YOU and ME and HER: a love story

YOU and ME and HER: a love story

Life is like a staircase. You just gotta keep climbing. Otherwise, if you start to overthink it, you’ll have trouble taking the next step.

Shinichi wants nothing more than to lead a quiet life. Though he was once close friends with Miyuki, the most popular girl in school, his desire for normalcy now keeps them from being anything more than classmates.

Everything changes, however, one day on the roof, when the class oddball, Aoi, suddenly tries to kiss him. Miyuki appears just in time to stop her, but afterward, Shinichi feels the urge to bring some light to this friendless girl’s eyes. He enlists Miyuki’s aid, and thus, a trio is born.

The days pass, and little by little, Aoi learns what it means to be friends. But at the same time, long-dormant feelings awaken in Miyuki’s heart. As the distance between her and Shinichi shrinks, the hard-earned bonds the three share begin to fray.

Miyuki or Aoi-when the time comes, which will Shinichi choose?

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  1. vicigarza says:

    Any chance of getting the Steam DLC patch?

  2. kidlat020 says:

    god = 99993167824
    pdf manual (page 1) = 29197057
    creampies (mine is 23. this will vary.)


  3. WeebAnon says:

    This one, yes this one. I haven’t played it yet, but it’s rather famous. I’m glad it has a translation but it’s going to be weird playing this when I already know the twist. Still, it should prove to be an enjoyable experience, NTR aside.

  4. Cyan says:

    HI admin~ is Yumeutsutsu gon’ come out soon? :3
    Ima DL this game while waiting~

  5. Ashura Knife says:

    One of the most beautiful VNs I have ever played. Admin thx for putting this for us to download, now I will try to support more JAST and nitro+

    PD: This is not really a NTR game, just enjoy this masterpiece

  6. Lightningcloud001 says:

    The game doesn’t start I can press the button but a black screen appears and it closes while saying the app crashed or something so what should I do

  7. klm says:

    This is one STRANGE game. I finally got one of the 2 possible good ends. You will know when you get there. The trick is breaking out of the loop. I did enjoy it but several time I wanted to punch the screen. Dare I play another Nitro game?

  8. Imouto Hunter says:

    Try these codes if nothing else is working

    In case you forgot the game tells you how to obtain the code but you gotta carefully read.

  9. Tobiash says:

    Where to get the god’s number?

  10. Tobiash says:

    Aoi Mukou is the NTR heroine.

  11. datguy says:

    Cucks need to be gassed

  12. Cinder says:

    admin any news about Nora to Oujo to Noraneko?

  13. Anon says:

    I cannot fathom how you can enjoy meta stories if you go into them without the knowledge, though this one doesn’t keep it a secret for very long; or maybe it does in one way and doesn’t in another.
    At the very least I would give it an 8/10 before the shift; maybe 7.5 after shift, the way that handled that was really annoying and I don’t care about the ending; the fact they try to make you care about the ending at all is the dumbest part, you cannot mix these story elements.

    Side note about H Scenes
    4/5 I suppose, the decensoring job seems pretty high quality,
    And I think they don’t go on for too long, I appreciate that when I skip most of them.

    ~The code ramblings~
    The code I used was from the user manual; I doubt the game has the ability to modify the PDF itself so I don’t think that code can change (bottom right page 1).
    I tried for an hour in cheat engine to brute force it but either I’m really bad at it or it’s calculated in a different way.

    There’s also logic that determines which of the secret codes you used.
    There are probably multiple valid codes so there are multiple valid answers; I would assume it adds all valid secret code values to determine which code was used (thought it might just be a farce and there could be just one code?)

  14. Keto says:

    I really liked Aoi… unfortunatly, she is the NTR heroine

  15. Zay says:

    tks for spoiler of the code, this is fcking hard, i’ve stuck in this loopy for 4 hours…

  16. law and order says:

    will you upload summer pockets?

  17. Zero says:

    I’ll skip this because the art is not for me…
    even though the story and review are great, it’s just not for me…

    I’m just the guy who’s searching for great art and a great story (good story at the minimum).

    So, yeah, ill skip this.

  18. johnsofa says:

    whelp that was a crazy ride. Really happy with the ending I got. This visual novel takes you through so many emotions but it was worth it in the end. not going to spoil it for other but word of advise, all that you need to complete the game is already provided you just have to find it. google searching is not going to help. if your still in the loop, just keep at it lol:)

  19. Austin says:

    spoilers maybe again

    Edit, not gods number, the other number from outside the game

  20. Austin says:

    spoilers maybe?

    What is gods number? kinda hard to finish the game without it

  21. eeeeee56 says:

    can’t install: “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc00007b).” anyone know how to fix this?

  22. Clear This Up Please says:

    Okay whatever about spoilers, someone please tell us which heroine has NTR already.

  23. what the heck says:

    alright not a walkthrough but better than stuck:

    route 1:pick everything lean toward Miyuki, you get a pretty normal ending.
    route 2:pick everything toward Aoi, at the end there is a choice between “Aoi is lying” and another choice i dont remember because the game deleted my saves. But it is a crucial choice to get into “route 3”. you pick wrong choice if AOI talk to YOU the player and game end, you pick right if “NTR” start and Miyuki go yandere after.

    route 3: i am still on this, loopy, 4th wall and basically Monika if u played DDLC, but you get to choose choices leaning toward Miyuki or Aoi, i picked Miyuki so far and got a few CGs, and just got enough Miyuki affection points for the story to move forward, dont know what happen yet.

  24. Yuuto says:

    is this 18+ version?

  25. opppai kun says:

    i love this kind of game…

  26. kovaleski says:

    i have downloaded the game but every time i open it closes right after what could be causing this?

  27. Hammer says:

    So im stuck in a time loop with the childhood friend heroine, and no matter what i try i can’t escape it(there are 2 repeatable H-scenes if that helps). Did i fck up with the phone? Is that why? I called 999-0523-0523 cuz aoi said to remember it but it didn’t work. Or is this the end?(if it is im going be pissed)

  28. Revvo says:

    ohhh this is giving me ddlc vibes! getting tingly!
    loving it so far!

  29. Sword says:

    It’s genre shift meaning from romance to horror and psychological.

  30. Street says:

    Is Gender shift means gender bender or smtg close to bisexual?

  31. Guano says:

    it is the NTR scene avoidable ? xd

  32. almatrainee says:

    Yup, nope, nope and nope, this is not for me.

  33. nin says:

    No walkthrough exists as the answers to escape are randomized. IIRC, you had to read the H-scenes carefully, but if you didn’t then jokes on you.

  34. Lerkin says:

    One of the heroines NTR the MC in her route, that’s it.

    But, I mean, if you don’t like “that” girl, the NTR will be, -welp- at best.

    Because only ONE of the girls has that tag, and she has a “reason” for it, the other heroine is faithfull to MC from start to end.

    So yeah, don’t back down because NTR if you happen to like the faithfull heroine… if you like the other one, well…

  35. M.Mei says:

    Does anybody have a walkthrough? I’m being a dumbass and now stuck in eternity with Miyuki in the loop. I press to skip and now there is not a choice to choose anymore. What should I do?

  36. thiccman says:


    Wait since when did DDLC have gangbang?

  37. anonny says:

    Tried JAST USA’s twitter posted patch and still doesn’t work, anyone got any other ideas?

  38. bitanbois says:

    NTR is life !

  39. Anony says:

    To those having problems, try to look up JAST USA’s twitter account for a patch download.

  40. anon says:

    Also not able to move past start screen (where you set screen resolution and choose windowed/full).

    Tried the usual things for VNs, nothing worked.

  41. zer0 says:

    so anyone else have an issue where it wont even start? i get the first window asking full/windowed, then it blacks out and says it cant run. anyone know how to fix this?

  42. Jeffos says:

    NTR is actually not so bad here, at least with reason behind it,not so traumatical,duh. And not both girls, plot itself is ok and it’s pretty hard to complete if u dont google

  43. anon says:

    Thanks for the warning Jorges & Sword!
    Not downloading this one for sure.

  44. Miau says:

    Who exactly gets NTRed here? I have seen some CGs but still don´t know.

  45. holy shet says:

    i remember this one, ready yourself and brace for impact.

  46. Mahay says:

    This is a pretty unconventional VN, best go into it blind without looking anything about it.

  47. Jorges says:

    You could say the girl is a slut. and the MC kinda of your average nice guy but to me he’s a dick to participate in Gangb****. But that just the tip of the iceberg.

    It’s like doki doki literature club but with ga****ng

  48. Jackie says:

    Does NTR mean MC is a cuck or the girls are sleeping around?

  49. baron says:

    Oh yes, a nitroplus emotional trainwreck, i will (not) enjoy every second of it.

  50. Jorges says:

    Arghhh! Arhhh ARGGGHHHH!!!
    THIS Game destroyed my mental health.

    NTR type A (willingly), gangbang, scum mc, and yandere girl.

    Help!!, need Slice of life to heal

  51. bitanbois says:

    Many thanks !

  52. Sword says:

    Remember guys this game has NTR so if it’s not your cup of tea don’t download this.

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