Sugar’s Delight for Android

Sugar Delight Android

Android version of Sugar’s Delight

21 Responses to “Sugar’s Delight for Android”

  1. yanderesenpaihugsyou says:

    Is this the censored one? Uncensored hentai/porn make me puke sometimes.

  2. tycio says:

    Is this in English? Can android even winrar?

  3. Person says:

    Had some trouble finding out how to install it since I just got my Android phone 2 days ago.
    What I did to get it to work is I got AppInstaller from the Play Store for free, downloaded the .apk file and dragged it into my phone’s directory (not in a folder), ran the AppInstaller and selected the game’s .apk, install, accept, done and play.

  4. Someone says:

    Guys just install Winrar or something similar to that. The file is compressed as a Rar. File so when you unrar it, you would see the apk. I installed it successfully. You’re welcome

  5. JDsaur says:

    It doesn’t work. I already check the unknown sources but still. It always fail to install. Help Please ?

  6. sc-06d says:

    nice its working

  7. kelvin klein says:


  8. Raizaki Han says:

    is there any kind eroge games for android? I hope no yuri and yaoi :v

  9. Himitsu says:

    I get Wrong IP error

  10. GuessWho says:

    It takes me to a MojoGenie download link. Is that what it’s supposed to do?

  11. DJHC says:

    Do the character have voices like in other games or is it that they dont work for me.

  12. jom says:

    Root needed maybe

  13. YouCantSeeMe says:

    I cannot install it even though I checked at unknown sources

  14. Antares says:

    How do I Install it on Android? Can someone please explain?

  15. KY says:

    This is..yuri.. Not against it.. but heheheh… nc fanservice

  16. zeroz001 says:

    Thx, is there any other game for android?:-)

  17. me says:

    I haven’t tried this one out yet but I’m downloading it now. Is there any hope of seeing some of the darker games?

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