Tsuushinbo: Another Story

Tsuushinbo: Another Story

Aspiring to become a teacher at a famous private school, the protagonist moved to the city and worked for four years in a nearby school. He was excited when he learned about the long-awaited transfer, but was shocked when he found out he was assigned to a very remote village. Unable to defy orders, he unwillingly moved to his new workplace. The school building was old and there were only a handful of students. He was discouraged by the dismal situation, but after introducing himself to his small class on the first day, he felt an unexpected warmth which was missing from the city classroom. It was a feeling like family that he had temporarily forgotten.

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  1. Those having trouble I found the IHS.exe fixed the app start error as it acts as the launcher for the game.
    Also extract the files and change the region locale if you haven’t already 😀

  2. It is possible to get it to work by installing it as mentioned already, but don’t waste your time. These stories are only 10min per girl. Hopefully the full game gets translated 🙁

    1. What this guy said—–^
      Every story (which is just a single scenario) is just the girls having “alone time”. Once. That’s it.
      Really too bad.

    1. It’s very weird. I’ve never seen an after story being translated before the game. You could even tell by the size that this couldn’t possibly be an entire game. And when you actually play it, they just tell you it’s not. =/

  3. Does anyone have a link to just the patch, it isn`t on vndb anymore, and i can`t get this one to run unless i use the installer to install it properly again, and then its untranslated.

    1. Acctualy after a bit of fiddling around with it and some googling i found out how to get it to work.
      Basicly run the IHS.exe (it`s the installer) install the game somewhere else. then copy the data.fpk from the downloaded archive to the newly installed location, replace the original. should work. Menus aren`t translated as mentioned above, but game is.

  4. The readme is just gibberish, and I can’t seem to get anything working. I tried changing to Japan region but that doesn’t work either. Can someone provide install directions?

    1. nvm I figured it out, the language for non-unicode programs has to be changed as well to Japanese, not just the general region. Found in Control Panel > Clock and Region > Region > Administrative

  5. This is a fan disk release of a game that was never translated to english… why the translators chose to only translate the fan disk and not the actual game is a bit odd.

    1. I don’t think that’s quite the case here from what I’m seeing on VNDB. This isn’t a fan disc but a re-release of the same game in a series of games. Here’s the link if you want to check yourself https://vndb.org/v17972

      1. This is definitely a fandisk. It basically says that it’s a collection of three short stories. Not the main game.

  6. I can’t seem to run the game, I have a couple of errors when I launch the .exe, telling me, from what I gathered, that the game was not installed properly or something. The game being an archive without installer, I’m not sure what’s wrong. Any idea?

    1. Turns out the actually novel is translated, but the interface and application setup is all still in Japanese. Weird, but still playable I guess.

      1. This is pretty common setup – gameplay text is stored in separate files in most engines, making it relatively easy to extract, translate and re-insert. Menus are usually hardcoded into game executable files, making it real pain in ass to translate. As long as game text is readable, most people are okay with being unable to understand which option in menu is used to change text color.

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