Protagonist Sawatari Yukito was looking for a summer part time job, when by chance he came across an advertisement in a job search magazine for a position with really nice wages. Upon quickly contacting the employer and learning that the position had yet to be filled, he applied without delay. The job was as a live-in servant at a mansion.
His first day of work arrived. Upon arrival at the mansion deep in the mountains he was surprised by the size of the grounds and the palatial building itself… appropriate for the richest of the rich. The mansion’s beautiful mistress and her equally beautiful daughters came out to meet him. However, within that day his expectations turned to bewilderment and then despair.

By the time he learned the reason behind the high wages he was being offered for a simple handyman’s job, it was too late… The work that awaited him was that of a “handyman” in name only. He joined several other servants at the beck and call of the mansion’s mistress, tasked with pleasing every perverted whim of her odd family.
Servants both male and female were unable to escape the mansion, forced to continually take part the unending bizarre play of the family’s mad escapades. Will Yukito ever be able to escape the mansion alive, or….?!

191 comments on “Starless

  1. Everything seems to be working as intended, thank you.
    Is the resolution supposed to be so low in fullscreen?
    Can’t find any way to increase it, but I suppose the game ”is” old

  2. When I run the game, the movie plays but without sound and at what I presume is the main screen it’s just blank and I can’t click anything. After a while, the movie starts playing again. Does anyone have a fix for this?

    I’ve tried installing to the default path and on a second drive but with the same results. The movie plays fine if I open it from the directory.

  3. No idea if anyone is still looking up this game, but where do you download the CENSORED version? I like reading these kinda things like playing a horror game, and while I can handle reading some nasty things I’d prefer to not have to SEE the things they removed from international release. In early comments people mention both versions being uploaded but under game download and free download it only has links to the uncensored version?

  4. Small error in the script (maybe due to translation?) during the incest scene:

    The carrot in his ass really seems to turn him on. He grabs Mitarai’s hips and starts thrusting into her wildly.

    It’s actually Mikako and not Mitarai.

    Typo present in both the “wedding” and “auction” versions of the scene.

    Thanks anyway, you’re the best eroge source ever!

    — A random guy with too much time

    1. Kind of pointless to bring up translation errors here as the admin doesn’t translate these, they just post the games here lol.

  5. This game was absolutely horrible and I wish I had never even played it. I tried it because it showed promising futa content, but the damn game was so disturbing. I won’t ever be the same as I was before playing this game. I want to find the creators of this game and give them a good beating. I got 4 endings; Marika ending, Sachie pregnant married to horse ending, Mitarai and MC car crash hospital ending, and the “good” ending. I know the game had worse endings, but I skipped through most of these endings (didn’t skip any of Marikas, but it turned out to be trash anyway). The story is very scarring, and unfortunately, this isn’t the first scarring game I’ve played, but I can say with confidence that it’s different from other stories. But is still a very traumatizing experience. I don’t get why there are so many positive reviews in favour of the game! Is it because they’re all fans of the creator’s other games? I only decided to download it after a quick skim of the VNDB info for character info, but it totally was not worth the futa content. I think I hate anything to do with nude 2D characters, hentai games (though I only try a few once in a long while), and all VNs in general now.

    1. did… did you not read the description? you should know better than just downloading and playing any ol vn, do your research before downloading anything, jeez. and why the fuck would you keep playing a game you clearly have no interest in?
      honestly i’m glad that this game ruined vns for you, you clearly have no business playing them.

      1. Hi there. I just wanted to tell you that you are a prime example of why the human race should go extinct. I mean, look who’s talking about themselves again? I would tell you to eat trash, but that’s cannibalism. Oh, and there are zombies out there looking for brains. Don’t worry, you’re safe.

        Oh, and this is the first game in my life that I rate with a -10. It has gore, rape, stupid story decisions, and unbeatable villains that end on the top because the god-awful story requires it I fucking loved every fucking minute of this repetitive and sucky and cringe-inducing game. Silent Hill 2 and I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream have nothing on this. You’ll never experienced true horror unless you “play” this “game”.

        It is worth two bucks; everyone should give up this game to the ghost! Uninstalled and deleted. I don’t want to hear from this game ever again. Poor unfortunate souls that still have this manure in digital form still installed on their computers.

        And to the Mamiyas: go fuck yourselves. In any other story, the hero would have killed you all, with their fucking hands. They must thank their creator to have survived this piece of shit game. Trevor from GTA would have such fun skinning them alive and torturing them like what happened to Mr K. Fuck, even Sayori and Luan Loud could beat them up. FUCK, even Ms. Fortune could fuck their shit up. FUCK, even fucking Maggie from The Simpsons could fuck their shit up. FUCK, even FUCKING TRISTANA from LOL could fuck their shit up. FUCK, EVEN THE FUCKING PENGUINS FROM FUCKING MADAGASCAR COULD FUCK THEIR SHIT UP!

        Fuck off Marie. Fuck off Marika. Fuck off to the 9th circle of hell Marisa, you blonde bimbo bitch. Fuck off the male Mamiya who is so insignificant that I don’t even bother to remember his name. Fuck off the old rapey guys who hopefully died of AIDS in-universe. And fuck off the writer of this game. I mean, some babies were dropped on their heads but clearly, he/she/their were thrown at the wall.

        And fuck off Eliza, Albus and Horace too. Thank God I modded Fallout 4 and GTA V so I can kill them whenever I please.

        And to lmao ur weak af: If you’re going to act like a turd, go lie in the yard.

          1. Yeah? Up yours too buddy.

            Your name says it all; careful now, don’t let your brains go to your head!

          2. Looks like the autistic guy beat you up. Why don’t you go and play outside? You’ll end up doing something productive in your life, you waste of space.

            As for this game, I give a -1 over 10. And this comes from someone that liked Bible Black.

          3. to be fair, Bible Black was very enjoyable. Both routes had good scenes and passable plot.

            Starless was just… bad. It had far more text, and yes when you have to deal with people like this it’s best to start collecting apple seeds[1] and do the world a great big favor.

            [1]: apple seeds contain a small amount of cyanide. if the protagonist saved enough of them from meals or from the fruit bowls that seem to exist around this house, a “good end” solution to this game is finally possible.

        1. lmfao! i’m the og reply to your little hissy fit, i didn’t think it would make you so mad! i’m literally laughing my ass off at you irl rn, i hope you know! screenshot and saved, that shit is HILARIOUS.
          maybe learn how to read (there are SO many tags there, and there is so much information about this game on the web? why are you surprised lol) and pay attention to your surroundings, think before you blindly consume something just so you can fap or get your power-fetish satisfied. also, maybe take a step back off the internet if it makes you so mad bro. get some real human interaction, breathe some fresh air, and stop acting like whiny little baby just because your parents never taught you to research before spending your time on shit you don’t know about. the world doesn’t revolve around your insane ideals, you sad little shit-for-brains.

    2. It’s art and a poem about true love. It gives us exactly what we want but so much of that even the greatest pervert collapses from fapping and just wishes to escape the ever hungry misstress and her succubi daughters and have a normal relationship with “glass girl”. Not just end up as a sperm donator or die from exhaustion as a sextoy. It makes us realise that sex without emotions is hollow. And we might end up hurting and loosing the ones we care about. In the end even ourselves.

  6. lol, getting bible black vibe from this?
    It’s because it’s from the same producers.
    I’m hoping their latest works gets translated.
    Just gotta love seishoujo art.

  7. Ok so like, im not sure why I am going to try this game, morbid curiosity maybe? I guess I kinda like the art style, reminds me of Discipline. This basically looks like a game that will make discipline look tame, there is a certain scene with a certain thing getting chopped off that I seriously dont like the sound of, anyone know if it is avoidable?

      1. The only “good” end is “A new world” the rest involve being sold as parts, balls being crushed repeatedly, being turned into a human toilet, having one of the girls becoming a human toilet and marrying the mistress, marrying the hermaphrodite, never leaving there, being tortured for eternity, having one of the girls whom you fall in love with pregnant with your baby and repeatedly raped for years, girl you love raped by animals until she dies and more. :/

        Worst end is not actually the worst one…

  8. Pretty Sick game Creepy
    i think the maker must be
    a woman if not then he
    must be a man hater.
    Like gay or a Shemale
    or a lesbian.Haaahaha?
    This thing pissed me off
    would love to meet the
    maker 1 day.

    1. lmao there are plenty of games like this where the genders are reversed, why are you getting so upset when a guy is a sex slave? cry harder, you oversized child

  9. Yeah I love it, too. It’s hard to describe. It’s pure in what it is. Without compromises from start to end. 10/10 from me for this gem.

  10. This game is fucked up, some reaally hardcore and just plain gross stuff. Still i loved? liked? .. remember it in a special way.

    Always getting serious Bible Black & Discipline vibes when i play this.

  11. Hello, part 3 of the uncensored download doesn’t work for me, after I click download, it shows an error, page not found. 🙁

  12. hey guys can you walkthrough me with this game, can this be compatible with windows 10 coz some game can’t run . Anyone ? I dunno but this game is just interesting , I was laughing at the other comments made this game interesting though I was just playing the RPG ones. Appreciate much if one had downloaded this in Win.10

  13. Ok having an issue with English version which is weird because the Japanese version works fine. When I try to start it the screen just flickers. I can hear sound and see the picture behind the flickering but it’s all distorted and I can’t advance scenes. When I put it in to full screen mode it looks like there are 2 windows with the buttons to expand minimize screen etc but only the top one responds to clicks. Any help would be appreciated as I have tried playing this game with VNR but it makes no sense with the machine translations. Thanks,

    1. Really
      Play this as change of pace
      Tired of normal thing
      Wanna try something new and the result is very refreshing
      Only do this once in a while

  14. Hi, thanks for uploading the game, but im having trouble to download parts 3,4,7 and 8 for the uncensored version, so i’ll be very gratefulled if you could check those ones out admin, thanks

      1. You can download 2 parts at once as a free user. That’s why you got “file not found” error. When your previous parts downloaded, next ones start without problem.


    little warning about “extreme” stuff in this game:
    There are usually one or two scenes per mentioned fetishes, so you wont “enjoy” them much… but there is one exception: SCAT!!
    Beware, there will be a lot of pooping!!! They will even EAT the shit! It will make your eyes bleed!

    you have been warned.

    1. PS: I was talking about “uncensored” version of the game

      “censored” is mostly safe (though you miss majority of sex scenes)

  16. i am having a problem when i decompress everything. it says voice.arc is broken. does anybody no how to fix it. i really want to play this. thanx

    1. One of parts probably didn’t download properly. check the sizes (all but last one should be exactly 200MB) and re-download the broken one.

  17. I guess i’m still in disbelief.

    On another note..
    Any idea when or if “P/A ~Potential Ability~, DominancE or Closed Game” will be translated?

  18. Love this game but I paid for mine limited edition uncensored version. but I guess some people can’t handle the extreme aspects of Starless. but I love this site lets me get older VN’s that can’t buy anymore that I always wanted. I try to support developers as puch as possible by buying the ones I like that are still able to be bought.

  19. I have to thank you for the uncensored and english version of the game!! Always wanted to play it since Discipline.
    Any chances of a DominancE uncensored and english version soon?

    thanks again

  20. DA-free uncensored part4 is not working, says the link has been temporarily or permanently moved. Thanks for the help

  21. I don’t know if anyone still replying to comments, but I was wondering if the patch cg were uncensored or censored. I want to know because I hope it is uncensored because that might mean shiny days patch will be also. Thanks for anyone who replies.

  22. Damn, the story and plot are all great but damn, nasty things burnt my eyes. Should have read tags more carefully before download. Anyway, nice game! Thanks a ton for the upload and keep up the good work man 🙂

  23. thanks admin! as usual,you are truly awesome :D. i dont know what i would have done with my VN love if this site didnt exist lol. thanks again 😀

  24. Hey admn is this the Uncut version? i heard they removed the beastiality and other more perverted stuff.

    1. Read previous comments for detailed answer.
      I posted both versions – the uncut one can be found under “Uncensored Game Download” tab.

      1. So what does the censored version actually censor because i’d rather not see the a fore mentioned bestiality but if it cuts out too much i’m cool with it

        1. As far as I know, the censored version removed

          – shit (there are still some occurrence where you hear about it… but you don’t see it anymore…)
          – bestiality
          – the guillotine ending (small guillotine to cut penis)

  25. OMG this is out in English!!! I’ve been waiting for this since like high school I’m such a big Bible Black and Discipline fan. Somebody please translate the other Sei Shoujo works the man is a master H-game creator

  26. Ok i am missing the 4th and 9th key in the ending list and i can’t seem to get them does anyone have a walkthrough for just those endings?

    1. Both are English (I only post translated games here). JAST version is the censored one, as for meaning of “Uncensored Game Download”, I’ll let you figure it out yourself…

    1. Download all the parts, and then hold Ctrl and click all of them. this should have them appear highlighted. right click them and then choose “extract here.”

      a new folder will be made titled after the game, so open that and then click on the app. it will probably be titled something along the lines of:


      then enjoy the game!
      if there is an english patch you need, which I don’t think there is, find it and then send me an email if you need help with that.

      if this was confusing, I have a video for you. this is a guy following my instructions to get Monster Girl Quest:

  27. thanks alot! really looking forward to playing this tomorrow night!
    from the comments i can see this is going to be a crazy experience…can’t be much worse than dustmania or even 120 days…i think…

    1. soo..i wanna know more about this 120 days game you mentioned, because i tried to look for it in this website but i couldn’t find it. What’s the full title of the game?

      1. Not a game, but a movie by Pier Paolo Passolini, one of the most important directors of all times. The 120 Days of Sodom, Starless is like Sei Shoujo version of it. He was killed being run over with his own car several times after doing this film, really funny.

  28. thanks alot! really looking forward to playing this tomorrow night!
    skimming through the comments, it promises to be very crazy. can’t be worse than dustmania…


  29. My files were never saved in \Program Files\, I tried looking and I don’t think it’s in there. I did some research and tried other things like properties and giving full control, in the end nothing worked still. Thank you with the decently fast reply though!

  30. Game doesn’t save? is there another way to save these games that i dont know of? Eroge H never saved for me either. Bible black and Discipline worked perfectly fine but i ran those 2 with daemon tool.

    1. Move them away from “Program Files” folder – your Windows doesn’t let the game write in that directory.

  31. It’s me or the translation is pretty bad edited or maybe they didn’t bother touching it. It’s surprising considering is a commercial translation.

  32. thanks for the JAST version admin I don’t think I can handle bestiality or scat and NTR but a little gore is fine with me

  33. Admin excuse is not what happened I think the download link are down please could you upload me that in Part 4 u_u excuse my bad English please

  34. I don’t mind the scat (in the games) but I do mind the gore. I mean, seriously, I hope there won’t be too many explicit images with guts and blood. I really don’t get why people love this stuff. I remember playing a VN where the heroines got cut really bad and were getting screwed while losing a hand or an arm (and more), it doesn’t sound (or look) too exciting right? The girls were cute and the artworks were perfect but even that didn’t make me forget the horrible torture I’ve seen.

    I wanna thank admin for all his hardwork maintaining the links alive.
    I’m gonna to play this game. I know the drawings look beautiful and the story is cruel (these things I love) but I read in one of the endings, you get your male attributes cut off, now that’s harsh and I don’t even wanna start to imagine how it’d feel(or look).
    I just hope I won’t get that ending while playing and that there won’t be too many things like this…

  35. Admin for some reason when I press the spoiler thingy with the links the page refreshes what do I do?

      1. Well, I had already tried with firefox and chrome and it didn’t work but i just tried with internet explorer and it worked for some reason. Any idea why?rop

  36. Hello, so I downloaded this and I don’t know how to install.. It dont have something like .exe or else.. I can’t play it tho

  37. I cannot extract the files. All the times say that part3 is “either in unknown format or damaged”. I’ve downloaded it about 5 times. Anybody had a similar problem? Tis

  38. thanks for the upload, admin. I think there was no patch for uncensored, but there is it. gotta admire all the route without reduced or revised

    1. There’s no uncensor patch posted, since it’s already included in game download (hence “Uncensored Game Download” label).

  39. Anybody know why the translated version and the japanese version are that different in size? Japanese one was 4.16 GiB while JAST uncensored one is 2.72 GiB. I’m guessing different compression or formats used for audio or images, but does anybody know any specifics?

    1. This is correct. Japan still uses physical DVDs for distribution of visual novels, so they aren’t really concerned with filesizes, as long as it fits on disc. Western versions use efficient compression formats ( .png for images, .ogg for sound etc.) which takes up less space while maintaining the same quality.

  40. I just don’t get it, in the gold key ending why they let MC and Mitarai go. in other ending they used car or vase to keep them in the mansion but in gold key ending they let you go, no trick.

    I got this ending last, when I play I though I don’t get the car now time to get the broken vase but nope they let MC and Mitarai go and I just really???

    this game lack Marie ending (when I play gold key route I though I will get her ending).
    Marisa ending ( MC go to her room every day but no fuck???). ending that you are the head of the house( absolute evil ending).
    Happy ending that MC save every one.

    1. I’m guessing you skipped though it too fast. They did do that. Because you loaned sachie the money (remember, its always worth paying her, she told you that) but you didn’t win the car, then she comes back and saves you from the vase trick. (shes seen it happen in the past, and she basically saves you from the same fate) because you didn’t win a car, you couldn’t get the rigged one. They would have gotten you if you took the taxi probably, but mitari wants to walk for the sake of plot, and thus they are totally and one precent foiled. they couldn’t actually do anything.

      It does not lack a Marie ending, its the red key, although to be more precise thats this game’s equivalent to a harem end. I suppose Marisa falls under this categorey too.

      1. Just checked it, yeah I really miss that. 3 millions worth it I guess.

        This lack the ending that MC drug them all and be the house master, I really want to train them. evils need to be punish.

  41. Well fuck. I think I might play the JAST version in a month or two..hopefully by then I’ll have gotten the guillotine scenes out of my brain. God damn it.

    1. ….somehow that ending still didn’t bug me as much as when the MC “won” the bid to marry mitari. That….made me seriously sad. I had to stop for several hours and go read happy manga and watch some comedies after that. I am surprisingly tolerant of the scat and stuff that happened to the MC, its just the other characters I felt so bad for. Mikako’s ending, it is NOT happy, someone said something about that, but to me thats one of the more tragic endings. They put a “feel good vibe on it” but honestly, if you really think about it, it was really dark. I dunno, I guess people are right, I’m kinda sensitive, but aside from only a couple of CGs, the story is far more disturbing.

  42. Darn!
    after one play time of despair, I quickly erase it from my HDD.

    I’m NOT SAY that this game is bad,

    but this game is ONLY for super extreme ultimate hardcore BDSM.
    normal people wouldn’t stand a chance.

    fyi. I play uncensored version.

  43. Played through all 10 endings but…damn…wish there was at least 1 ending where the Mamiyas got screwed over somehow. *sigh*

    1. Technically they did in the gold key ending. Their plans and toys got away. They really had nothing they could do in that situation even for them, and that probably hurt them more than anything else has ever given they never came out on bottom before. (I was kinda pissed how they not only make it a point to prove how little the pay is chump change, they always get out of it and actually wind up make more money on top of it. As if free labor wasn’t enough, ruining entire lives is icing on the cake)

      1. Well, I suppose, but I’d have LOVED even one ending where they were on the actual receiving end. Even just an ending where they’re killed or something…good enough. The gold key ending…sure, that’s something, like you said. It was quite refreshing, especially since the ending I got right before that one was \The Worst Outcome\. But really, even in the gold key end, we know that that family isn’t gonna be bothered over it for too long. They’re just gonna keep getting more people and ruin more lives. 2 people managing to escape isn’t gonna ruin everything for them (especially considering how many other workers they’ve likely made huge profits out of).

        1. Well not for nothing, but with most of these titles (like bible black, discipline, etc) besides the religious undertones, the morality behind going on is that evil isn’t always punished. Sometimes the best people can do is just survive themselves and escape evil. You can’t have a hero eradicate evil, but you can at least save yourself if you are vigilant and work towards escaping it. I believe thats the reflected message behind it and why the family never gets a “full punishment” they are a representative of sin itself, you can’t get rid of it entirely, you can’t save everyone.

          1. Damn thats depressing. Well, i guess in the red key ending he at least gets to stick around the mansion and (sort of?) gets some power. Still seems like the family is using him like a slave to some degree though (femdom harem worth it?)

          2. It’s worth it, in the eyes of the MC anyway. Its a sign that he was corrupted and depraved to their level. He was not a slave. He has just given himself totally over to it. The servents are more like slaves, in his case hes getting to do what he wants and desires. Even how the youngest is treating him is considerably better at that point and if you take her lines, it seems hes no long an object to her but an actual lover. He’s technically all three’s lover, and willing does those thing, rather if they didn’t have him do stuff, he’d have pursued them himself. It goes so far as to show how dark and fallen hes gotten by the fact the only reason mitari is still around is probably less to do with the son’s desires and more of his own since at that point he has the ability to dismiss her but it hints the MC enjoys seeing her like that

  44. I just wanted to know, is the uncensored version supposed to have censored audio. The bleeping every time someone says dick is getting annoying.

    1. . . . seriously? don’t you think its unrealistic to expect them to un-censor DIALOGUE? That would require redubbing. Since they probably can’t get the same voice actresses/actors in japan from 5 years ago, that would probably require getting a dub team to do it in english. These novels which don’t get much support as it is, would have to pay to re-do the entire dialogue and voice acting. Do you understand even a little bit how ridiculous you seem?

      1. What’s your problem. His question is a valid one. What does “UNCENSORED” mean? If I watch a movie that’s supposed to be uncensored and all of a sudden I hear beeps for the words my first reaction is, “Isn’t this supposed to be uncensored?” In hentai games that obviously isn’t the point and someone new to the genre isn’t going to know that right off the bat.
        To believe that everyone should know exactly what you do and not know the things you don’t know… THAT is stupid.

  45. You have been so helpful, thank you sincerely!

    It seems like I am going to give this game a try, unless you tell me otherwise. You mention that everyone has their kinks and femdom happens to be one I enjoy on occasion. Also like you I am a vanilla fag, I do not mind humiliation do an extent because that in part has alot to do with BSDM and femdom both go quite hand in hand more often than not. Now humiliation and NTR bug me quite and frankly, depress the shit out of me. I have checked the cgs and it seems mostly ok and if there are only 2 rough NTR scenes and the animal NTR I can stomach that,mute the game and spam mouse wheel and then get my good ending. I mean its not that I hate the genre, in fact I actually like reverse NTR(though sometimes feel bad for the other party) and netori but at least there is a market for people who DO like really hardcore NTR and I am glad they will find something to like.

    Concerning other fetishes, if that is the case with game, as you said in your previous posts, then I will probably enjoy the other bizarre acts in the game(I saw some machine that looks interesting) and by the way you speak of the older sister part I really wanna see what you mean! But I’ll hold off a little longer to see a final reply concerning my issue(being thorough is what counts! *nods*). 🙂

    Again you have been EXTREMELY helpful and I am glad this was finally released so that you, others, and hopefully myself, get to enjoy it!

    Thanks so much again! ^.^

    my captcha : \what does a great white shark eat?\ Why are mine so different?

    oops captcha now is “broken heart” OH SHOOOT!

    1. Its a great game ^_^ There are technically two good endings, However…well. I’ll let you figure it out. As for the older sister, thats my own personal kink, I think I am in a minority concerning her. Nitori is good from time to time, when its a guy saving lover from an asshole, at least I agree with that, but I dislike it as much as NTR if the guy is a dick anyway. (Seems to be more common lately.) Anyway, like philosphers in the past said, the best way to know for sure if you like something is to experience it yourself. I can’t really tell you if you will or won’t like it, but honestly, it was hard on me some points but I regret nothing. Its just a testament to how good the story is. I felt everything, anger, sadness, hate, ashamed (for hating some people that turned out good), joy, aroused, guilt it covered everything I had hoped.

      Irony: your shark captcha will be a lot more relevant than you realize after you played the game.

      my captcha is: give or take <———–its like the website knows. I think Ivan just screws with us and sets these up

      1. I have started the game, about to meet with the mistress and I have been thinking… I am still a little worried but if you would do me one last favor? Above is a post concerning how to get the endings I see the label (gold) and scanning breifly on posts, I think gold is the best ending? If so, could you confirm that this is the most “happy” ending at least in respect to the protag and hopefully heroine? If that is not the best ending, could you tell out of the ones above, which is? Doing so will have the best happy ending canon in my mind and I can safely deal with the NTR mentally and enjoy the other endings as well!

        Much appreciated again friend 🙂

        captcha (bizzaro jerry)? I still dont know what they mean!

        1. In your case, gold would be the best ending, yes. However, if you have a darker nature and are more flexable on your morality, their is technically two good endings. Or more like their is two major happy out comes for the protagonist, baring other characters. The gold key is a legit happy ending (in so much happiness goes in this game. Its not perfectly happy, but by far the closest thing) however there is a red key. The red key would be this game’s equivalent to a harem ending but…its not roses and sunshine.

        2. stupid typos kept typing their instead of there…*sigh* also one more note, there is a “bad ending” where you marry the older sister. I personally found that ending to be the one I liked the best. You’ll understand shortly if the elder sister is for you or not as the game goes on, but in terms of “bad endings” I didn’t really see a downside to that one, except for giving up the main heroine. (not gonna lie, I get shes the main, but I’d personally go for a few others before her)

          1. I might consider this to be a spoiler but since I already knew about the older sister so its no biggie ^.^ Ill take the gold route first and then hopefully enjoy the rest of the game and Ill let you know in the future how I thought it was!

  46. hmm, so if the cannibalism seen of yandere almost made me lose consciousness (and made me sick the next day) .. does that mean that i mentally shouldn’t play this one? 😛

    (yandere is actually one of my favorites emotionally, but well, not for the faint of heart 😛 )

    1. Having played yandere (btw, I was unfortunate enough to be eating when I was playing through the quiet girls route, I no longer eat and play VN’s of this type now, lesson learned)

      I would say this has a few scenes that are on par or actually beyond yandere.

      Complete side note now that I finished everything 100%: Sachie is a bitch, but arguably the most important character in the game. She wasn’t lying the money you pay her is always worth it.

      (captcha: she sells)

      1. I was disappointed when I found out she didn’t have a happy ending like the other two maids…

        1. erm, she does if you’re optomistic

          ******SPOILER WARNING******
          In a few of the endings, shes just straight up released, and you can hope she just went her way and lived happily ever after. They don’t go into a big deal about it and just let her leave the mansion quietly when you aren’t doing a route that focuses on her. Now, that aside, the truth is, though there are no details or anything about it, its up to you to believe if she really got away for free. Given how the family works, they may have let her go and she had an “Accident” and was never heard from again and maybe is still serving the family even in “death”. Depends how far you think the family went with her. I like to think shes safe, because they seem to only go out of their way for the ones they actually like, and near as I can tell none of them actually cared much for her. So she probably got released without any real incident, or so I like to think.

          About the other two having happy endings…mikoto’s ending is far from happy. I thought that perhaps it was a bright side, but honestly if you really follow it, its far from happy, and given that house is a “gift” I am pretty sure the mistress and co are making some nice videos and getting some good money off the MC’s daily activities. To be honest…the whole night before the wedding and giving her her a “final” time to her son and with everything else, and the fact that they made SURE the reader knew she loved and cared about her husband right up until his death, odds are her “happiness” in the end are more of her mentally healing herself and blocking it out than anything else. The MC tries to say otherwise, but her dialogue and previous events don’t match what he thinks. Plus hes proven to be really stupid about these things.

          ******END SPOILER******

          I like this game too much I can’t seem to stop making comments 😛

  47. yo, ehm i just want to ask why you cant dowload the uncenssored version? it says that the file is not there when you try to dowload it. hope for a quick awnser and ty for the upload

  48. admin is the JAST version the complete with all the gore, stuff etc and is it also uncensored?

    ” though i don’t know if i can stomach the gore and the other stuff, but I prefer playing a game that is complete and includes the cut version that was deprived to most” hahahahahaha

    1. The Uncensored Version is the version that includes all of the content.

      The JAST version removes the CGs related to Scat, Gore and Bestiality and is also censored I think.

  49. I have some trouble with the game, it freezes in the opening video.
    If I let it run the video runs fine, if I try to skip it, or let it end, then the game freezes, except for the music.

    I tried deleting the opening vid to get directly to the game but it doesn’t work.
    Anyone has a workaround?

    1. I wonder how many times he has to answer this.

      “I only post fully-translated games over here” (From Up Above)


  50. Um…so…it seems that there is some body part(s?) being cut off in this? Does anyone wanna elaborate on how much that is? I don’t mind the scat or bestiality, but…Gore? Ehh…..If its only in like, 1 scene, I can just skip through it fast and pretend it never happened but…yea. Is the gore a recurring thing?

    1. (obviously) SPOILER

      In one ending, you have your penis cut off

      I think that’s the only scene where there’s gore, so yeah, even if you hate gore you can just skip that scene and you’ll be fine

  51. Thanks again, admin, for the super fast upload! May I request for The Way We All Go if you have it? Thanks!

  52. It doesn’t work for me. There is message “there is problem with application Starless.exe and it will be closed”. What should I do?

  53. Is the JAST version is the one without scat, bestiality, and extreme gory stuff restoration patch? Thank you very much for the upload and information. :3

  54. Hey guys I am really liking the look of this game, but I handle NTR poorly. Does anyone know if its a major portion of the game, if its just one route then thats good!


    1. I haven’t done all routes but


      The “NTR” so far is animals. I do know there is a couple scenes with elder men and the party, but I played the japanese version, so don’t know the full extent of those. near as I can tell a majority of the NTR is animals though. and yes, they do in fact steal her. MC gets owned by them 😛

      1. Well, with me, typically as long as there is one good, hopefully true, ending I am satisfied with all sorts of bad endings can you supply an answer to this?

        I appreciate the answers friend!

        1. I can neither confirm that its “true” nor “good” (mainly cus true ending in this game is left ambiguous) and I can’t say whether its actually good or not because I only achieved it during a japanese run through (sadly don’t read japanese. I’m taking my time to read) in a few hours I can probably confirm if this is good or not, but I did get one ending that, while kinda weird looking DID appear to be rather happy. (it was the 5th key, and the only one I got that was gold) I’ll give a more concrete answer later, but if this is anything like discipline I would suspect there is 9 bad endings and 1 good one. (that said, given the CGs I am still not sure it was all that good, but…they weren’t sad, thats for sure)

        2. Off the top of my head there’s 2 happy endings, 1 “good” ending, there’s like 1-2 where’s it’s a not too bad ending(at least compared to the rest) and everything else is pretty much REALLY BAD ends.

    2. OK, scratch that, I got a VERY hardcore NTR ending….its…pretty brutal actually *grabs more tissues*

      irony: the captcha says “have courage”

      1. Indeed, have courage my friend and hopefully you find the good ending you are talking about. As for me, do you think I should steer clear of this title? I dont mind the most of the other stuff and the ntr with animals I think but the hardcore NTR makes my stomach turn could it be the one TotoroKun talks about?(also I am so sorry you found it, brave soul, -hands more tissues-). As long as there is one decent ending im fine. Lemme know!

        Thanks again and hope is still there !

        1. well there was a couple good endings, but there is technically only one good ending, but some are not-so-bad to me (I’m a bit kinky so some bad endings just didn’t strike me as so bad) barring the animal NTR, there is two major NTRs that were painful to watch. To be honest, again, I’m vanilla at heart but I have a pretty broad strike zone in fetishes. for me I love this game, its very rare and hard to find a great femdom, especially out of the monster girl genre. its definitely a double edge sword here, this is similar to discipline where there are a lot of scenarios that are VERY VERY HOT but the endings get so cruel they can break my heart. this REALLY goes pretty far with the scat and humilation aspect of things. Scat is not really my thing, and there is quite a healthy dose of it, but there is so much stuff in this game you’re bound to find something to your liking, that said, if you’re looking for sunshine and rainbows, this is a pass. its not like school days with like 15 happy endings and 4 bad ones. its 1 good, 9 bad. (again, up to some leeway based on your kinks/fetishes on what you might consider “bad” I personally love the elder sister, that ending was hot *blush*)

          1. I don’t mind bestiality and NTR (whatever that is – I have a vague’ish idea bout what it is). But, I do mind scat and gore a lot… Guess I’ll just stomach trough it for pretty art and for “all other, non repulsive and hot stuff”.

            I’m also not into humiliation and arrogance, from whichever side… And I guess there is a lot of it in this game, right? Huh, it’ll probably be a tough one for me. All in all.

            I wonder what’s the elder sister is into… Got me intrigued.

            P.S. Thease captcha’s are too damn indightfull here… Mine says “have purpose”.

          2. This will be a bad game for you. It hinges on like 95% humilation. NTR is short hand for Netorare. Its a japanese term, I forget the actual translation of it, but basically its when the protagonist has their loved one stolen either knowingly or unknowingly. Its to inspire jealousy and sympathy in the readers, its generally done in ways that are quite cruel. (a usual example, is like have a married couple where the wife is NTR’d and the husband is forced to watch as his wife has sex with another man, usually like his best friend or someone he trusted, and not only is she much happier about it, she may even go on to taunt how much better the new lover is than the husband or how bored she got of him or won’t ever be satisfied by him again)
            To be honest, the NTR bugs me way worse than scat or gore. The gore is very limited, in truth its limited to like 3-4 scenes. There are mentions of killing and stuff but they happen off scene. There is one scene where they kill a guy in front of you, but there is no actual blood or gore involved in that.

          3. You’re right, it is bad for me. I gave it a go. Too much scat. I can borderline endure it when I fastforward it… But even that the discomfort is kinda too much. Plus fastforwarding is not really a way how you are supposed to play/read a game. So I think I’m gonna pass on this one after all.

            Oh, and of course I despised the lil sister. “F you, biatch” was the common thought that I had whenever I had to see her act out.

            There ARE quite a few fetishes in the game that I like (big breasts, anal, incest, else – I have quite a wide range actually), and a sorta interesting setting, buuut… The omnipresent nasty stuff ruins it for me. Oh well…

            As to NTR I guess I have rarely encountered it in my VNs. What my reaction would be? Well, I guess I can only inagine. Probably a combo of neglect and despise toward the treacherous wife… Or maybe I’ll find it hot if there are some fetishes mixed in that I like AND the betrayal fact is not stressed so much or it is all set up in such a way that it aggravates me to the minimum. In any case though, I doubt that it would upset me as much as you… I guess you are extra sensitive to that kind of thing. I’m much more responsive (in a negative way) to what this very game has in abundance.

          4. For some reason my reply didnt end up as a reply :/ so my reply is near the bottom. When you check back if you dont mind me sending a few last thoughts and questions your way, as well as all the appreciation and more! *hugs*

    1. Jast has:
      no scat
      no dismemberment
      no beastiality

      Since some endings are focused on those themes, I am not really sure HOW they addressed it. The endings are supposedly there and the pictures are altered or something, but those images were edited to not include those things.

      Patched has all those scenes restored to how they should be, albeit uncensored.

  55. Anyone have an english version walkthrough i tried the translated one and its just kinda confusing me

    1. Typing this off the top of my head, might be some errors.

      Make sure to pay up the first time you get asked for 50k. Aside from that, I’m not sure if any of the earlier choices matter. I went with generally being as cooperative as possible.

      First important choice is when you’re going to the bathroom at night and have the choice to peep. Actually, not sure how important
      the first peeping choice is.

      Ending 1: don’t peep (twice), don’t lend money, whatever.
      Ending 2: peep the first time, don’t lend money, whatever.
      Ending 3: don’t peep, lend money, whatever, don’t accept.
      Ending 4: don’t peep, lend money, whatever, accept, trust her, refuse.
      Ending 5: peep the first time, lend, whatever, accept, trust her, accept, pull out
      Ending 6 (gold): peep first time, lend, whatever, don’t accept.
      Ending 7: don’t peep, lend, whatever, accept, trust yourself
      Ending 8: don’t peep, lend, whatever, accept, trust her, accept, inside
      Ending 9: This is the bad end you get if you don’t pay up early on
      Ending 10: peep the second time

        1. All endings are “bad” endings except for endings 5 and 6. Ending 5 is the red key ending which is the sort of “evil” ending and its also technically a good/harem ending since nothing bad is happening to the MC. Ending 6 is the gold key end and is basically the “perfect” good end where nothing goes wrong.

          1. you mixed up 5 and 6, 6 is red 5 is gold. (remember japanese reads right to left) this is important for when following a walkthrough also it should be noted that given the religious overtones through out the game, there is a reason the harem/red/evil key is number 6.

  56. The typos are high in this…very high…its like they have no idea what a proof reader is…I don’t even think its a matter of the translator not understanding or being native english, the slang is really great, were talking like just missing entire words or typing stuff and being a letter off. (or using the wrong names and mixing up) I guess thats not a big deal to most people, but as I actually read and follow the story, its REALLY distracting. Game is hot as hell, but the text errors are a major downer. “I am so happy to meat you” “I liped her pussy” I stopped counting after 20 errors and I hadn’t even made it to day 2…


      To be honest, I feel Leona is definitely the queen bitch, hands down, but the entire moriyma family could probably match her. I honestly think leona was probably my cruel, but these people will kill. Leona left you in a state where death was probably the better option, these people too, but for some reason, her cruelty hit worse. That said I have gotten a total of four endings so far, and they are VERY hard core, definitely stronger and worse than discipline, they totally went over on it, except the relationship between how you feel vs the characters in this is a bit more removed. I just don’t get the same feeling of pity tragedy. Or possibly discipline already numbed me. Not sure which.
      **************END SPOILER**************

      TLDR: this has more hard core stuff, and beats discipline in that aspect, but on an emotional level I think discipline hit me more. The MC/Heroine didn’t quite instill the same level of emotion in me.

      1. So I finally got around to finishing (most) of it, and I agree.

        Bible Black was pretty cool, you could give as much if not more shit then you received. Plus actual demons.

        Discipline has a surprisingly good story, and like you said when they twisted the dagger it was difficult to ‘not care’

        This? It’s weaker in plot, it’s weaker in characters, it’s weaker in execution. The only thing it has is over the top sex scenes filled with femdom, magical dicks, jelly sperm and drugs.

  57. Well, I have read ‘The 120 Days of Sodom’ in high school as MANDATORY literature (epic teacher, lol) so I think I should be able to handle this…
    but the question is: Do I really want to explore the depths of depravity again? 😀

  58. Same devs who made Bible Black, huh?
    Wonder if this could exceed the status BB had for so many years considering how extreme this is.

    Besides, Marie is voiced is Kanami Kono.Hell yes.Same woman who voiced Deele in Yumina.

  59. Hey I was wondering if anyone had a guide on getting all the different endings. I would greatly appreciate it. thank you

  60. Hey … I just wanted to say thank you very much for your work! ^^ You really made my dream come true by uploading the game named “Nameless~the one thing you must recall”. But now I was just coming to beg you one more thing: can you upload: Persona~ Phantom of the opera? It’s my biggest wish as a gamer to play this game (with or without translation-it doesn’t matter) It will be fantastic if you’ll upload the game on 9th of July – I will take it as the most wonderful present because that day is my birthday. And I’m sure that the other players will enjoy playing Persona~Phantom of the opera because it has an wonderful CG and, of course, an amazing story.
    Anyway, I’ll visit this site daily because you really brought into my life three wonderful stories : Nameless, Dandelion and Second Reproduction. But, please, let me know if you’ll be able or not to upload Persona~Phantom of the opera

    1. I only post fully-translated games over here, and translation of this one isn’t finished. When it does, you’ll find it here (just like any other game).

  61. Thanks for the game!! Is this just JAST release or is does it also have the fan patch to put back what JAST took out?

    1. It is uncensored version, includes all the content JAST “officially” took out (that “fan patch” was made by JAST as well).

          1. Don’t want to sound like a pansy, but is there a way to make it back to how JAST “officially” released it?

          2. Well, I can upload the censored version as well, if some people want it, but personally I find it kinda pointless – If one plays game like that, wanting to explore depths of depravity, he should be able to appreciate it in it’s “pure”, foul form…
            I’ll post the censored version as separate download in around 2 hours.

          3. Thanks, I liked discipline and black bible so I want to check this out, but bestiality and scat I don’t really enjoy. So if JAST removed those (which I think they did, if I read there site right) I rather have that.

          4. I am of a similar opinion, discipline and bible black were pretty good but some of the censored stuff its just way out of my area of interest. A censored version upload would be awesome. Thanks admin

      1. Admin, first off I want you to know that I have all the respect for you in the World for posting all these visual novels without delay, so I don’t want you to think I’m accusing you of lying or anything but I have to ask… Is there any proof that JastUSA (the ones who translated the game) also released the restoration patch for the game? I’m curious because if that is indeed the case, that would mean that there is a high probability (though not a guarantee, of course) that the same thing could happen for Shiny Days. Either way, I hope JastUSA doesn’t get into trouble or anything. I mean, not to sound ignorant or anything but none of this is real. What’s next, the government saying that there can’t be any violence in Far Cry 5?

        One more thing… Do you post a torrent version of these visual novels for the larger releases? It’s just I think you used to post torrents on your website, then stopped. I was wondering why if you don’t mind me asking. Anyway, thanks for your time and thanks again for all the work you do.

        1. There’s no “proof” that it was JAST who did it, but there’s enough circumstantial evidence that anyone can reach that conclusion.
          Shiny days will have the same treatment (

          Torrents (or more exactly – transmitting of copyrighted material in whole or in parts over p2p protocols) are no longer legal here, and it’s unlikely they will return, unless related laws change.

          1. Not really. It’s just one girl there (Kokoro, Kotonoha’s sister) is very young-looking and they “have” to edit out her h-scene.

          2. that sucks, now that is one where I would like the patch for =) Guess it is like how they fixed family project vn and there was a patch later.
            Thanks for the info, and also for these games =)

  62. Thank you so much – I’ve been waiting for this game… Lovely to see it uploaded the very same day 😀

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