Boob Wars

Boob Wars

In the 22nd century, the body of women is clearly divided in 2 types. They are really big or really small and there’s no in-between.
They try to determine their superiority over another and it divided the world in two…

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  1. Every time I launch the game it says that plugin “wuvorbis.dll” is not working. When I access that file, it shows up blank. I don’t want to download this file from unknown distributors, so is there any way this can be fixed?

  2. whenever i try to download any of the games that are more than 200MB, it tells me to make a premium account for it. Did you guys all bought an account?

  3. I’ve downloaded and extracted the files, but I can’t find the game. I can only find the “plugin” folder, the xp3 file, the link the this page, and the opening mpg. Can someone tell me what I did wrong or help me fix it?

    1. Move the game away from “Program Files” folder – your Windows is blocking write access there and game can’t create save files.

  4. Guys, no cracks required, you just need to extract RARs and open .EXE with App Locale. (remember to open applocale holding Ctrl & Shift in admin mode)

  5. well. I did figure out how but i Know im not good enough to explain how. so. I wish i could help but. sorry…

  6. In 2142, the world was split into two; flat chests and ample breasts. This marked the beginning of the era called the boob war.

  7. I just tried downloading each of these and in them it said integrity test failed for each one. so I downloaded 800 mb of data for broken things. I wish that wouldn’t happen. but ah well thats life.

  8. i want to know how to get all the gallery scenes unlocked. I’ve done everything I could think of, but I still have one scene marked “No Image” help?..

    1. nevermind. It just turns out that if you lose to Milk after she turns to her drunk version, you have to lose to her and you get a “secret” scene. But as far as I know, it only goes for the Big Breast route

  9. Can’t the admin and the uploader put a mirror per every link to other file hosting sites such as Data File Host, Mediafire, MEGA, etc.?

    Current file hosting site in use provide slow to good download speeds.

  10. Okay, third post, sorry about that. It turns out the previous post was why searching didn’t work, but the link here is still dead. It looks like mangagamer changed their url formatting, and the current link to the game is:

  11. The MangaGamer link to buy the game is dead. Additionally, searching their site for the game yields no results.

    Anyone know what’s up with that?

    1. Bah, nevermind. Apparently, mangagamer forgot to show me the “are you 18 or over page” somehow, and just silently hid everything rated r18.

  12. Umm, my virus protection just quarantined the .exe command when I unzipped the download. Might want to look into that.

  13. sorry i have an error (error abort 0x80040154 clase no registrada)the game open but in the opening the game out

  14. Hey Admin,long time lurker here,I just wanna ask you a Q…but before that I gotta say I REALLY LOVE YOUR SITE MAN…downloaded a bunch from here and they all work just fine…

    Is the Japanese name of this game Oppai Sensou???Since I don’t know Japanese…

  15. Got a “error 2929 cg_17i File not found” message during the sex scene between the two queens. Is there a way to fix this? If not, I’m done with the game…

  16. Okay so I was fighting Teresa and when I was about to win, she suddenly hits for 999 damage and Manabu starts talking about how he only lost because of piracy. Has a torrent of the game been released yet to prevent this?

    1. The crack still has its own separate link on this page. Its right under the folders containing the links for the game.

  17. i made some “how to” videos for how to downlload and install some of the pc games here. just wanna know if i can post em here

    1. Okay, for your fight with Dom Milk on the Big Breast route you can beat her. If you’re incredibly lucky. Unfortunately the people who made this didn’t even have the decency to have a different sex scene.

  18. Anyone else getting an error pop during the harem route where the two queens are getting it on with the hero? It causes the text to disappear and the game gets stuck unable to proceed, but can still navigate back to the title screen. Even the scene replay for it is borked.

    1. Same here, it pops out a script error like one of the files is missing with all Japanese words then I reload it and it stucks at the same place

    1. all it is, is a VN with a really shitty card battle system in which the CPU cheats on every draw and still manages to lose…Don’t ask me how.

  19. so, waited forever for this and just finally downloaded it an hour ago and already have it 100% finished…well that was disappointing to say the least but guess I know why it took so long for a crack to surface.

  20. i have downloaded it by torrent and work,but I CANT SAVE! every time who i quit the game,all the save data dissapear….please help

  21. Can someone Help me ?
    I downloaded the game (via torrent) and when I extract the game and double click at B00BBABE.exe it has error box appear say
    A Script exception/error has occured.
    Cannot convert given single-byte string to multi-byte string.
    This could be caused by incorrect file encoding, or a corrupt data file.
    how to fix it ???

    1. I keep getting the same problem, the things is i dont know how to solve it. I tried doing something else like just oppening it from the short cut on my desktop but it asks for a product Id ; which i dont have

  22. To solve the antivirus issue: replace the given .exe in the installation folder with the crack; this won’t affect the game play in any way. To unlock Free Battle mode: finish every route; Big breast tribe, Flat chest tribe and Harem route. To anyone interested: this eroge is 900 something megabytes big due to animation scenes NOT story length, the card game is an unpolished gem that could have been so much more and the difficulty is laughable at best… Despite all of it’s flaws I still recomend this eroge for it’s approach on a genre that usually tries too hard in the story aspect… Now let’s check sum titties!

  23. I can’t believe they are asking for $25 for this piece of shit game. You can 100% it in 30 minutes, the art is average, and the card minigame is like a poor man’s ripoff of the (actually pretty fun) princess waltz one.

  24. Alright everyone. I’ll give you a step-by-step.
    1. Download the game and crack.
       If the crack is giving you issues, disable your anti-virus.
    2. Extract with 7zip or Winrar.
    3. Run “Boob Wars Installer.exe”
    4. Go to the directory you installed it in and place the crack in there.
    5. Run the cracked launcher and have fun!
    Note: You have a 1/15th chance to be insta-killed for pirating, but never in the same fight twice. There is a way around that, but considering you’ll only see it a couple times in a 100% playthrough it’s not worth the trouble.

  25. Whoo! Time to indulge in my strange predilection for games involving card battles and pornography (a category in which Princess Waltz is the only other member in English as far as I’m aware)!

  26. Ahhhhh, I cant get this game out of my head since I know hasent been cracked yet. Please give us a date, I need closure!

  27. Huh, did the crackers just stop trying to crack this game or something? Cause at this rate Otoboku gonna come out b4 this game gets cracked.

    Anyways I really want Otoboku and really hope the crack doesn’t go the same way as this one is going

    1. guys the reason the crackers aren’t working on it is bcause they need a already actived version of the file so they can back engineer how the encryption is done. That is the ONLY reason its not done, aparently the person who supplied the un-activated exe hasn’t gotten back to him.

  28. Why the hell are ppl talking about majikoi s here at this page?

    If you have problems with majikoi make a comment there in the download section of the game or in the forum.

    1. Looked at what they did and have an idea on how to crack it personally. I have finals coming up for college so don’t expect anything soon.

  29. For those that get an error running the game that has ‘Alpha-disk’ in in, download this no dvd file Place this file in the VN’s install directory, double click it to let it work it’s magic, then run the VN as usual. i did that but i got the message DCOCE1218C014861GP AND SOME JAPANESE STUFF what does that mean? how did i F up and how do i fix it?

  30. please can some1 help me im dying to play but it wont let me please tell me what to do and understand it and i will be in ur debt

  31. when i click the alpha rom i get something different it says DCOCE1218C014861GP AND SOME JAPANESE STUFF what does that mean? how did i F up and how do i fix it?

  32. it says this for info: For those that get an error running the game that has ‘Alpha-disk’ in in, download this no dvd file ( Place this file in the VN’s install directory, double click it to let it work it’s magic, then run the VN as usual.
    but whats and where is the install directory? and what else do i need to do?

  33. Not that I’m impatient or anything but I’m curious since it’s been a week for this game to release. I’m wondering what’s troubling the people to make the crack? Are they in the U.S.A since I know there was a super hurricane or did the MangaGamer just made some protecting inside the game?

    (Anyway, sorry for my english)

  34. Seems like VNchan has a crack but they only have RyuShare links, I will let you guys know if the crack works after the 3 years of downloading ends

  35. Eh, I have ALOT of good eroge i haven’t finish yet that i could/should be playing right now. But honestly i would like to play this game, Seems interesting IMHO. But i can wait. 😛

    1. no, it’s not useless, unless you buy the activation code from MG.. otherwise, it’s useless if you want to play it for free..

  36. Seriously guys just accept that it’s not going to get cracked soon if ever and move on. You’ll stress yourself out pointlessly otherwise. I can’t imagine it’s that good anyway. It certainly won’t have a good story and you can find something just as good for a few tugs downstairs anywhere on the net these days.

  37. this message goes to the spoil brat “mr rage” if u see this know this. no matter how much u curse or complain one of us will deal with u personaly this is called “karma” we are the boot and ur the ant to see at this i do hope ur happy u got wat u want fianlly admin ill support wat u say and so others that like ur post hope u continue we will crush spoil brats like him he got no GF obviously *smirks*
    who ever the GF i really feel sorry for u if u see this
    dont know wat u see in that person i suggest u dump him post haste again this message goes to mr rage~

    1. The amount of things you quoted from movies is TOO DAMN HIGH

      That said, I agree that mr. Rage is in more dire need of a blowjob than any other erogedownload user in history 😉

      1. Uh….I’m pretty sure anyone that’s looking to download a sex game called Boob Wars is in dire need of a blowjob.

  38. Wow either this game is highly ignored for it to not have a crack by now otherwise all other developers should start using the same security as mangagamer XD

    1. Play some eroge on your backlog? I have a ton that I still need to finish. Boob Wars is really low on my list of my must-play, but I still do want to play it.

    2. try Duel Savior and Xross Scramble, good for wasting time

      or play Period or Swan Song for ass-long story

      or just play Katawa Shoujo, already played it dozens of time, still can’t get bored of it, especially Emi’s and Lily’s route

      1. Period and Swan Song aren’t long at all (and not that good IMHO). Play YU-NO if you want something long and good.

        In b4 penis joke.

        1. yea period wasn’t that long but it wasn’t that bad, granted the hurdle of the whole loliconness of it took awhile but its a good story none the less.

          1. no, it’s long enough if you didn’t skip the common route

            especially true in swan song, where basically you have to run thru the scenario all over to get the best ending

  39. well , as long it confirmed this game will be cracked i will wait with playing my other VN , i like a collector because i downloaded it but i only have been playing 3/7 of my downloaded VN hahaha

  40. can some1 please post a walkthrough of majikoi S that is understandable cause i keep getting lost with what it says!

  41. sorry if this is a really but i was wondering about the game eroge sex and game games make sexy games i know it has not come out yet but i was wondering if any one new if that game is a business sim or just a regular visual novel thanks

  42. I thought what the hell and brought it, as much as I hate the delays mangagamer keep having for some of their more “bigger titles”.

    This will fill in the time until Otoboku is finally released.

  43. Man… I can’t remember the last time it took this long to get a crack. MG must have stepped up their security or something.

  44. I cant stop laughing when i read everyone post. It seem like someone cracked rather than this game being crack. lol

  45. uhh…
    Can someone tell me if the story of this game is worth the download?
    From the description, it just seem to be really stupid to me…

  46. Willing to pitch in some money for a cracker to buy the game if thats necessary to get a crack project going. Anyone else willing?

  47. Attn Idiots: QUIT… ASKING… FOR… A… CRACK! Some of the “crackers” are currently cleaning up water damage from Hurricane Sandy. We are getting this for free, the LEAST you could do is be PATIENT!!!

  48. wow, I am legitimately surprised it’s taken so long for someone to crack this, normally even for Mangagamer eroges they tend get cracked within 2 days of it surfacing on the web.

    1. from what i can gather, Mangagamer has encryped the game somehow, and the people who do that sort of thing needs both the pre-activation and the activated exe files so they can find out what encyrption they are using.

      1. I see, well for what it’s worth it’s good in a way as they will at least get more sales.

        but on the other hand I have to worry if this will become the standard wait time for cracks ;_;

        1. I doubt it will help sales…. honestly I personally doubt this game is worth the 30-40 price tag, some of the others sure but this one… ehh I don’t think so

          1. oh yeah, I would not dream of paying over 20 bucks for something of this nature, I refuse to buy VN’s if they sell solely for fap material, just not worth it…I want actual good VN’s god dammit not this shit all the time ;_;

  49. I dont think it has anything to do with protection. I’m pretty sure it’s just nukige that most people don’t care about and don’t have the time to bother cracking.

      1. Absolutely!
        And the crackers just want more nukige,
        they withhold the crack until enough copies are sold.

    1. You fail to realize that Nukige is one of the higher selling genres currently, especially for people outside of Japan. Most people don’t have the attention span to sit through over 4 hours of storyline to get to the sex scene (if any at all) so if there is a game that they can skip all that useless talk and get to the sex instantly, they’ll take it, it’s just how it is.

      Also just to say Boob Wars was produced by Softhouse-Seal, and for those of you who don’t know who they are, they are one of the few eroge producers that use 3d animations for their sex scenes. To be able to get at least one of their eroges translated is a miracle if not, having to wait a little while longer than the people that paid for the game to play it isn’t all that bad. If you are so pressed for time to play it, buy it, else just wait like every other person

      1. No, Nukige is not the best selling, it is the safest selling. You can comfortably put out a Nukige and get some reliable buy-rates for it. It’s safe, not good.

        I do like how you act like the storyline and ‘talking’ in a VN is all filler to get to a 99% of the time badly written and sub-quality H-Scene. Yes, I agree, the majority of the market sees VN’s as nothing more than H-CG’s with voice-actin, but that doesn’t mean that people who read the majority of the good VN’s can’t be pissed/annoyed that Manga-Gamer decides to spend its resources and time on worthless H-material.

        1. Most of the time the story is bad and pretty damn boring
          I mean Mangagamer itself hasnt really released anything really good in the story department
          Best they did was prolly Koihime Musou

          1. I thought Shuffle! was good, granted yes I’m a bit of a fanboy of the series, and dont give me crap about “bad translation” they patched it and teh translation is fine.

  50. *chuckle* I guess Mangagamer finally found a way to shut down pirating their product. I’m sure there’s plenty of good reasons for it but the fact is it’s been over 2 weeks and it’s still not cracked. Ah well.

    1. More like the good crackers r busy/not interested 🙂 As far as i can remember, Mangagamer used the same .exe for several games. Another reason might be, it s a Nukige game.

      1. heh, don’t forget about Sexy Demon Transformation.. that eroge’s crack came pretty instantly.. and also it’s a nukige.. both of the game is nukige and i proudly repeat it again.. NU KI GE!!!

      2. hell, i dont think they even cares anymore…after the first few weeks of sales when it comes out, hardly anyone buys the games…
        in another word, all hackers welcome after they have made enough dosh

      3. Yeah it’s not just cause it’s a nukige. I’ve never seen a game take longer than a week. It’s the new level of protection MG is using. I doubt the folks who normally crack these things are good enough to crack this one.

  51. makes me laugh all the people asking for the crack true its something to play but i dont expect this game to be in the grade of something from overdrive true i waiting for the crack to myself but it no bigy dont have to come out right now if the admin is busy got other stuff i can play

      1. well so of us like some story in their games instead a useless fuck ever 5 secs and i have not seen anyone that could do a better job of sex with story then overdrive

        1. uhuh, so yabbering around for hours while saying nothing is good writing, gotcha!
          Mind you, i prefer quality over quantity, but each to his own, I still wish those OD guys had chosen a different profession.

        2. Dude are you high? Overdrive VNs are marketed towards 10 year old Pokemon fans which is weird considering its eroge. If you want a storyline that doesn’t make Twilight look like intelligent literature, check out Ever17 or Tsukihime.

          1. I think OD novels are a tad overly optimistic but that doesn’t really make them terrible. Some of the ideas they bring up are a nice mix between blind optimism and the harsh reality of life. Obviously, the ending is always tailored to be a “good end” but that doesn’t mean that the story they tell is bad per say.

            I do agree that they would make much better all-ages novels in every case though. I like reading them as a change of pace from the novels that take themselves too seriously like Devil on G-string.

  52. whilst waiting for the crack, download and play majikoi s! sure all routes havent been translated, but some have.

  53. For my I’ll wait for the crack or atleast I demo before I think about buying this game.

    Some can be good while others will make you regret looking at the cover and actually spending money or even downloading it in the first place.

  54. I have a problem when i start the download after the download is complete i can’t find boobs wars.exe , can someone help me please

  55. This crack wait is already abnormally long. i have a long list of games to finish so im in no rush, but i am eagerly waiting for this crack. just be patient everyone

  56. Actually bought this, but can’t it to run. After installation, when I click on the exe, nothing happens, not even the activation/registration type screen. Wondering if it’s because I have 64 Bit Windows 7, but can’t figure out a solution…

    1. I bought it and played a route on my w7 64bit system so that is not the problem.
      Have you tried the regular stuff, setting system locale to Japanese and starting program as admin?

      1. Yes. Tried locale us and japanese. Tried running as an admin and in every compatability mode. Tried disabling windows firewall and all anti-spyware. Tried installing it i have the default folder, in progran files x86 and in regular program files. It wont even launch the authebtication window – it must have something to do with windows settings but I cant figure out what. Unless I need to update my drivers or something.

        Also tried installing it on my laptop, which is win 7the 32 bit. I could get it authebticated there but then it gave me a disconnect error message and keeps crashing.

  57. wahhh this is crazy i em losing my mind waiting for the crack whats the hold up been looking evreywhere but still no luck !

    Ps. txs admin for the great job!

    1. I know what you mean. Iam doing the same currently, since i cant even pay my rent with my current income of my traineeship (iam able to survive thanks to my family. but as soon thats over and i get a job with good money, yay, the shopping can start 🙂

      What i must say though: I will only buy games that are really wort it in the eroge genre. Like G-Senjou no Maou, Princess Waltz, Edelweiss or such. Or maybe one or another collectors edition, in case there are some nice goodies in it 🙂

    2. lol, that excuse doesn’t work on TPB and it doesn’t work here. But if you don’t have the money right now, wait until you do and THEN buy it? I don’t care THAT you pirate these games, but those excuses are just pathetic.

      1. Have you ever bought a eroge? Well i have and iam gonna to continue, but i only buy stuff thats worth the money. Not like those porn oriented Games. i prefer those with good and longs story. The less H-content, the better (i mostly skip those anyway). But even though, not all of them are to my taste, so i try them out and buy them afterwards. Just currently my budget is a bit tight. Its nice, if you got the money now, but you need to udnerstand that not everyone is like that.

      2. im just like some others i dont have the mony to be like u and buy worthless things so i wont buy a game unless i liked the story or gameplay and dont get disturbed by the content of the game and by the way ive bought about 10 vn 2 of which pissed me off
        games i bought
        dengeki striker – loved it
        kamitori alchemy meister – bought cds from old friend
        muv luv bought cd from old friend
        muv luv alternative bought cd from old friend
        little busters cant remember how i got it
        koihime mouso
        Magical Teacher –
        Sengoku Rance – loved
        conquring the queen – paid to play (pissed me off)
        last one is a secret – disterbed
        i enjoyed being explained to how rich people can get custom eng patches done
        i dont buy games im gonna regret

          1. Now that doesnt make sense, unless he knows Japanese
            Theres no point in playing an amazing Game like Kamidori if you have no clue whats going on

          2. the translation was free, the game itself was not, he said he bought the CD’s from an old friend.

  58. Man, If there is a way, an easy for me to buy VN/Eroge, I won’t be here, even if the site requires me to pay before download, as long as there is a payment method I could do, I will buy all of them…

    1. “a credit card works fine, you can apply for one online”
      Now, in all seriousness, if you actually have a credit card you can buy them at mangagamer or whoever translated the VN. Although downloading them here is really easy. Waiting a bit for a crack is nothing compared to spending 30 bucks to buy a VN (at least for me). If you have any problem with this site because “it’s hard to download” just check the faqs.

      1. nah, I don’t have any problem with the download or anything, 90% of this site’s content are already in my hard disk..

        but, It would be great if there is a payment method that could work…, even when I’m playing a web-browser games, no payment method available for my country other than using CC..I don’t think its wise to apply for one when I don’t have any income yet(allowance money excluded, Univ. student, and will still be for a while)..

        well, there are the pirated version of these games though(they just burn them into blank CDs/DVDs)..but, that won’t be a support for the game author right? if I’m gonna pay, might as well pay to the real publisher/translator/author…

        pardon my English…

    1. Appears to me that it can be downloaded and opened normally, it installs alright, but requires a registration code. So going to have to buy it, or get a crack elsewhere. While I believe in supporting the translation of these games, some examples like “Sandwiched between my Wife and her Sister” make me very wary, especially with games with no demo available.

      Anyhow, going to hope that a crack will appear later. I don’t want to make the same kind of mistake as with “Family Project” (worst money spent)

        1. family project has a very sad story, you can make one girl happy and you know, every girl you not get is going to have a bad ending, because of that i could only play it one time.

          Besides, i say thanks to the admin for all the games.

          1. I really enjoyed Family Project I thought it had a great story line, but i guess each to their own

          2. God when I think of it like that it’s super depressing… but it was my first ever VN so it has a special place in my heart. 😛

          3. I like Family Project just because it tries to be a little bit different and does a decent job at it.

          4. I haven’t played FP yet, but this is true to almost every VN with the common route > choose your girl structure: the protagonist is always the one, who solves the drama and the psychological/emotional issues of the heroines. Thus almost every VN is sad and depressing, if you look at it from the point of view of the girls whom you didn’t choose.

          5. This is almost always true, except with Nocturnal Illusion. The protagonist goes and solves all their problems then picks at the last minute. =)

          6. I thought Family Project was great, one of those special ones that you remember for the plot and not the ero scenes. Kana No Shoujo, G-senjou no Maou, Kana Little Sister, Yume Miru Kusuri… Maybe it’s just me but I loved all these ones for their dark and light moments.

            But you know, in life not everyone gets a happy ending. I think the bitter-sweet aspect is what makes it more appealing, as opposed to eroge like say Cosplay Fetish Academy.

            That said, I’m not against happy endings. Edelweiss and Princess Waltz both were good without adding too much tragedy.

          7. Well for tragedy , we can talk about Tomoyo after it’s a wondeful life or the end of “Fate” in Fate Stay night

          8. I never managed to get through the Tomoyo after one playthough and only 20 mins of Fate Stay Night before my brain melted from boredom. I understand there was something to these two, but I was unable to see it.

            Sort of like Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s there… I just can’t SEE it.

          9. What? You couldn’t read Fate Stay Night without being bored?
            It’s just so epic!!! Leaving Tomoyo After aside (if you haven’t read Clannad or just don’t like Tomoyo you wouldn’t like it anyway) but Fate is just one of the best VNs out there! I would say it’s as good as G-Senjou No Maou or maybe even Tsukihime. I may think too highly about Tsukihime since it was my first VN though. Anyway, read Fate! Three times! Don’t even dare to skip one route!

          10. Well i agree , Tomoyo after i can understand but Fate Stay Night is really one of the best VN , the story isn’t boring at all , well i didn’t yet finish Heaven Feel’s (don’t know why , don’t want to lose all my VN or i’m going to boring if i don’t have anime to watch ) , well just Fate ( Saber path , well if you didn’t continue reading , you aren’t allowed to do other path before finish Fate ), after you can do Unlimited Blades works ( Rin path ) and after it , Heaven’s Feel ( Sakura path )

          11. Fate is good but the scene of fighting are really long and boring, Yume Miru and Family Project are just awesome

          12. To be fair, Yume Miru isn’t totally dark, unless you bad end. The good endings are some of the most satisfying I’ve actually read in a VN.

          13. Well there’s drugs, strangling, rape, suicide, severe depression, teen pregnancy and pseudo-schizophrenia. The only thing the bad end includes that the good end doesn’t is death.

            Not criticizing, since I loved the game. But something doesn’t have to be Kara no Shoujo to qualify as dark (Guro/Murder).

          14. I loved Kana – Little Sister, and I agree a story doesn’t need to have so much ero in it to be a great one. Visual Novels with a good plot are more pleasant to play than ones with a lot of sex.

            My problem with Family Project was that every character had such sad traumas from the past that I felt myself feeling a bit soul-crushed just reading what had taken place with them. To start with the girl forced to prostitution in a foreign land, as just example, I felt so sad I would’ve wanted to protect her and keep her safe, but the way she thought sex to express gratitude was a good way to go, I felt rotten about that.

            There was so much sadness it was depressing. I can deal with some sadness, and with Kana it was a good sort, a dramatic, sad story but it was dealing with themes I could enjoy. With Family Project, it felt that everyone was already partially broken and would never truly heal.

            With Kana, it seemed the story could reach a beautiful, albeit sad end. With Family Project, it felt every ending was bitter, not even bitter sweet, but bitter.

            Sagara Family had its share of drama with trouble for every character, but ultimately it got resolved. No matter who you sought to protect the most, all the issues got resolved in the end.

            But Family Project was that 1 game I wouldn’t buy if I had the chance to turn back time and prevent myself from buying a game. I have skipped buying a few titles because I knew I’d not like them, but FP looked very promising, but the sadness in it was too much for me.

            Its a matter of personal taste, but I like my sorrow with at least bitter-sweet end, and FP felt to end only bitter in my tastes.

          15. For me that game is Saya No Uta. If you want a game with no good endings, play that one.

            Actually don’t. Please don’t.

  59. random-1,

    The exe that comes with the game contains an encrypted exe which only gets decrypted once you activate the game and their server sends the decryption key. I need someone who bought the game to activate it and upload the temporary exe that is generated once the game is activated and ran. A crack can be made from that temporary exe, you can find it using Process Explorer when the game runs, make sure to have explorer show hidden and system files.

    admin used to upload it on 4chan for all the other games, it’s how the cracks were made. He did not upload it this time, so you’re not seeing a crack.

    Reposted as last post didn’t show.

  60. lol i got a hunch this is also because of mr troll at duel saviour page lol. he ask this game act like spoiled little princess so the admin post the uncracked game which never done before.

    if yes we sure have to learn not to be douchebag.

  61. admin, there’s no way a proper crack can be made without you uploading that temporary exe like you did with all the previous games.

    It might be possible to make a workaround port using the scripts from Sexy Demon Transformation’s embedded XP3, but I won’t be the one who does something like that.

    Patiently awaiting temporary exe…

  62. Bought it, looks like these games from Softhouse Seal are really, really short.

    Walkthrough (100% CG):
    Win all combats.
    One winner:
    1) Choose Flat General.
    2) Choose Flat Queen

    Other Winner:
    1) Choose Busty General
    2) Choose Busty Queen (I do not know if you can actually beat her in Dom Queen mode).

    1) Choose Flat or Busty General
    2) Choose other General.

    Choosing either Queen without first going through their General immediately leads to an unwinnable fight and death.

  63. you can find the serial code with a google search (at least in Brazilian filter, dunno about other countries). It took me less than 5 minutes.

  64. If you don’t have anything intelligent to post then keep it to yourself. Most of you already made this page look bad enough.

    Someone is generous, and risked his money enough to let you people play these for free, so the least you can do is show some respect.

  65. Can’t wait for the crack. Looking forward to playing this. By the way, is there any chance you can add the Maou to Odore! series?

  66. I’ll wait for the crack. I’m seriously not trying to make excuses here, but I can barely afford to things for myself lately. Trying to get out of this rut and get extra money coming in.

    I’ll probably support releases like this once I get more in, but for now, what little spare cash I got’s going towards something I’ve been planning to get for a while now.

    Thanks for this, though, Admin. I always appreciate your uploads and this site.

  67. While I would like to buy some of these, getting “Boob Wars” on my credit card probably wont look so hot. If they still made Eroge like Ever17 and Tsukihime I would buy.

  68. I would buy the game, and support the author and translators.
    But MangaGamer only takes credit cards.
    So…Yohoho a Pirate’s Life for me.

        1. does your debit card have a logo on the front of it saying either Visa or Mastercard? if so it can be used just like a credit card aslong as you have the money in your account!

  69. Did the Monshiro route in Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! S have any sex scenes because when I played it I only saw the topless bath scene!?

    1. There are several parts of the monshiro route. I believe in Monshiro after there are several of the 18+ scenes you may be looking for. So basically the answer to your question is yes there are such scenes.

  70. Crack :

    Download this Boob Wars english version -> excract the .xp3 (using kiriki extractor) the .ks files on scenario folder that’s where the dialogues are stored.

    Download the Boob Wars Japanese version -> extract the data.xp3, copy the english .ks files and overwrite the japanese version. Then repack it.


      1. That guy is lying, it doesn’t work. From what I saw, the script files aren’t organized the same way. It’s a clever move from Mangagamer…

        1. I tried using kikiriki tool myself and found that they went about in a different way. When I get around to it I will dig through the code.

  71. heh i wonder how many ppl actually read that they have to wait for crack now that i looked through other posts i see some ppl panicking and so on but it’s very hard for them to read that they have to wait for crack

    anyway i will wait as long as i need it because well i get for free so waiting a little won’t kill me

    keep up the good work Admin

  72. It doesn’t work!
    I get the validation box where it asks weather or not to enter code
    i press the ‘no’ button

    and than nothing!
    nothing happens!
    nothing at all!

    i tried running it again, this time pressing ‘yes’
    but i don’t have the code -_-

    why doesn’t it work?
    so many games from this site don’t work for me lately

    do i need to install japanease fonts or something? i’m using aplocale but IT STILL DOESN”T WORK

    1. Are you retarded or something? It says it has not been cracked yet. If you want the code buy the damn game otherwise you will have to wait like the rest of us.

        1. must be nice to be a down syndromed faggot like you. crying and writing that large complaint when all you had to do was read ONE line, yes, you surely are an intelligent being.

          1. It’s a costume to provide a demo and than, when providing proof of the purchase, providing full version.
            But I don’t expect kids like you, whos only knowledge they got in their measly lives is how to talk like a hooligan, to understand that.

            Keep flaming, you are only making yourself look dumber.

          2. it’s CUSTOM, not costume you fuckin stupid third world kid, dumber? not even gonna touch that word since you kill yourself trying to refute against someone educated

          3. Lost the argument so you choose to go after spelling? how much of a sore loser can you be?

            If spelling is so important to you, why didn’t you start your sentence with a capital letter? I’ll tell you why: you don’t care about spelling, you are just extremely butthurt about losing the argument.

            Well tough luck, when stupid people like you talk, they are making fools of themselves. Just shut up and let people with brain do the thinking.

          4. you try to insult intelligence but you can’t even figure out the right word, it’s not about spelling it’s about you literally not knowing the difference between the words costume and custom. Argument? All you said is that they should provide a demo before buying the game, that’s common sense that everyone knows and you act like it’s a solid debate. Your charter school must be tough since it’s learn at your own pace, it’s okay youll get your GED in about eight years kiddo buck up!

          5. @kuni
            I’m at the end of my rope here and can’t replyy directly to you
            anyway, the reason I confused the words was due to spelling errors Since you fail to see how a spelling error can mix the two up, you are clearly below the required intiligance level to be allowed to use the internet.

          6. @kuni
            regarding my argument: since I had a valid reason to assume this was a demo, I had a valid reason to assume this file was playable. Isn’t it obvious?

          7. demo first?? they used to do that back in the 90-00’s but about half way they stopped doing that sort of thing. aparently it was just too much to code or whatever. Hell i rmember when demos for games used to be a common thing, and they where out before the offical release, now its rare a game company even bothers with it, and even if they do they do so AFTER the release. sad times for gamers.

  73. If possible buy kara no shoujo if you downloaded it ilegally. or if you played it and loved it..
    because mangagamer WON’T RELEASE KARA NO SHOUJO 2..

    because of the low sales

  74. Halloween: 10/31/12
    Hang over: 11/01/12

    not a tough .exe just have to remove the verifier and inform a proper hash

    1. basicly its because said person/s got a hangover… hangover or any headache for that matter makes programming hard.

  75. Ummm I have to say it’s nice to have a new game but why post it yet if we can’t even play without the ID? ^^” I mean I don’t want to sound rude or anything I was just confused was all.

    1. Download this Boob Wars english version -> excract the .xp3 (using kiriki extractor) the .ks files on scenario folder that’s where the dialogues are stored.

      Download the Boob Wars Japanese version -> extract the data.xp3, copy the english .ks files and overwrite the japanese version. Then repack it.


          1. Aye wont bother searching for that
            I bet the crack will come soon no reason to make a fuss or so 😛
            ty though Sam 🙂

  76. admin, I don’t think you’ll see a crack unless you provide the temporary exe that the game makes when it’s run. You should already know how to get it.

  77. how much time will take for the patch?
    i don’t want seem pushy, i respect your work and u can take all the time u need, mine it’s just curiosity

  78. Meh, this one’s only so-so – I already played the Japanese version, and the card battles were a total war. Princess Waltz’ battle system, on the other hand…

  79. yeah, Majikoi is in the partially translated list.
    Its fandisk, Majikoi S is also being translated and they’ve just released the Kokoro + Margit route in addition to the currently released Monshiro route.

  80. Big boobs: “Meh, they’re nice but just about every eroge and hentai has them.”

    Small boobs: “Hell yes, baby!”

  81. For those who already played it (the one who buy), how many routes are there? Is it 4 (all main character)? 2 (the queens)? Or only one harem end?

  82. all the “buy it” stuff is getting annoying, if I have been waiting this long why buy it now when the end is in sight?

    also yes, if I had the money to blow I would be buying it but finding work right now is NOT easy at all.

  83. To people saying buy the game… Isn’t the purpose of this site to provide the games for free? Also, have you stopped to think that some of us don’t have credit cards, or are too embarrassed to get physical copies of freaking hentai games on our shelves?
    Ranting aside, thank you as always, admin! You’re my God.

    1. Lolol Nailed it!

      There’s no way I’d invite my friends over with a few copies of mega-hardcore eroge sitting on the shelf. And hiding it isn’t much better.

      Oh the trials of being a closet eroge game fan.

      1. You maybe right about having these laying around when your friends come over, but all Mangagamer games can be purchased online, they then give you a download code with the serial/crack.

        1. sry to bother, do you know exactly what comes as specified in the credit card resume? that’s what i’m most curious about

    1. So Majikoi is (part of) the japanese name for Boob Wars?
      Good to know, thanks for the tip!
      But for prospective buyers, those usually want to see the quality of the final retail product, hasn’t been the first time Mangagamer screwed up in translation or somewhere else.

        1. That happens a lot, Ivan told us about the maximum 10 comments system thingy back in the past on the SOPA post….

    1. You’re going to be waiting a long time if you want it fully translated, the TL had some irl changes that cut back his time for the project. The Miyako route and True Route aren’t translated. The work on the other routes is excellent.

      At this rate Majikoi S will be done before Majikoi.

  84. To the people commenting about buying the game, the likely hood most will buy this is small, there are a decent number who will use this for a demo, like myself, but talking to them isn’t going to change their view point.

    1. simple buy the game from mangagamer and you will get it.
      buying product from mangagamer that will support to fight against censorship and also will you support every japanese eroge to be translated 😀

        1. We get it, you are funded in some way by Mangagamer, now can you please stop talking about buying the game, it is already hard enough to miss. When people have money/ability to purchase the game, they will, in the meantime…

          1. I want a job like that… spout nonsense like this and get teh game for free… sure would be nice….

  85. Tested Sexy Demon Transformation crack and it didnt work. These Softhouse-Seal titles apparantly dont have the flaw that other Mangagamer releases have in the way of cracks.

    1. it obviously, be patient crack will come after 2-3 month. you can support mangagamer translate japanese eroge by buying their product

      1. what

        Don’t lie, please, especially not with such an obvious one. Everyone who actively comes to this site knows that cracks come very fast. This one’s actually already been unnaturally slow, so I expect it’ll be out real soon-like. And I mean, personally, I am buying the game and am all for others buying the game and supporting the translators and all that… and still find you annoying as hell. Seriously, back off a bit, you come on way too strong like holy shit.

          1. You sir, really a nice guy.

            I wish i could support them, though my country do really ban this “VN/eroge” stuff.

          2. Nope, i don’t think so.

            Since im very generous person. Supporting MG company to ensure their latest release in the future.

            Pardon for my english.

      1. Is it just me or do all the people who are asking for us to buy the game sound suspect. Most of the other games on this site don’t receive a flood of ‘buy it!’ posts. Not to be suspicious or anything.

        Oh, and by the way, some of us are dirt freaking poor. If I wasn’t i’d buy the game. I think that’s true of a lot of people who use cracks, otherwise we’d probably be buying it.

        1. I know, we’re on a site for downloading games for free, and yet we’ve got all these overly opinionated assholes trying to shove their “good intentions” down our throat.

          I agree that people should be patient for a crack, but demanding that we buy the game seems a bit over the top and juvenile to me.

          1. it’s just that they get pissed from all the people that keep asking as if all was due, u have to understand them too.
            However if we r here there will be a reason ;).
            (btw i used google traslate for “as if all was due” is it right?)

        2. Games released by official English translation companies always get people recommending buying the game. Fan translations do not.

          People want said companies to prosper so that they will continue releasing content.

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