Rin ga Utau, Mirai no Neiro

Rin ga Utau, Mirai no Neiro

Your dream is to become a professional composer and you’ve worked hard to realize this dream by yourself. Since you manage by yourself, there’s no reason to rely on anyone else. However, you’re not sure if this is really what you truly want to do. Coming home one day, you find a young girl sleeping in your bed. After managing to wake her up, she requests you to write a song for her… a song only for her. Thus begins your journey together, as partners.

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  1. uNs7oPaBL3 says:

    admin i have a problem running the game on windows 10 i did locate it to Japan in the control panel but i still get the same error with the blue screen how to fix that ?

  2. addictux says:

    for all those who have problem with japanese language on game the syntax thingy its either change your locale to japanese or download applocale and run it using applocale NTLEA is also good for running japanese games without changing computer/laptop locale. just so you know not all works and i dont use applocale or ntlea before what i do is change the title if it’s in japanese into any title written in english or if the folder is in japanese language. thats what i do beofre (if my english is bad to your eyes fvck you bear with it)

  3. Inho says:

    For anyone wondering,the song that plays in the menu is called “Dog Day Afternoon”. It took me a while, but I found it.

  4. kulik says:

    Oh thanks!

  5. Sijna says:

    I have a problem the same as some here too “syntax error, unexpected error T_symbol” BUT I have changed it to Japan (as lokation) but it might be different from America of GB because it might be in Holland different (my computer is Dutch and so I think I have found it I’m almost 100% sure) but it still is being a bitch to me T_T

  6. Hahoken says:

    Can anyone tell me list song it is

  7. a random guy says:

    i just noticed theres a scene in this game with rin while shes doing a setup the background music is a village theme from monmusu quest (monster girl quest)
    that was quite the nostalgic feel since it was the first eroge ive ever played
    (flash back of luka running for dear life from a bunch of girls trying to rape him while i scream at the screen)
    *sigh* good times! 🙂

  8. that guy says:

    vocaloid eroge? thats a new one O_O

  9. hobbitmaster says:

    ummm i downloaded it and extracted it but the “rin” progam keeps automatically disappearing the fuck is going on? o. o

    • N Studios says:

      I had the exact same problem. I still haven’t figured out what caused it, but I know how to fix it. It turns out that the “Rin.exe” file is the exact same as the “Miku.exe” file from its prequel. All you need to do is copy the Miku.exe file from your Mirai no Kimi folder (if you downloaded it already), then paste the file in the Mirai no Neiro folder. And then just rename it “Rin.exe” and you’re done. It should work at that point. That is, as long as your SystemLocale is set to Japanese.

  10. dossier13 says:

    for some people who are wondering why the rin part is in japanese it’s because when they giave the link the patch was half done just replace the old patch by the new one

  11. Anonymous says:

    The third version come please

  12. Gront says:

    hey, i just wanted to know what the key for the pause menu is, if there is one…

  13. N Studios says:

    I CAN’T PLAY IT!!! TTATT Whenever I try to extract the files for part 1 using 7Zip, it always tells me that the video.xp3 file is broken and the entire extraction process is cancelled!! DX

    • N Studios says:


      As of yesterday, I got it to work ONCE, but then when I tried to open the program “rin.exe” in the folder I successfully extracted it to, it says I don’t have permission to open the program and rin.exe automatically deletes itself!! AND IT DOESN’T SHOW UP IN THE RECYCLE BIN!!

      And now whenever I try to re-extract the files, rin.exe shows up, then removes itself in the same way! I tried redownloading the .rar files, but the same problem occurs!!


      • admin says:

        Your antivirus is deleting it probably.

        • N Studios says:

          Actually, my antivirus had nothing to do with it, because if it was doing that, it would have notified me of its actions in some way. But even so, I fixed the problem by copying the “rin.exe” file’s duplicate, “miku.exe” from the story’s prequel and putting the copy of miku.exe into the Mirai no Neiro folder. And it worked just fine.

  14. otaku2013 says:

    I tried to download the part 3 but it says :
    Error 6 (net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND): The file or directory could not be found.

  15. aaron says:

    the game not works,why?

  16. Vampire(G)Girl says:

    there is this thingi that you can download that helps ppl with app locale problems but i cant remember what its name is so il go look it up again and post it here

  17. Akira says:

    The game don’t work… HELP! ;_;

  18. Akira says:

    I can’t download the 3rd part…

  19. KARAS says:

    Furthermore, Please explain me how to install this program and include the english patch… Thanks

  20. KARAS says:

    Uhm… I don’t know how to install it. Can someone give me a direction to install it?

  21. Rin.Kagamiine says:

    thanks!! te agradezco mucho por los links!!

  22. The Arcane says:

    I have extracted the files successfully, yet when I try to play it, an illegible message along with a blue window both pop up.

    How do I fix this?

    • The Arcane says:

      Nevermind. I installed applocale. The only problem is that I can’t tell which language is Japanese, because no characters from any Asian country are showing up.

  23. Rin-Chan says:

    does not work, I downloaded it, change the town, I took the AppLocale, and more … but I have not started T.T

  24. August says:

    Thanks, Played the Miku one and wanted to continue with this :3

  25. Sebastian says:

    This Doujin got some pretty nice music. Guess it’s time to do some research!

  26. Len-kun says:

    to all noobs here in the world …. download applocale in your language , start it, search the exe you want use for it and than the language. finished and you can play!!

  27. Anna says:

    Hey I`m having the same problem as Adolfo. From what I understood, I`m suposed to change something to japanese, but I didn`t understand what it is. Help me, I wanna play the game!

  28. Adolfo says:

    Help when I open the Rin.exe. it says (syntax error, unexpected error T_symbol ) and not have japanese locate

    • DSL says:

      Open control panel >> click “clock , language and region >> click region >> then click administrative “It’s at right corner” >> click change system local >> set it to japanese and restart now

      hope it help 🙂

  29. abc says:

    It’s a sad irony that characters from Vocaloid (generator of voices for songs ) don’t get voiced in a game that feature them.

    • Poliii says:

      i totally i agree with that but keep in mind that this is just a doujin 😀

    • uNs7oPaBL3 says:

      yea it would have been nice but its fan made so we get what they give us hope someday the original vocaloid staff make a LN with Miku and and the rest with voices and a great story line to boot im sure fence like myself will love it

  30. Tarent says:

    Thanks a lot for updating the links and keeping them alive!

  31. deboy says:

    Help! when I open the Rin.exe. it says (syntax error, unexpected error T_symbol ) come on please help!

  32. Lily says:

    Hey, admin. I can’t extract the files. Why is that? I want to play ittt…. Rin~~~

  33. Julio says:

    Where is the patch translated? When i click the application, the game is japaneses.

    • warrof says:

      It is in english you just have to start up the right file, I’m downloading it now so I’ll let you know which one once I have it up and running.

      BTW who made this game? I can’t find that info anywhere.

      • warrof says:

        Hey julio,
        You use Rin application to start up the game, and yes the options are all in Japanese including the main menu but once you start the game the dialogue text is all in english.

        Sorry i took so long, got sidetracked.

        • MultiFirion says:

          hey is the Rin story(first item) not be translate yet? cause when I click the second item(Miku story) it got translate ==

  34. victer says:

    the characters in the picture look like two people from vocaloid.

  35. Joshua says:

    I downloaded the mediafire files, but when i try to extract the files, it says its incomplete or something. Perhaps reupload the files?

  36. absent member says:

    seems nice gotta try this one, thanks for this!

  37. faTWave says:

    Thank you, I’m new here, but before I start, I want to get all of them first before I start playing.

  38. faTWave says:

    Thank you, I’m new here, but before I start, I want to get all of them first before I start playing.

  39. toren says:

    hey how about you guys stops being dicks and tell us people that can’t get it running how to and dont say change the language region to japanese thats being to faint say.right click the application in the folder open archieve click on options then language and change it to japanese, saying change the region language is like saying download this program without telling them which site its on take a extra 2 or 3 minutes and be more descriptive cause people like me are lost on how to start it up.

  40. Baka_kokosei says:

    thank you very much…(>,<)b
    LOVE YOU ADMIN (/=3=)/
    btw did anyone have info bout other vocaloid VN? like bout luca or the other?

  41. Baka_kokosei says:

    Hwaaaaa…. the link from mediafire got deleted……. WHAT SHOULD I DO.!??!

  42. pascal says:

    hello admin i wand to say great job at this website its realy great but the first file of this game on mediafire is no longer online and so can not be downloaded.

    keep up the great work gr pascal from holland

  43. VirusX says:

    Nevermind, actually – I just found out that only the top menu bar and the main menu are still in Japanese. Having to find out by trial and error how everything works was a nuisance, but now I can play the game decently.

  44. VirusX says:

    Isn’t supposedly everything on this site in English? Because at least for me, the game is still in Japanese.

  45. Amare says:

    I downloaded/extracted everything, but I dunno which icon I need to click to start the game….

    • Amare says:

      What I mean is, I’m pretty sure I’m clicking the right one, but all that happens is a pop-up pops up in Japanese or something…

  46. Leon says:

    Question: i installed japanese language pack from microsoft i changed my region and language to japan…. and still i get the blue error thing and cant get the game to work why T_T

  47. chen says:

    the one who is become the main character is a guy am i right??

  48. PRFYOTAM says:

    Uploading to mediafire will help. A lot. seriously.

    • PRFYOTAM says:

      My country banned fileserve. I can only download though file sonic with a speed of 20kb/s. Tried premium link generators the best i can get is 30kb/s. I DON’T CARE ABOUT adfly, or what ads and how you make money. MEDIAFIRE PLZ!

  49. fapfag says:

    Weird, rin.exe caught as virus. Is this a false positive?

  50. Toby says:

    Wow nice game , thx admin , btw can someone tell me the song in the main screen ?

  51. TruePerv says:

    hey admim can I advertise your site? cuz some friend is asking me to post eroge/galge sites

  52. Otamega'sEro says:

    can you give me walktrough in this game?

  53. CSenshi says:

    can someone give me a list of all the songs used in this game?

  54. thatguy says:

    hmmmm admin just wondering what game is the pictures the in sides of your site from?

  55. anon says:

    Yo, just quick question.

    Do you plan to always add tags from now on in new posts? Would be really awesome if you do (like how you put “all ages” here)! Would also be cool, in the event of 18+, you add genre (yuri, etc.).

    And lastly, are you considering adding tags on old content?

    Anyways, I really appreciate your work here! Thanks, and keep it up!:D

    • admin says:

      Yes, tags will be added to every past and future post. But it just need major overhaul first – i need to somehow standarize the tags so that there will be no two different tags with same meaning ( for example “18+” and “Adult only” ) – i’m gonna sit down and write a long list of possible tags and apply them to every post one by one.

      • anon says:

        Amazing work! Thanks for keeping it up 😀 I’ll give you lots of lovely traffic, whether you earn anything on it or not 😛 I’ve browsed (read: dl’d) through your old files a lot, but never got through it all. Would be really amazing if I could just fast go through tags to what I’d want.

        Ontopic I’d probably use “adult only” in that case. Noone outside of a courthouse probably cares, but an adult isn’t always 18+. Different countries have different laws and stuff 😛

        I’d love to help out, but I guess it’s kind of empty air since I’m just a random anon on the net (and I also dunno all the games you got, although I got quiiite a few eroges (40-50) in my collection <.<)

  56. acer says:

    how do you change the regional configuration?

  57. megasr says:

    Hey admin…. can I um request for a request page for this site… hehehe

    • admin says:

      This is kinda pointless, since i’m posting every game that gets translated to english (some older titles are still missing but they will get posted eventually as well).
      When it gets translated, it will be posted without requests. And if it doesn’t get translated it won’t be posted, no matter how many requests there are.

  58. Caelistas says:

    “Coming home one day, you find a young girl sleeping in your bed.”

    What? And dis isn’t eroge? :p

    First 10 seconds i thought the right girl was Hatsune Miku, sad face 🙁

  59. admin says:

    As soon as you download the game – download is already english prepatched.

  60. neverweary says:

    Does anyone know when School Days HD English version is going to be released?

  61. chaotix says:

    Admin Thanks a bunch BTW the english patch was inside the rar files?

  62. neverweary says:

    I was wondering if you have White Album.
    Thank you for all these visual novels.

  63. Yoseph says:

    Are there another version of koihime musou?
    When I browse it in google, there are lu meng koihime musou version, pang tong koihime musou version, dian wei koihime musou version, etc
    If there are really another version, can I request it?

  64. Ruri says:

    >Tags: All ages


    well it’s something, and I should be thankful. *bows*

  65. sherman says:

    hmm im have some scripting error when i launch the game any1?

    • Anonymous Penguin says:

      I have the same problem, though if I set the system language to Japanese in certain ways I can start it, but all the menus are untranslated.

      for wine users you need to use ‘LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 wine rin.exe’ rather than using the wineloc utility, and I can’t figure out why.

  66. g says:

    i am haveing trouble with this one i download both parts and extract it when i open i get a blue screen like a error. i have changed my region to japanese and i still have the same problem

    • MaxMaki says:

      are you sure you aren’t changing the languaje to show instade of the regional configuration? If that is you’ll still have the same problem. Mmm if it isn’t then maybe you need to add Japanese compatibility, something about have it compatibility with others languajes. It appaers as an option when you install windows. If that isn’t maybe you should check your windows update for something abouth it. To me it gave me the languaje to show in japanese (but i don’t use it of course), but maybe it’s necesary to make your computer know japanese, then with the regional configuration and it you can install the game and still have the rest of your computer in your languaje. I don’t know for sure, it is just a teory.

    • Leon says:

      yeh same with me…i got that problem changed region to japan changed location to japan nothing happens still same

  67. Air says:

    i have trouble with this one i download both parts and extract it when i open i get a blue screen like a error, any help?

    • MaxMaki says:

      Change your regional configuration to japanes japan and then i’ll works. Don’t worry, change your regional configuration won’t change the languaje you use in your PC or something so you’ll be able to return the congiguration as it was without problem. Just don’t change the languaje to show because you’ll have problems to use your computer and the game won’t work either xD.

  68. MaxMaki says:

    I was almost sure that this game has voices the first time i open the file. But the second time and after that i did’t find them, beside people here say that it hasn’t. @Admin Am i imaging thing or the game really has voices and something happent that i don’t heard them anymore?

  69. Kukra says:

    What? no “Rape” tag? kinda dissapointing

  70. WaningSoul says:

    cool :D…although kinda sad it’s not an eroge

  71. TheOtherMe says:

    Yahoo!!! ur awesome admin!!!!

  72. MzKing says:

    Yahooww!!! the second game. i never think i can find this anywhere, and suddenly it appear in my favorite site along with the first series.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your hard work!!!

  73. Deformity says:

    Dear Admin,

    I love you.


    PS: this is rather awesome, I must admit. As soon as I have some spare time I am SO getting this. Thanks a ton Admin, you’re rather awesome for this site.

  74. sellos says:

    admin you r the man!

  75. The Sad Panda says:

    Admin does so much for us undeserving plebians. Thanks for all your hard work.

  76. hanabishi_02 says:

    for admin… i cant express how much im in heaven to found this site… even though im still struggling for my slow internet connection.. all the best, u got my utmost sincere gratitude..

  77. ZeroRequiemGX says:

    Fuck! Got that Right WeLuvAdmin! I SOOOOOOOO!!! Didn’t see this one coming!, I’m as surprised as when I first saw Muv Luv Alternatives leaked patch!, Dammit! its bout Dam Time Vocaloid had its own VN!, Admin You are the Man!

  78. Aries says:

    Thanks admin….i just recently become a fan n wondering if they made a game for it…and u came and save my desire heheheh thanks

  79. WeLuvAdmin says:

    didn’t see this one coming

  80. HI2U says:

    I just downloaded the game and was wondering if there isnt suppose to be a sound patch because i cant hear the voices, is that suppose to be like that or not??

  81. thatguy says:

    @admin good job sir you ve been uploading a lot of stuff these past few days. you re actions are heavily appreciated.

  82. katie says:


    any chance you would be willing to add games like cute knight kingdom
    and others like it from hanko and winter wolves

  83. Savaris says:

    As always, thanks for putting up all of these up in your site, admin. I was recently contemplating where to find any new Vocaloid works so, yeah. You’re on the roll!

  84. zzz says:

    thx admin
    just when i think “when will this vn’s patch done ?”

    i thought the english patch is still in progress

  85. harkoz says:

    I thought i will have to spend hours looking for it and here i see it on my favorite site. Thanks as always Admin.

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