Sorcery Jokers

Sorcery Jokers

Inner yearnings…
Immutable ideals…
Dreams and reality…

One day, all of a sudden, magic came into the world. The existence of magic wasn’t a secret known only to a certain few, but was announced by the current government and quickly became common knowledge.

Today, it’s an age where magic is used as a resource and has permeated throughout many different fields. A city was founded on Agartha, the island where magic was discovered, and research continues to this day. This is a story about the fates of those who live in this magical world.

Watch as six radically different people find their paths converging…

Mutsumi Haruto, a 9th-Class Caster at the First National Magical Academy. A slightly half-baked boy who can’t turn a blind eye to wrongdoing.
Senri, an OutCast. An anonymous inhabitant of the city’s nightlife.
Rikudou Asahi, a 9th-class Caster at the Academy. A unique girl facing trials on her way to the Land of Dreams.
Atori Riku, a 10th-Class Caster at the Academy. A CEO’s daughter who’s not on the same wavelength as her peers.
Kousaki Fiona Annabel, an apprentice sister at the local church. Her smile never goes out.
Noah, the Unknown. A girl spotted on Agartha.

Casters and OutCasts… What fate awaits these two divergent forces?

The miracle of magic which governs the world will shape the fates of those within it.

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54 comments on “Sorcery Jokers

  1. This Vn sux, protagonist has the average brain of a 5 year old, rushes in without a thought, never listens, this things not worth 10 pence (that’s about 8 cents for the Americans reading this), this is utter crap and wasn’t even worth the effort of downloading it, the only good points are the artwork and music

  2. Hello I want to ask, so there is a romance in this VN right.
    But can you perhaps tell, between who and who will the romance be?
    Because I looked at VNDB and most of them will be dead, including Haruto.

  3. I fish downloading the game and got an error at the first screen Task No. 1 Adr: ox64b9184 [ox79184] (0xd2) command : @save can anyone help

    1. No idea if anyone will see this, but the error means that the game is in the wrong place. If it gives you a directory with the error, That’s where the game has to go. It’s f*cking annoying

    1. Me too I do face from the similar problem, also after few trying & error in the install, I ask the next question ; what I do not correct !?

  4. fe-ar ja nai

    muted a certain somebody’s voice after the hundredth or thousandth time hearing this sickening line

    also a reminder that you can mute this person’s voice in the options page

  5. Will you do this game “The Spirit Master of Retarnia -Conqueror of the Labyrinth-” from mangagamer that comes out on Jan 26, 2018?

  6. I’m getting really bad lag during special effects in-game, but PC’s well above the minimum requirements. Is there a fix for this?

  7. i seem to have ran into a problem. When extracting the file to my folder through winRar some files seemed to have been corrupted. has anyone else ran into this problem? D:\downloads\SorceryJokersUncensored.rar: Checksum error in SorceryJokersUncensored\SJSE_G2.WAR. The file is corrupt
    D:\downloads\SorceryJokersUncensored.rar: Checksum error in SorceryJokersUncensored\SJSE_E1.WAR. The file is corrupt
    D:\downloads\SorceryJokersUncensored.rar: Checksum error in SorceryJokersUncensored\SJSE_G1.WAR. The file is corrupt

    1. Its like all the characters are pretty interesting but the entire game is brought down a notch becuz of him. I Fucking hate whiteknight characters like him. And why does he keep on saying,”That wouldn’t be playing fair!” I mean who comes up with shit like this?!
      Haruto, for spoiling the game that I had been anticipating so long, I sincerely wish that you get ntr’ed and then die by the hands of the girl you love. We get enough fuccboi bitches in real life with you reminding me of my irritating younger grade-schooler cousin while I am trying to relax. I wish Senri kills you in the most painful way imaginable.

      Whew! Now I feel a bit refreshed! Anyone else who played this game looking to bash Haruto, well reply to me 🙂

      1. on the other senri reminds me a lot of kazami yuuji which is good, since he is literally the only protagonist of any game which I think deserve a harem ending

  8. I just don’t understand, if there are gonna be two MCs in a game, make both of them likeable, so that the readers can empathize with both their POV, not make one an childish, irritating idealist. When I play the game, I don’t even feel like Haruto s the protagonist, it just feels like Senri is the real protagonist. Also why are there TWO male protagonists? What happens if I don’t ship one of the girls with that whiny little butthole? Its highly irritating…

  9. Arrrrrgh! Haruutoooo!! Why, WHY are you like this? I almost broke my vertebral column from cringing too hard when I first played his POV! And here I thought Japan couldn’t come up with something worse than ‘Shirou’ from F/SN…..On a more serious note when I first played this part, I seriously thought Haruto was meant to be some kind of parody of a “Typical Japanese Harem MC”. Why does Japan Japan keep on making Male protagonists like him? Does the japanese target audience seriously like these kinds of MCs? Someone please enlighten me! ” tHIs IsN’t pLaYInG FAiR !”- Haruto, Sorcery Jokers This has seriously become a meme lol.

  10. Is this game worth playing. Someone in the comments mentioned the translation was bad? If so, how bad? Also, is there romance?

    1. The translation isn’t bad unless you are a super grammar nazi, the structure on some stuff is off is all definitely a lower end for mangagamer but far better than 99% of fan translations. This is a kinetic novel but has some romance. (not sure why there is no tag for that) Overall it is very enjoyable.

      1. Claiming 99% is a blatant lie, that’s like saying fan projects are all machine translations and only commercial releases are any good. At least try to get your numbers straight.

        1. My numbers are straight when you look at how many fan translations there are, how many have been abandoned part way through and how many of those are quality translations.

  11. So this game has two male protagonists, does it have romance? I don’t mind spoilers I’m interested how does it work.

  12. Poor quality translation (Bad grammar, jarring inconsistencies) and questionable writing (wastes a ton of time on pointless details, scenarios range from laughably contrived to utterly ridiculous)

    1. Visual novels never were games in the strictest meaning of word, so I don’t really see your problem. If you wanted games why did you come here in the first place?

      1. He’s right, there is more and more of those “games”. When you look on past visual novel, it’s definetely a step back. Vn should be interractive, we should have a choice. Not clicking through 10 hours of shonen bullshit.

        1. Appearantly you missed the novel in the visual novel. They were meant to be that originally, not SRPGs or the like. If you only want choices with gameplay feel free to try the Agarest series.

          1. And you seem to missed the point in my sentence. 20 years ago, most visual novel gave choices to the lector to make him feel like he was the protagonist. Today most vn don’t do that and it’s stupid, if I want to follow a linear plot without any interaction I watch a movie/serie not click through 10 hours of text.

            Visual novel aren’t Light novel yet today most feels like it. Doesn’t surprise me that they are less and less interesting vn.

  13. Revvo says:
    December 13, 2017 at 10:03 pm
    Want your downloads free but without the delay:

    1.) download the Tor browser
    2.) open the download site.
    3.) right click the timer counting down, select inspect element, find the timer in the code, right click again “edit html”, set timer to 0, click somewhere in the code to save changes -> no timer.
    4.) open next download link, in the top left corner click the green onion and select “new channel for this site” this bypasses the site preventing you from multiply downloads.
    5.) repeat
    6.) profit (downloading 7 packages at the same time atm).


    1. thx, I skipped the 120 seconds timer, but I still need to wait 5 minutes before starting a new download, how did you skipped this?

      1. It is step 4 “new channel for this site”. Except it might say “New tor circuit for this site” when clicking the green onion.

  14. 36 parts kek. No fucking way anyone’s downloading all of that, having to wait like 15 mins for each part. I feel that things like this should be unacceptable in 2 thousand fucking 18, when things like Google Fiber exist.

    1. Well you could always pay for the download and get it all in one part. Quit complaining about stuff you get for free.

    2. Indeed, you guys can spout that “don’t complain about stuff you get for free all you want, but that DOES NOT explain why the admin insists on using such a shitty downloader site when there are much better options.

      The only explanation I can think of is the Admin is getting some kind of kickback using that site. Otherwise, there’s literally NO LOGIC whatsoever in using the aforementioned download site.

      1. The admin uses this paticular downloader because it doesn’t remove the files fo being copyrighted works. Most other downloaders will remove the files, and probably alert authorities on what is going on.

      2. And even if he does, i would be perfectly fine with it. Hes doing much work just to make this VN’s accessible for everyone and the only thing u are spouting about is how he could make something out of it by releasing it on that website. You disgust me.

      3. Pretty sure Admin gets kickbacks from the site, if he isn’t the actual operator. Erogedownload is the highest referrer, and I’ve never seen a link to it on any other site ANYWAY. I’d bet it’s an old moneymaking project which he just repurposed for *this* one, which ended up being much more profitable.

        Not that I really care. I’m just happy that it’s so easy to get these things.

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