Wonderful Everyday – Discontinuous Existence

Wonderful Everyday ~Diskontinuierliches Dasein~

Subarashiki Hibi is a story told in seven chapters. The story follows a group of several Tokyo high school students mostly through July of 2012 and each chapter is told from the perspective of one of its five main characters. Because of the same timeframe coverage, certain events are overlapping from chapter to chapter but at the core of it all is a mystery revolving around the prophecy about the end of the world on July the 20th as well as the events that are following before the said date. The first part of the VN is used to make a setting for the said mysteries while the second part is about uncovering the truth behind them all.

The story begins in chapter #1, ‘Down the Rabbit-Hole I” on July 12, 2012. The protagonist, Minakami Yuki, lives a peaceful everyday life with Tsukasa and Kagami, her childhood friends, when one day she meets a mysterious girl, Takashima Zakuro (a girl in another class in Yuki’s school, who seems to have met Yuki before but Yuki doesn’t remember her). The strange schoolmate Yuki just befriended moves into her house (Yuki doesn’t mind too much about that). Then following this new guest in Minakami’s residence, Yuki’s two childhood friends mentioned earlier also move in, just so that they don’t feel left out. These events are just a prelude for what will ultimately lead Yuki to discover her own “Wonderful Everyday” during this chapter.

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  1. alea says:

    In one moment, you think about Nicholas Cusa’s coincidence of opposites -pretty low, of course, designers do not have a degree- in another moment you see a futanari angel. The VN is good in terms of gore scenes and philosophical themes, it is not that heavy but a decent attempt.

  2. Kusabi says:

    Anyone knows how to fix messed up fonts problem?

  3. Kota says:

    I was first genuinely confused when I scrolled through the comments on other sites saying things like “it’s not just a regular VN.. the intro will have you good”. At the time, it didn’t really have any hashtags to explain what kind of game it was but boy.. when I played the intro I LOVED IT SO MUCH. But ma’am.. it’s not for everyone including me after the intro.

  4. Loa says:

    I’ve heard this game thrown around in terms of the legit DDLC experience. Looking at the tags I’m not sure what I should be expecting. Should be fun.

    As an aside, I have a major hangup about censorship so of course I have to install the removed content. Not my thing, but how can I resist? Now just need to see if it works even across the differing file types.

    • T says:

      This is not at all similar to DDLC. You should wait for Totono be translated. It will be released May 5. The guy who made DDLC actually plagiarised that game. SubaHibi is not for the faint of heart. I am used to disturbing content and I couldn’t finish it. None of the characters are sympathetic except for Zakuro but she is annoying. The experience is confusing, mind wrecking, and disgusting.
      I’ll probably read it again but I cannot stand Zakuro and Takuji for the life of me.

  5. I He She says:

    I might need some help with the pitbull dlc.
    I extracted the rar and moved the two files to the game folder alright, and when I got to what I think was supposed to be the bestiality scene, the scene just kind of ended. There was an image with the dog behind the girl but then nothing, it just sort of moved past that.
    I checked the scene recollection and the scene is there but stops before even showing the illustration with the dog, and in the cg gallery that illustration is nowhere to be found.

    Does the game go back to that scene in a later chapter or did I somehow mess up something?

  6. Materialism says:

    Really disappointing game. Waited so long for this to be translated but game was garbage.

    All the rape, futas, drugs and psychopathic behaviour in the game was just far too disgusting and evil. Story was average or below average at best. If it had been good like Megami Zero it might of been redeemable but unfortunately it’s not the case.

    • tduu says:

      I agree. I tried this crap last year and couldn’t get past chapter 2 or 3 because it was awful and none of the characters were good enough.

  7. dark says:

    Please download the voice patch

  8. ppen says:

    Curious as to whether anyone has figured out how to solve the problem I’m having. Basically there is no sound whatsoever. No bar in my volume mixer saying its playing from another device. Nothing. Googling it has not brought me any closer to a solution either. Insight would be appreciated if anyone is looking at this page a year later.

  9. wavydude says:

    one of the tags is “unavoidable heroine rape scene.”
    what am i getting myself into, bros?

  10. hehe says:

    i got to the end of “down the rabbit hole II” and pressed start, but it’s not giving me the screen with the memory fragments–it just restarts the first chapter. is anyone else having this problem?

    • Naoko says:

      If I remember right I had the same problem. Just skip until you reach the end, and the option for the third will be there.

      I stalled on this. I didn’t like it after all. Too pretentious.

  11. Winter Symphony says:

    This game is fucked up… uh, no. i wasn’t referring to the rape, gore, and all that stuff. I was referring to the complexity of how the story was constructed… (or something along those lines) It was not easy to search for answers on what was happening in and through the story. And i was very confused- maybe up until the end. But i kinda understand now why and how it got praised highly by other people(after investigating further- which took me almost a month). hum! I fully understand it now and now i’m even agreeing to it! Still, it’s very inspiring to see that people make visual novels like this. This of caliber. That feeling of “instead of you playing the game, the game played you”. Yep, i pretty much got worked up on solving things in the game. A game got me very enthusiastic, which don’t happen that often.

  12. Red Riot says:

    Kimika’s ending at “It’s my own invention” is just too fuckin’ good! The music, the atmosphere, the freefall even! Felt like my heart just skipped a bit even though the story was a bit silly, that short moment made me just felt like i’ve played a really long romantic visual novel.

  13. vicigarza says:

    Does the Pitbull DLC require an update alongside the updated patch?

  14. Ueno says:

    Oh fuck, I got a crash right at the start of Down the Rabbit Hole II, when Yuki is talking to Takuji. Is my game corrupted? Will I have to redownload? Shit.

  15. King Knarf says:

    Please add gang bang rape and forced drug use to the list of tags. I was shaking at times while reading this wonderful VN.

  16. Bob the Tank Engine says:

    Ok i got the ideia of what this game is trying to do, but it fails, hard, its just so fucking confusing and boring even in the hardore ultra-violence stuff i felt nothing because the characters are a mouthful, so i wasn’t invested and didn’t gave 2 shit about anyone. One question that eventually poped up was: why they never stop talking? i know VNs got alot a dialogue, monologues, exposition, but this is ridiculous, theres a trope where they keep repeating the same word a million times in a row like to try to scare you or put emphasis on something a think, but it gets old after the 20th time. They also like to just keep rambling on about cheap straight from the books philosophy adding more to the boredon factor. Subahibi is a failed attempt at telling a compelling and deep story.

    Ii looks but i didn’t completly hate the game i just saw alot of flaws that made me lose interest in him, and if you liked the game power to you

    • Ueno says:

      I hope this doesn’t disappoint me like it disappointed you. I’m pretty hyped. I just started the first chapter and Kagami is annoying. Also, the lunchbox conversation never seemed to end. I also know almost nothing about philosophy topics and Cyrano de Bergerac and all the references. Hopefully I won’t be lost. I heard it’s not 100% needed to read these things before playing SubaHibi.
      I’m glad there’s a female protag though.

      (BTW, are you Brazilian?)

    • Naoko says:

      I’m Ueno. I started reading this and got to the third chapter and gave up. You are absolutely right.

  17. Gentle breeze says:

    Really got bored with the intro chapter… i even skipped some text because of sooo much boredom, now why is this even considered as a masterpiece??? so i look for some summarization/reviews and got a mouth full of fascinated commenters, i’m just gonna stop for today and continue some other week, it won’t be even considered a good vn if it was really trash, that’s why i’ll try holding it on for a while XD

    • Ryo Narushima says:

      The first MC, you play as IMO also, has a boring as hell chapter. And when I wasn’t bored, I was probably pissed off at the char I hated most in her chapter (kagami). The next MC’s chapter/episode is way more entertaining (again IMO). DW about it, just keep reading.

      • Gentle breeze says:

        With all the exams and academic stuffs are done, i tried continuing & finishing the vn so that i can save more space when i plan on downloading other games… but the game got me. Yes, no doubt that i got bored at yuki’s arc which is the Down the rabbit hole, with how the story rolled, everyday crap and all that, and judging from the game’s picture- it really feels like the story is just limited to those 3 characters with the others being extras just like a not-good vn, putting philosophies to make the game interesting but made it looked like they do it for the sole reason of saving the players attention and saving the game’s ass off. But as i progress the game…… wow. just wow. not for everyone… but wow.

        • Gentle breeze says:

          Also this game really takes a lot of your time for you to realize it’s brilliance. It proved to me that great things really require a lot of time. I’m even playing this for only an hour, and go hiatus for like a week (bcuz bored & kagami lol) it really got me going after the “It’s my own invention” arc, and it somehow gave me pieces of puzzle or answers with some of my questions with the story, because i’m hella confused with the story. And that’s where the game began to get reaaaally interesting- it will really make you go back to the previous arcs because some hints & answers are scattered there.

          • Red Riot says:

            I think it’ll probably take the player to finish all the arcs before he/she will be able to understand the story, and how the arcs are connected to one another. The fact that you also need to re-play the game to get the little scattered puzzles is not inluded sooo it really might take the player a lot of time to finish this vn. I haven’t (probably) finished it yet as i’m doing it without any walkthroughs, and i’m re-playing the first arc just to find answers, and also going through diff. ed routes, but it got me to the conclusion that i need to finish all of the arcs. Thus giving meaning (or sense) to the other yet unknown details. Aside that. this game is MIND BLOWING.

          • Gentle breeze says:

            But of course- looking glass insects kimika end route- is the best route!

          • Red Riot says:

            Yup, you said it! *Solid Thumbs up 😀

  18. Red Riot says:

    hahaha …… kagami is too much for me. She pisses me off without me noticing.

  19. Suu says:

    I don’t have any sound or voices, is this intentional or am I missing something?

  20. Ka says:

    I’m uncertain if I properly inserted the “Doggy DLC” patch into the game. Is it as simple as just extracting the .rar file? I know that sounds stupid, but there have been times where I not only had to extract the .rar file, but also the files within it. The files themselves do not work with Extract Data, so that points to yes, but I just want to double check.

    On another note, I’m only past the second chapter AND HOLY SHIT THIS GAME IS AMAZING.

  21. APerson says:

    Honestly, some of this stuff should be rated 25+ or something lol, I find it pretty freaking distrubing/unsettling and I am damn 27! Only thing even driving me to play is morbid curiosity and hope to see some justice served…

  22. Hiking Bear says:

    So, how the hell do I play the other chapters? The game ends after I finish the first chapter with the yuri harem.

  23. Vash says:

    Hey, thanks for the upload!

    A few minutes in, and i’m wondering: why are the sisters named and designed after the sisters of Lucky Star? _D

    • Red Riot says:

      yep, i thought i was only imagining things. Given the appearance, it’s really obvious, i just had a problem remembering their names. But after searching for the twins from lucky star…. yeah. Pretty much identical to the twins from lucky star in both hair color eye color, hair, status (twins), and personality (not that much).

  24. Zbra says:

    Omg! I thought I would have to wait forever for this to be translated! I’m shocked, literally….. I never had so much want for a vn, Admin for the quick uploads as always, you are truly awesome!

  25. naaaf says:

    Yep, we need Ne No Kami asap.

    Not the best VN ever but the first part ended with an interesting twist and there aren’t many good yuri VNs.

    I’ve been checking all kinds of sites for five days now.
    Hopefully it won’t take as long for a release to appear as it did with Sacrament of the Sodiac.
    I would’ve bought both games if those Denpa jerks accepted other payment options. I don’t have a credit card so I have join the dark side once more.

    • The_great_beyond says:

      welcome to the dark side, but just give it some time admin always delivers

    • kandiiyuutaamu says:

      It is not a yuri VN because when you unlock the other route there are other characters that later become the protagonists especially as some of them are actually GUYS!

  26. question mark says:

    Admin, could you upload Ne No Kami part 2? It released a few days ago.

  27. Red Riot says:

    Downloaded the game yesterday because some say it’s one of those rare gems, took me a lot of time to find certain files to be able to play it in english & took me a lot of time to download. Checks erogedownload, saw subahibi, great. Well, atleast i can play it in full english now, what i have is only 80% translated patch of the game. Thanks so much admin.

  28. Dudez says:

    Looks like a nice Novel… O_O holy shizzers

  29. Max says:

    If you think the tags on here are bad check the full tag list on VNDB.

  30. anon123 says:

    Is the game has no start menu soundtrack, or is it just me?

  31. OhMy says:

    Oh my, this tags are quite on the fucked up side.

  32. anon13 says:

    please upload ne no kami part 2

  33. nad destroyer says:

    There are two tags I think should apply for this game lol. Funatari and trap. I don’t know how common that is since I’ve only played one route after the introduction.

  34. Demaou says:

    Is this the first chapter only ?

  35. NoticeMeSenpai says:

    Please upload Golden marriage!xD

    • The_great_beyond says:

      This site uploads VNs translated to English and while a translation project for that was made in july there has been no progress update.So for now that is a untranslated VN.

  36. Zeo says:

    The localization removes one bestiality related CG from the game.

    Fanmade patch was made to restore bestiality CG back.

    from vndb

  37. katsura says:

    Anyone get an error with system.arc:ipl._bp when try to start the game in windows 10?

  38. Udoroth says:

    I read a review on steam for this game, seeing the cover i expected a light hearted Moege, its anything but

    if your looking for a light hearted eroge etc

    dont, look somewhere else, this is some pretty dark shit

  39. ViktorStagnetti says:

    The only tag that turns me away is ‘rape’. Story seems interesting enough but ugh. I’ll never understand the fascination Japanese have with rapey stuff in VN’s and manga.

    • Unknown says:

      For nukige or any “mind break” theme, rape is quite prefferable for me.

      But for serious story like this, it really makes you demand for justice. Anyway, consider that as a warning because I’m pretty sure the tag miss “torture” and death of a heroine.

    • Ueno says:

      I don’t like rape and other disturbing content either, but sometimes it’s used as a plot point for drama (and to estabilish characters), so I guess sometimes it’s acceptable.

    • Ds says:

      Ctrl is your pal

  40. FH says:

    These labels though, you sure this isn’t Euphoria?

  41. hellmyhand says:

    Holy, those tags…. (shudders) Why can’t there be a light-hearted, non-netorare VN? I’ve had enough of gore, horror, and netorares. I used to be fine with horror, but not anymore. I don’t know why though.

    • Revoo says:

      strongly second that… Has been pure Porn-games and Dark stuff for a while now..

      • admin says:

        I wanted to post this one and “Saku Saku: Love Blooms with the Cherry Blossoms” (light-hearted “pure” romance VN) at the same time, but Sekai Project delayed release again.

  42. Ever17 says:

    I have been waiting for this for a long time I hope it doesn’t let me down like Himawari did.

  43. HardgoreAlice says:

    holy fuck those tags… anyway I’ve been waiting for this one translated for ages! thank you very much

  44. Finnius says:

    Thank you for this…

  45. rei says:

    is this without the patch

  46. Luka says:

    FInally after so much time waiting its out. Praise Jesus.

  47. SwordKusanagi says:

    wow, i can’t believe this got 8,9 total average on VNDB with those tags…

  48. Usagi says:

    Is this with or without bestiality CG?

  49. AyanoTatemaya says:


  50. Violet says:

    Just tag are more then enough to shoo me away i’m waiting for sakusaku i guess this kind of visual novel are not really good for my heart

  51. sellos says:

    it says female protagonist and male protagonist. which one is it?

  52. Anonman says:

    Is this the 18+ version?

  53. equ3striangam3r says:

    Wow that was a fast upload, thank you admin. I’ve been curious about this one for a little while. Now I can try it out a little before I buy it. I’m surprised I’m the first one here to comment.

  54. random guy says:

    saw the pic an thought it would be quite lighthearted,then i read the tags

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