Kingdom – Walkthrough

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Orlean Baskenheim

Orlean Baskenheim
Do any kind of work that ups your Exercise.
Go look at the billboard at the city gates on Sunday before 4PM.
Do the same a week later.
Now keep working as a soldier.
Keep talking to Orlean.
You will need to talk to her more than once in one day until she starts walking away(1/23, you can also skip this if you give her loads of presents).
After a few weeks, you will be asked to search for Orlean’s frog.
Talk to the man on the fountain plaza.
Talk to him again later (use time acceleration).
Talk to him again when it’s almost dark.
Then go to the beach.
Now keep working as a soldier.
After Orlean loses the exhibition match, go to the beach again.(You MUST do this on the same day as the exhibition match.)
To get the repeat sex scene, check your mailbox on Wednesdays.

Luminace Rosh

Luminace Rosh
Just get a ton of hearts by talking to her a few times, then wait for Feb 20th or so, when the storm hits town.
To get the repeat sex scene, talk to her when she’s outside on the porch of the boarding house around midnight.


Talk to Nano-Beta (shopping district) every day until you get a CG (1/4 she will be added to your contact list and you will be able go into conversation with her ).
Then work at the bakery and go to Risthia’s house (it’s in the downtown area blue house, just go the next day after adding nano beta to your contact list).
Then go to the bakery.
(wait one day, for some reason if it is a Sunday she won’t come out of the house, you’ll have to wait till monday)
Then talk to Nano-Beta in front of Risthia’s house every day until her head falls off(1/13).
This is the point where you choose between Nano-Beta and Risthia (suggest you save here).
To get Nano-Beta, go talk to the alchemist in the shopping district.
Go back to talk to Risthia (if it is a Sunday you will have to wait a day before you get the scene).
Nano-Beta will appear in the fountain plaza.
Talk to her.
Go back to Rishtia the next day (Nano-Beta will move into the boarding house now)
Make sure you get home in each of the sections of the day (morning, evening and late night a different scene will occur) at least once.
Just keep working like a horse till the game ends and you will get her ending

Risthia Schutzgard

Risthia Schutzgard
Talk to Nano-Beta every day until you get a CG.
Then work at the bakery and go to Risthia’s house (it’s in the downtown area).
Then go to the bakery.
Then talk to Nano-Beta in front of Risthia’s house every day until her head falls off.
This is the point where you choose between Nano-Beta and Risthia.
To get Risthia, talk to her until you have enough hearts (I gave her some roses and some other flowers and talked to her till around 1/22).
Then go to the alchemist, and talk to Risthia again afterwards.
If you did it right, Nano-Beta will now show up along with Risthia in the fountain plaza.
Talk to Risthia. After that, keep spending time on Risthia (I got a bad premonition on 2/8).
After that keep going to her house late at night (past 10PM).
When she isn’t home (3/1) I went and visited her very late), go to the graveyard.
Keep coming back to see her until you get the sex scene (rinse and repeat till the end of the game).

Amaya Dorman

Amaya Dorman
Follow the same path for Nemesia, after you exorcised Nemesia for the first time.
Go and build up hearts with Amaya (I might suggest stuffing her with croissants).
After talking to her and meeting with her at 10 pm on Sunday for a while, go to the cemetery and meet Nemesia (she might not show up every day so just check).
After meeting her at 10 pm on a Sunday, Nemesia will get exorcised again, next day go back to the cemetery and pick up the knife (NOTE if Amaya doesn’t show up you’re screwed, better pick an earlier save and gain some more hearts with her).
Amaya will move in now.
Be sure to go home at noon to get some CG.
Just visit amaya noon, evening and night.
After this around midnight or before midnight a flame should appear before your room (do not just press R and go home else you will miss it).
Talk to the flame.
Talk to Amaya in her home, talk to the priest and go back to amaya (you might need to wait a day or so)

Nemesia Dimon

Nemesia Dimon
Work at the church.
The first day, Nemesia will appear at the fountain plaza at 10PM.
After that, she will appear at the graveyard during the evening, and follow Crow around.
Talk to her until she stops appearing (when she tells you her name), then go to see Amaya (select Nemesia Dimon).
After that, keep talking to Nemesia till she drops a knife, go to the Arms dealer and talk about the knife.
Then talk with Amaya about the knife, go to her house for the incense ritual.
After Nemesia has been excorcised go back to the cemetery (nemesia shows up every 3 days or so but you just wait and see if she comes or not.
After talking to her and making a date with her meet her at the meeting place. After meeting up with, talk to Amaya when she shows up (this takes some time since Amaya doesn’t work as a fortune teller every day).
After Amaya finally helps and you have a sex scene with Nemesia/Amaya.
After this Nemesia should show up as a small flame on the fountain plaza and go to the city gates.
Talk to the flame at the city gates (you can do a repeat sex scene here).
Wait till the end of the game and mission accomplished

Rio Vannah

Rio Vannah
Work as a fisherman.
Eventually you’ll be introduced to Rio (you need to talk to old roy 1/13).
Keep talking to Rio.
She will be in different places at different times of the day.
Talk to her at least once in every location.
Then talk to her at the fish store.
Talk to the fish store lady, then to the old man on the beach who will tell you where Rio lives.
Pay her a visit.
Keep talking to Rio until she asks you to go fishing with her.
The day she picks is the day before the day of the storm. Be there on time.
You will end up on an uninhabited island.
Talk to Rio until you are rescued.
Talk to Rio a few times, then visit her house late at night.
She won’t be there, find her on the beach. To get to the repeat sex scene, go fishing with her again.

Nashe Vyster

Nashe Vyster
Make sure you work as a soldier (see Orlean).
At the first day of week 3 go to the mercenary bar
Talk to Nashe until she begins to repeat herself.
Then go to the Shot Bar after 11PM. Because of a bug, the game will sometimes crash after meeting Rodei, if it does try again on another day.
Then talk to Nashe again.
The next Saturday, make sure you talk to Nashe at the city gates.
Repeat this the week after that, and again the week after that.
Go to the Shot Bar and talk to the bartender.
The next day go talk to the old lady in the forest.
Repeat this the day after that. Another day later, the lady will be at the city gates, talk to her.
After that, keep talking to Nashe until she’s ready to leave the hospital.
Make sure you show up Sunday morning, and not Sunday afternoon.

Claire Stainbach

Claire Stainbach
Enroll for a course at the library. Keep doing it to gain hearts.
On days when Claire teaches, you can find her at the bar late at night (on other days, she will leave to the bar early).
When she is there, talk to her (you have to wait till she is drunk around 22:00).
You will have to do this several times.
After she tries to get you into bed, take a class again
Then find her in the bar again until she pukes all over you.
Take another class.
Now, you can go to the library between 9PM and 10PM to get the final sex scene, but only if you have enough hearts.
If you don’t, you’ll have to give Claire presents until you do. Claire seems to be VERY resistant to presents, though.
To get the repeat sex scene, take a class and find Claire in the library at night.

Melvina Grace

Keep talking to Melvina to get a lot of hearts.
She will go to the park late at night after a while.
Follow her, but don’t talk to her.
Talk to her again the next day, and the day after that.

Rodei Ghaled

Make sure you work as a soldier (see Orlean).
At the first day of week 3, go to the mercenary bar.
Talk to Nashe until she begins to repeat herself.
Then go to the Shot Bar after 11PM. Because of a bug, the game will sometimes crash after meeting Rodei if it does try again on another day.
Then talk to Rodei again the next day same time.
After that Talk to Nashe.
The next Saturday, make sure you talk to Nashe at the city gates.
Then go to the Shot bar past 11PM again before the next Saturday.
The next Saturday, meet Nashe at the gate again.
Go back to the Shot Bar at 11PM, do this twice that week.
Then go meet Nashe on Saturday at the gates.

Elize von Ronzberg

Work as a gardener.
Go to the library.
You don’t have to do anything there, it’s just important that Crow knows where it is.
Marl will show up in the shopping district. Talk to her.
She will appear again, talk to her again.
After that, Elize will appear in the shopping district.
Talk to her. Now you will be asked to go to the von Ronzberg mansion on Sunday. Do so.
You will now be able to go there everyday, and talk to Marl OR Elize.
Talk mostly to Elize (you will need to talk to Marl a few times anyway).
After some time, Elize will stop you on a Sunday morning as you are on your way to the mansion.
After the events that follow, keep going back to the mansion to talk to Marl until you see an old woman in front of the Ronzberg mansion.
Talk to her.
The next day, talk to Marl at the mansion gates.
Then visit the graveyard and talk to Marl. (there needs to be an event and seeing a cg with a star)
Now it’s important that you come home at the right time of day (evening, I believe).
Elize will be reading a book called “Kingdom”(8 o clock, you need to talk to her several times at different times though).
Go to the library to read the book. Now eventually the sex scene will come to pass.
To repeat it, go to the bookshelf in the library.


Don’t get any of the other girls. You can talk to Angie each Sunday if you want to, but you don’t really need to.

Meimei Tenhou

(2/1) Meimei will show up after a few weeks.
Talk to her.
Gain hearts by talking to her, gain hearts more quickly by buying stuff off her.
Keep talking to her until you fall ill and she takes you to her hotel room.
Afterwards, take her on dates. You must only take her to the beach, the forest and the mountain, and you must take her to all of these places at least once.
The fourth date will give you the sex scene.
Any additional dates should give you the repeat sex scene, but a bug prevented me from getting it (confirmed).

Verrucca Rozen

The first two weeks, work as a gardener to up your Nature skill, then work as a farmer.
Verrucca will show up after two weeks.
Wait until she is dancing at the Shot Bar (After 10 pm). Talk to her there.
If your Nature skill is high enough, she will appear at the farm the next day.
You will have to help her with her cart twice.
After you have, you can keep talking to her at the garden, but not at the bar.
On the day of the storm, talk to Verrucca at the garden. She will ask you not to visit her in the bar.
Now, at this point you should save, because you need quite a lot of hearts from Verrucca, and most of them are to be gained at this point.
Talk to Verrucca in the bar.
Talk to her at the garden the day after that.
Then talk to the drunk in the bar.
Next, talk to the hoodlums.
Then talk to the hoodlums again the following day.
If you have enough hearts, Verrucca will be at the garden again the day after that, else she won’t.
If she did, talk to her, and the sex scene will happen.

Thuna Flemming

Wait until you notice a new girl at the hotel on the map. When you do, wait until nightfall.
The girl will go to the cemetery. Talk to her.
The next day the circus will appear.
Visit the circus until Thuna shows up on the map, then talk to her until she invites you over.
You need to go to the back entrance. Keep going back there and talking to Thuna until the circus goes away.
Two weeks later, it will return (talk to the guy standing there instead during the 2 weeks).
Visit, and talk to Thuna again until you get to the sex scene.

Marl Klein

Work as a gardener.
Go to the library. You don’t have to do anything there, it’s just important that Crow knows where it is. Marl will show up in the shopping district. Talk to her.
She will appear again, talk to her again.
After that, Elize will appear in the shopping district. Talk to her.
Now you will be asked to go to the von Ronzberg mansion on Sunday. Do so.
You will now be able to go there everyday, and talk to Marl OR Elize. Talk mostly to Marl (you will need to talk to Elize a few times anyway).
After some time, Elize will stop you on a Sunday morning as you are on your way to the mansion.
After the events that follow, keep going back to the mansion to talk to Marl until you see an old woman in front of the Ronzberg mansion(on a Sunday).
Talk to her.
The next day, talk to Marl at the mansion gates.
Talk to her there.(She also walks to the fountain plaza and it takes a while sometimes for her to get out of the mansion)
You can now talk to her in the shopping district until you manage to secure a date.
Show up for it (of course).
If the sex scene doesn’t appear at the end of the date, make more dates until it does (another event can be gotten if you take Marl to the hotsprings).

Sara Schrodinger

Work in the field of magic.
The first day, talk to the alchemist.
Then talk to Sara until she invites you to her house (you need to talk to the alchemist after sara repeats herself.)
Now play the Nano-Beta scenario until you have befriended Risthia (head fall off and shit)
Ten go back to talk to Sara.
Talk to the alchemist again, and then to the florist.
After that, head to the hotel, where a man will accost you. Talk to Sara the next day(sometimes it takes awhile for her to leave her house).
Visit the antique shop, and talk to Sara again.
After that, keep building up hearts and taking her out on dates until you get to the sex scene. (it seems you can also initiate an event if you date her at the hot springs)

Jurai Wohdel

Work at the grocery store.
Talk to Jurai, first on the mountain, then at the livestock farm, then at the fountain plaza.
Wait until you are sent to the livestock farm on an errand.
Now keep going there to talk to Jurai until you are chased away by the old man.
Talk to the grocer.
Go back to the livestock farm and talk to the old man.
The next day, visit the livestock farm again.
After that, build up some more hearts with Jurai if you feel you need to.
Then go talk to the grocer again.
Jurai will appear at the livestock farm on Sunday afternoons.
Talk to her when she does. (to get a repeat sexscene you must meet her at Sunday at 12:00)

Ruby Corbice

Work as an artist.
Ruby will appear at the fountain plaza after a few weeks.
Talk to her.
Keep finding her on the map (she switches locations a lot) and talking to her. (when she is at home go to the shotbar at night, you should meet her there around 22:00 twice),
Then continue talking to her.
When nothing new happens, talk to the old lady in the residential area (she should be standing in front of the apartment ruby was standing).
Then talk to the artist.
Now go back to talking to Ruby until she adresses you.
Talk to the artist again.
Now, Ruby will go to the atelier late at night.
Go there when she’s there.
Then talk to the artist yet again.
Ruby will address you again.
Talk to her again at the atelier
Then in the residential area
Then at the atelier again.
Go back to the atelier around midnight that same day
When Ruby is there.
Go there every Saturday night until the sex scene shows up.

Reggie Baskerville

Meet with the owner of the weapon shop.
Also meet with Reggie (they take turns minding the shop).
Go work at the weapon shop.
Talk to Reggie every day she has the store to build up hearts.
It doesn’t really matter which girl you talk about.
Keep doing this until the day of the storm (mid February). (so on the 19th of feb talk to her and if you done it correctly she will make a date)
If you did it right, you will have made an appointment with Reggie.
Go there as soon as possible; the storm will force Crow to go home if you stay out too long.

45 Responses to “Kingdom – Walkthrough”

  1. Gueststar says:

    Hmm, seems Risthia doesn’t have a proper route, as no matter how many times you visit her past 10pm, she doesn’t leave the house for the graveyard. Have to conclude, that this is a mistake not on the game’s part but on the walkthrough’s part.

  2. IC says:

    I cannot find the dropped knife after exorcism of Nemesia.
    What did i miss??
    Someone pls help

  3. Ruberick says:

    I felt a bit like a masochist going through this game, it has some nice bits but some stories/girls will leave you dissappointed.
    This game more likely triggered me as a puzzle to solve, rather than having a particular interesting story or h-content.

    To make others a bit more comfortable going through this game, I have sorta made a guideline with some additional pointers that were not mentioned in the walkthrough, maybe someone will appreciate it.
    It also relies and points to much Information you get out of the actual walkthrough on this site.

    If you go through every girl one by one you will spend a very long time going through 1 or 2 months just resting day after day until you can finally get her ending. (Theres still a lot of that here though…)

    You should save daily, but if nothing goes astray you can do so over the same slot or alternate between 2-3 slots if you want a bit of a buffer. (the limited number of slots becomes a problem)

    Keep in mind that Luminace changes her morning greeting when you have entered a girls route and are eligible for her ending, for the purposes of this guideline that is often when you have gone too far on the walkthrough of a specific girl if you dont want to finish her yet.
    Press R to rest early, Press I to access Items, Press M to open the map, press Esc during a conversation to hide the text window.

    You should get all CGs and save quite some time if you can follow this, it cuts down on the runs you will have to do from scratch considerably, but is admittedly a little complicated at times.

    These were the runs I managed to cut it down to:

    (Nemesia, Amaya, Angie, Reggie, Ruby, Jurai, Rio)
    Become a Chaplain
    -> Talk to Reggie at least once.
    -> Start the Nemesia Amaya Route up till she is exorcised for the
    first time.
    -> Talk to Angie every sunday (you get an additional CG if you do
    that, one time in march it seems like shes not there but she
    will actually come to the plaza at 2 am)
    -> Talk with Ruby when she starts showing up at the plaza and keep
    it up until you have to talk to the old lady
    Create a save slot at 1/21, become a fisherman and do only Rios walkthrough from there. (If executed perfectly it takes 3 weeks but its better to have an additional week before the storm hits)
    When the storm hits and you get stranded you can get an additional CG by waiting until 5:30 and talking to her by the small lake on the island, then finish her route.
    Reload the save slot and keep working as a Chaplain only doing the Amaya route. (You need 150 mysticism late in her walkthrough and 170 for the sex scene. [Keep working as a Priest and talking to her for the repeat sex scene])
    Reload the save slot and do the nemesia Route, work as a grocer though and start on the Jurai route up to the point where you are thrown from the farm. Also keep talking to Ruby and Angie.
    From here whichever comes first:
    -> Nemesia Route is at the point where she has been exorcised at
    the cemetery and you have to keep talking to Amaya whenever she
    goes to her fortune teller spot. Create a save slot and finish
    Nemesia Route from there.
    -> It is 2/12, where you have to make another save slot, start
    working in the weapon shop, talk to Reggie, buy croissants from
    all your money and throw it all at her, you should get the date
    during the storm by the end of the week, finish her Route
    afterwards. (sunday midnight for the repeat sex scene)
    Reload the save slot and do the other one, then reload again, work as an artist and finish the Ruby Route. (It should take 4 weeks of being an artist)
    Reload the save slot and work as a grocer, dont continue Jurai Route yet and keep talking to Angie on sundays. (Luminace should still give you the normal morning greeting)
    Create a save slot on 3/10, you should get the Angie CG here, do nothing until the festival and get the Angie Ending.
    Reload and finish Jurai route for her ending.

    (Verruca, Marl, Elize, Meimei, Sara, Risthia, Nano-beta)

    Work as mage apprentice for the 1st week
    -> Go to the alchemist and talk to Sarah, starting her Route
    -> Talk to Nano-Beta daily
    -> Go to the library and see Marl/Elize the following days
    Work the next week in the bakery
    Get Nano-beta to the point where her head falls off and create a save slot.
    Do only the Nano-beta Route from here to her ending.
    Reload, do only the Risthia Route from here to her ending.
    Reload, follow the Sara route while working as gardener in the 3rd week, create another save slot on the sunday (1/21) where you will be invited to the Mansion.
    Follow only the Elize route from there, create a save slot at 5/2, finish Elize route from here.
    Reload 2/5 save slot, work as a farmer and follow the Verruca route. Throw all your money into Croissants and in her face to get her affection high enough by the storm.
    Work another 1 or 2 weeks to get enough money for the Hoodlums, then finish her route. (Repeat sex scene by talking to her after 19:00)
    Reload 1/21 save slot, go to the mansion first every day and do the Marl Route, also get Sara to the point where you can date her.
    Meimei shows up at 2/1, buy 10 croissants and throw them at her, also talk to her daily and you should be able to date her by sunday.
    -> Date Meimei over the following weeks, going to the forest,
    hilltop and lakeshore, on the 4th week of dating her she should
    bring you to the hot spring location.
    -> Keep showing up at the Mansion on the Marl route, you should be
    able to date Meimei first and Elize afterwards on a sunday down
    the road, if you cant get it to work prioritize Elize. Marl
    should show up at the graveyard and after some talks back in
    town. (Stop talking to Marl here until you have the hot spring
    Create a save slot and see Meimei the following sundays for the repeat sex scene and finish her Route. (personally I got the repeat sex scene on the 6th date)
    Reload the save slot, date Sara for the rest of the time until the festival (at least once at the hot spring) and buy more croissants to throw at her for safety.
    Reload the save slot, talk to Marl in town for a date and date her at least once at the hot spring. (I only got the sex scene and repeat sex scene when I asked for follow-up dates) Also throw croissants at her.

    (Orleans, Nashe, Rhodei, Claire, Thuna, Melvina, Luminace)
    Make a soldier run, since its the job you will lose once you try to leave it for a week.
    During this run you can also go for girls that dont have any job requirements. (Claire, Thuna, Melvina, Luminace [Meimei and Angie dont have any either, but they should be done on another route])
    -> Take a job that improves exercise and follow the steps to
    become a soldier on sundays.
    -> Talk to Melvina every day until you get 3 CGs for her, thats
    when she should start going to the park, dont follow her
    though. (Make a save slot that you can keep around after
    receiving the 3rd CG for safety)
    -> Class is in session every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,
    attend them and go to the bar afterwards. (I couldnt find her
    wasted on other days, since she only stays for one hour when
    she doesnt teach, 22:30 is the time you should speak to her on
    teaching days)
    -> Keep that going until she pukes over you. (Thats on the 2nd try
    to get you into bed)
    -> Stop seeing her, you can finish this up later. (Make a save
    slot that you can keep for safety)
    After you become a soldier talk to Orleans up to the frog event.
    During that time it will become week 3 where you can start seeing nashe and keep talking to her daily until she repeats herself.
    Thuna will show up at the cemetery, follow her route with daily talks as well. (Until the circus returns, where you can stop talking to her [also make save slot for safety])
    Create a save slot every sunday until the Frog Event occurs, do it and follow the Orlean walkthrough from there to her ending. Reload, dont do it and follow the rest of this.
    Start the Mercenary Event and make a save slot after speaking with Rhodei for the first time. (You will use this save Slot for Rhodei Route by speaking with her a second time and following her walkthrough from there[you can repeat a sex scene by showing up at the bar at 23:00 additional times])
    Go from this save slot with your usual Routine of getting Claire, Melvina and Thuna to the before mentioned points in their walkthroughs.
    Make a save slot around the 02/10 for the Luminace Route, keep talking only to Luminace and spend your saved money in croissants to stuff her face with until the storm. (You will have another month of skipping through the days after the storm to get her ending)
    Go from that save slot and continue the mercenary event but save before the 3rd saturday for Nashe Route. Follow her Walkthrough from there. (You can repeat her sex scene at night on the hilltop after speaking to her during the day)
    Load that slot and ignore the mercenary event, waste a few weeks and make another save slot around the 03/10.
    Take the last steps on the Claire walkthrough, watch her ending, reload.
    Take the last steps on the Melvina walkthrough, watch her ending, reload. (Talk to her on workdays to remember the 3 CGs, talk to her on sunday to repeat sex scene)
    Take the last steps on the Thuna walkthrough, watch her ending. (get the repeat sex scene by walking to the boxes the circus leaves)

    If someone feels up to fact-check this if it works every time, (attribute growth and some bugs could get in the way) and/or compile it more cleanly into an actual walkthrough, feel free to do so.

  4. Rhain says:

    On the Amaya Dorman walkthrough, Do you keep going back and talking to her till end game for her ending or does she not have an ending or repeat scene?

    • Ruberick says:

      Your Mysticism is set back to 150 every time the sex scene plays. Work as a Priest and regain it up to 170 to repeat the sex scene. (Guess the info comes a bit late, but hey, just finished this game yesterday^^)

  5. black1222122 says:

    Please HELP MEEEEEE!!!!!!!……i play RISTHIA SCHUTZGARD walkthrough……how to get risthia go to grave yard…….I follow walkthrough up there …..but it still don’t work…..did I do wrong ….I go see her every 22:30……but I still don’t work……how the fuck…do I do to get RISTHIA GO TO GRAVE YARD……I NEED HELP FAST……..PLEASE……

    • rd3123 says:

      give her croissants as well as talking to her to speed up the heart increase. This was the main way I found to be able to follow the walkthrough on most of the girls including Risthia so I could get all the scenes safely

  6. DarkInk says:

    Currently playing through, referring to this walkthrough faithfully. Offering some extra tips on what I’ve cleared so far, hopefully answering some questions and quelling some frustrations while clearing the game. (Spoiler Warnings!)

    – For Win7 users, switching to Japanese regional settings should prevent all crashes. The patch and AppLocale can’t fix some crashes (such as loading Reggie’s post-sex CG).
    – The game won’t let you get a harem ending. You’ll end up with the girl who has the most affection.
    – In some cases, pursuing multiple girls and triggering their events can lock you out of other girls. It’s probably best to go for one girl at a time unless they definitely share common routes, such as Nashe and Rodei.
    – The final in-game day is technically March 23rd, Saturday (the following day is the festival and won’t count).
    – All the girls have an ending CG, and their endings won’t change. (You’ll never end up marrying Luminace, disappointingly enough.)

    – Getting her post-sex CG caused the game to crash on Win7, despite AppLocale. Changing regional settings to Japan helped bypass this.
    – On the day of the storm, Reggie won’t appear from the shop until roughly 6pm. Although she makes a date for 8pm, staying out until 8pm will force Crow back to his room due to the storm, even if you’re in the weapons shop when this triggers.

    – If you trigger her scene on February 20th it will lock out a lot of events (such as Orlean’s exhibition match), as it forces you to skip the following day.
    – As mentioned, you never actually marry Luminace.

    – It’s actually possible to get into the army as early as the second week if the RNG increases your Exercise stat high enough, but this isn’t critical.
    – Talking to Orlean gives you an appraisal of how well your sword skills are (likely based on your Exercise stat). Sticking to the soldier job will usually raise it high enough to clear her scenes (her approval for my playthrough came slightly more than a week before February 21st).
    – You don’t actually repeat Orlean’s sex scene, but remember a summarized version.

    – Nashe’s repeat sex scene can be obtained by talking to her at any point after the first one. She makes a meeting with you at midnight on the mountain.

    – Unlike the other girls (I’ve ended up with so far), Rodei’s ending comes after the third mercenary job, abruptly taking you to March 24th.

    – Ruby’s repeat sex scene is accessed by visiting the atelier again at midnight so you can finish your artwork. After this, a scene with her father triggers. Talking to Ruby again at any point will cause her to leave the atelier, and she will not return until the game ends, making her scenes unrepeatable.

    – Claire will teach a class every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. You can tell when Claire has a class – she’ll be standing outside the cafe near the fountain.
    – Getting hearts for Claire won’t apply if you talk to her during days when she doesn’t teach (i.e. Visiting the bar won’t trigger her drunken scenes on those days).
    – If you don’t have enough hearts to trigger her scenes, escort her home when she drinks at the bar during one of her teaching days. Talking to her after 10pm (as the guide says) is ideal, though she may leave the bar at roughly 10.15pm.
    – As the guide says, Claire doesn’t get much affection from gifts, so escort her instead as aforementioned.

    – Oddly enough, talking to Verrucca (before the storm scene) didn’t trigger affection (save file loaded February 3rd).
    – The warning to not visit her at the bar comes after the storm (Feburary 22nd), not during.
    – Visiting Verrucca at the bar at this point will trigger an event where you get beat up by Verrucca’s pimp. At this point your injuries will cause you to recover only 40HP per day for the rest of the week. If you’ve locked yourself into a job that uses 40HP a day (like farming, as the guide suggested for Verrucca’s route), expect to lose a whole week of time, unable to load.
    – After triggering the event where Verrucca asks you to speak to the hoodlums, you must wait a day before talking to the drunkard/hoodlums. It’s a good idea to save at this point as proceeding on with Verruca’s events will be a point of no return if her affection isn’t high enough.
    – Before talking to the hoodlums, you must have 1000 diel ready, or the hoodlums won’t let you proceed.
    – If Verrucca doesn’t appear again after the final scene with the hoodlums, reload the game to the aforementioned point. You can still raise her affection by giving her gifts when she’s dancing in the bar at 10pm. (Purchasing lots of croissants at 200 diel each and tossing them to her is an efficient way of doing this.)
    – Verrucca will spawn in the rose garden after getting her first sex scene. You can get Verrucca’s repeat sex scene by talking to her from 5pm onwards while she’s there.

  7. Dante says:

    I am missing one of Rio’s CG on page 11 second row fourth column. How do I get that cg?

  8. Hamtaro says:

    How to unlock CG 6-16 anyone knows?

  9. moe says:

    Man the game always crashes! Can someone help me with this?
    it crashes at some point with the waitress. when i meet Rio for the first time. when i meet that girl in the cemetery.
    Is this normal or it just me?

  10. Zeenof says:

    I’m a bit confused by something. Does every single girl actually have an ending? Because only some of those mention waiting and mission accomplish and what have you.

    It would be nice to know who actually counts and who doesn’t; because being paranoid and playing the whole game 20-something times and not getting an ending sometimes would be really lame; though messing up a route you do want, wold also suck.

    • Zeenof says:

      Welp, I’ve gone 2 playthroughs now and I still can’t get on Orlean’s route. I’ve done everything both this, and another guide said, yet I never fail to lose to her would-be rapist. Any tips?

      • Juan says:

        You can win against the guy, but you don’t initially realize this, it is only after you wake up and talk to the guard who corrects your misaprehension, explains you kicked his butt. As soon as you are able to, go to the beach, there you’ll encounter her. Do this as soon as the gameplay allows. The walkthrough is a bit confused but it works.

  11. Boom says:

    For Nemesia Dimon, after meeting her for the date in the cemetary, when you’re supposed to get Amaya help, you need to get the dropped knife in the cemetary before, to be able to speak to Amaya about it (else she just say that you won’t see her anymore)

  12. Qyla says:

    It crashes always at the same points, I can’t get any ending because of it!Can someone tell me how the nano-beta is at least?

    • admin says:

      Make sure you installed the bugfix patch ( it’s provided on game download page ) – it fixes most ( but not every ) crashes in game.

  13. Shawn says:

    K tips for people here “Luminace Rosh” Fcking screws OVER a lot of arcs. God I wish someone would have put it down on walkthrough that you should focus on one character at a time.

  14. serg2001019 says:

    i have problem with Risthia she wont go to the graveyard i’ve talked with her tons of time but nothing happens, what to do?

  15. Venithil says:

    It would appear that if Luminace sleeps with you, it can mess up many of the endings…

    I can’t seem to get Nimesia’s endings because Luminace and/or Sara got in my pants (although I never actually had sex with Sara).

  16. sai says:

    whenever i select a place for a date on meimei route(first date) game is crashing.

    i’m not getting h-scene with amaya even though i got her ending

  17. Flamers says:

    now that I’ve played this game well it hast mostly sucks ending, still havent got all the endings but the ones I have opened really depressing,

    @ Ijen, I think U covered 4 girls route on 1 play rite, the more U dating other girls, the 1st one U’ve dated and cheated would logically dumped U (dont play with woman’s heart) my suggestion is dont ever talk to luminace if U dont want to get her ending, dont chase melvina to the park if U dont want the ending of other girl U chose changed to her’s and dont let claire throw up on yours if U dont want her ending.

    now some minor adjustment to the walktrough I would suggest, -Nasche and rhodei Ghaleid track dowsnt really have to be a soldier to get, no matter how strong or weak your training they would appear on the 1st of 2nd week,

    -on orlean track after the duel U’ll be knocked out and sent home to rest so it wont be at the same day of the exhibition, dont bother to find a way U wont be knocked up, and go straight to the beach after asking a guard about her whereabout, she’s only there for a little time.

    -on nemesia track she would appear and following U on the day when Amaya didnt do her work as fortune teller and somehow I cant find her except sundays after the date

    -and this wt needs some sorting such as marl posted too far from elise, and Rhodei got too far from nasche, quite a feat to look fot a specific girl after looking the one with similar track.

    And I got my 1st love crush with sara >.< damn she tricked by other. if I was crow I'll chase and slash the guy into bits

  18. brinley2 says:

    why can i only print of the first page of this walkthrough and how do i fix it

  19. Ijen says:

    I got dumped by orlean after following the it even possible!

  20. Ijen says:

    I covered four girls route but why was alone in the ceremony night.(except the landlady) do i have to go far more then that?

  21. moo says:

    Nemesia Dimon = Best ending out of all of them.


  22. tranx says:

    elize died it was a sad story i cried why did elize have to die

  23. Kai says:

    what day does the actual game end?

  24. derlfinger says:

    for demesia dimon you have to:
    Work at the church.
    The first day, Nemesia will appear at the fountain plaza at 22:00
    The second day meet the fortune teller.(this should trigger Nemesia second appearance)
    The third day she’ll appear at the fountain at 20:00.
    After that, she will appear at the graveyard around 19:00 mon, wed & fri’s.
    Talk to her until she stops appearing (when she tells you her name).
    Then go to see Amaya(fortune teller) Shes around on tues and thurs.
    After that, keep talking to Nemesia till she drops a knife, you might have to talk to the fortune teller and select Nemesia from the girl list to trigger her to drop it. go to the Arms dealer and talk about the knife.
    Then talk with Amaya about the knife, (again select Nemesia from the list) go to her house for the incense ritual.
    After Nemesia has been excorcised go back to the cemetery (nemesia shows up mon, wed, and fri’s.)
    After talking to her and making a date with her(sun 22:00) meet her at the meeting place. After a scene with Nemesia and Amaya return the following day to the graveyard and pick up the knife left there for another scene.
    Talk to Amaya when she shows up.(select Namesia from the list everytime you talk to her)
    After Amaya finally helps and you have a sex scene with Nemesia/Amaya.( it may take a number of trys till she does. perhaps the trigger is your mystery stat.)
    After this Nemesia should show up as a small flame at the fountain on mon, wed, fri or sun around 00:00(midnight). Click the flame and go to the city gates.
    Talk to the flame at the city gates for a sex scene.
    For a repeat sex scene go to the city gates on mon, wed, fri or sun at midnight.
    Wait till the end of the game and mission accomplished

  25. multy says:

    I divided my save point into two parts starting after the first week is done…
    One to pursue mystic minded girls
    One to pursue physic minded girls

    On the first week? I work as a baker… The increasing stat is enough to pursue anyone and it opened the long route of Nano, Rishitia, and Sara…

  26. noneelse says:

    How do you unlock the hot springs as a location for a date?

    • The new someone says:

      I ask myself the same question, I try to go only to the forest on date, cause the hot spring is supposed to be there, and I didn’t have new option for date, does anybody know how I can get it?

      • multy says:

        You have to open the hot spring with Meimei first…
        Someone had done it and said that once the location is opened, you can take the girl out for a hot spring date…
        Beware that the time is hard pressed… you can only get one date…

  27. Alter says:

    The game crashes whenever I speak to Thuna at the graveyard. How do I fix this? Should I re-install or start from an earlier save game?

    • The Krypt Angel says:

      Try running the game either with yer system set to japanese for non unicode apps or by using applocale this seems to prevent almost all the crashes

  28. The Krypt Angel says:

    ARGH I’m really annoyed I’m trying to get with Nemesia I got the first encounter at the fountain took the church job I’ve gone to the graveyard where she is supposed to appear every night at aroun 19:00 (which is a time I found in another walkthrough elsewhere) I know that that she appearance is somewhat random but its been 3 freakin weeks now and she has yet to show up at all what am I doing wrong?

    There was ONE time during one of the off days where I happened to see her sprite at the church on the full map at midday but when I went there only the priest was there tending to the graves. I ended up just sitting there until midnight hoping to see her but again no show 🙁

    • The Krypt Angel says:

      LOL it figures I get annoyed and posted for advice (and well venting too lol) and then lo and behold she FINALLY showed up for me.

  29. rd3123 says:

    to bypass the glitch for repeat h-scene with meimei, do not speak to her until the next date also give presents without speaking helps heart

  30. Help says:

    applocale – fix all of the game problems I had with the game. Youtube it for instructions on how to install and use the program.It’s simple and it works

    • Gonza says:

      thanks man! this really help me a lot, and now i can play happy. 1 vote to the applocale solution

  31. Apathy says:

    Need walkthrough thanks!

  32. Sardan says:

    yeah i had that same problem not sur what caused it

  33. Risax says:

    Great walkthrough!
    But when I try to talk to Thuna at the cemetery at night, or when Rio’s (grand)father introduces me to Rio, I get an error message and the game shuts down.

    Not saying that it’s the walkthroughs fault, I just hope someone had the same trouble and knows how to fix it.

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