One holiday, the protagonist, whose creed in life was “enjoy yourself”, but who also had traumatic experiences with both romance and women, was once again being chided by his childhood friend, Hikari, for not trying to get a girlfriend.
She was worried that if this continued then he would become a failure of a human being. But he just wanted to spend his time enjoying his hobbies and ran away from relationships by any means necessary.

However, a wrench would get thrown into his plans when suddenly a bright light enveloped them both and they were transported to another world. When they opened their eyes, they were looking at a major port city. While they were still baffled by their new surroundings, a woman, who identified herself as the Prime Minister of the town, told him that he was the “last king” of the kingdom.

Not taking no for an answer, the people forced the position of king onto the protagonist. Moreover, the first romance of his life was to come about as a result of his kingly duty to “build a harem, father heirs, and stimulate the growth of the kingdom.”

He was forced to have a harem. In fact, it had already been arranged that the princess from the neighboring kingdom, Sophia, and Charlone, the beautiful daughter of a noble family, would be part of this harem. Day by day, more and more beautiful girls ended up surrounding the protagonist, much to his dismay. Seeing him surrounded by girls, Hikari began to fear she might lose him.

“I just want a normal romance!”

And so the curtain draws on the tale of our protagonist’s chaotic harem romance!

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  1. Has anyone gotten any crashes with the game? I gotten to the scene after Kiki’s first H Scene when the MC tried using the staff of creation and made slimes. MC and company hears a scream and runs toward the sound to find slimes. When the MC said he create 1000 slimes, the game crashes. I thought the problem would be the game files so I bought the official game from the publisher but since get this issue. It seems I have no way to progress through the rest of the story even though I really like the heroines in this game.

  2. I don’t like harem at all, they usually have poor characters and poor story, but saw this was made by Smee (Fureraba Friend to Lover) (Making Lovers) (Sugar Style) compel me to give it a try. All i can say is that it is definitely made by Smee, i am going to finish this even though i dislike harem.

    1. Who the fuck cares if you dislike harem? I, for one, love them. And others do too. So your opinion is irrevelant.

        1. Only a faggot wouldn’t like to have a harem. Desiring a harem and impregnating as many females as possible is the natural instinct of every male. Monogamy is what’s weird and cucked.

        2. “Harem is for lowkey cuks liking to see their wives doing each other.”
          Man if this is how you define cucks hah.
          You must be insane.
          Big problem inside harem is jealousy and hate between the women.
          For instance Sultan Harem where the women kill each other to be the no.1
          So Thats hela good if women in harem like each other.
          Personaly I find it hot sharing women with women.

      1. Translation: “OMG HOW DARE YOU dislike something i like, i am so MAD and butthurt that someone does not agree with me! I am going to claim everyone in the world like Harem! and call your opinion irrevelant because its different than mine!”

        Classic childish fit, I guess Anon is a 12 years old. The 18+ rating on adult games make sense now.

  3. Definitely agree that this would’ve been much better if it had a loli in it… preferably 2 or 3. The girls really kinda just blend together with not much difference in how their bodies look.

  4. If this had a loli heroine, even just one, it would be perfect.

    Loli games, or 18+ games with loli heroines, need to be translated far more often in far greater quantities. Japan doesnt gotta be scared of sjws and feminists; they are in Japan after all.

    1. Why does there always gotta be some idiot complaining about Feminists everywhere even though no one was talking about them? Political affiliation has fuck all to do with not liking lolis, or trying to phase them out of hentai.

    2. yeah… maybe the reason loli games are not translated is because the companies fear the backlash from the woke crowd…. or… OR maybe there are not that many pedophiles in the west?

      1. No, I’d actually say there is more – they just keep it on the low down due to the harsher (in general) laws about that kind of content. They keep their interests close to their heart, and will go through hoops to get what they want. One of these hoops would be learning the language of whatever game they are trying to get, so that they can go through channels outside of their country’s purview.

        Because of that, there’s just… not much point in translating games with those kinds of characters. Why translate for the small % of people who like that content that won’t just learn the language and play raw? Even fan translations are rare for that reason. Again, why invest all that effort for people who seem unable to exert even the smallest fraction of that themselves? It just doesn’t make much sense.

        Also they wouldn’t really be able to wave it around as a “hey look at what we did” because most people would look at them with understandably questionable gaze. Like, you can probably imagine at least a few titles that if they were fan translations, they’d proudly show them off… and then compare them to any loli-centric or loli-inclusive game and puzzle out what I mean by showing them off.

        1. one day my friend. one day we will have Yoru No Hitsuji coming to the west. that company is very loli if you look at their catalog.

        2. Only a small, small portion of loli enthusiasts are willing and able to learn an entirely different language just to enjoy a VN or two that isn’t available in English. This small portion is very vocal and elitist about it, though, saying unreasonable things like “Just learn Japanese” as if it didn’t take several years of intense study to do so.

          However, the persecution against “lolicon” has only further entrenched people who used to like all sorts of girls into a desire for lolis in particular.

  5. If this had a loli heroine, even just one, it would be perfect.

    Loli games, or 18+ games with loli heroines, need to be translated far more often in far greater quantities. Japan doesnt gotta be scared of sjws and feminists; they are in Japan after all.

    1. It’s made by Smee, the same people who made Making * Lovers and Sugar * Style. VNDB says it’s got about 30 hours of content, so do with that what you will.

        1. It’s not pretending considering they managed to write 30 hours of the damned thing. It just has a premise that is very much focusing on the H side of the VN. Not to mention some of the longest and convoluted VN’s do contain enough H-scenes to put most 2-5 hour nukiges to shame. So I find it rather funny that you’d turn your nose on a long VN purely because you perceive that sexual focused stories should just exist to dump sex scenes on your face in three seconds.

          Personally most Nukiges should learn the meaning of restraint and set-up their scenes properly because I get so bloody tired of every single new title just suddenly starting H-scenes without any context and for the most minimal of excuses (or having characters that flip flop and contradict their own personality just for the sake of completing a checklist of scenes).

          1. oh nono that is not my point. I have nothing against vns focused on the sexual aspect filling a good amount of hours. Take stuff like let’s say imouto paradise, i believe that had quite a bit of content and was very much focused on the sex. They used their time well to build sexual tension.
            That is not an issue. What i dislike are VNs that got nothing to them but the sexual content and try to spread it out over a full gameplay when there is actually nothing erotic or interesting about the scenario.
            Smee specifically is a company like that to me. The Vns i read of them were in my opinion very poor in writing and story and should have been much shorter. If all you got is some decently drawn sex-scenes, don’t try to make an interesting read out of that.
            But hey haven’t touch this one yet, so maybe this is were it all turns around for them.

          2. Okay, sorry for the overreaction but it read that way at first glance. I love long and well written H-centered VNs every now and again and I have seen a lot of people put them down precisely for their lenght rather than their writing quality. If you are judging it on the merit of the writing itself then I heartily agree.

            Which is a shame honestly, because you can make even the most bland or mundane subject interesting if you know how to properly set it up, or use it in a compelling way manner. And, of course, if you know when to end the story rather than drag it on beyond necessary.

  6. well this is a shame, i really love smee but unfortunately i hate harem games with a passion so ill be skipping this one, thanks anyway admin and to those that do like them by all means enjoy it for me as well

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