My Neighbor is a Yandere!? Chapter 2

My Neighbor is a Yandere!? Chapter 2

Continues the Love Route (Good Ending) of the original game.

After spending a first day full of emotions and confusion next to Nanase, everything seems to go surprisingly well in the ‘new life’ of Seijuro… Until he discovers that perhaps his yandere neighbor has more than one hidden little secret.
Enjoy along the crazy and hot yandere girl Nanase this new chapter full of dates, laughs, mysteries and a lot of sexy situations.

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  1. To let those here who need it know,
    .rar and .winrar files require that you download Winrar.
    Make sure to download from the official site to avoid viruses, but don’t worry whenever it prompts you to buy. It’s well known that they don’t actually enforce you to pay money after your ‘trial’ expires.
    But if you want to do so to pay them back for making such a tool, by all means.

  2. Okay, I downloaded and started the game, but it’s in spanish… I don’t notice anyone asking for an english translation did something weird happen on my end? can I change it too english somehow?

  3. You don’t know what you’re talking about. The Pirate Bay was blocked in the UK and it’s not hosted in the UK. Stop spouting bullshit.

  4. Me thinks that Admin posts items that are forwarded to them by other people. I don’t think Admin buys all of this stuff and posts it to us for free. Me also thinks that Admin may do something other than spend all of their time reading replies and requests here. Admin might actually have a 4D life, after all. The only income I can see Admin getting from this site would be from Premium Downloads, and that would be a small amount. That having been said, Admin does notice requests, and responds to queries quite often, so me thinks it is fine to suggest (but rude to demand or complain about) new releases. And questions and answers about bug fixes are likely welcome, of course.

  5. hi admin, will this site be affected by the upcoming uk porn laws? kinda worried i always use this site lol

    1. If you are based in the UK than your internet providers might try to block this site if it add to list not allowed but there is ways around that. But since the admin if I remember correctly isn’t based in Uk so this site should be safe.

        1. Duh. How can UK’s law apply to sites based in other countries? You’re not a center of the world anymore.

  6. There is full story patch for Houkago Rinkan Chuudoku (奉課後輪姦中毒) but game have to be in ver 1.02 that is not avaible to download on any site so if Admin could get his hands on this game and upload it for us it would be awesome.

        1. guys. Just stop. the Admin only uploads what they get their hands on that has a full english translation. Stuff like that takes time.

          1. Idk about that. Sometimes it takes just a day or two and admin already has it uploaded. It’s usually a case by case basis

          2. The VNs I’ve mentioned are full translated. One of those was released two days ago and the other one was released yesterday.

            I know it will take a while but I only mentioned it to the admin. Now it’s up to him/her

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