Deviant Dungeon

Deviant Dungeon

The protagonist was summoned into a world where only women exist by a Demon Queen and made a Dungeon Master, tasked with assaulting a party formed by the world’s strongest heroines.

Thrilled to learn his adversaries are gorgeous women, he sets out to use perverted traps and his huge cock to capture the heroines one by one and make them yeld.

And on top of taking this world’s most beautiful and powerful women, he also plans on bringing the Demon Queen herself down to her knees…

15 comments on “Deviant Dungeon

  1. Weird, I can’t download anything from this website. It didn’t do that a few month ago.
    Am I the only one having that problem?
    (Each time, it fails because it takes too long.)

    1. That might actually be a browser related thing i think.
      Tried firefox? Granted, i have different addblockers and strict settings on the addblocks and the browser itself but i can still download from here.

  2. Eh, i’m not much for this since it obvious has hidden rape signs (and NOT the Reverse Rape kind that I like) and apparently no choice to help the heroines get to said “Demon Lord” easily. Thanks but no thanks admin, I appreciate you uploading this but this just ain’t my cup of tea. ^^;

  3. WOAH, this one i have been waiting for a long time.

    Didnt expect there is someone who will translate this. Whoever did this, thank you very much!

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