Words Worth

Words Worth

God created Light and Shadow and separated them with the power of the divine Words Worth Tablet. One day, the Words Worth Tablet shall be read and all will be understood, and Light and Shadow will join and become complete. But someone has shattered the Tablet. The Tribe of Light and the Tribe of Shadow each blame the other and war ensues for 100 years. The story revolves around the bumbling but very skilled Prince Astral of the Tribe of Shadow who may be the one to bring the Tribes together and restore peace.

7 comments on “Words Worth

  1. This is the old Windows XP version, which is not compatible to newer OS.

    There is a remastered Windows 10 version released on 2017-06-16.

  2. My game crashes near the start, right after you go through the door after talking to the skeleton dude.

    Tried changing the graphics settings as someone suggested but then the graphics in-game are all messed up. Can anyone help?

  3. Can someone please tell me if Astral has the choice to fully complete his little “loving” session with Delta? I was VERY disappointed that it ended before the climax could happen in the anime adaptation, seriously… :< Of all spoilers, this is one I wouldn't mind being spoiled about, she's just damn fine Waifu material for Astral, seriously. <3

  4. There is an english patch and I used to have it many years ago (the one you buy doesn’t work because the publishers apparently went inactive and someone had to have someone on 2 or 4chan crack it to make it usable) The install process to get it to work i remember being rather complicated too (compared to most games) I had made an in depth guide on how to install it and everything, but every site I think had since gone down (not sure about hongfire though but I think they erased alot of stuff).

    I will see if I can find it…

  5. So what about the patch? I tryed looking it up online but can`t seem to find one anywhere other the the one for 9.99$. Is that the only one?

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