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My Horny Housewife Friend’s Sexual Awakening

My Horny Housewife Friend's Sexual Awakening

Freelance writer Kazuma meets Misaki for the first time in ten years at a high school reunion. After hearing about her dead bedroom situation, he jumps on the chance to bed her under the guise of a “concerned friend.” They start out at a love hotel but things quickly progress to secret dates and rendezvous, […]

Horny Housewives Booty Call Blackmail

Horny Housewives Booty Call Blackmail

The young son of a rich family is forced to live alone in the countryside after his family finds out about his depraved behavior. One good thing came of his new situation, though… he was able to meet the elegant yet busty housewife Maika, as well as Kyouko, the strong-willed wife of the local grocer. […]

Former Delinquent Wife Hinako

Former Delinquent Wife Hinako

Having just entered college, the protagonist moves to an apartment where his neighbor is none other than his hometown’s delinquent Hinako, who he knew as a child. Seeing how little she has changed over the years, his childhood feelings for her resurface for the first time in a decade. But Hinako is a now a […]

My Married Cousin’s Need for Seed

My Married Cousin's Need for Seed

The protagonist is the son of a wealthy and influential family, and he’s always had a thing for his older cousin Nodoka. Just seeing her getting lovey with her new husband pisses him off to no end. Just then, the family head summons him, and tells him that he’s fed up with that husband’s inability […]

Breaking a Stuck-up Wife!

Breaking a Stuck-up Wife

The protagonist is having a hard time at work. His superior, Kyouka, is a prideful woman with an arrogant attitude towards male employees. She especially dislikes the protagonist, so she’s always making things difficult for him. “You haven’t finished the report yet!?” “Haven’t you learned anything in college!?” “You are an adult, you have to […]