Fallen girl – Black rose and the fire of desire

Fallen girl - Black rose and the fire of desire

The daughter of the declining aristocracy, bellanti, was taken to the dungeon by the high countess.

“I don’t want to be reduced to a plaything without consciousness.” ——Facing the countess with bad taste, how can bellanti use her body and wisdom to avoid suffering and losing herself?

Before that, bellanti not only needs to understand the deep desire of the countess, but also needs to face her own deep doubts. The so-called “right” does not mean that there is only one way.

I Am Alive? Or Do You Want the Sea to Sink?

Counterattack For victory? Or Lose Yourself?

A Variety Of Choices, All Kinds Of Play——

“Before I lose my mind, I want to find that life.”

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9 comments on “Fallen girl – Black rose and the fire of desire

  1. do not waste your time
    loading a game does not work
    skipping text will get a blank screen
    i went to vndb and rated this like it is crap

  2. To me, something is almost always better than nothing.
    Falling forward is the best approach o;
    Thanks admin!

  3. is it just me or is this game utra buggy i cant save or load and at a certain point i cant make the next dialogue appear wtf

      1. “Machine Translation.” Basically instead of manually translating dialogue by someone fluent in both English & Jap, they use things like google translate to translate the bulk of it, while sometimes using barebones Japanese knowledge to make small edits so that the text makes sense.

        Some people like myself don’t mind it (especially if you understand ‘some’ minimal Japanese). But others like dude above will absolutely rage if their eroge isn’t worded by an Oxford level professor.

        Seriously, I’ve seen dudes on VNDB call things unplayable just because there’s 1-2 grammatical errors in an eroge.

        Bear in mind that quality varies greatly. Some MTL is completely fine, others are shoddy.

        1. “Readable in English” isn’t actually “translated fine”. Currently MTL can’t translate pieces of literature fine. At least currently…

        2. But this game isn’t even japanese, how can you make sense of this if is translated from chinese? Or you can understand chinese as well?

        3. mtl is
          rarely fine, only in cases where you are translating nukiges because at that point no one even cares about the plot to begin with. In anything that has the tiny bit of plot mtl is garbage.

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