Ochiru Hitozuma

Ochiru Hitozuma

Three years ago Haruki’s parents were killed in a car accident leaving Haruki with no one but himself. Luckly, Haruki was soon adopted into the Nagisa family, but Haruki has a dark past that none of them knows. As it turns out Haruki’s father was a highly skilled trainer within a prostitution ring called Under Eden. Before he died Haruki’s father introduced the young boy to the local establishment in the city called Paradise. With the intention to follow in his father footsteps, Haruki befriends the master of the establishment and also gets access to various drugs and other equipment to use as he see fit.

As Haruki begins to live with the Nagisa family he sets his eyes on the beautiful wife Sayoko who is now his stepmother. Sayoko owns a small tea shop located at the bottom floor of their three story house. Her husband works at a company and is often out of the house or on business trips. Sayoko also has a son named Takashi who goes in the same class as Haruki, the two of them are friends, but Takashi doesn’t know about Haruki’s perverted interests. As time goes Haruki sets up a long term plan were he spikes Sayoko’s tea daily with aphrodisiac drugs over the course of three years. Meanwhile he is also drugging Sayoko’s husband to become less interested in sex due to impotence.

Sayoko is not the only woman Haruki has set his eyes on. At his school works the strict but very attractive teacher Reiko Fuyuno who is also a close personal friend of Sayoko. Reiko is however more difficult to pursue, since she hasn´t been drugged like Sayoko. One day Haruki feigns illness to stay at home. Using his manipulating skills he turns Sayoko’s motherly feelings of him into desire. With a devilish young innocence, an unnatural large penis, drugs and other utensils and with the assistance of Under Eden, Haruki is starting out his career as the youngest sexual degeneration trainer in Under Eden history. But he must be careful; Reiko’s younger sister Ryoko who works for the police is investigating the Under Eden ring and could potentially ruin everything…

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  1. Im trying to complete the game 100% but there’s something that stopping me to fullfill it. I followed the walktrough and by the time a new scene appeared it gets me an error. Any help?

  2. Not exactly my genre but it’s good for what it is. Less drugs and a bit more temptation wouldn’t have hurt especialy with woman which are that frustrated with their sex life.

  3. can you guys please help me? I am new to this but I want to play this game so can u teach me how to download/extract the files correctly? I am on windows 10.

  4. Help! This site is corrupting our youth! It perverts their souls and dirties their hands. Help!

  5. I have Japanese Locale changed and tried to use an emulator but the Syntax error still happens, can’t get the emulator to work either.

  6. Any+tips+on+getting+this+to+run+on+a+mac?+I+usually+use+wine+and+lilith+games+usually+work+fine+but+it+does+not+this+time.+I+believe+it+is+because+wine+cannot+handle+the+animations+in+lilith+games.+Usually+I+just+go+into+the+menu+at+the+title+and+disable+animations+but+I+believe+the+problem+is+that+the+title+screen+itself+is+also+animated+so+I+cant+even+get+to+the+point+where+I+can+fix+the+problem.

    1. Small update: I managed to turn off animations but I still have extremely choppy gameplay. The screen only seems to update whenever the top bar is moused over?

  7. i dont know if this is the correct place to ask (if theres a specific place to do this, like a forum or something please tell me), but are we gonna have here the visual novel Neko-nin exHeart?? according to vndb it came out day 21 … (once again if this is not the place to ask this sry and plz inform me where i can ask if its possible to ask)

      1. trying to register myself in the forums but ive been waiting for the “confirmation email” for more than 1h already and nothing and im sure that i didnt write wrong my email … does it normally take that long to get the email?

        1. No, it should arrive instantly. Try using different e-mail provider – server is hosted in Ukraine, and Hotmail is notoriously aggresive in their “spam” filtering.


    Thanks man, i always wanted to play this 😀 Love you all especially to the translators

  9. This+is+the+exact+error+I’m+getting+btw:



    1. Sorry for the triple post. Just wanted to update that the issue resolved itself. I guess it was just a temporary issue due to server maintenance, etc. Thanks again.

  10. Thanks for the upload admin. I’ve wanted another Milf game for ages. Other than Gibo there just isn’t many options sadly. If anyone has any other recommendations I missed please speak up.

    I’m trying to download it now. But I keep getting an error with part three that says it’s been moved to a different server? Anyone else have this problem? I’ve tried it a few times now.

  11. damm admin thx, i was waiting for this game and kuroinu to be translated so much. Only aku no onna kambu is left

  12. Also, please let this game actually work. Unlike the last one. Oh, and a decent translation would be nice too. Thanks.

    1. Every game I’m posting here is working – I’m testing them all on Windows 7 and 10 before post goes live. If you can’t get any game to run, the problem is on your side – most likely – for example this game requires Japanese locale (otherwise you get “syntax error” prompt) – instructions on how to change it are located in FAQ section of website.

      1. Yeah, I know most of your games work. But “Netorare Otoko no Ko” didn’t, and I couldn’t fix it for nothing. Fortunately, there’s no problems with this game.

        …besides it being the usual shit Black Lilith always does.

      2. Any time one of the games you post doesn’t work, I don’t blame the game, not directly. It’s usually something related to the game and the computer. For instance…My desktop just absolutely does not like the KiriKiri 2 Scripting Core that some VNs use. ONly thing I can figure out is that it is something between Windows 10 and Multi-core CPUs and that scripting core. Those VNs work just fine on my laptop. My Desktop is an intel i7, whereas my laptop is an older Pentium P6200.

        Any VN that runs on the Kirikiri 2 core I just move to the laptop. It’s less hassle than setting up a virtual drive just for VNs…hehe

    1. Does this on my PC, but not my laptop. I posted an error message from my Local EMU, but it’s “Under Moderation” so whatever.

      Either way, something is stopping it from playing on my desktop.

      1. OK. I updated my Locale Emulator to and it works on the desktop now. Don’t know why, but whatever. I was running previously.

        1. dude where even you know about locale emulator, my hdd went bad and i cant find any applocale on the internet and then i saw ur comment , thank anyway

    1. If it’s the third from last, right next to the scene image of a box, I think I got it by Choices: 2, 1, 1, 1.

      It helped a lot to try everything when I realized I could skip to the next choice by (N) or going to the Controls and selecting it there.

      1. When i try to skip to next choice I get the error, ‘cant convert variable type (void’) and it crashes.

        For reference, I am using NTleas on Win10 to run this.

        1. I probably can’t help, I got mine from a different source than this site, but I’d suggest not using NTLea and just setting the applocale for non-unicode to Japanese unless you have a pressing need not to*.

          In my case I just took the patch that Rattan Man created, extracted it to the game’s folder that has data.xp3, and ran the game (I think most Lilith games are like that, you don’t need Daemon Tools or anything).

          I did find that when I used the N command, the game kind of froze a bit, I just let it sit there and sort itself out while I did other things and eventually it went through all of the scenes to get to the next choice.

          *Not really sure what NTLea is, a quick search suggests its something people use instead of changing the applocale.

      2. what do u mean by choices? does this game like mass effect or something like u need to make choices so the game story will change?

  13. I am surprised to see lack of “sounds of copulations” tag from lilith game – considered it has even animated scenes. Is it true or just vndb users negligence?

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