Neighbor Watching

Neighbor Watching

Our hero has no luck with girls and spends his nights staring at the starry sky. Prompted by a friend, he tries his hand at ‘people watching’ and points his telescope downwards. Much to his surprise, he focuses right on a young woman masturbating! He’s enraptured by what he sees unfold before his very eyes. When he regains his composure, he is wracked by feelings of guilt but cannot get the image out of his head.

He begins spying on her every day, but when just watching is no longer enough, he looks up her contact information. Her name…Minami Takeda.

Just wanting to hear her voice, our hero gives her a call. One thing leads to another, and silent phone calls turn into blackmail about what he’s seen and an eventual visit to her home…! Though she initially refuses our hero’s advances, his appetite cannot be satiated, and soon she begins to discover things she didn’t know about herself…

Two people brought together by coincidence fall into a love affair that they can never return from…
What will become of our two lovers…?

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3 comments on “Neighbor Watching

  1. I have completed the game. Got the bad ending, neutral ending, and “good” ending. Why i use “” on the “good”? Because the netori plan is working. The way he get close to the housewive is kinda meh, but the women is either dumb or too kind. The plot is your typical housewives who got ignored by her husband & 3rd party come & make her feel good. I like the graphic because it’s developed by Umesoft, but not for the plot & story(I prefer sweet vanilla straight romance eroge with no such thing as Netorare/Netori). I wish he act kinder to the girl, but welp no such luck since despite all that, the “good” ending is still happen. As for her seiyuu, the seiyuu’s nice… She voiced Kanade from Deardrops(1 of my fav Eroge due to music, upgrade version of Kira Kira(Same developer)), Maya from Noble Works(So far only play 1 route, might gonna tackle other routes), Nemu from Euphoria(Urgh my nightmare…), Loli Granny Sayo from Dracu Riot(Same with Noble Works, only 1 route so far… Gonna tackle this game again someday), Benkei from Eiyuu Senki(Change laptop, forgot to move the game to HDD, have to replay the game… Dammit), and a lot more from eroge that got no translation(Also, the seiyuu can sing really well).
    If you’re into Mild Netori, you can try this game. If you don’t want to step into cheating teritory, avoiding game with meh story, or looking at the most absurd way to blackmail a girl, then don’t play this game…
    Personal Rating : 5/10(Only because i’m into megane character & the seiyuu is 1 of some that i have heard from another game)

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