Sacrament of the Zodiac

Sacrament of the Zodiac

Every year, there is a ritual called the “Sacrament”, where they pray and get baptized to the goddess. There is a school saying, that if during this time a person shows one of the twelve zodiac stigmas, they will bring happiness to all. Alissa, who has been chosen as the Princess of the White Sheep, falls in love at first sight with Hitsuji, a recent transfer student. Understanding Hitsuji’s intentions, Alissa is attracted by her strength and awkwardness and decides to accept her.

Mokose Alissa, a first year who is partaking general courses. During the Sacrament, her cheeks showed the stigma of Aries and became the Princess of the White Sheep, believed to be one of the twelve to bring happiness.

Suou Hitsuji, a first year, who transferred to the school. She is shy as well very wary of her surroundings. However, she loves Alissa, who understood her from the beginning and accepted her as she is.

Two months from April. The story about the two is told.

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  1. sorry about that, I guess we’ll contact all of the translation teams everywhere and tell them “sellos was unhappy with your output this month, change it all so it matches ONLY his preferences for next month”. After all, the world should only cater to you, shouldn’t it? Fuck all those people with opinions, tastes, preferences that are different to you! It’s just you you you. The world is yours.

  2. Can anyone post the way to get the true ending(The order of perspective needed to get it) ? Thank you in advance

  3. This game… holy crap I enjoyed it. I kinda want a whole zodiac’s worth of sequels. Yay, ojou-sama yuri. MOAR please publishers~ 😉

  4. To anyone who can put this up or if it is actually here and I can’t find it. Can someone put up Marmaladestar’s works of To Love Ru on here? It would be much appricated

    1. Yeah so am I man. So many better VN’s left untranslated.
      I should start learning Japanese one of these days.
      Learning languages is hard for me though.

      1. Japanese, and other Asian languages (yes I’m including Russian, Hindi, and Arabic) are especially difficult to learn for those of us with English as a first language. Admittedly, I can only personally attest to Japanese being difficult, but I’ve heard much the same of the others. German and Latin are comparatively easy, since German is the source of most of the English language, and Latin is the source of the rest. Helps that they mostly use the same alphabet.

      2. japanese isn’t that hard if you have a lot of time to learn. theres a lot to learn, but its not that complicated in my opinion.

    2. More swan/swaneye+ VNs would be nice. They know perfectly what we fans want. “Orc of Ambitia” would be awesome aswell but I know it’s still to new to have that any time soon.

  5. Hmm.. I never saw a positive review of this but maybe I will try it. Maybe I can kill some time while waiting the release of Ne No Kami.. I saw it’s PV and it looks awesome. I can’t wait for the release..

  6. Thank you very much for finally uploading it. I would really like to purchase (after all it should be only like $10€) if it is indeed good enough but with demos not being a industry standard anymore, well, here I am.

    1. Don’t buy Sekai Project games since they are ruining the industry, if you want to support VNs in the west then buy from MG and JAST.

        1. All ages only releases (see Maitetsu, G Senjou no Mahou, and most likely Baldr Sky), crap translations, they take ages translating small VNs, they take fan translations, downgrade the translation and then call it their own, their boss, Dovan, is a dick who even insults people on VNDB. They are many reason people hate Sekai

          1. Sekai is damaging the western VN market because they’re editing games to be more appealing to western audiences? Mmm, that’s rough.

            I’ve only worked through their release of Clannad but it was definitely a lot better quality than the old fan translation. Though to be fair, they did act as publisher for the cancer that is Winged Cloud (Sakura beach, Sakura Dungeon, Sakura Cooking, Sakura Swingset, etc.) lol.

          2. Not sure if this has happened to anyone else, but at least speaking just for myself, with two of their Kickstarter campaigns I foolishly pledged to support,they charged twice. In the end they were good about refunding the double charge, but until I sent them a copy of an e-mail from almost 10 months ago showing the double charge, they tried to brush off the double charge as my misunderstanding.

            In the end, the only way I even knew about the refund was checking my statements, never heard an apology or even a ‘ooops’ from them for the double charge.

          3. False, School Days HQ sold on JAST was localized by Sekai Project and it’s a +18 version.

            the +18 version of Grisaia sold on Denpasoft is also published by Sekai Project

            it’s the same for Sunrider, Nekopara, KARAKARA, Ne no kami… actually on denpasoft only the “sakura” games and Muv-Luv aren’t published by Sekai project.

            they just sell the games in 2 version: the all ages version on steam and the +18 on Denpasoft.

            So your Sekai bashing is really stupid, it’s just prove your ignorance.

        2. Its a long story but i list some of the few things:

          – They are heavily anti sex in VNs, they purposely pick 18+ VN and then censored them. When fans asked them for the 18+ version they told everyone that we sucks and are not their audience. So basically they just want to milk the Steam casuals. And that would have been fine if they just gone for all age original VNs instead of censoring 18+.

          – Aside from that most of their translations are bad.

          – Lying to Kickstarter backers and failing to deliver the backer rewords.

          – Their are slower then even JAST while their translation quality sucks unlike JAST.

          And lots of more bad stuff that you can probably find by googling about it.

          1. – Lying to Kickstarter backers and failing to deliver the backer rewords.
            This. When the Kickstater for Grisaia was over I remember they wanted to back down on the 18+ version after they had promised it on the Kickstarter. That’s what caused Frontwing to move away from them, Frontwing even started picking up Akabei Soft titles to localize since Akabei Soft stoped dealing with Sekai after G senjou, there is also the feud sekai has with Imouto Works because Sekai was charging the 18+ scenes has DLC while Imouto Works was making patches for the 18+ scenes for free (see KARAKARA)

      1. Welp, don’t worry, I was through the normal route in an hour…

        but it’s kinda weird to say that I should not buy a 18+ VN from them mainly because they are Anti-18+. While they are also my least liked publisher, I though do not hate them that much… even though I had to pay ~100€/19% customs for my first Grisaia delivery and yeah, they should really make some many 18+ version quickly, for quick cash.

          1. You’ll simply not get any more localizations. Let the medium die or get over it. Learn Japanese or get over it. These are your options.

          2. No lol, MG is doing better then ever. They are pumping out 1 VN every month, and we also still have JAST. Sekai is completely useless and no longer needed, all they did way ruin any VN they touch. But it doesn’t matter anyway sicne Sekai is done for,no one buys their stuff anyomre so they are trying to switch to anime and manga market.

          3. id rather have less releases than a shit company shitting up great visual novels that some other company could pick up

    1. Alright, gave this VN a shot. It’s pretty similar to a Sono Hanabira. There’s a religious school and two girls fall in love pretty much at first sight. There’s a mechanic where you can switch the POV of each protagonist on the fly, however its underutilized.

      Overall this is a competent yuri ergoge. If you like cute girls doing gay things to each other, you will be pleased.

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