Wizard’s Climber

Wizard's Climber

Lazlocke is a wizard belonging to the Wizard’s society, the organization that manages the affairs between wizards.

One day while he was going home he stumbled upon a girl being bullied by magic students. He decided to intervene but before he manages to do so, the other party lost interest and left. He then went to the now alone girl and apologized on their behalf as a wizard.

The girl asked if he’s a wizard and implored him to teach her magic. Naturally he refused and told her to go enroll to the magic academy. She told him that she was a student there but was expelled due to a lack of magic potential. Since magic potential is innate and can’t be changed he told her to give it up and went back on his way home.

While thinking during his way home, he realized that girl look tattered and is standing near a Wizard’s society building. Thinking that the girl must have been standing there for days in order to find a mentor, he decided to go back to her.

Seeing the girl still on the same place, he asked her if she really wanted to become a wizard no matter what. But before she can answer she collapsed due to exhaustion so Lazlocke took her home.

He nursed her back to health and completely recovered several days later. He then asked her to explain her situation.

Her name is Celestine Rococo, her father is the head of the Rococo family, a prestigious magic family. One day his apprentice killed him and took over as the head. In order to avenge her father and take her rightful position as the family head, she vowed to become a wizard and enrolled at the magic academy. Unfortunately she had no magic potential and the academy kicked her out after not showing progress for 3 months.

Pitiful of her plight, Lazlocke asked the society to look in her situation. The society responded by saying that the apprentice is only taking the head position temporarily and promised to step down once the rightful person has shown talents befitting that of a head. Furthermore, the society promises to acknowledge Celestine’s capability as a head if she manages to win the Queenberg magic rally due in 3 years.

And thus begins Lazlocke and Celestine’s mentor-apprentice relationship. Will she manage to win the fated tournament?

Raising simulation by Softhouse Chara.
Train Celestine in the arts of magic and combat, explore dungeon and towers for experience and treasures, and participate in the tournaments for glory and honor!

18 Responses to “Wizard’s Climber”

  1. Ryuzata says:

    Anyone know if there is an issue with playing the gmae in windowed mode. for whatever reason when i tab out or switch to windowed it crashes.

  2. Excalibur says:

    Somebody know how do for the saving ?

    Because i see not the option for this.

  3. bean says:

    Bruh in year 3, i beat all tournaments but still cant win viola

  4. Anon says:

    I get an error when attempting to save clear data, it shows up as AoiLib then a bunch of japanese text in the description, any advice?

  5. Jerk Italian Savage Stupid Pussy says:

    Made by the same people who made Bunny Black, so it can’t be too bad.

  6. anon says:

    how does one “merge” all the parts tgt? i remember a lot of comments are pretty vague such as “only extract part1 and then put the extracted part1 with all the .rar files together into a folder” is there someone kind enough to explain the steps in detail please? thank you

    • Anon as well says:

      Basically put all the rar file of the game in a single folder. Make sure all the parts are there then right click on first part of the rar then just extract…

  7. Matt says:

    It was…fun? I guess?

    Definitely a game that REQUIRES NG+ because the chick hits like a wet noodle the first go around.

    Also annoying that you can’t directly control her in fights. You have to allow the brain-dead AI to make decisions, OR you can micromanage the fight by telling her exactly which spells she is and isn’t allowed to use because she WILL waste a lot of mana and time.

    …And then even micromanaging doesn’t work because I actually watched that chick run in a circle around a slime while it was beating on her.

    • Matt 2 says:

      Lol. Was gonna say the screenshots were giving me Kamidori vibes, but that might be a far-fetched comparison…

    • Kinunatzs says:

      It become easier for after the first playthrough I just Focus Light and Wind Magic and its became easier to clear an entire screen of enemies.

      Tempest for Wind Magic as its an area effect that covers several spaces with the Celes being the Center of it and Effusing Light for Light Magic for map clearing as it targets every space and just learn any single target magic for bosses.

      This trick make my subsequent playthroughs at lot more easier.

    • anon says:

      I beat it on my first try. I got lucky finding a sword with 90 attack early on in a chest and then I just focused on speed, defensive skills, sword skills and healing. Do dungeons as much as possible for maximum xp gains.

      • arturia says:

        Yup. I just bought a whip and focus on unconventional weapons skill, summon sphere from dark magic, and healing from earth magic.

        • sparhawk says:

          Thanks, I was getting frustrated trying to force pure fire magic. Whips and some earth healing is making this a lot easier.

  8. Kinunatzs says:

    Anyone have a 100% Save File? as after the 4th or 5th new game plus it kinda bored to do a 100% completion.

    • Anon says:

      And when I say searching by year is more worth your time, I mostly mean for save data uploaded 2009 or later as that’s when they actually link most of the stuff on the index
      *No indexes from 2008 or earlier which was when this was uploaded

      Google the game name (in japanese)
      And a site: filter on google will work most of the time
      Just don’t understand why their Wi (Vi) could somehow equal A

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