Throb! The Greatest Inventions of the Sexy Era!

Throb - The Greatest Inventions of the Sexy Era

Super situation adventure with full of perverted invention.

“Today, from now on, we present “2nd Division of Science Club” here.”

Captain Black, he was expecting to be in charge of the newly-established Science Club, got mad for not getting that position.
He secretly organized “Evil 2nd Division of Science Club”.
With his assistant Fuka Haruhara, they create super ultra hyper inventions and seek for revenge to the school!

104 comments on “Throb! The Greatest Inventions of the Sexy Era!

  1. This is f*cking MASTERPIECE!
    I laughed so hard while playing this 😀

    that airhead sidekick Fuuka is amazing!
    “sob sob… I am sorry I missunderstood you, master. To think that your real intention was to spread love and happiness to all girls on the school” 😀 😀 😀 XAXAXA

  2. The crack file seems to be not working every time try to play it pops up as blue screen full of error if anybody has a solution please tell me.

    1. You’re supposed to extract the ‘Crack’ file where the game is installed after installing. It’ll ask to replace some things. Let it do it.

  3. I tried installing the game and this is what I got
    NSIS error
    “Installer integrity check has failed.common causes include incomplete download and damaged media.”
    my download is complete, I even download it twice, but got the same error
    ah by the way, this error message pops out when I try the part1.rar
    can any one help me.?

  4. i have one last scene that haven’t unlocked, it’s the 2nd at the bottom , count from left to right . all the items are unlocked, so are the other scenes. can anyone help me plz !?

  5. hmmm… for all of you who is asking for activation code and walkthrough and else, you should readall the answers here, it really helps, and forthe ones with the blue window, just install the japanese language, but with the eng patch it shouln’t be problem… and of course, thank you Admin, this one is pretty cool XD

  6. There an error when I attempt to open the crack
    There’s a blue screen with the title bar with full of question marks
    what is the problem?

  7. Admin, a request If I may.
    Could you perhaps put something that allows us to “request” for a VN download?

    Thank you for reading this

  8. Hum…it’s good to translate some Softseal work, they’re the best for eroge for me (design, scenes, etc), but this one is really not the best title.

    ぜったい猟域☆セックス・ロワイアル!! ~無人島犯し合いバトル~
    ぜったい遵守☆強制子作り許可証!! (i loved this one and the main girl)

    Are better, way better for me.

  9. every time i try i get a blue screen and a error message with a bunch of question marks and the file path help??????????????

  10. how to play this? I already extract all of it but they ask me for a “game activation code” where can I get one?

  11. F**k Yeah!
    Softseal company always has Animeated HCG ~
    Get ready my hand~[IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN]

    1. id doesn’t work.. it needs an activation code for me to finish installing :'( how o crack it? anybody.. pls help

      1. first, download the crack file, and then extract it into your game folder and overwrite initial file…

        It’s easy though

  12. i would like to say thank you to the admin and everyone who had helped me through links and comments on download problems i have had no problem for this game but the one thing i must say is that i download of my visual novels from here and i feel that they have helped me cope with the bordem of summer so thanks again admin and keep it up because you have helped me a great amount

  13. Question. There’s a game called Saimin Riajuu, or Riajuu Saimin…. Anyway, it’s a game with lots of hypno. Is anyone working on translating that?

  14. Walkthrough

    There are four choices in the story, but that the first and the fourth one are irrelevant to the endings. Just make a save before them, watch the scene, reload the save and pick the other option to see the other.

    The second and third choices determine the four possible endings:

    Fuuka Ending
    Choice 2 – Lying Cell Phone
    Choice 3 – Bonding Magnet

    Matsuri Ending
    Choice 2 – Mini Mouth
    Choice 3 – Clone Cube

    Yuri Ending
    Choice 2 – Lying Cell Phone
    Choice 3 – Clone Cube

    Threesome Ending
    Choice 2 – Mini Mouth
    Choice 3 – Bonding Magnet

  15. Crack:

    Read instructions in the zip for installation information or just install the game and extract the exe and xp3 where you installed.

    Nukiges are invisible which makes this crack late.


    1. Wait… Are you actually telling me this crack took “long” (a few days are pretty fast, at least in my opinion, so thanks) because you had to make sexual content invisible by yourself (or whoever made this crack)?
      Or did it take long to make the invisible content visible, in other words solving some kind of cracking protection issues?

      Anyway, once more thanks for the crack.

      1. You’re totally misunderstanding. He just means that the crack took so long because no one notices games like these.

        1. Yup, looking back I release how stupid I was to suspect somebody would crack an eroge from Softhouse Seal that removes the 18+ content.
          Just in case someone cares: in Germany there are two diffrent words to discribe something as “not being visible” and to discribe something as “very unknown” and since my native language is German… well, you get the idea.

          1. Of course I mean that I was stupid to suspect someone cracking that game while removing the sexual content. Really, there must be something wrong with me today writing such comments…

    2. Can someone explain why the crack makes my cursor go hard to the left. I installed the crack exactly the way it said to.

    1. It should only be a bit longer now that the editing is done. I’ve been checking everyday for the last month.

          1. Checking three screens at the same time ? Though I would miss one eye for that :). But anyway, there are even games that has 100+ hours written in description, but are easy to read through in single day (is it counted as 100+ hours total of all routes?)

          2. Most likely, I know I always finish all the routes before I go “Ah, that’s that game”. And yeah, you’d probably miss alot if you read three screens at once. But each to their own, though one must remember to savor every line! 🙂

          3. Sorry, but isn’t it bbs after all?

            I mean waiting for translated Eroge and then skippin through it in hyperspeed. There are only so many english games. For me it’s ok since I just read originals and only a english one once in a while… but If you go through ’em in that manner you won’t be able to read eroge for a long time… +Eroge is either ERO or Story, on ERO I understand but on the story ones, c’mon you can’t even let all the sound data from a 50+ hour game play in that one day. So you kinda have to skip half of the awsome dubwork… That’s just sad.
            You only like the pics? 😀 Can just go to a Hentai/Art side then and look at them as much as you wanna -have better quality mostly. :>

    2. actually it’s not 100%. The second editor haven’t finished yet – thereforse it’s not complete. And remember, after editing is QC. official twitter; “early July more likely. Depends on the second editor”

  16. Hello, Hello people

    Mind reading a bit of my toughts…?

    1) I should apologise for falling into the category of those who download and don’t comment…no excuses here but to say I’ve been traped in the monotony of the internet.
    2) Thanks for the game…as allways.
    3) I will take a bit of our time to remember, should I say… Even when I am not close enough to those original ones who first posted coments here, I certainly saw the beginings of this site, its ups and downs, sad moments and happy moments, good moments and harsh moments, moments of stability and moments of change, and as a witness of these times,I should declare with all confidence, is not your everyday V/N download site, it is The Place where you can find what you look for.
    I remember when admin talked about his goal of uploading every english translated V/N, old and new ones(and I’m shure it has been set in stone), when V/Ns here could be counted with my fingers and now after all this time you cannot see all erogedowload at once(huge alphabetical index of translated games).
    Again I say, happines and nostalgia asile me when remembering the past and my own years passed waiting for releases here…HO! I’m old and tired now (joke), anyway best way of expressing one thanks and satisfaction is comenting and being an active part of the forums and discution boards, help when you can and you will be helped when needed.
    Thanks in adavance and keep good work as allways.
    Those who now will folow admin to the depths of hell to get their Ero…


  17. hey guys do any of u play h games that are playable not just visual novel im ah gamer i like games like daiteikoku and kamidori also sengoku rance so im wating for any games like those to be translated and also daiteikoku is only 35% translated that what makes it a bummer cause of the group that translating it has a lot of problems that why i have a Japanese to English dictionary with me while playing try it u guys playable h game i recommend daiteikoku for begginers like U!!!!!! aahahah and admin your da best!!!!!

  18. Normally I’d say “hell no” to a game like this, but those girls are just too adorable. Must get this one. It’s not too often that we get cute heroines (as opposed to sexy and slutty) in a game that has lots of sexual content. This is definitely up my alley.

    1. >Softhouse Seal
      >Its not nukige

      …uhh, not sure what’s in your head when you wrote that, but whatever it is it’s definitely isn’t brain.

        1. Nope. You can have game with high sexual content that isn’t nukige. Take a look at “Sengoku Rance” for example.

        2. A story oriented VN could content high sexual content easily while having a sensible story. This doesn’t make it a nukige. e.g. is euphoria, Homeless Joshi Gakusei, and Wizard Climber.

          A nukige is where you put sexual content on top of everything else, making plot, story, and character development take 2nd place or in extreme cases, non-existence.

          1. with a name like ‘leshitposter’ I think it’s safe to say hes living up to his name.

  19. i am so looking forward to this, i hope that this is as funny as it sounds from the description.

  20. 1st… Thanks MangaGamer for translating VN’s….

    2nd… God another sex based game with a stupid plot and no story.

    Finally…..Please Gods of Eroge let the next one released here be worth reading!

    1. The girls are cute and “Cute is Justice” so it’s okay 🙂

      El Psy Congroo…

  21. hey when will daiteikoku will have a complete eng traslation for me i have a japanes to eng dictionary when i play darn it!! plz i hope it finaly 100% translated not 35% plz o plz admin and also check out other sites nowhere near like this this is the best tnks admin tnks for all your hard work and can i ask anyone who has a crack to nanami abc or simply please teach me abc game im looking for the crack and eng translate plz if anyone has a link plz put it here tnks in advance.

    1. You dont speak english, why would you need a english translation? I kid, but had to reread it like 3 times to understand what you were saying.

      1. I’m French and learned English while playing visual novel & reading manga scan in english 🙂
        Since a lot of people on earth speak english, we always need an english translation so that the human culture spread more faster to everyone to break the language barrier 😀

        El Psy Congroo…

        1. i know how you feel, i learned english from anime subtitle.
          and my english score test improve a lot because of it.
          before i watched anime, read manga i got 50 at best.
          i remember when i must use dictionary for every sentece when i watch anime at first .
          still need learn a lot though

    2. The translation of daiteikoku is dropped by TLwiki and it doesn’t seem like anyone is going to pick it up at the moment. I think the last update was he third partial patch covering 35% of the game way back march from last year.

  22. I wonder if the crack from SSSS will work on this. Also thanks for the share. I’ve been waiting for this one.

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