here are for the ‘loli’ character. I know the game is named after her, but I felt like they were really pushing a pedo agenda. It pissed me how they give you an option on who to fuck first but no matter which one you choose, it’s going to be Yukikaze anyway. After the third sex scene of her in a row I just started skipping through it all. Because they write off voluptuous Rinko with ‘and the same was done to her’ style notes instead of showing it.

      1. Flat, loli, they’re all the same to me. It’s still another schoolgirl game. One that tosses a grown women aside in favor of a little girl.

        1. Then keep your “pedo” opinion to yourself because it’s all the same to you anyway. Didn’t want to care about the diffrence between flat-chested, loli, and downright child showed just how ignorant you are. Funny seeing sjw complained when they should’ve already expected what will they get.

          Did you even watch the anime!?? It’s mostly focused on Yukikaze (hence the name like you said) anyway and you just played a little bit and already complained about the lack of other girls. Play other Taimanin titles if you couldn’t stand this -_-“

          1. Don’t get your daughter’s panties in a bunch. I like Yukikaze too, but she’s got nothing on Rinko. People who make anime and hentai like this (having females of different ages) always assume people want the younger girl. So they write off the older ones as side characters.

          2. And yes I’ve seen the animation. That’s why I expected more from this game than just the tit(less)ular character.

          3. The first Yukikaze game was only centered on the titular character with Rinko there just as a side character. The game actually had a sort of aditional website content with the scenes Rinko had behind the scenes while Yukikaze was being screwed but prett sure that was both in Japanese (making it a hassle to get through) and discontinued.

            If you are so interested in your boobs, Yukikaze 2 upgraded miss cow udders to main character and gave her an individual route, and they added a different secondary character who is also well-gifted in the chest department.

  21. Anything I should worry about when downloading this? First Taimanin game gave me some “hidden” Trojan stuff.

    1. fun fact is that i am using this site for years on 2 differnt PCs and never had problems with viruses then again you can always say my anti-virus is too shit but hey both PCs still work

  22. Nope nope nope nope its tempting but i really dislike NTR feels bad man. yes i know its porn but feels bad man. Ive seen the hentai too much NTR for my tastes.

    1. Know that feel man. My brain is saying no but my penis is screaming YES! In the end my emotions and feelings win out cuss I`m a pussy.

    1. If you’re using anything later than Windows 7, are you running it in compatibility mode? And how are you trying to open it? Did you extract it to a folder?

        1. My PC is Windows 10 with Japanese Applocale. There are eight folders to download. Each one should be 204,800 KB each except for the eighth part, which is 56,458 KB.

          I found I didn’t need to have all parts open when I extracted the files, just to have them downloaded.

          Once extracted there should be a folder called TaimaninYukikaze. There may be two folders named in this, one inside the other, but I don’t think that should be a problem.

          Inside the TaimaninYukikaze folder there should be 9 items. There’s more after you play the game and save data is made, but that’s unimportant. The 9 items are:

          data.xp3 which is 1,800,373 KB in size.
          extrans.dll which is 232 KB.
          krmovie.dll which is 220 KB.
          LBK-30068.cf which is 1 KB
          LBK-30068.exe which is 3,382 KB.
          patch.xp3 which is 14,960 KB.
          A shortcut for this site (not important)
          windowEx.dll which is 224 KB.
          wuvorbis.dll which is 196 KB.

          There might be a problem from the downloads is one of them was corrupted. Alternatively your computer might have a problem letting you run an unverified program (the .exe) if it doesn’t remember you have admin privileges. On compatibility I’ve found that usually Windows XP works best.

          Beyond that I’m not sure what more I could say I’m afraid. I hope this helps.

          1. All my archives follow the sizes you have named, I just don’t have 2 folders inside the “TaimaninYukikaze” folder, the only folder there is named “savedata”.

          2. If you have a savedata folder, that means that you’ve gotten it to run, correct? Can you tell me when the error occurs exactly?

          3. The first screenshjot is when I use applocale, and the second is when I don’t.

          4. It really is strange that you have a savedata folder before you’ve actually gotten the game to play to generate save data. From my experience, that should only appear after it’s started playing the story, where the game creates save data to remember what you’ve already read so you can just tell it to skip past that next time.

            I have to admit that sadly I really don’t know what the source could be. Are you able to play other games from Lilith like Taimanin Murasaki?

            The last possible suggestion I can make would be to download each piece again separately (i.e. start with part 8, if nothing changes go on to replace part 7 etc.) and see if the problem was corrupted data by replacing the zip files you downloaded before.

            You might have more luck on a site like Hongfire, I think they still do at least some advice for visual novels.

  23. I notice that in Window mode the last bit of the screen and about half the text in the text box is covered by my textbar. Anyone know anything that can be done?

  24. Got to wonder how humanity survives and isn’t being collectively raped with how often the ninjas get raped, brainwashed, killed and tricked.

    1. I think it has something to do with how they seem so amazonian like. The type of girls who say I have everything in controle and men ofc, too. Those ninja girl rape games are a fantasy where we take revenge on those “ladies” and their ignorance.

  25. NTR huh? Not a fan, but is there a way too avoid it is it just part of a bad ending or is it part of the story regardless?

    1. The true ending has absolutely no sex. Main girls reach the ending as virgins. Though the VR experience did still give them vicarious sex experience.

        1. The true ending is weird, you have to go through a NTR ending then start a fresh game AFTER that. More options to be picked show up and you can get the true ending by picking them.

  26. Rape… rape everywhere!
    Ugh another nukige, hopefully there is a good ending…
    Thanks Admin, regardless.

  27. one+of+the+best+endings+is+when



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