9-nine- Episode 2

9-nine-:Episode 2

This is the second episode of 9-nine. When the university town of Shiromitsugawa was struck by a large earthquake, the sacred treasure in the Hakuda Tsukumo Shrine was damaged and mysterious objects called ‘artifacts’ began to appear from a parallel world. These artifacts granted special abilities to those that possessed them.

There was an incident where someone abused these powers and turned people into stone. Kakeru, who has a strong sense of responsibility, lent his assistance to Miyako in seeking the culprit. His innocent imouto Sora also joins them in the investigation into the serial petrification incidents as they unveil a mysterious group and hidden feelings.

14 comments on “9-nine- Episode 2

  1. I am running into a Issue – I am having a case where on a older pre windows 10 pc it is working fine, but with my windows 10 one it crashes and stops functioning. How can this be fixed?

    1. Have you tried running the game in compatibility mode for an older version of windows?

      Was there a specific error that comes up, or does it just close out randomly?

  2. Damn, Sora is such a funny character. Even though she is Kakeru’s sister she’s my favourite heroine of this series, they have such a nice chemistry.

  3. can some1 please help!! why do I always get ‘Wrong captcha’ massage with this inside a box ‘domain / ckey mismatch (75y6DSIbwmZpszgiRT-dVzfmhgHJzBEL)’ in the downloadani.me site?

  4. Think you could update your downloads page somewhen Admin, be easier to find what new games have been released

  5. There is a delocalize patch for this game. Likewise one available for the first part of this series. Go to vndb for the direct links.

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