12 comments on “Bullied Bride

  1. Oh god another one of these with pissing in mouth/pussy, nipples and clit pierced with no story or anything new, its basically the same shit over and over and over again just with a different character, nothing else ever changes with these guys, even though they had “Married magical girls” or “monsters” or “heroes” its the same fetishes, every. single. time.

    Thanks for the upload but i’m good.

        1. Don’t listen to him this gaem was released on this website years ago already, I don’t know why they re-released it, but just like you said it’s basically the same shit, don’t give it a try, it’s even more boring than the others. The only difference is that this one is shorter than the others (because it’s older -_-)

  2. Thanks for your hard work Admin.
    Just a question: will you be uploading “Senren * Banka” anytime soon or at all?

    1. That one was fantranslation, while the one posted here is official English release. I don’t think there’s much difference – if you have previous version, no need to download this one.

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