Duel Savior

Duel Savior

There is a prophecy that every 1000 years, when the destruction draws near, the Messiah will come from a different world to the root world of Avatar and save them all.

Mia Touma, while returning home from school, finds an old but highly decorated book. When she shows it to her brother, Taiga, the book teleports them to another world – Avatar.

When they awaken, they find themselves in a world reminiscent of Medieval Europe. Before they understand what’s happening, an energetic woman comes before them and tells them they have become Savior Candidates.

They must use the training they learn at the school to defeat the Lords of Ruin and Ruin itself to save Avatar and every other world along with their friends. However, Taiga finds he has become the Red Apostle, which complicates matters greatly. What is going on with the fight with Ruin? Will he actually be able to become the Messiah and save Avatar?

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  1. For those that want more, there is a fan disc available!
    Just search on this site for “Xross Scramble”.

  2. I see you guys managed to fix the DirectDraw problem. Did no one try to fix that problem for Xross Scramble yet? I am so disappointed at being unable to play it again like I did a few years ago…

  3. Thanks for the solution. Now we can play this VN on every OS. I just want to edit a little bit of the steps, which is we don’t need to download newly voice 1 file and overwrite it because it will be renamed (voice 1 to voice 2and voice 2 to voice 1) which will make the file size exactly the same now.

    One thing I want to ask is, why I can’t use Crea’s fix patch, no matter before or after the copy of the patch to the installation folder?

  4. Is this can be played in Win 10?
    Hopefully I can finished this great VN, cause 5 years ago can’t play in Win 8, but still can play in Win XP.
    Since my data has gone, and only using my very old XP to play old games, I’m starting download again right now and hope I can continue the excitement like when I finished the first chapter 😀

  5. I fixed DuelSavior not starting up, having a white screen and a DirectDraw error, and finally crashing on startup, by doing the following after trial and error:

    Do not delete anything from the game installation folder, or I can’t guarantee this will have a chance of working for you.

    I found a fix for the DirectDraw error that doesn’t make you have to use a virtual machine interface that will make you have to download a new OS and make you have to switch between your OS and a different OS every time you want to use the game.

    That fix can be downloaded from here:


    To fix the problem of the game freezing on a black screen and crashing on startup, I looked for a fix which I finally found.

    I replaced the voice1.pac with a correct voice1.pac from here:

    It seems the one in Erogedownload’s files is missing around 300 megabytes of data.

    When you run the game use the DuelSaviorMod.exe instead of DuelSavior.exe which doesn’t even start the game and instead of Duel Savior.exe which only gives a white screen with a DirectDraw error message.


    Follow the Instructions below in order to run the game successfully:

    1. On a fresh installation replace voice1.pac in the game folder with the voice1.pac you downloaded from here:


    2. Copy all the files from the English Patch WITHOUT overwriting the newly replaced voice1.pac.

    3. Copy the 2 DLLs and DuelSaviorMod.exe from the DirectDraw Fix you downloaded here:


    4. Open the game using the DuelSaviorMod.exe


    Note that using the DirectDraw error fix will only lead to a Black Screen and the game crashing on startup, you MUST add the Black Screen Crash on Startup fix then without overwriting the Corrected voice1.pac add the other files from the English Patch folder, then add the DirectDraw error patch and use the DuelSaviorMod.exe to play the game.

    1. Since one doesn’t want to replace the voice1 file while copying the English patch wouldn’t it be easier to just First replace the English files and Then change up the voice1 file?

  6. So how does all this work? Do I download each individual .rar file and then extract only part 1 or do i extract all of them and place the contents into 1 file?

  7. Whenever I open the DuelSavior.exe (without the+patch) nothing seems to happen, and when I open it with the patch a notification saying something about DirectDraw with some Japanese (‘Direct Draw failed to initialize, kill the program’ was what came out of google translate) came up with a Black window of Duel Savior. Playing the game on Windows 10 and on Japanese Locale but I don’t know what’s wrong….

    Help Please Admin >.<

    1. Don’t worry admin – I found a website which told me my problem….according to it it’s pretty much impossible to play Duel Savior unless I have windows 7, which isn’t possible (not going to the extent to use a virtual computer – seems way too confusing). Here’s the website I found for anyone else with this persistent problem: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_8-gaming/directdraw-was-deprecated-in-windows-8-but-i-need/d21d6775-1006-4da9-a642-39553b286a49?auth=1

      1. Im too lazy to try, but one fix might be to run it in a virtual windows 7 on windows 10. Might fix the problem but I’m not too knowledgeable on how virtual pc stuff works.

  8. When I run the Duel Savior file (i patched itt by crea quick fix) the screen went black and a board appeared. It said some thing that i couldn’t understand but i saw Game Disconnected. Need help!

  9. somebody please help me !!
    i got problem, soon after taiga had sex (or not) whit berio at crunch this game stop working !!
    i use laptop whit windows 7 as OS so please help me !!

  10. Game kept crashing whenever I’d go and talk to the ninja kaede after fighting her. Can’t find a way around that.

  11. The problem was that my antivirus software was reading the application I needed as a threat so it removed it. The correct file is Duel Savior.exe of anyone else was having the problem. Make sure your antivirus protection doesn’t remove it otherwise it won’t work right when you overwrite the files.

  12. So I got the game to work but my english translation isn’t working. Do I have to uninstall and reinstall?

  13. hey guys. i have windows 7 laptop and i downloaded the english version, but when i launch the game, all i get is a black screen with a window i can’t even press “OK” or “Cancel” on, with message that’s in japanese. from what it looks like, it wants me to “insert disc 2”.

    any ideas on how to fix this?

  14. Can I get a tip on the install?
    I installed the game, and then the english patch, but when i try to run the program I get a “Duel Savior is not responding” error.

    Running on win7

    Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hey Kroznak, maybe you’re have the same problem with me. Try to change the Locale to Japanese also extract the patch on other place. After you extract it, place it on the game directory. I have do that and succeeded

  15. can someone tell me where i went wrong?
    i just finish installing the game and open the application then after a few seconds a message pops out saying
    “duel savior has stopped working” i dont know what to do anymore 🙁

    im using windows 7 ultimate 64bit. it would be nice if some give me an advice about this 🙂

  16. Could someone help me with the installation? I have install it on my Windows 8. while I want to extract the english patch directly to the game directory, it says error and so on. If I extract it in different place and insert it into the game directory, the game have some unknown Languange and there’s only Okay button and the application don’t wanna function. please help me!

  17. I have been playing with this game for a while, trying to get it to run on my Windows 8 machine. I finally found a work around using a virtual machine. (VirtualBox) Technically not really running on Windows 8, but it still allowed me to play. VirtualBox with XP installed. Then just install the game as you normally would and it should work. Hopefully this helps some people. I’m not all that tech savy myself, just stubborn with time on my hands.

    1. In order to get Crea’s route, you need to choose Destiny (not Justice) in the beginning. Next, you must finished Berio/Kaede route first, then the other one between Berio/Kaede you didn’t choose earlier, then Rico/Nanashi, then the other one between Rico/Nanashi you didn’t choose earlier, then Lily, and the last Mia’s route, and you’ll get her route.

  18. Is their any way of getting the game into windows mode instead of full screen? My moniter is really buggy when it comes to full screen games for some reason. >-<

    1. From previous comments, someone said to you can change into window mode from Control Panel and somehow change to 16 bit color.

  19. This game runs good in Windows XP. The only issue at this point is the game automatically exit when Taiga Touma feels sleepy in the principal’s office. When I checked the locale, it’s in English, so I changed back to Japanese. Now it doesn’t have that problem anymore (also the font a little bit screwed up in English Locale). I played it until the two protagonist goes to the dorms for the first time and have no problem at all up to this point (and I hope no at all until I finished it) 🙂

  20. to get the patch to work leo do this coppy and past the files and do not deleat the main game file to do so you’ll need to uninstall it then reinstall it just patch then open the game folder to click on dule savior english then play it in destiny or justice your choice.

  21. I have recently purchased a new laptop, As i figured once I got it I hate the “new” windows 8 Operating system that they decided to use now. navigation from menu to menu is a pain in my ass and I am not certain what still functions on this OS that did on windows 7. So, my question is are there some sort of special proccesses I have to go through to get this game to work? cause I have followed both the faq and read up on all the comments made above for guidance. I have reinstalled duel survivor gotten a new copy of daemon tools, thought perhaps I may need a different variation of daemon tools so tried a light version next but nothing. I’ll mount the disc image it will use the auto run contained within the disk image bring up a menu i press the one that reacts the most like it is attempting to download something, but then Nothing. I can run duel savior, everytime i try my laptop simply says “would you like to run this program?” I click yes. A little hour glass appears for all of 4 seconds, the disappears as if i had not clicked on anything at all. I am sorry if i am overloading your chat with this particular comment but 10 hours of sitting around downloading a multitude of different files in hopes of getting a game that shoulld have been easy to install is just infuriating.

    The fiercely resolute Mace Of Spades

    1. Windows 8 got a undercut version of DirectX, we now have no way to play this game on Windows 8. Only option is to downgrade to Windows 7 or Vista in order to play.

    2. Yeah, this game can’t be played on Windows 8 yet 🙁 There’s this DirectX issue. I’ve read other VN forums and they confirmed this, even compatibility mode doesn’t work. Too bad I can’t play this for now. Just hope someday…

    1. Not sure if these are what you are looking for, but here are some that you might enjoy:
      Sengoku Rance- Lots of rape but fun gameplay, so based on preference.
      Tears to tiara- Overall nice game with turn and grid based combat, very fun imo.
      Yumina the ethereal- Turn based combat more like rance yet still different, very RPG like with many skills. Has a great storyline, worth it to play all routes. Just might need to take a break after each one for a while. One of my favorite games and favorite on this list.
      Utawarerumono- Very close to tears to tiara, made by the same people after all, couldn’t play much since it crashes a lot if run on windows 7, though very fun when I ran it for a bit on another computer.
      Probably leaving a few out, but these are the ones I could think of, hope you enjoy them.

  22. hope cross saviour is just as good cause I loved the ending of this game I recomend it to all to play who are rpg fans of the old schools tales of destiny serries great story.

  23. Have to say, this is one of my favorite Eroge’s in a while. Like both the art and the gameplay. Only thing I didn’t like is that my two favorite girls were the first two (Kaede and Berio). All the others were fairly disappointing, especially the redheaded mage which I had high hopes for.

  24. If you are having issues with the game crashing immediately after startup i.e. Duel Savior English.exe has stopped working etc etc. Here are the steps to get it working

    1. Uninstall the game
    2. Delete any remaining English patch data in the folder left over
    3. Reinstall the game
    4. Copy the English patch to the Duel Savior folder just like you did before, HOWEVER.

    DO NOT COPY VOICE1.PAC from the english patch. That is what is causing the crashes.

    Remember install the english patch as before by copying the files, but do not copy voice1.pac

    The game will now start up fine

    1. well Xamz maybe you can help me out with my problem no one else seems to know exactly. you see when I first install the game without the patch and click on the duel savior application nothing happens same when I right click and select open or run as administrator. then when I add all the English patch files excluding Voice1.pac and select the application included with the patch the game window opens but soon after a error window appears showing something in Japanese and the English wording Direct Draw. if you know how to solve my problem please tell me I am at a loss and really want to play this game. also I have reinstalled this game several times.

  25. how do I pick justice or darkness I think its called. I want to play darkness but think I clicked justice HELP PLZ ^^

    1. it’s destiny btw. anyway, you can finish that game first and save the game file to start a NG+, or if you really wanna play destiny you can start a NG. You can’t change game mode once you’ve made the choice.

    1. you get to choose between the two when starting the game, justice for the ero scenes and destiny for the opposite.

  26. So I have to download “Game Download”, “English Patch” and the “Crash Fix”? 5GB+ altogether?fo

    1. Yep, thats the order. If you’re wondering why the patch needs that much space from your conventional patch, it’s because of the voices are from the ps2 version.

    1. There’s one at gamefaqs, but I doubt you need once since going through the heroines route is quite easy. Though I say that, you still need to follow the route order.

      Berio/Kaede->Ricolis/Nanashi->Lily(needs the 4 previous heroines cleared)->Mia->Harem(justice)/Crea(destiny)

  27. i have begining to play and i have to complain about the fact this game can0t be put at window mode nor it tell me the keyborg i need to fight in the first battle. It was not funnny to try to discover it in meedle of the battle. I’m not sure if i have gotten every key for that yet. But the game seems good leaving that.

    z,x,c are the one to straike, cut and deffend while the number of the right are the one used to movement. I read something about FDUB as them too but that is to complex.

    1. At the end. What i have to complain the most is because i can’t take the rute i like until i have passed all others. I have to go throught each girl’s rute in order or you’ll get a bad ending. I don’t mind if there were only a few, but everyone is really a pai. -_- but i like the story so i have to endure.

  28. Man. A english patch almost as heavy as the game itselft. Just when i thought i was finishing the download part.

  29. well… I re-downloaded the patch and re-installed it and… it worked…

    I don’t understand but I don’t care, Great game !

  30. I just tried to re-install and play without the english patch and it worked well…

    so this is the patch that causes the game to crash…

    but I still don’t know what to do to solve the problem…

  31. Whenever I start the game it crashes immediately, I never even had the chance to watch any opening…

    I’m using Windows 7
    My unicod is set to Japanese
    I tried to run the game with XP-SP2 and SP3 compatibility but it still crashes

    I tried to re-install but it didn’t change anything…

    I tried to download and install the game from another source, but still, no changes…

    do anyone have a clue for me ?

  32. I have my regional settings set to Japan, and it still crashes when I first get to the coliseum. Also the font is messed up, text is all jumbled together. Any advice on how to fix?

  33. i know what im asking in this particular game is off but can you provide a walkthrough for majikoi S in english? it seems google translate is a bit off the translation and im getting confused weather im choosing the right one or not. im try to get to margits route & i just started playing it. im at the beginning of the no relationship so kinda confused about the choices since it’s reallyx99 off from the english choices. any please and thank you

  34. Thanks for the upload.
    This game is great, but I seriously hate the set order of routs (half because I got 3 bad endings before noticing it) and the destiny is just… it just really doesen´t look they gave it too much work to mend it. In the first place why didn´t they change it a little so that the things shown would match the later developement? They have bath together and then others blatantly speak about sex… doesen´t seem correct

    1. I believe there is a 100% save file that you can use. I did not wish do deal with that sister who goes big time yandere in her route.

  35. Just finished the Crea route and for a replacement for a harem route it was pretty good. But be warned…

    1) There is no sprite for a ‘alternative’ Crea so she’ll be invisible in such few cases.

    2) For some reason there is a sound glitch that sounds like a heartbeat or flapping wings that refused to go away after defeating god and it carries to even the NG+. For me anyway. Maybe it was a one time thing but make sure to have a extra save file as back up.

    3) Relatively speaking Crea’s epilogue is pretty short compared to other epilogues including the harem one. Pity, since I wanted to see more of her.

  36. in the english patch i downloaded it using the torrent.
    when i tried to play it the window says something about a ‘disc 2 and the rest is in japanese, i need help how to move forward from this.

    1. Then something went wrong. I never had that problem and I downloaded both bunch with torrent. Sorry to ask but did you erase it all and retry it once more? All the files from the patch should have overwritten properly. If Disc 2 came up then something was left out.

      On a side note I don’t know why some people thought Nanashi’s story was a bit less filling it was good enough.

    2. Actually according to Aroduc from the Kureha One Forums…

      “The “Insert Disk 2″ error means that the exe cannot find all the required files, which means that you have almost certainly screwed up installation in some way. The uberpatch is not the complete game. You must install the game, and then move those files into the game directory.”

      Also, according to Seiha Translations for the Crea route in Destiny….

      “Crea events for her route (Destiny Only):

      Chapter 4, 2nd Free Action (Night) – Gate
      Chapter 5, 1st Free Action – Gate (Choose not to bug Berio)
      Chapter 5, 2nd Free Action – Gate
      Chapter 6, 1st Free Action – Gate
      Chapter 7, 2nd Free Action – Gate


      No other requirements apparently, besides clearing MiaA.”

      Not sure about the chapter 2 one yet since I keep seeing Lily.

    1. You know, I never found the exact solution to problems related to “directdraw”. Updating drivers and etc are sometimes said to be the solution but almost all the time the game is old enough so our computers aren’t affected or our drivers and etc are sufficiently updated. If you still have the original game download package and the translation patch package maybe you can just redo it all. If it doesn’t work then either one of the downloads didn’t go properly or something else is wrong with your computer.

      As for Jack’s problem right above what did you do? Have the torrent download it all to the exact same folder? It’s hard to have that happen unless one deliberately does that and I can’t imagine you doing that. But even so, the ISO files aren’t that many in number so if that is the case if your still got the unzipped originals just erase the mess and start over.

  37. The FAQ from this website I mentioned talks about Daemon tools and instructions. As long as the Daemon tool is okay you should be fine. Maybe reinstall the Daemon tool or get a new one? In any case, open the tool get the ISO file from the game package after unzipping it, mount it onto a virtual drive shown in the tool, and then run/open the mounted drive and then it’s just a matter of simply locating the installation file. I guess you can just google it but…


    I never bothered to see if the regional setting has to be Japan or something since I do it anyway when play anything from Japan.

    But the game works fine without the patch though obviously it is in Japanese. In this case the translation patch involves overwriting some of the existing game files so it takes up less space than usual. The patch translates and merges a lot between the two games. In ‘Justice’ Taiga’s voice goes silent during h-scenes. Some sexual scenes were replaced nicely with something else but some are… And I still can’t help but feel playing a perverted version of Shirou Emiya.

    Sorry if I got your problem wrong. Well, time to take a break from games for a while…

    1. lol sorry got this game mixeds up with Kamidori aclemy miester. cause i downloaded the torrent for that and ended with 5 applications and iso files and im not sure wat to do

  38. what faqs? there is none for instlling this game. i know i have to mount using daemon tools but there r application files too. alot actually and idk which to use.

  39. Check the FAQ section of this website.

    Jeez. Just finished my first route (Berios). Not bad.

    The most annoying part about this game is the forced route order. I don’t like the fact that you have do certain routes before you can clear a heroine with a good ending. Supposedly one has to have all previous heroines cleared (not sure if Crea is part of it), before she is unlocked. And I don’t want to do Mia. She’s psycho.

    Supposedly the patch allows clearing a route in ‘Justice’ to the same as clearing them for ‘Destiny’ so getting Crea’s route in ‘Destiny’ less of a hassle.

    I’m gonna look for a 100% clear save file. I refuse to deal with Mia.

  40. Yes.

    ‘Duel Savior ‘Justice” is the improvement upon the original ‘Duel Savior’ and has sex scenes. Some might prefer this over the no-sex ‘Duel Savior ‘Destiny”. ‘Duel Savior ‘Destiny” is the PS2 version and sex scenes are replaced with fade outs and something else and they kinda ruin the game. However….

    ‘Duel Savior ‘Destiny” has improved over ‘Duel Savior ‘Justice”. It has lots of changes and additions that many of them actually work out nicely. The overall story and etc felt improved to me. And there is a additional route for Princess Crea in ‘Destiny’ while there was none in Justice. For example, ‘Destiny’ has the Mia/Golem CG and Chapter 2 has the Berio sex scene change into bath scene which I found to be quite tasteful and fits into the story well.

    That, and the voice acting between ‘Justice’ and ‘Destiny’ has changed a bit and many cases improved because….


    P.S. All this talk of ‘Destiny’ and ‘Justice’ makes me think of Gundam SEED….

    1. Voice acting changes:

      Taiga — None / Sugiyama Noyiaki
      Mia — Kaori / Shitaya Noriko
      Lily — Kanari Kanzaki / Kobayashi Sanae
      Berio — Nishida Komugi / Takahashi Mikako
      Kaede — Oda Marina / Itou Shizuka
      Rico — Kasuga Ann / Minami Omi
      Nanashi — Shion Miyabi / Nabatame Hitomi
      Crea — Kamisa Akari / Mizuhashi Kaori
      Muriel — Oonami Konami / Yamaguchi Yuriko
      Dahlia — Matsushita Miyabi / Ohara Sayaka
      Downy — Narita Ken / Hayami Shou
      Sel — Ishikawa Daisuke / Mizushima Takahiro
      Shezar — Maekawa Takeshi / Suwabe Junichi
      Mudou — Miyabayashi Yasushi / Norio Wakamoto
      Imnity — Mikagami / Mamiko Noto
      Lobelia — Shion Miyabi / Nabatame Hitomi

      1. Final note. I seriously am torn. I don’t necessarily minded the no-sex in ‘Desinty’ but the way they done it was kinda noticeably bad or at least awkward. But it has so many improvements and additions… just look at the A-list voice actors!

        1. The comment section really needs a edit button or something. I just forgot to mention the patch kind of mixes some things up, like Sugiyama Noyiaki(aka Shirou Emiya)’s voice coming up in ‘Justice’ though the original ‘Justice’ didn’t…. But there ARE differences between ‘Justice’ and ‘Destiny’.

          Sorry for ‘talking’ so much.

  41. um so i downloaded the torrent but before i mounted and installed using daemon tools i used the application but it all went black. now it stuck on my computer task bar and it won’t close. so im surposed to mount the iso file then use the eng application? so after that do i have to leave the iso mounted on daemon tools? this gets confusing sometimes. ok justice is the +18 and destiny is the all ages right. so r they the same but the +18 has sex and the other has em cut like a censored or edited of a r rated movie?

  42. can i make a request? can you add Material brave in your site. searched it on the web and found out that it’s the successor of duel savior justice game. also made by giga and the sequel material brave ignition will be released in Jan. 25 2013. so im kinda hoping to play Material brave (English) cuz ive been searching a lot of site and i cant find a good place for downloading it. so far duel savior is one of my fav game so please can you add it to your site? Please and Thank you

  43. i need to ask though… do i need to download the 3gb file first before i download the patched file or does the english patched file already contains all of the data? please help because ive already downloaded the patched one but i didn’t download the other one.. please help i want to play this game….

    1. first download the game that is not translated and the patches ….. install the game that is not translated first (daemon tool) …. then move all the english patch into ur folder that duel savior is in …. should be in program file(x86)/giga/duelsavior it should work ….. note: there are two choices in the game: justice and destiny ….. justice is for 18+ and destiny is for all age …. pm me if u have more question

      1. When I try to add the english patch to the Daemon tools thingy it says not enough space. I really wanna play this. plz help

  44. thanks for the game but i have a problem with it, I can not save in the game, when I try to save and then after that try to load it it say that there is no save in this slot
    please help

  45. once your regional settings are set to japan the game will not crash at all unless you have several applications open behind it

  46. and for the crashes its best to change your non-unicode regional settings to japan the other option is to install aplocal and also the crea’s route crash fix only makes it crash more because your non-unicode regional setings are the wrong settings for the game sorry if im killing your pride admin

  47. what file in the game causesthe censoring and where can i get crossepac i want to try to remove the censoring but you need crossepac in order to extract the files from the pac to find the censoring and remove it and then put them in a pac file with the same name of the pac you extracted the files from please help.

  48. Can anyone help me out with crashing on Kaede’s path, after the fight with the dumb guy with the sword who killed a certain person’s father

  49. My game always crashes after the golem fight when Mia asks “can you stand up” reinstaled three times already. Thi happens in Justice. In Destiny my game crashes right after op movie. Can someone help me, please.

  50. Game always crashes during the (first?) meeting with the principal, at the moment when she tries to explain this “Universe is a human body” part…

    1. Yeah, same problem with me. Whenever the main character says “Huh?” or something after zoning out, the game crashes. I’ve re-downloaded already, but it seems like the problem exists with this guy as well.

      1. Alot of the games require Japanese Locale to be run, after getting annoyed at having to restart my computer a few times when i wanted to play them i found Microsoft AppLocale and after running it on that you can just use the provided short cut to run the game w/o having to switch.

  51. Help!!
    i just finished downloading this, when i tried to install, a small black screen pop out with a sentenced but i can’t read what it say cuz the black screen closed down almost instantly. i can’t seems to install this game T.T

    Help please D:

  52. ouughh to bad no scene for principal :))
    can any1 give me direction if i want another game like this one?

    thanks ^^

  53. need help my windows 7 keeps givin me errors saying the setup files are not valid win32 files please help someone

  54. The problem with the game closing is solved but i don’t know how it’s just stoped from a day to another >_<

    To px:

    yes my new PC owns xD

    My throughs about the game:

    The game is awesome reallyyyy good, the battle sistem is awesome and the story is very touching, the girls are in geral pretty, don't liked Rico at all, the bests paths that i choose was Lily, Kaede, and Nanashi and Mia (she's crazy but… yeah xD).

    Really sad that the Crea's path don't exist my fav girl there 🙁

  55. To Lock:

    Do you have a Video Ram Card installed in your PC? This game and others with FX need VRAM to at least 1GB. If you don´t then buy it then try again and write the error you are having so anyone who knows the error can help you.

    P.D.: In search of the Harem Ending at all cost! XD

  56. Someone solved the crashing problem that occur all the time? can’t play like this, I start playing and one minute afeter it crash in a random text. Need to save all the time to make some progress, but it’s not fun this way, if I have to open the game after 2 min. 🙁

  57. I have a little problem. the game constantly keeps crashing in different points but I somehow managed to fix the problem. but after first h-scene when you bump into Sel ı got a crash and I cannot get past this point. please help!!!

    1. im crashing alot too but i cant get past around when the principal him his sis and bigboobs chick are talking and he claims he could be the messia how did u get past the crashes so far? like what did you do?

  58. This game is totally ruined by the fact that you can’t turn off the MC’s voice. A huge turn off for me. Also, he sounds like a douche.

  59. windows 8 sucks with almost all h games, dont install this lame os.

    it feels like every new windows sucks for years before they finish with customers as beta testers O.O

  60. Does anyone know if there is a way to play this in a windowed rather then in fullscreen? Every time I try to change it in settings it tells me that I need to change Windows to 16 bit color, but I don’t know how to do that using Windows 7. If anyone has any advice, solutions, or even ideas I’d extremely appreciate it. Oh, and thank you admin for this awesome website!

  61. there’s a sides story game of duel savior..Xross Savior…new routes (eska’s route)and continuation of crea’s route in destiny and also taiga’s moves are editable there..

  62. Am i the only one here who doesn’t give a crap about “Boob Wars”?

    Jesus christ, what’s next? Clitoris apocalypse?

  63. I stopped playing after my main character got his ass kicked by the golem, and then it was his sister who powered up and destroyed the golem. Freaking lame, nobody wants to play a weak main character.

    1. I played a little longer and the main character got his weapon, but he’s still complete scum. I can’t stand main characters who act like this >_<

      I doubt I'll be able to finish this one.

  64. I might have missed this question from the comments but, how do you minimize the game? Whenever I have to go online, I always have to exit the game -_-

  65. C:\Users\quintero\Downloads\duel savior\DuelSavior.part03.rar: CRC failed in Duel Savior Complete Patch\Update.pac. The file is corrupt

    cani ask why its corrupt while im extracting it ? how cn i fix this?XD

  66. C:\Users\quintero\Downloads\duel savior\DuelSavior.part03.rar: CRC failed in Duel Savior Complete Patch\Update.pac. The file is corrupt

    can i ask how to fix this?

  67. Hmm does this game include “Rape” of any type? because if it does i rather avoid the time having to download to find out and skip the game like i skipped “Conquering the queen” :/ *Not fond of rape theme games*… Also is it Drama heavy? as in every route will have you on the edge of your seat wanting to find out what happened next etc.

    1. It has one shot, unavoidable tentacle rape scene around the middle of the common route and that’s it.

      The amount off drama increases as you go on. The first routes are only drama heavy at the very end, while Lily’s and Mia’s route drop several emotion-bombs.

  68. Can we get some instruction on how to install that, onegaishimasu? Im not sure what to do. Dont blame me, Im a noob 😛

  69. Thank you admin for yet another great upload. Duel Savior has been a blast!

    I just finished all routes, including the Crea route in Destiny. The best routes in terms of story are Mia, Lily, Harem, and Nanashi. The fighting system is great, but because of the enforced playing order of the game to unlock more girls, it gets repetitive since you cannot skip the fight scenes.

    Sex is okay, but I just skipped through most of it. Except for Lily and Mia. Love Love Beam and Mia’s insecurity are so cute.

  70. Is there a way to change the font? The way it is now, letters are overlapping on some words. If not I can just deal with it. Just hoping.

  71. Sooooo anyone figure out a reliable way to fix the crashes … ? pls people im dyong over here cant even get past the start of the first chapter D:

  72. Can’t get lily or mia’s routes >.> avoided the zombie’s ending though.got everyone else but those 3 and crea.

    1. Lily’s route is only available once you clear the other 4 routes, and Mia’s route (normal and true ending) only after you cleared Lily’s.

      Also, DO Nanashi’s route.
      Without posting to many spoilers, she might not be quite the zombie you think her to be.

      And She’s DEFINATELY one of the more awesome characters in the game. 🙂

  73. For those that are having a problem with the Text-crash error go into your setting and turn on the skip all text bit, so you can skip past the text that you haven’t read.

    Yes you’ll have to be quick to stop it afterward just be sure to click manically!

    Then just click on the < arrow and read the bits you miss (If you care too!)

    1. That happens for me too… I downloaded and extracted both the game and the english patch from this site and it worked well except for the crash at chapter 8 for crea route…

  74. Will you be uploading Boob Wars? I saw that mangagamers have finished that this month and I’m kinda interested in that shit XD

    1. Yes, you have to

      1. Instal the normal game (remember that is necesary have the system its have to be in japanese)
      2. Copy all the content of the patch
      3. Put all that thing in the game folder
      4. you have to play the haviest Duel Savior (close to 2 MB)

  75. we must download the english patch to play the game? or we both download the game and the english patch?
    I confused here..
    Help me please.. ><

  76. This game really screwed with my emotion meter, it goes from funny to sad to happy to rage all in a few chapters(and sometimes in one chapter). Honestly a great game.
    I must thank admin-sama, this the 9th game I’ve downloaded so far and I must say it’s only been great plays.
    For anyone looking at comments for whether to download or not, I say go for it!

  77. For the people that keep asking for Boob Wars: Big Boobs vs Flat Chests,

    As like many of the new retail release games they are becoming harder to crack, so until there is a cracked version the admin can not release the game.

          1. I buy a few games from mangagamer and Jast, but this time around i went out and brought a lot of anime before this release.

            I am planing to buy this next week if your still looking by then and I already have Otoboku on pre-order from mangagamer.

    1. Shut the fuck up ass. The Admin won’t upload the game with your attitude like that. If you don’t want to wait, buy it yourself from mangagamer, or just get a damn porn movie you pervert!

      1. Fuck my attitude you penis lover cock sucking gay. It is my right as visitors to demand our fapping materials. And admin has the responsibility to fulfill it asap. Or you want to be my cum dumpster

        1. The Admin sure has it hard for having a visitor like this. Look, you’re not the only one want it, everyone else do too. Just don’t rush him, it’ll only piss the admin off. In addition, we get all of this awesome “fapping materials” for FREE. so don’t complain oh the self-reclaim Mr.Rage-sama. You’re just embarassing yourself dude

          1. Mr. Rage. I speak for everyone here when I say, your a sad pathetic disrespectful child. Sad and just lame. Piss off

          2. it seems to me here that mr. rage want the free fapping material for free from stranger that he could abuse verbally all he want’s without a single word of thank’s let alone respect , and i think this description fit his mom characteristic by 100%

        2. Hahaha oh my god. I’ve read a lot of stupid comments but I’ve never actually had one make me laugh before now! A responsibility, seriously? Exercise your right to be an idiot all you want, but the admin doesn’t have a ‘responsibility’ to do shit. Certainly not ’cause an ungrateful leech demands it. If you won’t get it legally, don’t bitch that it’s taking too long to get it illegally.

          1. Just because he’s admin, that doesn’t mean he can just abandon us all!

            In here we are the king, the admin are the slave. Slave’s job to fulfil our earthy desire.

          2. Don’t bother arguing with him Big Hawk. He’s not human, he’s a just a horny dog. Let him barks all he wants. He’s not going to listen to us anyway. Admin, take it easy okay? We will always on your back, by stabbi- uh… wishing you luck

          3. don’t bother fighting a kid who’s so immature thinking he’s some kind of king.. really.. sheesh.. kids nowadays..

          4. After his reply to me it clicked, a little late I know, but hey it got in there in time for me to not continue it further! Though I’ve been tempted to start talking about bird cocks ever since. Did you know bird cocks are actually inside the bird? Their bits don’t dangle even if they’re male, it’s so weird. Also, I learned that from hentai manga. Who says it’s not educational?

            … I read some weird shit.

          5. haha, i read that manga too, about the bird that fucked a fairy right?, i think it have a beautifull artwork.

  78. i know this isn’t the right place to ask but i just don’t know where to (if someone want to tell me i would really appreciate), so, there is a chance that Boob Wars will be posted before the end of the week?
    thx and sry

  79. how strict is the enforced playing order i dont want to have to rely on walkthroughs i think half the fun is trying to find the cg myself but so far i came across the petrified twice

    1. You have to do Berio or Kanede first then the other next. Then Rico or Nanashi, then the other one. Then Lily. Then your step-sis(she is the only one with 2 ends btw)

      Also as a little hit lose your first fight against Berio and Kanede, and play to the end of that chapter, to pick up missing CG. Save first though as I think it stops you from getting a good end

  80. i installed it now when i try to play the english patch version i get an error thats some japenese stuff and says gamedisc2 on it. what do i do?

  81. Great game. I really liked the fighting system and the plot is really good. Taiga, Nanashi and Kaeda are just hilarious. XD

  82. Does anyone know of a guide to Crea’s route?
    Also is Crea the last route in the game or is there more after hers?

      1. that right, we all are waiting ours boob wars, we have to be patients (but it’s not bad if someone tell us news about it right?)

  83. Help me , i get error. it’s like fff .. . and some signs and numbers. it also has -3/4 but i can’t click ok or X button or cancel. Help please

  84. english patch is not the game, it’s just the patch to translate it, so of course it will be smaller. It would be a lot smaller if it didn’t have all of the voice updates, though.

  85. So what version of the game is uploaded here? Justice or Destiny? Basically is there hentai scenes in this version or not?

    1. Both of them. When you start a new game it will ask which version you want to play. Also, this has already been answered like 20 times.

  86. Trying to find a file of Widenyo (Mamayo) the two patches work on, any help? Also the widenyo eng v1 is for hentai right?

  87. Holy crap, I almost wish i didn’t play through Mia’s route. That shit is the most depressing route in the game.

  88. To anyone having crashing problems:

    The way to get the game to go on, that I have found, is to save near the crash, and then uninstall and reinstall the game(you can use the same file). Your saves will still be intact. Then load the game immidiately. It will go past where it was crashing. continue until after the scene ends.

          1. Rubinas, Lily and Mia’s are all awesome. I’d have to vote for Rubinas tho, since shes the best heroine 😮

            Special mention to harem route’s ending for the best boss fight ingame 😉

  89. I keep getting bad endings no matter what. I even followed the walkthrough but it just end up the same. What am I doing wrong?

    1. u have to play some heroines first, befor u can play other ones,
      try the ninja and the priestess first,
      after this the spirit, the zombie, the mage, the sis and after this u can get to the harem.

  90. seriously, guys, i cant get full cg.
    no matter how hard i try, i wont achieve 100% at parry mode.
    did anyone get full cg?

  91. sorry guys, I want to play in window mode, but I don’t know how to go to 16 bits, can someone help me please?

  92. Ok, what the hell. I finally played the game but all of a sudden the screen is small like windowed-size. I mean the screen is small and the rest is black. I even pushed Fullscreen but it doesn’t work. I even checked the internet for help and all they gave me is to push F key button which I don’t get. I pushed it during the title menu and even on the story part but no luck. How the hell do you fix this? Plz help, I don’t want to play the game that the pictures is so small……. ;(

  93. hmm…what happened? I usually have an average download speed of 100 kbps but know it went down to 10-20 kbps? And there’s nothing wrong with my connection… hmmmmmm?

  94. Anybody else having a problem entering Berio’s route I have tried it five times now and I followed the walkthrough on gamefaqs perfectly twice now and she won’t go with me on chapter 8 Its really annoying cause I completed the other three this is the only I need to get to continue

  95. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one but I’m not use to playing protagonist that has voices. Anyway to mute him? If not, then oh well I guess I will have to get use it.

    1. If you go to seiha translation website Arudoc put a blank voice pack at the bottom of the first post of the uber torrent. rename this file to Voice2.pac and place it in the Duel Savior game folder on your computer. This will remove all the PS2 voices (where Taiga’s is located). You will only be able to play the pc voices if you do this.

      1. Dude….. I can’t thank you enough for you saving my life from listening to that guy’s voice. Damn now I can finally play the game peacefully 😀

  96. So I was wondering if anyone was able to find a fix for the constant crashes in the game. I have downloaed the file twice, installed and reinstalled it probably a dozen times yet it always happens. I’m using win 7 and its set to jap locale. I have all the voices and sound for the game turned off as well (I read on another forum site that it had something to do with the voice file) but none of this helps in the slightest.

    Another things is the text, I don’t know how many others are dealing with it but the text is overlapping, I have installed several different fonts in an attempt to fix this but nothing has worked. If anyone found any fixes for these please get back to me.

    1. No, it doesn’t. God don’t have the same height, weight, hair color, facial expressions, silver armor, sword, dress, etc. It’s nothing similar to Saber. Also, Saber is more flat chested than him anyway.

  97. This is the third time this happens. My game bugs on a part, then debug. After one chapter or some sentenses, the bug appears again. I don’t know how it debugs sometimes, but the error stay still. I tried to change the compatibility with the system, change the level of privilege…I really don’t know WHAT makes the bug go away, but it returns every time.
    Seriously…can someone help me? This game is just awesome and this is really freaking me out

  98. Game is good, the one problem with it is that despite the different routes and options, there’s still a LOT of repetition, even in the later chapters once you get onto a heroine’s path. Once you’re on a specific heroine’s path then you can’t text skip even if it’s word-for-word an event that you’ve seen in a previous path.

    The sheer amount of repetition puts it on a lower scale than ones like Stein’s Gate where the paths allow you mostly to just pick up before one path ended and continue on to the next to view new plot. Still, the combat system is simple and fun, the characters are interesting and often amusing, and there’s definitely new developments as you go through the different storylines even though you have to go through some repetition to get there. Definitely a must-play.

  99. To everybody having issues with game crashes:
    My game also crashes and burns like fucking hell… But, it only happens either when:
    a) It’s been running for over 30 min(dunno why).
    b) Because of a problem with the voices files.

    So when it crashes and you reload it, just keep playing and save pretty darn often(quick save bar saved me so many times… otherwise, would’ve just given up on a great game…) and if it keeps crashing on the same spot, just disable the voice of whoever is speaking when it crashes and you should be ok, just remember to reactivate-it right after the dialogue, wouldn’t wanna miss nanashi’s talk for anything in the world… or, if it’s Taiga’s ( BIG problem, since you can’t deactivate it’s voice) activate skip unread messages and blaze through that part….
    Sorry for the long post, hope it helps…
    P.S. with a bit of effort, I finished all of the justice paths, so everyone else should be O.K.

      1. i had the problem, noticed that turning off voices works til taigas became a problem
        then realized
        did that, fix’d everything, including the font

  100. guys is it just me or its everyone’s got d same , when i install it the installation bar is blinking then vanquishing then popping up again can some1 help me with this problem?

      1. change system locale. not location. restart.
        sometimes the game will pause (loading i guess) if you click and it does not continue immediately then wait a few sec. dont abuse your mouse.

  101. Urm, has anyone here cleared Destiny which contain Crea path? I would like to have a walkthrough, if possible.

    1. First, you have to play on Destiny mode. Second, go to the “street” and “gate” whenever they appear on the choices. Third, choose: “Its my resposability as her brother” when the choice appears. That’s basically it.

    1. set your screen to 16bit color. turn to window mode (in config). the character look better but sometimes their eyes are still too wide due to the drawing style

  102. Basically.

    If you are playing for cg collecting, Destiny just isn’t worth it. You’ll merely get a few cgs of the girls in towels and for Crea’s route they just sloppily paste her into the non-porn group shots you get in the harem route in Justice.

    Also for whatever reason the cg images from that route have a horrible resolution. I’m guessing they were upscaled from 480i?

  103. There are sex scenes in the Justice version but try Destiny anyway, its also awesome with a slightly different story along with more heroines. Awesome battle system playing this made me feel epic after dishing out an awesome combo and story had its funny moments lots of replay-ability. because you can change your character for fights after beating the game

    Oh and thank you admin I’ve used your site forever and its thanks to you I have something awesome to do in my free time

    1. sorry i am a little confused, i haven’t installed the game yet so if i say something idiot i apologize, when i download this game i download two version of the same game, destiny and justice??

      1. when you start a new game, there will be an option, “justice” (with sex scenes) and “destiny”( fade to black,girls in towels.

  104. a question, the game is tagged 18+ but there is actually sex scene in this game or not?
    because i have not saw a single hentai image in the web regarding this game
    thx for the reply

        1. First, you have to play on Destiny mode. Second, go to the “street” and “gate” whenever they appear on the choices. Third, choose: “Its my resposability as her brother” when the choice appears. That’s basically it.

  105. Now for my review:

    I think this game is a pretty fun one, but the act of getting past the bad ending is so precise. It’s not easy to chose your heroine without any guides, despite the sex scenes that are pretty much handed to you on a silver platter.

    Overall, I’d say it’s a great fighting game that could use a tweak on combat mechanics. I’m getting tired of people hit while I’m getting up when I can’t do the same to other characters.

          1. third-ed, my chances of forsaking the world would be 40% higher if nit fir admin-sama!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Im having a problem when I enter in the arena for the first time, that woman with giant tits speaks to me and then my game stops working

      1. sometimes my game crashes to, it seems to happen when the text is corrupted, my solution was to set down text speed to slowest possible and left click to skip it.

  107. Just wandering, why is the english patch file size is so big. Aint it usually be like max 200 mb only or so so ?

  108. This game was fun, Endless in particular. Play as Muriel with 2 god Mias as partners and you will destroy everything, XD Plus I love hearing them scream when they attack haha.

  109. I just thought I might ask but am I the only one who actually preferred it when they were using mediafire?

  110. I downloaded the game…but when i start Duel savior destiny and teleport to the nxt world and talking ABOUT THE SAVIOR, the game will crash…plz help..do i need to start from justice before destiny?

  111. Wow. I just complete Mia’s route. For the princess route any guild, or is it the same as the harem route for destiny?

  112. Gotta say that this game is right up there as one of my top 10. Great Story, Battle to take away the ho hum of just reading and damn funny too. Just one question for Destiny where can I find info on the extra route and differences between that and Justice?

  113. I just installed the game and have done the patch but whenever I try playing comodo just stops it and says its malware when untranslated it works fine so far. So does anyone know what I can do to deal with this issue, if it helps I had only tried to install the comodo firewall not the antivirus.

  114. got problems with the text in this game
    the letters are to close to another so its really hard to read the textes =(
    is there anyway to fix this?

  115. Daaaang.. this games badass! One of the best h-games I’ve played. Can you put up a link to the games creator? I wanna buy and support it. 😀

  116. Guys, where can i find the Duel Savior destiny? when i extract it, the Duel savior justice only there..do i have some missing?

    1. Dafuq… did I just see…

      If you think that Berio’s route is great then you’ll be left speechless by the other girls’ route. FYI, Berio’s is the worst route

      1. berio’s was a decent route, you know nothing lol. if you want a good route, play rubinas’s route. best ending ever.

    Chapter 1
    Savior? Me!?:
    FIGHT: Golem.
    Map: Ho Hum

    Chapter 2
    A black papilio:
    Map: Doesn’t matter
    FIGHT: Berio. Win, yawn.
    Choose the first choice: もっと続ける
    Map: Doesn’t matter.

    Chapter 3
    It dances at night!:
    Map: Choose library in the second or third choice to get CG, rest doesn’t
    Map: Church
    Map: Doesn’t matter
    Map: Doesn’t matter, but it’s fun to have her chase you for a while. Go to
    the church at the end.
    Choose the first choice: 抱いてみたい
    FIGHT: Black Papilon. Just win, she’s not much. On hard she’s still not much.

    Chapter 4
    A dangerous newcomer?
    Map: Doesn’t matter
    FIGHT: Save silly Claire from some baddies.
    FIGHT: Kaede. The corner relauncher is your friend. On hard still very easy.
    Map: Dorms, Church, Middle
    Map: Library, Summoning Pit, Dungeons
    FIGHT: You and Kaede vs Mia and Berio. Yawn.

    Chapter 5
    The magic book in which it was sealed:
    Map: Exit
    FIGHT: You and Berio go to fight some baddies.
    Map: Church, Cafeteria, Classroom, Church, Arena
    FIGHT: Rico. Yawn.
    Map: Dorms, Dungeons, Forest, Hospital
    FIGHTS: Noisy people in the library. Yawn.
    FIGHT: Immunity x 2. You’re used to this by now. Try to set up the infinite
    for experience!

    Chapter 6
    Signs of ruin:
    Map: Library
    Choose the second choice: 不安を打ち明ける
    Map: Park
    FIGHT: Kaede
    Map: Classroom
    FIGHT: Random loser blobs and werewolves.
    Map: Arena
    FIGHT: Mia
    Map: Hospital
    Choose either one!
    Map: Library
    Choose the first choice: ガ○レッド
    Map: Middle
    Choose the first choice: やる
    Map: Hospital
    Choose the first choice: 心配するな
    Map: Classroom
    Choose the second choice: 礼を言う
    Map: Arena
    Choose the second choice: 威厳を取り戻す
    Map: Exit
    FIGHT: Kraken. Wow, Berio’s new reflect wall is amazingly cool.
    FIGHT: Headless Kraken. GG Lily spam.
    FIGHT: Lily.

    Chapter 7
    My name is NANASHI!!:
    Map: Park
    Choose the first choice: 気にするな
    Map: Classroom
    Choose the second choice: 誤魔化す
    Map: Hospital
    Choose the first choice: 励ます
    Map: Cafe, Classroom
    FIGHTS: Undead doofs
    Map: Church, Middle, Library, Park
    FIGHT: Lily
    Map: Right outside the school, Arena
    Choose the first choice: 訓練をする
    FIGHT: Kaede
    Map: Headmaster’s room
    FIGHTS: Garbage day

    Chapter 8
    The holiday of Avatar:
    If you’re missing this choice you failed.
    Choose the first choice: うん、ここは兄として目を離すわけにはいかんな
    Woo, new dialogue!
    Poor stupid Seru XD.
    Baka! Bakabakabakaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    What do zombies eat? (Wait, I forgot she’s not really one XD)
    New CGS!
    “Low level.”

    Chapter 9
    Darkness Covers All:
    FIGHT: Trash on the bridge
    FIGHT: You, Mia, Lily vs Lobelia and Shezar.
    Um wow they REALLY reset the difficulty, before the more times you won in DS the
    ridiculously harder it got.
    I think Justice resets that number, cause holy crap this fight was EASY on hard
    difficulty with Mia, who I suck with.

    Chapter 10
    The night before decisive battle:
    OMG Berio took off her stupid hat!
    Aw how nice they send you off with a “You’re going alone against 10,000 enemies”
    GIGA in no way endorses underage drinking! Really!
    Wow, this is like the most ridiculously silly CG I have ever seen.
    I knew Mia and Lily couldn’t share XD
    New word, buracon, opposite of sis complex has entered my vocabulary!
    “I bathe with him! So there!”
    Six drinks in a row, remember that alcohol poisoning is bad!
    Six uh…wow… something else in a row.
    You already have no morals godamn it, it’s the point of no return fool!
    And so, with a hangover, the brave knight sets out…and meets his friend.
    FIGHT: Seru. Wow, does he even know you just knocked up the woman he loved?
    Anyway, he wants to join you, and since he likes to die in so many of the
    previous paths, you do the right thing and instead of sending home, offer to
    test him to let him tag along. Aren’t you so nice -_-. Oh you meet Rubinasu.
    And you’re STILL going with Downy. This bodes ill.

    Chapter 11
    the Labyrinth of Betrayal:
    FIGHT: Trash.
    However, holy crap you can use Downy or Seru along with Taiga?
    Downy has no supers though as of now.
    FIGHT: Trash. AHAHAHA Downy is godamn awesome.
    FIGHT: Just have fun using Downy.

    Hm…do we have a glimpse into the workings of Downy?
    I think we do…he had a sister, who’s ‘gone’ now.
    Uh oh this is a problem.
    My understanding of the previous stories was so light around this part that I
    never knew why Myurieru tried to turn you all into stone, or why you fought her
    at all.
    And Downy jumps in front of you when you’re about to get hit by a ghost =O, he
    also stops you from turning yourself into stone =O.

    FIGHT: Trash plus some golems. WOULD be hard, except well…not.
    Downy’s too good.

    Well, THERE it is. What I was waiting for.
    Guess like he’s a bastard after all.
    I have a bad feeling about Seru -_-a

    FIGHT: You and Seru vs Lobelia, Shezar, Mudou.
    Not hard at all on hard surprisingly.
    I used Seru for funnies.
    I told you they reset the difficulty counts!

    And of course Lobelia gets back up cause she’s like Nanasi.
    Looks like the first destroy world White King was Robelia Reed, Downy’s
    Surrender now, there are two reasons:
    First is Seru’s under their physical control.
    Second is Mia is the white king (duh).
    Rubinasu protects your soul after you put on the armor and go insane.
    Poor Immunity.
    I think you manage to teleport Seru out of there with the last of Rubinasu’s
    and your will.

    Chapter 12
    a Violent battle:
    FIGHT: Girls vs Trash. Interesting how you’re the one who’s kidnapped now =D
    FIGHT: Girls vs slightly harder trash. Kraken shows up.
    FIGHT: Girls vs slightly slightly harder trash. Bull shows up.
    All your weapons and Rico disappear ;_;
    And wow devastation is Rico path level, no half assed job here.

    Chapter 13
    the People who are not defeated.:
    Rubinasu has someone’s memories =D =D =D

    Chapter 14
    a certain End:
    Will go back later with dictionary in hand, I just wanted to unlock things.

    Chapter 15
    Saigo no tatakai (final fight):
    FIGHT: God Mia, Seru, Myurieru vs Trash. Um holy crap take your pick of
    ownage here. I feel so bad for the manticores. Hard isn’t even remotely hard,
    all three of them can wipe out teams solo without breaking a sweat.
    FIGHT: God Mia, Seru, Myurieru continue to rape random things in ridiculous
    FIGHT: Myurieru and Seru let Mia rest and beat the crap out of the enemies by
    FIGHT: Kaede vs Mudou. Give it your all de gozarou!
    Shouldn’t be too hard, as Kaede’s really good.
    Papillon comes in handy sometimes ne?
    FIGHT: Black Papillon???!!! vs Shezar.
    Holy crap thankfully it’s not the god Shezar of 12+ walkthroughs.
    FIGHT: Berio vs Shezar.
    The main event, wall and sonic boom do the job.
    FIGHT: Seru and Myurieru vs undead trash. Mia’s still resting =O.
    FIGHT: Nanasi vs Lobelia.
    And here I was DESPARATELY hoping that we’d get to use sword Nanasi.
    Ah well, win some lose some.
    FIGHT: Rubinasu vs Lobelia.
    Speak of the devil! Wahaha I love Rubinasu.
    Anyway, dB is extremely cheesy, combined with juB, you can have an army out
    doing moves and never be in danger.
    Rubinasu… ;_;
    FIGHT: Lily vs Downy.
    You know what to do here I hope. dA dB spam should take him out with little
    damage to yourself.
    Godamn it…Lily?
    The others had a chance to come back but godamn it. This is bleak.
    FIGHT: Seru and God Mia vs Savior Armor
    Mia’s AB will RAPE completely here.
    FIGHT: Seru vs Downy.
    fB is all you need really.
    Oh godamn!
    Lily managed to break Dispaia in the last fight and Seru managed to win!
    Good job you two ;_;
    Haha, “That’s Nanasi…I think?”
    FIGHT: Lily, Berio, Kaede, Nanasi vs Caterpillar God.
    OH NOES TEH WHORE IS BACK. And you don’t have fB to help!
    Least you can beat the crap out of him with FOUR people.
    Anyway, I used Nanasi first time through, and wow uh, small hit box problems
    disappear when you have a move that hits from the ground with three allies.
    Her head hits at just the right height too when he’s low on life.
    Anyway really easy XD. Saros would want to try a solo fight I’m not crazy.
    FIGHT: Taiga and God Mia vs Caterpillar God.
    Hahaha, either work, but use Mia for her AB spam to make the fight easier
    than it already is.
    FIGHT: God Taiga vs Butterfly God
    Oh geez you chased her to take her out permanently.
    Anyway, new sword, enchanced moves, now THIS is a boss fight I can godamn enjoy
    on hard.
    None of this stupid autoguard caterpillar 1 pixel hit box crap.
    Anyway uh, I just beat the crap out of her XD.
    Save here
    After the game ends, reload for the last CG.

  118. Anyone know where I can find duel savior destiny walkthrough? Or at the very least tell me which new routes to keep an eye out for that weren’t in justice?

  119. i have all the routes done on justice, and now i’ve gone onto destiny and i can’t get crea/claire route, i heard that claire should appear during the free choice maps but i don’t see her, any advice?

    1. sorry about that, i thought claire was someone else lol. to get the crea route, all i did was go to the gate/street whenever it was on the map, and you got scenes with her. Or just google a guide for duel savior destiny.

  120. hmm still cant believe this site has changed so much i remember when it only had 3 sections and only a handful of games. Just thought id stop by and say good work keeping this place up Admin, glad to see it still growing.

  121. Please upload Xross scramble, the fandisc game as well since aroduc released a partial patch for it sometime last year.

  122. I’m currently having a lot of trouble with the “Direct Draw” error. I’ve tried a number of things and I’ve honestly given it my best shot, but in the end I’ve had no success. If anyone could post a guide or quick fix for this, I would be grateful.

    I’ve found some more information about it, for those interested. Apparently, this is only an issue with the Windows 8 Pre-Release. I read something about DirectDraw being depreciated which is what is causing the conflict. I’ve found that it works 100% perfectly on Windows 7 computers.

    If you have any additional information, please share.

    1. How do you make it work on Windows 7 computers? I still get the DirectDraw error in both W8 and W7… Also if I use XP the resolution doesn’t adjust properly 🙁


      After applying patch, did you notice there is 2 files? “DuelSavior.exe” and “Duel Savior.exe” (With Space). Run the one with space that alphacheck should be gone.

      PS : 1wdv, you are son of a bitch.

  123. I have found this neat software which is called “QRes”
    It’s really make your life easier.
    Put qres.exe into your game directory.

    Create a batch file there:
    qres /c:16

    qres /c:32

    Now you only need to run that batch file whenever you want to play your game.

    1. I am forgetting something, please put your game executable name between the qres command. Yes, it’s such an old piece of small software, yet it still works in my windows 7 ultimate 64bit.

  124. I already played this before somewhere, but now I’ll seriously have to redo 6 routes to be able to play as Mia??? Having her as my main in the fighting really is troublesome. Hey, does anyone knows where I can download the save data until her route? if so please tell me where. I already tried downloading it from a few places, but it never actually worked.

        1. I had the same trouble myself, so after some googling (I’d recommend doing this in the future) I was able to find what works for windows 7. If you don’t have windows 7 then I can’t help you but otherwise follow the directions below:
          1. Open up “Screen Resolution” either by right clicking on the desktop and selecting it or by navigating through Control Panel.
          2. Select “Advanced Settings” while making sure you have the correct monitor selected.
          3. The Adaptor tab should be selected by default. If not, select it and then click “List All Modes.”
          4. You need to be careful to select the same resolution and refresh rate you’re currently using while only selecting the option “High Color (16 bit)” rather than “True Color (32 bit).”
          5. Profit.


  125. how do i patch it to English it has been awhile since i’ve patched anything so i don’t remember how

    1. Install the game. Move the files in the patch folder to the game directory folder and overwrite files as needed. The game folder will be located under Program files – Giga – Duelsavior.

  126. Finished the game. I really like the fighting system. By the end of Mia’s route I learnt how to pull some off some crazy damaging combos with Taiga.

    I do wish that they cut down on some of the trash fights though. When replaying they start to get tedious. The 1v1 duels are always a blast though.

        1. My comment that links you to the place is awaiting moderation, but you need the Crea patch fix that fixes that specific crash. It’s available on the translator’s website.

          1. Thanks for the help!! Mr. Rage you should do the same but you will only get ken´s creepy brother and he likes boys.


    After applying patch, did you notice there is 2 files? “DuelSavior.exe” and “Duel Savior.exe” (With Space). Run the one with space that alphacheck should be gone.

    PS : 1wdv, you are son of a bitch.

  128. I didn’t take it seriously when people complained why is it the file so big. Only now I realized that, it’s as big as the game itself?? What the hell. My download is only halfway done, then.

  129. So how do i get the loli route is it like the harem one or is it a complete new set of choices that i have to make ?? If it is can someone give me some pointers im stuck!

    1. you need to do either Berio’s path or Kaede’s path first, then the other one you didn’t do, then Rico, then Nanasi, then Lily, then Mia.

        1. you dont need to redo destiny, you can just do justice routes first then switch destiny for remaining route, easy 😉

  130. 0 seeder found, again…

    Is no one seeding this? or everybody just went away after finished downloading it?

  131. Game won’t install, some alphacheck.exe error occurs near the end of the installation, any help appreciated T_T, tried running as admin and for windows xp already o-o

    1. Ok, I’m no pro but I can help you to at least check the “obvious” stuff (If you don’t play VNs often you probably don’t know, but if you do this is just silly)
      Is your pc set to Japanese locale? Not language, locale. If not, than change it.
      If there is an error when you try to get it running it may be something with your directx, but this is just a guess. I’m a noob after all. Well, the usual errors that I get are because of the following things: directx, codec or the file you downloaded is corrupted. If that’s the case, you may have to download it again. But that never happened with me in this site.
      That’s probably the only help I’m able to provide. Hope it helped.

      1. thanks for the help but im actually really experienced in terms of that i have a huge collection of VNs all of which work so ya my pc is japanese locale and i have gotten the necessary codec, etc.

        I might just be too lazy to keep trying for this one but it seems i cant find anything about this alphacheck.exe error. Basically, an error messagebox pops up at some point during the installation, and i click okay and then the installation stops and everything that has been installed thus far is deleted.

        Another person mentioned the error too in the earlier posts but got no reply lol :(.

  132. hey, does anybody knows how can I change the character I’m playing with? I can only fight using Taiga, I played a few routes like this, he is in a really high level but I can’t play with anyone else, and his fighting style became extremely boring after playing the game 3 times over.

    1. You need to clear the route of a character before being able to control them. When there’s a little heart next to the character then you can play as them.

      Since you say you completed a few routes, I’m surprised you didn’t figure it out, did you by chance not use the save at the end of a route to start your new game? That might explain it.

  133. Started playing just now and it was very fun and interesting thus far (Taiga is hilarious)… till I found out about the route locks. Now it feels like alllll my enthusiasm just died. Rly hard to get myself to replay a game. Usually follow the route I like most then can’t really get into any others. To make matters worse to get to the one I’d rly like to see (Lily) I have to go through that bitch Berio’s route first… feel like crying.(╥_╥) Dunno if I can push myself to get through her route. Thx for uploading though regardless 😀

  134. So, my game keeps on freezing right after I meet the Principal, right after the screen goes white and the bitch with the huge tits tells you to wake up.

    What do?

      1. the english patch also includes the ps2 version voices (completely different cast) and CG’s as well as another route,
        you could say that they added the PS2 game to the PC version. thats why its so big.

        1. Is that what the whole Justice and Destiny thing is about ? Justice is the original PC version while Destiny is the PS2 ?

          1. in justice you can get harem ending with H scene, but in destiny there is no H scene and crea route is only available in destiny gameplay

  135. My game keep crashing in the intro, after hero got teleported to the new world. Do I have to change to japanese settings?

          1. There is an option to change from Numpad to Arrow Keys in the Options menu right at the top.

  136. Anyone have any advice for the messiah level parry-training. Some of these are just killing me, any help would be appriciated.

  137. Hey how do i unlock the endless mode, i Google how to unlock it but all the sites just saying how to unlock characters for it, like your supposed to have the mode already unlocked.

  138. Berio is the worst character but is first route… And Lily is available only when clear Berio/Kaede/Rico/Nanasi… This game deserves only 3/10, waste of time :/

    1. Japanese VNs/eroges are never EVER dubbed in English. All the translation does is change the original text into English. All the original voices, gameplay elements, and just about everything else remains unchanged

  139. the game stop working at the principle explanation scene. where Taiga was about to sleep and the screen went white.

    can help how to fix?

    1. ihad the same
      i turned off Dahlia and the Principles voices, it worked perfectly
      maybe something wentwrong in the voice file

      1. nevermind, it worked at first, but there is another point it crashes at, its when Taiga is speaking, and i cant turn his voice off so if thats it, it ain’t working a second time

          1. hurm, i’m gonna stick with your suggestion, seeing that scramble on is a side story, this one must be the original story..

            thanks anyway..

  140. I was just wondering, I’ve noticed that the english translated text in the text boxes is pretty jumbled up almost like it seems scrunched together. Is there a way to fix that?

  141. If anyone else is using an Xbox 360 controller, have you been able to do diagonal jumps? All the controls bar diagonal jumps works perfectly fine. It is quite difficult trying to air juggle when you only jump straight up.

    I’d play with keyboard but it feels so clunky compared to the Xbox 360 controller.

  142. which torrent is out? they worked fine for me yesterday and today O_o. And thanks for the torrents saves me a lot of time and timing downloads 😛

  143. I figured eh, no torrent guess I’ll do the DA free links..

    then when almost done one set I’m like Eh, guess I’ll get the premium…

    Now, HOW THE #&*$ do I get a premium? I’ve signed up clicked the buy button but I keep getting sent to this page on posonline…

    I hate it when I decide I’ll pay for something that I technically don’t have to, then have that payment refuse to work.

      1. “Servizio non disponibile” is italian for “service not available” so i guess it is temporarily offline

  144. This is just a thought but, admin, why don’t you put the english patch together in the same torrent with the game when there is one? Wouldn’t that be better? Of course if there is a reason for that, then it’s ok! 🙂

    1. Yes that might be easier for those who don’t have the game but some people like me own the game previously doesn’t need to download again right?

      1. And that would make perfect sense to somebody that doesn’t know how to use uTorrent or a similar manager.

        You can pick and choose which files you download from a torrent. 😉

  145. My Reaction:
    “Hmm, looks interesting…
    Torrent? Nope. Well I’ll just download in parts HOLY FUCK that’s a lot of parts o.0”
    The next day
    “Ok, so all the parts are downloaded now.. time to get the english HOLY FUCK THAT’S ALMOST AS BIG AS THE VN ITSELF!!!”

    Still downloading now.

  146. i made myself sad… only went through the bad ending 4x to figure that i cant get lily before a bunch of other routes first T_T

    1. I’ve been waiting on the torrent since this was posted… ^^’

      I went ahead and downloaded the game manually, but it’ll be a pain to do the same with the patch.

    1. Sorry I don’t get it can you please explain it to me. How did you solve it? I tried renaming the files but it didn’t work

  147. I’ve posted this before, but just to have everything in one place. Come to Erogegames.com (the forum) if you have questions regarding the patches and what not. The patch is huge because it pretty much has everything regarding voices (pc and ps2). You are able to choose which voice you want to listen to. Almost everyone will say the Ps2 voices are superior. To listen to ps2 voices, you need to rename the voice files – voice1 should be voice2 and voice2 should be voice1, otherwise it will use the PC voices. You CAN have Ps2 voices + Hscenes. During the H-scenes, the voices will revert to the PC voices. After the h-scenes are done, the voices will go back to the Ps2 voices. You can also rename Justice2.pac to Justice2PC.pac and rename Justice2PS2.pac to Justice2.pac. to change the battle and system voices to Ps2.
    When you first run the game, you can choose Justice (this is the 18+ version) and make sure you renamed those voice files like stated earlier. If you don’t want h-scenes, you can select Destiny, which is the 17+ version.. this contains a loli route instead of a harem route and it has no h-scenes (has bath scenes and fade to black scenes instead)

    This DOES have an enforced playing order. Berio/Kaede->Rico/Nanashi->Lily->Mia*->Harem for 18+.. in Destiny, the Harem is replaced with the loli.

  148. im waiting for torrent its kinda painful it looks good but is it fighting like arcade game or like super combos and cancels and super cancel ect of more modern games

  149. I’m having a problem with the game screen that always stays with cuts on the sides, if anyone knows how to solve this could you please tell me how, thanks advance

    1. That’s right, I think I must have downloaded 40-50 games from here and there never once was any problem with a virus. In fact this is probably the safest site I download from.

      Keep in mind that there is no virus protection that doesn’t flag a false alarm now and then.

      It’s only natural that some of the patches or cracks have similarities with viruses, because they are working similarly.

      The admin here is the best!!!

  150. Why is the english Patch Big? read past comments.
    Why is there no torrent? read past comments.

    the answers are all in the past/old comments.

  151. anyone know what the difference between Justice and Destiny mode are? i havn’t gone through all of justice’s routes yet so i don’t wanna go to destiny just yet.

  152. thanks for everything. will start attempting to download in parts but still hope a torrent will be up soon 😛

  153. just be patient guys, you could download it in parts if you really can’t wait and otherwise just hold on while the admin prepares the torrent. And saying please after a torrent cry doesn’t make it less of a cry xD

    1. Oh please excuse me Mr. erogedownload policeman… oh wait. There aren’t any, so why don’t you mind your own business?

      There’s nothing wrong with asking for the torrent. I wasn’t crying or pleading or tried to make a fuzz about it, I was just asking normally, okay?

      1. really dude? your saying 2 this gentlemen that he needs to mind his own business, well why don’t u download some other vns on this site that has a torrent 2 kill some time.
        P.S watch out we’ve got a badass over here.

        1. Woah, another friggin’ genius. You guys are all so great! The second fantastic advice I got, that I never asked for.
          WTF do you think I’m doing? Spending all day waiting for the torrent to appear?

          I ask again, what is the problem with politely asking for the torrent? No one that posted put any pressure on or demanded the torrent in an unfriendly way. There was no need for the first remark and there is no need for your friggin’ reply.

          Stop worrying about other peoples business and stop defending the admin who never was attacked in the first place.
          The admin is fantastic, providing all the stuff on this site.
          I have immense gratitude and respect for his work and I’ve been using the site long enough to know just how good of a job he does for us, that’s why I need no fuckin’ wiseguy explaining it to me or defending the wiseguy who thought he needed to explain it to me.

          You get the picture? Now run along and play with the other kids and leave the grown-ups to do their shit.

    1. Because it pretty much has everything regarding voices. It has ps2 + pc voices as well as other stuff like battle system effects, etc.

  154. holy crap an english version, YES! i actually own this game, but its all in japanese >.< so i cant tell what the story is much, not that you need it for combat, but i would like to know the story finally.

  155. When I try to get into windowed instead of fullscreen, I get an error that says ‘windows must be set to 16-bit color’. Anyone know the fix for this?

  156. for god’s sake people, read the previous posts before asking stupid questions… becouse Admin is in Thailand right now the torrents will be delayed. If you can’t wait just download the game in parts from the DA section [it’ll take forever for me that’s why I’m waiting for torrent] it’ll take you a few minutes to go through all the coments at most so please refrain from asking the same thing over and over again…

  157. Come to Erogegames.com (the forum) if you have questions regarding the patches and what not. The patch is huge because it pretty much has everything regarding voices (pc and ps2). You are able to choose which voice you want to listen to. Almost everyone will say the Ps2 voices are superior. To listen to ps2 voices, you need to rename the voice files – voice1 should be voice2 and voice2 should be voice1, otherwise it will use the PC voices. You CAN have Ps2 voices + Hscenes. When you first run the game, choose Justice (this is the 18+ version) and make sure you renamed those voice files like stated earlier. The 17+ version is Destiny.. this contains a loli route instead of a harem route and it has no h-scenes (has bath scenes and fade to black scenes instead)

    1. Oh yeah and you can rename Justice2.pac to Justice2PC.pac and rename Justice2PS2.pac to Justice2.pac. to change the battle and system voices to Ps2. Forgot that last tidbit of info.

    2. I have just one question. Is the loli heroine included in the harem ending of Justice? Because if she’s not I’m much more inclined to get Destiny instead.

      1. I don’t believe the loli is included in the harem ending of Justice. What you can do is beat the whole game on Justice(you get to pick in the beginning if you want to play Justice or Destiny) and then after the harem route is over with, choose justice in the beginning and play the loli route.

        1. So how do i get the loli route like the harem one or is it a complete new set of choices that i have to make ?? If it is can someone give me some pointers im stuck!

      1. Yep, you will get voiced h-scenes if you use the ps2 voices. What happens is if you rename the voice files, when the h-scenes come up the voices will revert to the PC voices.. so you’ll get PC voices for h-scenes and after the h-scene is done, it’ll revert back to the superior Ps2 voices.

  158. Lol why wait for torrent o_O?… if you just downloaded like you would’ve finished dl-ing 6hours ago like me lol 😛

  159. any of you geting erors while playing? i got a few erors from sound in certain places but now im stuck after the zombie girl introduction to class, all sound turned off same for any efect, let them all on instant and i still get eror any idea how to fix?

    1. It comes with a voice patch hence the size
      speaking of which im about to finish my download can’t wait :3

  160. Hmm, so the game and the patches should take up a little over 5gb of memory? Can’t wait for those torrent to go up, might have to leave it on when I go for my night class.

        1. Trust me, I’d rather not wait either, but I can’t do the DA downloads. (I’m already downloading Tears to Tiara as we speak.) Have fun though. xD

  161. …Now, more then ever, do I wish my library hadn’t blocked torrents. I’m just glad they haven’t blocked the DA downloads. ;_; oh well, i guess I got enough crap to occupy me til then.

  162. well good job as always admin, from what i found on the game it looks good and it has interesting story, cant wait to play it
    When u get torents up ill download them and add to seed like always

  163. Thanks for the upload. You make it so easy to keep up to date with English VNs 😀

    Big, huge thanks for the torrents on the recent posts btw Admin.

  164. From what I could gather the reason the translation patch is so large is because it also adds expansion content. The game download is “justice” and the patch also adds “destiny” or something like that.

          1. You can install it like this – Have ps2 voices(which is the superior version) and still have 18+ scenes. What you need to do is rename voice2 to voice 1 and voice 1 to voice 2 and select Justice when you first run the game. Once the h-scenes come up, the inferior voices will replace the Ps2 voices. It will then switch back to the ps2 voices after the h-scenes.

  165. Thanks for this, i’ll wait for the torrents and then download. ofc i’ll keep it for seeding purposes… still seeding deardrops 😀 17:1 ratio 😛

    1. Torrent will take longer than usual. I’m in Thailand now, and net speed here is much worse than Europe. I need to download the files to my own computer before i can make torrent and seed it from seedbox.
      It’s about 3-4 more hours for game itself, the another 4 hours for patch.

      1. np 🙂 thx again, i got it someplace else, still i’ll download torrent when it’s up to help with the seeds

  166. hmm judging by reviews, it looks pretty fun. I gotta download this soon, since im almost done canvas 2 again 😮

    To anyone who has got this game, is it any good?

  167. You might want to add a little guide about the voice patch. Some guys in the forum have a good explanation about it.

  168. Looking at this and it looks like a lot of fun. Are the controls difficult? I’m not very good at fighting games but I do have a controller.

  169. Will you be adding the fandisk title of Xross Scramble?

    Seems there is an English patch up on the translators website or something on them lines.

  170. Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen an English patch with 12 parts. Usually they’re much more compact. I guess this is something like “extract files and play” rather than running just an english installation application or something.

  171. I thought I can Download it via torrent. too bad i won’t be here for another 12 hours. Good Luck admin. Wish you all the best.

  172. hmm, this story kinda reminds me of koihime musou. I highly doubt a random game i’ve barely heard about will be as good as koihime musou but the resemblance alone is for me a more than good enough reason to download it.
    Thanks as always admin. Your the best!

    1. The tags say it’s “tongue-in-cheek” kind of story, which means it’s pretty much a subtle parody. It may have a serious story, but at the same time it occasionally pokes fun of the genre. Also, if I remember correctly Koihime Musou itself is based on The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which is a historical tale.

      1. ye you are right, and I only meant that both games have a main character that get sucked into another world were they are *chosen ones* . Since I can’t survive the DA free downloads i’ll patiently wait on the torrents and after im done keep it on while im playing for other downloaders ofcourse. Games like this make me wish shin koihime musou would be translated by mangagamer soon.

    1. Yep.
      Aroduc tried to do it 2~3 years ago ,but can’t do anything to the engine ,so he gave up.
      But now he found the solution ,he did it in a flash ^_^

  173. Yay, another interactive eroge! I like these games where it’s not all just clicking to advance the text and making choices. Sadly I’ll have to delay playing this coz I just started Men at Work 2.

  174. This seems pretty interesting. As always, I’m grateful for your awesome work on this site. I’m liking the torrent downloads.

  175. Hmmm… kinda neet this update… if i hadnt so much other things to do/play/watch… (╯°□°)╯彡┻━┻

      1. There were no tags when he posted comment 🙂
        Just wait a while guys – uploading, tagging, making torrent etc takes time.

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