Tsundere Idol

Tsundere Idol

“Please be my master!”

It’s a secret no one must know.

Japan’s top teen sensation is your lover & mazo pet!?

Your top idol classmate asked to speak to you. On the surface she was quick to reject and dismiss, but now she was confessing to you with gooey vulnerability! Would you date her? Pleeease!

* A story about being the lover and master of a moody idol

* Dominating her, humiliate her, and she’ll “miserably” beg for more!

14 Responses to “Tsundere Idol”

  1. Inran mazo petto says:

    Don’t go expecting a tsundere heroine here and as for the idol part you’ll barely see any of that shit either, other than the first cg and a passing mention of it later.
    This should rather have been called: Stacked girl gets all slutty and falls for random cuz reasons. Period.

  2. Epigonos says:

    Any one here know where to download the h scenes sound effects from VNs like this??

  3. ktang200 says:


    Thanks! I looked on the forums and it seems like someone requested it recently. Hopefully, we’ll see it up soon!

  4. The_Great_Beyond says:

    @ktang200 In erogegames forum there is a request thread you can request the game, more likely to get seen there.

  5. Anon says:

    @Yomir This site is trustworthy plus AVG is shit so yes it’s a false flag.

  6. ValerianHD says:

    Please refer to vndb

  7. AyanoTatemaya says:

    is the heroine voiced?

  8. ktang200 says:

    I don’t know if this is the right place to this, but this is the newest upload, so I hope the admin sees this. Anyways, may you please upload Sora to Umi ga, Fureau Kanata/Adventure of a Lifetime? It would be awesome if you could. Thanks in advance!

  9. LIGHTDX says:

    I had this in japanese. I’m so glad to finally play it in english *.* Admin, you are the best 🙂

  10. brendi000 says:

    @venus Did you start extracting from the 1st part? You could miss
    some files that way. Otherwise it might be antivirus.

  11. -Venus- says:

    can’t open the game, and the archive.rpa size is 515kb only?

  12. Yomir says:

    Avg says it “might” contain viruses. False alarm i assume?

  13. Udoroth says:

    Dam that was fast

    Thanks, we often don’t get VNs about submissive tsundere’s so this is going to be a fun one

  14. Leroy Jenkins says:

    Ah, HELL YEAH!!!, FOOKING love you ADMIN

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