Hypno-training My Mother and Sister

Hypno-training My Mother and Sister

Minoru sat on his couch at home, his mother and sister at his feet, licking his dick…

His mother Chikako sucked the tip while his sister Saki clumsily licked the shaft as if completely inexperienced…
There they were, Minoru’s mother and sister, servicing him, against their will.

Even Saki, who loathed her older brother, who resisted with all her heart, couldn’t stop her body from obeying her brother’s orders after he had cast his hypnosis on her.

Minoru couldn’t hide his surprise and excitement at the effect of his hypnotism, as he hadn’t
really thought his orders would be carried out so faithfully.

His mother and sister even started playing with their own pussies, obeying Minoru’s order to masturbate.
And Minoru’s orders bound them tighter, their hearts swaying with pleasure…

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76 comments on “Hypno-training My Mother and Sister

  1. nice eroge..really fun eroge for sadist out there i think..i saw a comment complaining about plot and stuff,really?for a free eroge i cant complain shit..for a free one this is quite fun and had my boner went hard mode for hours

  2. That non-family gang rape ruined it for me….thankfully you can skip that route….still, fuck you devs!

  3. “Hypno-training My mother and sister” worth about 15 bucks unless you did like me and got it free from a sight and I don’t even recommend THAT! It’s not worth the space it takes up on your computer that is how shitty this game is.

    As the title straight out tells you, you play as a guy who uses hypnosis to have sex with his mother and sister. Now in theory this sounds pretty cool, you have hypnosis, always a nice kink to explore and incest, a classic taboo. How could anyone fuck it up? HERE’S HOW!!!!

    1. There’s no plot! Literately the entire game might as well be one giant sex scene because the amount of time planning your actions, and story is roughly two or so paragraphs long. Now this is a sex game and while story is normally a good idea it isn’t “always” needed, I mean sometimes people just want a good jerk off but that brings me to my next point.

    2. Length, you can literately beat this game in “two hours” less if you skip through any sex scenes you don’t like. It is incredibly short and as a result is double the price it should be. Ruby Striker, another game about the same length as this, is only 8 dollars.

    3. The hypno kink is WASTED in my opinion in this game. From the very freaking beginning the mom and sister know they’re being raped by the son. There’s no build up, there’s no slow seduction as you watch them become slutty and slutty through your “suggestions” it’s just. “I hypnotize you now you have to have sex with me and can’t tell anyone.” One of the major appeals of hypnosis is that the person DOESN’T know it’s HAPPENING!!!! How could you fuck that up!!! I mean I could understand if he revealed himself mid way but nope, straight from the get go he’s just raping them.

    4. The choice system is a joke, you have two choices throughout the game and the only impact they have on your playthrough is the sex scenes you see and whether you live or die. Why have choices if you’re only offering ONE real ENDING!!!

    5. Now this game might have worked for hardcore sadist/rape fetishers but even I don’t think they would enjoy it due to one simple reason. The main character you play as is completely pathetic and unlikable!!!! I’m not even talking about the fact he’s a villain, the guy is just really an unlikable person. He stopped going to college and as a result his mother and sister started complaining to him about shutting himself away in his room and so he thinks they hate him and he hates them! He’s basically got mommy and sister issues and he RUINs almost EVERY fucking sex scene by suddenly talking about his issues DURING THE ACT!!!! Seriously even if I was into hardcore rape like done in this game I don’t want to hear about this guy’s mommy issues during a freaking sex scene.

    It’s like the writer’s of the game realized he was a villain and tried DESPERATELY to make him/his actions understandable and fail so hard. I want to ask them who was this game aimed for? Because the people who want to play the misunderstand hero probably aren’t going to like the hardcore rape scenes and the sadist/rape fetish people aren’t going to like mommy issue guy constantly killing the mood with his issues. And the ending just highlights this, the ending where the main character lives “yes the guy is stupid enough to not hypnosis his mother and sister into not being able to harm him” shows the mother and sister mind broken BUT WAIT they aren’t actually mind broken, instead they love him now…..for some reason….and don’t want him to be alone any more O.o

    WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!! If you want a mind break ending do MIND BREAK, if you want a happy ending, have the main character show some god damn remorse for his actions but don’t half ass and combine the too!!!!

    Seriously I’ve seen better FREE porn games then this shit. It’s the only porn game that I deleted from my computer, that’s how bad it was!

    It’s only saving grace is the artwork but so fucking what! We live in a day an age where deviant art has just as good artwork as this game FOR FREE! Any game that has an actually company backing it should NOT be this fucking crappy! It’s unacceptable in this day an age where free porn games can ACTUALLY be good!

    1. Can’t believe you actually wrote all that to review a nukige and, still, you complain for something you took for free. It’s as though you were asking a doujin-eroge to have plot and to justify the scriptline of the main character. Besides, your “review” is making one of a massive spoiler.

      1. To be fair, he’s completely right on just about every point. This game doesn’t even do sadism well, and is going to be utterly horrible for anyone not into that type of thing. Sad; hypnosis and incest are an awesome combo.

      2. Yeah, it’s just a nukige, but this is a very special nukige. It’s the worst VN I’ve *ever* read, I wished I looked through the comments and saw his review before downloading. I mean, I fucking love all the tropes in this vn, and I certainly don’t mind plotless nukiges, but it’s just. so. bad. It is so crappy it’s not even worth the few minutes to bother downloading it from this site, completely free!

        And to those wondering “oh, so this is so bad it’s funny, I should look at it and marvel”, NO! It’s worse than funny bad! It’s just fucking flat and boring and stupid!

  4. so there is only 3 endings right? is there like a secret ending on re-play…?

    overall not bad tho the narcissistic comments got kinda of irritating after awhile. The voice acting & graphics aren’t bad neither

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. this eroge from mangagamer right?, it’s just me or… the game is censored, did they made a mistake or…

  6. Please help! For some reason I cannot download anything from the links anymore!
    I’ve went on several discussions and it all says that I need to input a capthca but now I can’t even see it anymore.
    I used to use this website before everything was changed and everything was fine but I go on again and everything is changed and I don’t know what to do at all.
    Please help!

  7. Hypno-training My Mother and Sister

    Totally great revenge sex fantasy but the hypnotism is lame and the MC is lame when it comes time for the walk and he loses all sense of self-preservation.

  8. To those new to these novels:

    Whenever you can’t find the save button, move your mouse to the edges of the screen, each game engine is different, so it may be left, right or upper corner, some you have to click the screen with the right mouse button, others have the menu button right on top of dialog screen.

    Careful with antivirus, they might see a crack as an infected file, due to its manipulated nature, but (at least from here) its not, so you either gotta disable it, or tell it to ignore the file forever.

    One easy way to see if you got all routes is to check the CG screen, usually the last confirm wether or not you got all endings(since ALL VN’s I’ve ever played have ending scenes).

    Remember to be appreciative of sites Admins (XP) and cracking/translating groups, and try not to be too demanding with the speed of those, remember, they got lives as well as each of you(or most of you anyways…).

    Best Regards – Kawaidesu

    1. Step one : Download Parts 1 & 2 and the Crack

      Step two : Run the set up

      Step three : By default, the set up files will be placed in C:// -> Games -> MangaGamer -> Hypno. Identify the set-up files.

      Step four : Make sure your crack’s name is “hypnotrainer”

      Step five : Copy the crack and paste it in the set up files. Replace the cracked “hypnotrainer” with the set-up provided “hypnotrainer” since you need activation code for that one.

      Step six : You should be ready to go !

      1. Need help I don’t know how to install this. I unpacked the files : and there is hypno-training setup.
        and I replaced my crack in there and all I get is a black screen

  9. This has a netori tag, is there some NTR in this game? Im not a big fan of it, if its only one path or very light on it thats cool. Just really curious!

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Netori is the protagonist stealing heroines from other less important characters. Stealing his mother from his dad.

  10. When i extract the files, the folder has 2 files. The Mangagamer link and the setup file but its a bin file and i cant open. i tried mounting it but when i try to open it it says windows cant access this disk. Can someone help please?

  11. Just got into gaming these hella addicting games, but i cannot start this one, can anyone help this poor child and his fantasies?????

  12. Am i mistaken ,but there are only two ending….

    One harem and other one is just bad end.
    I am have tried all six possible combination ,but there is just no individual ending for the mother and for the sister ?o.o?

  13. Now this site is really becoming a scam site.. charging to download the crack. It will be free elsewhere. Once you start charging to download a pirated software you open yourself up to being arrested, imprisoned, and charged. That is no different than selling the warez than they can arrest you not just threaten you.

    1. Umm, no; you can be arrested even if you don’t charge money. If anything, charging money mainly effects the following civil lawsuit more than the criminal charges.

      1. I’d like to point out that this site is completely legal as per current copyright law of my country, so no – no arrests will be made. There’s also recent EU supreme court ruling regarding posting links in copyrights context (case C‑466/12 ), and really strong sentiments in almost every member country towards loosening strict copyright laws worldwide (see: recent ACTA protests and Pirate Party of Germany getting a EU parliament seat)
        Additionally, EVERY game that I’m posting on this site is available free of charge – paid links lead to actual copyright owners site, as a convenient way to support him by buying legal version after liking the pirated one – to this date over $30k of sales were made this way.

        1. Wow! glad to hear that 30K were made to the official TLs! considering how everyone b****es about pirates,this is yet another proof of how we are actually helping lol.said 30k only came when people tested the stuff,found it well made,then decided that it deserves their money.

          also extremely glad to hear about the Copyright laws in your country(sweden,right?)!now,out of all the world,only the US and UK are extremely firm against piracy lol.

          and again,thanks very much for all this admin :D.

          1. and yet the server farm the pirate bay was using gets raided in Sweden and they take all their servers

            so sweden isnt a pro pirate as you think

            wouldnt want you to get in trouble, you seem pretty awesome admin

          2. Was thinking the same thing about Sweden. Maybe they stay “neutral” by being pushovers behind closed doors.

          3. To be fair, 30k isn’t that much money, ‘specially considering how long the site’s been around. Admin would have to chime in with how many hits the site gets, but it has always seemed pretty popular… and 30k is probably enough to pay for one professional translation of a quality novel, at best.

            I mean, it’s not like I’d buy these novels if I weren’t able to pirate them, and I have bought *two* of them that I really thought were amazing, but I’ve read like a hundred of the things over the years. I might be more stingy than the average pirate, but I doubt many people buy many novels that they pirate.

            …Thinking about it, though, I didn’t go through erogedownload’s affiliate link, so admin probably sees only a fraction of the *actual* sales the site causes. Easier to google “buy [novel name]” than to navigate back to the pirate site for a link.

  14. Hmmmm…..it kinda reminds me of a H-anime that i watched before he also was using the lighter as hypnosis but forgotten the title….

  15. When i checked if the crack was out then i saw it TADDAAHH i smiled sadistically hehehehe =DDD tnx for the crack

  16. I literally just came here thinking “Hmm, it’s been about two months since I last came here. I wonder if any new hypno/mind break or incest stuff came out.”

    1. Alright, so I actually played into it and it’s kinda…boring. There’s no real hypnosis involved; he just takes control of them and begins making them do whatever he wants. No resistance or anything and the only training that goes on is getting them to do things because they’d rather be in control of their own bodies rather than be puppets.

      All in all, I was kinda disappointed in this one :/ Well, at least it has some good artwork.

      1. :S this is weird. This is the second VN that has done this to me. For some reason I cannot hear the voices on this visual novel. The same thing happened on SSSS. Please is anyone knows what I might have possibly done wrong let me know. I can hear the sounds while in the menu and options and then I play the game and I cannot hear the voices.

  17. Crack:


    1. Crack can be used by renaming it to a different file name, or by overwriting the hypnotraining.exe that came with the game.
    2. Optional UCOpgDlgRes.dll is part of the DRM and can be safely deleted.
    Tested enough to get 100% CGs/scenes.


    1. Thanks anon and admin! Was hoping this would be on erogedownload. That was a quick crack 😛 I was like eh before I go to bed I’ll check if the crack is up for shits and giggles. Did not expect it to be on already.

    2. Yo i downloaded the Hypnotraining.part1 and part 2 and the crack. Now what? I got one program on my desktop that requires a activation code…and when i open the hack its just a blank black screen? help plz?


    1. It was all-ages to begin with, so there’s nothing to get rid of. I’ll post it once I get my hands on it.

      1. ya i know admin just kinda sucks that it all ages looked and the pics of the ladys of the game their very hot wish it was not all ages

    1. Hmm, I’m also interested in that game, if you could possibly get it, please? And not to be a bother, but JAST also recently translated the first game in the Nanpa Nama Hame Nakadashi Banzai series.

      Anyway, thank you very much for this game and all the others, Admin!

    2. Sakura Spirit is below average. No hentai, just ecchi scenes. Didn’t bother me though, but I did except a better story and good atmoshpere. Romance is kinda there but no conclusion. Waste of time in the end… and nice character design.

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