Maki Fes!

Maki Fes!

You are [insert your name here], an ordinary high school student, except you’ve got Love Live’s Maki herself wrapped around your big dick in all her tsundere glory. One day she calls you to the music room, asking you for inspiration for a new tune. Unfortunately, you’re not very good at music. Fortunately, you are very inspiring in bed.

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  1. Everyone having a problem with running this on Windows 10:
    Syslocal settings are insufficient for a lot of Japanese programs.

    Start>Settings>Time & Language>Language>Add a preferred language> download Japanese (日本語)
    This will prevent all those nonsensical symbols in error messages. This will make it a LOT easier to get help with those. I’m pretty sure it makes a difference with running programs that use Japanese language in their code. If your PC doesn’t recognize the non-unicode characters, it cannot run the programs or properly display messages.

    Then go to Start>Settings>Time & Language>Region
    Make sure that “Country or region” is set to “Japan”, AND
    “Regional format” is set to “Japanese (Japan)”.
    Probably MOST games these days check these settings and will not run if they are not set this way.
    Don’t worry; your North American regional games and programs will still run just fine. You may need to deal with some programs switching to Japanese language because of this, but most will be okay so long as your DEFAULT preferred language (Start>Settings>Time & Language>Language) is still set to English.
    Click on “Choose an input method to always use as default”.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Omg when I first got this game I didn’t know about Love Live… Anyway I got the chance to play Ore Imo Plus that is same game as this but with Kirino as heroine. Really enjoyed that too.

  3. Hello!.

    Alright … Yeah I would like to know if you can put “related links” with the photos of this game if it’s not too much to ask … because I don’t know how to extract them from the downloaded file …

  4. I switched my system locale to Japanese (Japan). I’m using Windows 10 and I test its compatibility (tested Win7,Win8,Vista, and XP) and its still not working. Can anyone help me out, Please?

    1. It worked best for me on windows 8.0, but not on 8.1, so I had to downgrade my 8.1 to 8.0 and all eroge worked fine.

      With windows 10, it was a similar problem with 8.1, in the automatic recommended windows updates, there are a few downloads/updates that block the installation of foreign games. So I manually look through all updates before updating my PC.

  5. I switched my system locale to Japanese (Japan). I’m using Windows 10 and I test its compatibility (tested Win7,Win8,Vista, and XP) and its still not working. Can anyone help me out?

  6. Hey people, changed my system locale to japanese, launched the game and the only thing it happens is an alert screen written “start error”… How can i fix this?
    By the way, using Windows 10, compatibility mode and executing as an admin.

  7. After i download this Game and play it, the game crashes and says something like ” fGf%.[FfcfXg[f<,a3,u-s,i,eA,c,U,1,n" this.

    Is there a solution for this

      1. For those that is on windows 10 and have this problem, run compatibility mode with windows 7 and on jap local it worked for me.

  8. I can’t get it to run on Windows 10. It just give me an error message with a bunch of gibberish and crashes. I have changed the system to Japan when i start it up, but I have installed it while the system was in the US. Do I have to set the system in Japan while installing them.

  9. so i tried opening the program on win10 but it’s saying the file can’t run on my PC and that it needs to have the version for my PC?

  10. thank you so much i’m manga gamer since 2012 but really this one make me a lot fucking fap after kamidori alchemy my penis feel so good and i don’t know ho much my sperm come out nice one !!!

  11. I got a problem with the save date system, when I save my data the game crush and do close it.

    Somebody can give me a advice for that, thanks !

    1. Reinstall the program. I got the bug when I installed the program and then moved the folder to a different place. Didn’t want the original location so I thought moving it won’t do harm

    1. Extract the archive properly, e.g. to your desktop, and then try again. You can (probably) delete the extracted files after the setup.

      When you open a file directly from the winrar or 7zip file viewer it gets extracted to a hidden location and this copy is then opened/executed. The other files in the archive are not extracted, but may be needed by the executable. For read-only files like images, videos or pdfs this is not a problem, but for executables it can be, that’s one reason why winrar/7zip does not allow you to execute programs “directly” from the file viewer.

  12. Just wondering how did a guy enter the music room in an all girls school. I haven,t played it yet, just an opinion based on the description.


  13. why is it some nameless dude and not Nico-senpai? well i guess i could suspend belief and imagine that it’s a Tomboy Futa Nico

  14. Nice job, just finished downloading it and played about the first few minutes or so and have to say they seem to have done a good job on the matching the characters voice to the one in the series. I also think the use of expressions for Maki seem to have done very well towards the character.

    In any case nice job for uploading this visual novel, I gota remember to play the app more also I find it cool that this was uploaded shortly after Maki’s birthday(19th April). XD

    I apologize for the rambling. : )

  15. I’ve done that with some of the games here and they are still in Jap. I saw some that looked interresting, but not able to apply english patch cause UI’s in Jap

    1. Sounds like you changed the “UI language” in Windows 10. You have to change the “system locale”. In Windows 10 you go to Windows Settings -> “Time & Language (Speech, region, date)” -> “Additional date, time & regional settings” (at the bottom) -> “Change location” -> “Administrative” tab -> “Change system locale” and set to Japanese. I’m positive the UI language can stay English or whatever you prefer. For Windows XP, Vista, 7 there are guides in the FAQ (left sidebar).

    1. Make sure to change locale to Japanese, otherwise, it works out of the box – tested on both Win7 and Win10.

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