Naisho no Jikan

Naisho no Jikan

Twenty-three-year-old Daisuke Aoki has just landed his first teaching job as a grade school instructor at Futatsubashi Elementary School. He is placed in charge of Class 3-1, where one of his students, a mischievously precocious nine-year-old girl by the name of Rin Kokonoe, develops a crush on him and goes so far as to proclaim herself Aoki’s girlfriend. She aggressively pursues her efforts to be with her teacher despite the fact that he will lose his job if she gets too close, a situation further complicated by the often complex, intertwining relationships existing between them and their respective friends, families, and peers.

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45 comments on “Naisho no Jikan

  1. Omg… My fat ass saw a piece of sushi waving for the “next page” indicator, not the chalkboard eraser that it actually is lol 🤣

  2. I unfortunately read the comments. If you don’t like loli thats fine just move on to something else. this is fictional and not real, i have seen some really fucked shit but its all fiction meant to entertain. If you don’t like it find something you do like go and enjoy it and shut the fuck the up.

  3. scrolled down to the comments to see if this was pertinent to the main story on some way or another, worst mistake of my life, still, this Joseph guy addressed that it was just a doujin, thanks for that, fam

  4. Gets a bit boring after Monday as they stop having sex and do other weird non-sex stuff instead.

    I don’t know how long it takes for them to have actual sex again, but it’s at least a few days of weird stuff instead.

  5. Not really, we shouldn’t ban it. I agree that it’s a serious crime but this is just fantasy, if someone takes it too seriously I can asure you that wasn’t the intention of the creator. It’s like death, death is a serious topic but we play with it all the time, because it’s fiction.

  6. I personally find rape extremely distasteful and I can’t stomach playing games where it plays a prominent role. Should we ban hentai rape porn? Rape is a very serious crime, you can’t be too careful, can’t have sick demented people getting off to rape after all.

    1. There are people in free society who are totally into creampies and impregnation fetish. Lock em up I say.

    2. it’s a fair question. It boils down to two factors.
      1.) Do you believe that engaging in a fantasy raises the risk of you doing it in reality.
      2.) Do you consider some things so immoral that they should repressed no matter the reason.

      on the account of child porn i’d still say there is a difference. I’d argue that rape is a much more violent act, that requires more volition and ruthlessness to commit the it. Child abuse on the other hand can be expected to be met with less resistance. After all in many cases children get tricked or pressured into partaking in the act. There are people who work closely with children who might be at risk of becoming perpetrators more easily than people are at risk to become rapists.

      1. dude are you an actual pedo looking for something to blame your urges on? or maybe a child molester feeling guilty and lashing out? why are you here? seek help. im a proud father who will continue enjoying loli because i understand fantasies are just fantasies. no shame in them, and they dont cause any real life harm, if anything they let me blow off steam

      2. I don’t really like or dislike loli. I just watch or plays what comes out of the time.
        But look at it this way. If loli hentai are gone and those pedos no longer has the material to wank with. Won’t that be a disaster? they’ll get fed up and assault really childrens?

    3. Killing is also a serious crime but we have a lot of movies and games that has killing in it…i also don’t like rape but this is fiction like the movies and games we see… and most of people will not turn to killers if they like killing movies and games so i feel banning something that is meant for entertainment is not good. what you feel is not wrong but you should just ignore this kind of genre

    4. You’re so fucking retard and your comment so fucking stupid that i almost had an aneurism
      get the fuck out of here with your shit hot takes and McFucking kill yourself faggot

  7. People forget that child pornography was banned because it exploits children. No children are exploited to draw this stuff. Get over it. If you don’t like loli that’s fine. If you can’t even tolerate other people who like loli, you’re just a bigot, no different than religious conservatives afraid of homos.

    1. No actual child being hurt in the production of a fantasy scenario like does not make this ok.
      you even bought the bigot word… people were not kidding when they said pedophiles were trying to sneak aboard the lgbtq train huh?… fascinating and disturbing.

      1. Where’s the lie? “I saw it coming” is not an argument. Tell me who gets hurt when someone masturbates to loli photos. Also I like how you conflated child molestation with people consuming loli. Deliberate or is it so many years of brainwashing you can’t even tell you’re doing it? Anyway pretty rich moralfagging coming from someone who’s not even willing to pay for their porn.

        1. oh i can tell the difference between a loli and childporn. This is childporn. The girl is 9 years old, the guy is her 23 years old teacher. This is a fantasy about raping a child. no brainwashing present here. that is literally the game. If you can’t see that you might consider a long hard look in the mirror instead of shit-posting.
          I consider it problematic publishing content that specifically feeds into the fantasy of raping children, even if no children are raped in the production of said content. But i assume that is beyond you. You are locked in the loop of your hissy fit because somebody said something you like is bad after all.

          1. Someone report this dude. He clearly has dementia and can’t distinguish fiction from reality. You need help my friend before you do some crime.

          2. Dude, you’re the only one locked in a hissy fit. If you had any self awareness you’d realize that. And you clearly CAN’T tell the difference between loli and childporn, because this is not childporn, it is loli.

    2. 2d characters aren’t people, for fuck’s sake. No drawing is hurt by masturbating to it. Hell, some people even masturbate to disgusting things like pee and crap, a young-looking drawing (which of course, is unreal) is at least less abnormal in comparison.
      And bringing up conservatives or whatever doesn’t even make sense, just curb with your political bias.

      1. i fail to see what is political about saying a story about a 23 years old dude fucking a 9 years old child, imagining a 9 years old child to be able to enter a homogeneous sexual relationship with an adult, is sick shit.
        I think you just throwing around random trigger words from the huge rainbow bowl of social narratives to justify getting of to imagined child rape.

        1. Other people’s sexual fantasies are none of your fucking business, there’s nothing to justify. You’re the same as the people who try to regulate what happens in people’s bedrooms. unless someone is getting harmed, fuck off

          1. ah. ok.
            saying porn, that feeds into the fantasy of raping children, should be banned is the same as trying to dictate what two consenting adults might put into practice in their bedroom.
            I guess one would have to see it that way if one was a pedophile? Not quite sure on that…

  8. I didnt even know that a game for Kodomo no Jikan exist lol. I guess the anime and manga really did a good job for a doujin circle to do a pardoy of it.

  9. Bruh it’s complainers like you guys that will one day make loli banned in future Japan. It’s a game, chill out.

    1. nah, japan couldn’t give a shit about western sjw. Loli is the most popular genre of porn in japan. Doesn’t help that english language uses one word “pedophile” to paint a very large swath of people all with the same brush. someone jerking to a drawing vs someone molesting children aren’t in the same galaxy, in japan they understand that fantasy is fantasy

  10. For those that don’t know this eroge is a parody of the anime Kodomo no Jikan, similar to other eroge parodies like Maki Fes! for example.
    The interesting thing is this was made in 2007, and the doujin circle doesn’t even exists anymore. Dunno who translated this after all those years and why, but I can say one thing….. Good Job man and thank you!

  11. i mean.. really? like really really?
    not a thousand years old dragon girl that looks like a nine year old, but an actual nine years old girl?
    specifically a 23 years old dude getting together with a 9 years old child?

    1. You sound … happy. Like the other comment said, it is a parody of Kodomo no Jikan. a manga/anime written by a WOMAN, despite controversial content, it isn’t porn. Kodomo no Jikan translate to a Child’s time, but we can translate this parody to Reader’s jail time.

    2. I really disagree with a lot of Revvo’s hot takes, to put it lightly, but this one I actually agree with him.

      I get that loli hentai is a bit of a grey area because of the nuances between real life and fiction, but there’s a lot less room to wiggle when said lolis are actual (granted, fictional) children, and I personally find porn/hentai/eroge really distasteful the closer they are to children. And unlike those “anime lovers are pedophiles!” view some normies have, these stuff are actually dangerously skirting on the edge of the line, if they haven’t cross that line already.

      1. I think this shit is disgusting, personally, and as the father of a young daughter I can barely stand it. But I refuse to give an inch to those who would regulate what can and can’t be in our drawings. Look at Australia to see what happens when you start regulating porn. It creates a chilling effect on the whole industry, and suddenly girls with small boobs or flat chests are out, stuff like that. Better to have this stuff around, it’s not like anyone is forced to consume it or there’s evidence it harms anyone.

        1. That’s a fair point, and I pretty much agree with everything you said. Regulating these stuff can get out of hands with vague definitions and loopholes.

      2. i don’t know how to feel about having made a name for myself as a hater on an online board for visual novels.. but it’s at least refreshing to see one other person say something somewhat negative about actual child porn.

    3. Then you wont watch the actual anime also because of that perspective even though the whole message of the anime and manga isn’t what people think it is with the age gap and pedophile issue.

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