“I turned into a monster!”

In an age where people play online games by uploading their minds to a server lives a guy — me, in fact,
who loves playing MMOs. But one day, a bug transformed my character into a monster! I can’t log out,
I can’t use the chat, I’m all alone in this terrible form… However, I maintained my game-breaking abilities…

It’s time to get some revenge on all the female players that made fun of me, using the power of karma!

6 Responses to “Thanatos”

  1. Kayru says:

    This one is quite decent. I didn’t expect that. 5h played already, and that was only the “first part” of the game. The the red slime with his counter attack is the most op shit i have seen. Also, certain optional boss is a fking troll, remember this for him: spam red slime CA shit + use 1[blood price] + spam miracle elixir.

  2. just a guy says:

    does this mc knows that more than 90% of mmo’s players who use female avatars are guys?

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