Go! Go! Nippon! 2015

Go! Go! Nippon! 2015

The week you spend in Japan will certainly be memorable!!!

Get a taste of the foreign travel offered by printed guidebooks.
Enjoy a tour around Japan from the comfort of your own home!

As the game’s protagonist, you’ll travel to famous Japanese sightseeing spots in the company of a pair of beautiful young sisters. The girls will describe the spots, take you out to dinner, and grow closer to you throughout your travels.

The thrill of taking a trip through Japan with pretty girls is the experience offered by this “Guide Game” — a guidebook in game format!

Beautiful Tour Guides!!
Famous Japanese Sightseeing Spots!!
Delicious Japanese Dishes!!

9 comments on “Go! Go! Nippon! 2015

  1. There’s now a 2016 version in the works it seems. Thanks Admin for this. Think the original game is required?

  2. Any reason why a lot of recent releases are missing from the front page? It just surprised me to not see one I had planned to download today.

  3. I played this when it first came out and I enjoyed it. It’s fun, a little silly, and short (finished all the endings in 3 hours).

    I have not played the 2015 version with the added content yet, but I assume it’ll be more of the same, which personally, I’m all for.

    I just wish I had known how short it would be before buying it on Steam…Cuz I would have skipped it, waited for a massive sale, or just come here.

    1. Just think of it as you are supporting the developer 🙂
      The site here itself encourages it. Which I think is awesome!!

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