Idol Hands

Idol Hands

Due to an accidentally leaked masturbation video, the up-and-coming idol Uesugi Wakari is kicked out of her girl group.
Then there’s you, once a premier entertainment agent, who has fallen into debt and forced to declare bankruptcy. With your back against the wall, you decide to become Uesugi Wakari’s agent after a chance encounter and give it one more go. As you help Uesugi Wakari rebuild her dream of becoming an idol, you need to make some serious cash and pay back your multi-million dollar debt. During these difficult times, you two will experience both joy and hardship, and since you’re living together… plenty of naughty, nasty carnal relations.

1 thought on “Idol Hands

  1. So, this is a chinese game.
    Well, it is translated, but it’s still voiced in chinese. In case you were expecting to hear japanese… no.
    Funnily enough, the rival from the dance tournament thing mixes in some english, which makes it pretty hot, to be honest. When she suddenly shouts “Fuck me!” or “I want your dick!” with her accent.

    Decent game overall. But it’s one of those where you play through once to get all the scenes and that’s it.

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