Kirakira Stars Idol Project Reika

Kirakira Stars Idol Project Reika

After experiencing joint lessons with DivaFes and Uesugi Produce. Ai and Nobuyuki have taken another step forward as idol producers. What awaits them at the time when they thought their normal life was about to start again is an encounter with new idols.

‘I’ll take care of you from now on as an idol candidate!

Nice to meet you, juniors. It’s nice to meet you.

A dormant senior idol and a junior idol candidate.
Will they bring a new wind to ODA?

1 thought on “Kirakira Stars Idol Project Reika

  1. Another one of these eh? I fairly enjoyed the Nagisa one, but disliked how it only felt like half a game, since it ends abruptly and very short in length. Should still be worth a go tho.

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