A collaboration fandisk celebrating the 5th anniversary of OVERDRIVE, featuring a crossover between Kira☆Kira and DEARDROPS. Riho watches Kirari and Shouichi’s overseas performance on TV and sees that Shouichi is enjoying it more than before. She wonders if she would be able to beat Kirari. At that moment, she never thought that she would have a chance to do just that.

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  1. I bought the game because I was such a huge fan of the previous OD games, but this one was a disappointment…NO Ost gallery tear*. Lolz I hope OVERDRIVE meant something more at the ending and hopefully I can see another continuation

  2. Finally! I’ve been waiting to play this for so long! I would have bought the game myself, but mangagamer wouldn’t take my debit card… I loved Deardrops and Kira Kira so much that I was eager to throw my money at them this time. But they didn’t take it…

    But now I can finally play it! Thank you!

  3. when i play d2b vs deardrops english mode, my laptop cpu suddently overheating itself. it just my laptop or the soft was broken? tell me. thanks.

  4. Please Upload Fault-milestone one-
    cause when i read the summerary it’s look like amazing game i hope you upload it a soon as possible

    thank you for reading my request

  5. Admin, can you please upload this VN “Harajuku Dating Paradise” ? Because I’m looking forward to play this VN. Sorry for the Trouble and Thank you for you attentions.

  6. I loved DearDrops, and this doesn’t seem that expensive, so I think I’ll actually buy it from Mangagamer this time around

    1. That’s incorrect. There is no 18+ version of the crossover, only of the original games. This is basically just a super long fan-disk to follow up the true route [Riho’s route] of DearDrops.

  7. Does this game have multiple endings or what? Was not able to find info on that anywhere and no walktrough.

    1. I am rather interested to know where the story picks off; ie. which routes I should play on KiraKira and Deardrops for a continuous story.
      I think I once heard it continues from Chies route (KiraKira) and Rihos route (DEARDROPS) but I couldn’t find any confirmation for this. This would also mean that Curtain Call is considered purely a side story and has nothing to do with this crossover, correct?

      I don’t really want to spend dozens of hour going through the routes I don’t really need for a continuous story since my only objective is to play this crossover.

      If anyone would be so kind as to elaborate I would be grateful.

      1. In Deardrops, finish Riho route.. That’s the main story of DD however, I think you also need to play Kanade’s route because there are parts of the story which are only answered on her route.

        In Kira Kira, I don’t know how to answer you because the story of Kira Kira’s ending is different. In this cross over Kirari and Maejima end up together and alive but in Kira Kira game, Kirari died.

        1. Uh, pretty sure there were 2 endings for Kirari route, one where she dies, and one where she survives. It all depends if you selected all the positive choices towards her or not.

        2. I can confirm that there were two endings for Kirai.
          She doesn’t die in the true ending but leaves Japan to become a big star.

          There’s also already a fan-disc for Kira Kira which among other stories continues her route.

  8. There isn’t though :/

    I like h-scenes when they aren’t weird and out of place. For instance, the all ages version of Konosora completely botched Ageha’s route.

    I just don’t think they’re necessary here, didn’t mean to sound hateful (English isn’t my first language).

  9. Anyone else having issues with the sound where the voices are playing in slow motion? Any ideas how to fix?

  10. Of course now I’ll have to play Kira Kira and Deardrops again. Oh, woe, such misery, etc etc, I’m sure I’ll muscle through somehow.

  11. Pretty sure there’s no such thing as an 18+ version of this, but nonetheless, thanks so much for letting me finish the whole Kirakira and Deardrops saga…

    1. There are two, 18+ versions actually.

      1)Deardrops with Cross the Future release 2 released 2012-04-27

      2)Deardrops with Cross the Future Overdrive Archives No.2 released 25/07/2014

      Why 18+? I do not know. Though the Archive version is marked as “Fully Voiced”. What that means in comparison to the original game, again I do not know since I never played this title.

      1. Think those releases are 18+ because they include Deardrops, which is 18+. D2B vs. Deardrops is the same version as the stand-alone release, and is always all-ages.

  12. Am I the only one having issues with the download? It seems to crap out partway continuously and I’ve tried restarting the DL many times. Using IDM too

        1. I haven’t played Deardrops, yet, but I really liked Kira Kira and the H-scenes didn’t add all that much. They almost kind of distracted from the feels, really. So I have to agree that this be all-ages is probably a plus.

      1. Out of character for everyone? Don’t try to use the rest of us to justify your broken arguments please.

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