Hajimete no Okaa-san

Hajimete no Okaa-san

“Hey, Papa… let’s make a baby…”

One year after the death of his wife, he is suddenly tempted.
He can’t resist that sweet voice, so he violates his daughter.

Even though he felt so guilty, he did the forbidden act again every night.

Before long, his daughter became pregnant.

86 comments on “Hajimete no Okaa-san

  1. Lmao, the old fashioned saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is relevant here to all you white-knights complaining about how wrong this game is.

    Also, this one isn’t even that bad… There are many eroge out there that make this seem like bubblegum.

    Not that heavy genres like those are my cup of tea, but point being you keyboard warriors of justice don’t need to get so triggered every time you see something that’s not a pure love story/slice of life.

  2. when i try downloading google blocks the download treating it like its a virus or some shit. where else can i get this game

  3. Alright I gave this site my goddamn email to say this shit: what the fuck?! I read the description for half a fucking second and this piece of shit fucks his daughter? And he gets he pregnant! What the hell is this?! Who gazed upon this with their eyes and their mind and decided “hmm, yes, this is something that people should bear witness to. This is something that should be in their brains.” What is wrong with you fuckers, this shit ain’t alright. I’ve seen Euphoria, and this is worse in premise. Apparently the dad has a monster cock, too, because of course he does. Who created this? I need to personally question them for their life choices.

    Thank you for listening to my TEDTalk.

    1. No one cares about your opinion and it isn’t real so you need to calm down. If this was a real video you would be right to be furious, but some people love this genre and you shouldn’t be trying to make others feel guilty about their interests.

  4. There seems to have been quite a few cats killed by curiosity playing this (including myself) and with good reason, I mean the cover looks nothing extraordinary but as soon as you hit the title screen…you’re in for a surprise.. or a shock and a long “ohhhhhkayyy”.

    Though some people praised this game even going as far as to call it a “misconstrued gem” or some shit, I think it’s a poor excuse for a loli h game.

    The ero scenes are so grotesque looking, it’s bad enough that it’s “realistic” blood related incest with a kindergartner, do they really had to give the dad such a monster dick? Jeez, whoever jacks off to this must have issues.

    And don’t get me started with those xray during sex, or that ridiculous bad ending which thank God I didn’t get to see, I mean seriously??

    Some of the music was pretty good tho and I felt it was totally wasted on this piece of garbage.

  5. this such a good story, I’m played with 2 friends once and the doods went like “nigga, we can’t be friends no more” while I was busting a laugh lol then one of started liking the CGs lmfao

  6. My experience if run into “syntax error” what I did to fix it was:
    1) download locale emulator version
    2) set yr game run in vista v2 (via right click and properties)
    3) open yr locale emulator and un-tick the “registry fakey” (you HAVE to make sure you didn’t tick this, in fact, all of 4 option were set to un-tick in my case)
    4) after you set it, close the emulator
    5) go to yr game folder and right click the application and you will see “locale emulator” there.
    6) click that locale emulator and choose the first option which is “run in japanese”
    7) enjoy.

    After testing the game since yesterday, my conclusion only three word which is: <>

    (below might be spoiling)

    It doesn’t really count as “bad ending” as what the tagging said. That begin said, fk yr own daughter and impregnant her from the beginning is seriously TERRIFY but end up forming a family with her own daughter by having a daughter is also……..

    But anyway, it DOES seem to hv a warm heart story (ending only, excluding epilogue).

  7. I like Loli, Just not this kind of Loli… Young looking women is one thing, but this is just disturbing.

    1. Okay. Then why not go and look for a game you like instead of leaving your worthless opinion for a game you’ve never even played.
      That’s like me leaving a comment on a Mortal Kombat DL site about how it’s to violent for me and “I’ll pass on this one”.

  8. LOL in every loli content posted on internet, memes about FBI in one form or another. is it the only reason they exist?
    BTW japan is suffering from declining birth rates, you can see their gov’s desperate attempt to mind-program their citizen through every media they can – so that hopefully all it takes is one night of too much sake drinking to violate their own family members

  9. i like almost any and all eroge so thanks admin for uploading, for the people who hate go play a different series

  10. Strangeness abounds…The game will flat out not run on my desktop…but runs with zero problems on my laptop. PC is an AMD FX 8350 with 16GB RAM Win 10. Laptop is an i7-7700 with 12GB RAM Win 10. Laptop is running older version of Locale Emu (just haven’t updated it yet)

  11. Huh. That’s interesting. You’re right using Locale Emulator does work. That’s weird since I usually just have my computer set as japan locale.

  12. A buddy of mine had the same syntax problem, so here is how he fixed it: First, he made sure Locale Emulator was updated, which he got by conducting a search using the search engine of his choice. The game was written for Vista/XP, so he set the compatibility to Vista. The game also does not use the registry, so he thinks this part was important, he turned off the registry fakey in the Locale Emulator’s “Modify Application Profile” option (he turned it all off). He checked to see that the time zone profile was set to a Japanese location, and that the other thing above it read, “Japanese,” too. Then he could run the game. He told me to tell you this in the hopes that this will help others out.

  13. Getting syntax error when trying to run it with Locale Emulator. All normal methods of attempting to run it fail. As for everyone else’s opinions, keep them to yourself. It’s a game. If you don’t like it, move on. You don’t need to be an ass about it. People get bet out of shape too easy these days.

  14. Is it just me or there is 54 potential pedophiles here. Japan and their gross incest, should just die.

  15. @Excalibur. The files not, the routers or modems, whatever you name them and not all off them, only certain brands, they dont need to infect your PC to see your movements only the routers becauce all information related to internet pass throug them.

  16. Guy says:
    June 5, 2018 at 3:10 pm

    @happy. In fact, they implanted the malware in the routers(for those who reset them) you know, the tactics they use to spy people(the incaut ones)

    Why then they are upload this if the files are trapped with a malware ? Its just idiot !

    1. So what you’re saying is, “my shit stinks bad, but not really bad”. So what? You think your shit smells like roses? Get off your self-righteous high horse, you’re just a stone’s throw from us buddy, you ain’t no saint.

  17. Hey you, yeah. You.

    I know where you live and I know what you just downloaded, That’s a strike buddy, expect a knock in the next couple of hours.

    (and you better open up)

  18. Why do the police keep knocking at my door? i can’t open it for you dear officer my hands are occupied at the moment.

  19. Well, the thing is, this is not lolli, this is true pedo, the heroine is a grade schooler, without mention that is his daugther.

  20. “Actually, porn has been shown to decrease instances of rape, and psychological studies have shown that non-offending pedophiles use games like this in order to stem their desires.

    Basically, this is good shit. Loli is love, loli is life.”

    someone gets it

  21. Actually, porn has been shown to decrease instances of rape, and psychological studies have shown that non-offending pedophiles use games like this in order to stem their desires.

    Basically, this is good shit. Loli is love, loli is life.

  22. Not only that, the thing is that these fantasies seem more like mental illness if it is not already an illness, which is extremely contagious, in other words, people who actually practice it only because they saw it in a game and as proof is that stories appear in the news.

  23. WTF !? Japan, seriously !? For me to be shocked just at the glimpse of the game, yet I’ve seen things far more shocking than that to my eyes ! XS

  24. @happy. In fact, they implanted the malware in the routers(for those who reset them) you know, the tactics they use to spy people(the incaut ones)

  25. Well, at least its not a fake american made eroge like Highway Blossom, Sakura series and a ton of others popping up.

  26. I mean look at those big eyes. that’s the eyes of someone about to lose its eye.

  27. Description
    The protagonist’s young daughter. She’s just started school. Sad and lonely since her mother died she begs her father to put a baby in her so she can be the new mama.

    When she becomes pregnant she’s taken out of school so their baby can remain a secret.

    What the fuck.

  28. well i played it and while this shit is like hella fucked up its probably not the worst out there. Game atleast has voice actors and h scenes aint that bad but likes still…..

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