dUpLicity ~Eien no Kyogi~


After everything ended, there was a new beginning…

Yukina is a normal 17-year-old girl.
She lives a seemingly ordinary life with her boyfriend, Youji, beside her.
But just like anyone else, she also has a secret.
A deep secret… down in the underground lab…

…You’re a liar…
…But I guess I am, too…
So what exactly is the truth?
Is there even a genuine “truth” in this world?

Everything began 10 years ago…
In the chilly winter… when I lost everything I loved…

2 comments on “dUpLicity ~Eien no Kyogi~

  1. Dear admin..this is the demo…the full version should be almost 175 mb…?????? can you do something about it??…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  2. I just asked this about another game, and I do notice you have a couple of console games up too.. So like, is this the same version that’s up on Desura?

    I got it in one of the numerous bundle sites some time back but hadn’t played it yet, and a lot of times I discover games like this have an All Ages Version in those circumstances but the “real” version is adult in nature.

    Is this one of those cases or just the same as what I already got?

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