Sansha Mendan

Sansha Mendan ~Rensa Suru Chijoku Choukyou no Gakuen~

The protagonist Ryou Kawabata is someone who enjoys watching women his senior succumb to him. As a student, it is obvious that the targets closest to him are the female teachers.

As numerous female teachers succumb victim to his will, unexpectedly there was one who fought back- Yuuna Hagiura, and that gave Ryou some trouble. But even as the Hakushou Academy was informed of Ryou’s misdeeds by Yuuna, the whole incident was kept behind closed doors because of the risk of ruining of the school reputation if the incident goes public, and instead Ryou was forcibly expelled under the guise of a school transfer. Thanks to this, his crimes goes unpunished and he enrolled as a transfer student in Jyousei Academy in the neighboring town.

Before the day of his transfer, he meets a teacher who shares the same looks as Yuuna during his visit to his new school. Her name is Aina Hagiura. As it turns out, Aina is the younger twin sister of Yuuna. Thanking the devil for his good fortune, Ryou goes on the hunt for this new prey.

Moreover, there’s also the school principal Mifuyu Kamijou, a woman enveloped in adult womanly charms, and her arrogant daughter, the head of the public morals committee, Marika Kamijou; and Hatsune Amagi, the student council president with a mature personality and zero complaints in both looks and grades.

Along with these attractive candidates to be his prey, Ryou also discovers that a teacher of Jyousei Academy is his already ‘trained’ stepsister, Takatsu Narumi. With Narumi becoming his new partner in crime, so begins the hunt to satisfy his carnal desires in a new ground.

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  1. I seems to be stuck at 93% with one scene from each individual girl missing. I have all of the slave toy, individual endings, threesome, and harem scenes, but am somehow missing some scenes.

    1. if you have 100% cg’s but missing scenes, you’re missing the normal scenes. They’re the grey scenes in the option phases, they don’t really matter.

  2. Is there any way to get the soundtrack? I wasn’t expecting the MUSIC to be the thing that satisfies me in a H game…

  3. The game start to not able to save after me saving quite a nit of slot. like 3 pages full of save. It will just not save and seems like it got stuck.
    Not sure if anybody else face the same problem

  4. I wish you could pan the sprite with the mouse wheel. Instead you have to click Strip -> then pan. It’s a hassle
    Besides that does anyone have a walkthrough for this? It sounds like a huge game. Also is there a harem route?

  5. I have played the begining. It looks well, still. Does someone knows how to change it from fullscreen to window screen? All the congifuration is in japanese and nothing there worked for me.

    1. Forget it, I found it. It was the first bottom left space marked as checked. u.u Seems like i didn’t checket it before.

  6. Looks interesting but too bad i really hate funny face expression from the heroine i prefer not too exaggerate face expression on h-scene.

    1. I think the artist improved in this regard compared to earlier regards, and the expressions are much more varied than just aehego.

      Also, the translation is fantastic, the translator really nailed the over-the-top evilness of the protagonist, and made him actually entertaining to watch. The use of slangs and idioms also help the words come to life. This is waaaayy better than the VNR machine translated stuff, and I actually enjoy the non-sex scenes quite a lot due to their comedy/suspense values.

    1. I’d rather wait for the “full” version.
      Since one h-scene is cut.(don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind with that one scene cut, but I hate playing “cut” game)

      1. As far as I can tell, it has not been censored at all. I compared the HCGs of the 2011 version and current version and they are the same, and I compared my current full clear and all the scenes are present.

        How is it censored?

        1. -All the scenes with the loli have been removed.
          -CG’s that had any blood(virgin blood) on them have been edited.

          1. There is no loli character in either the 2011 version or this one. The scenes with virgin blood look identical between the two versions.

          2. the loli is actually a cross dressing dude. i’m glad for one they cut the gay content out

        2. I don’t think we’re talking about the same game, Freestyle asked about Tenioha which is the game that was censored.

  7. “The protagonist Ryou Kawabata is someone who enjoys watching women his senior succumb to him.”

    First sentence and the game sounds like hot garbage already.

      1. Its not really. Unless vaginal intercourse is your thing (that, and the rape). There’s almost no pandering to any fetishes outside threesomes, rape, and making someone your slave. Also every sexual encounter with any of the girls always follows the same routine, with the same moves. Once you’ve finished one route, youve finished them all. The H-scenes are not bad, so its not a bad nukige, but its not good either.

        1. “unless vaginal intercourse is your thing”? Come on man… What? Who hasn’t got a thing for vaginal intercourse? It’s the classic! How can you go wrong with the classics?

          1. I guess he played too many BL Hardcore games… his brain cannot process normal intercourse as normal intercourse…

          2. well,if you want just normal sex,normal porn can do it now can’t it?
            generally the idea with nukige is that they can have better story,a bit more interactivity and do things that just porn(the stuff that’s readily available at least)can’t do
            though even normal vaginal intercourse if done right is enough for me

        2. Nukige doesn’t need to satisfy fetishes
          Kyonyuu Fantasy is great and it’s 99% boobjob and vaginal intercourse

          1. Of course it does. Funbag Fantasy is the least interesting nukige I could think of, nothing but boobjobs (boring) and vaginal sex (boring). And it doesnt do either of them in extreme versions (very boring)

          2. well what ever stroke your dick I guess.
            I don’t need and don’t want to see weird and stupid fetishes.
            I sincerely hope you can actually get a boner irl without seeing your wife/lover getting double pen by 2 horses while in bondage, if you have one.

          3. Variety is the spice of life. It’s literally what the gene pool is all for. Just look at the British royal family. They fuck each other and they fuck each other and they fuck each other until the end result is a bunch of drooling idiots. And that’s exactly what the eroge industry/community is now. A bunch of stuck up, inbred aristocrats. They’ve got the pedigree (plenty of good artists), they’ve got the brand names (Lilith, Empress, Clock Up, etc) but when you stare into their cold, blank, soulless eyes there absolutely no substance there.

          1. I have to agree. In the recent years I feel like there’s been an disproportionate increase in games which only panders to a particular audience (super dark/hardcore stuff) and it’s oversaturating the eroge market. It’s like companies are too afraid to go back to the more classic stuff. I understand stand flooding the market with vanilla/moege crap will only create the same problem (in reverse) but their has to be some sort of balance.

            My point is you read hardcore stuff all the time eventually your gonna get tired of how similar it all is. After all every needs a palate cleanser once in a while

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