Super Secret Sexy Spy

Super Secret Sexy Spy

My name is Ethan. Ethan Bond. I’m an agent of the secret intelligence group, FAPPS – the Federal Agency of Pussy Protective Services.

What is FAPPS you ask? Forgive me for shooting off. It’s rather larger than can fit in your hands, but I’ll give you what you can handle. Bartender, shake out a few drops of milk for my friend here.

You see, FAPPS is involved in the research and investigation of sex crimes involving the babymaking place. We safeguard the state of the uterine. Within the pink moistened folds of the intelligence community, I am in fact something of a cumshot. Hotshot! I penetrate with 100 success. They call me the “creampie spy.”

Bollocks, you say? Oh yes, they’re emptied daily into beautiful women. I commit intercourse at my discretion, with a bona fide intravaginal permit – any womb, any time. It’s a License to Spill.

– You are Ethan Bond, Creampie Spy! The fruits of internal secrecy are yours to protect!

150 comments on “Super Secret Sexy Spy

  1. This game was barely any good. Yes, you do get bits of amusement now and then, but that’s about it. Heroines are bland and so are h scenes (but that’s to be expected from softhouse, I guess), only exception is imouto Maimi, nice boobs so cute.

  2. Is the crack still available? The link to is broken and I can’t find the crack anywhere.

  3. I downloaded the game, installed it, and put the crack in but for some reason I don’t hear any sound. Voices or BGM. I hear sound at the start before I get to the main menu when there is that clip before it gets to the main menu but then the sound just doesnt work once it gets to the main menu.

  4. I still can’t get this to work. I followed the instructions but I keep getting the prompt to put in the activation code. Can anyone go through this in more detail with me? I want to play it…

  5. don’t know why but can’t download any eroge starts downloading fine then quickly slows down and finally it says download interrupted.

  6. Im extremely new to this whole download thing. Does anyone have a link to get to the WinRAR thing I keep hearing about? Its so I can actually run these things without the error boxes of death blowing up my computer

  7. NVM, just reset my computer/router and the link worked this time. Odd it didn’t work the first time though.

  8. I followed the instructions for the crack and when I open the exe, the softhouse seal takes longer than usual and then it goes to the usual manga gamer thing and after that, I get an abort error
    any ideas why?

  9. The whole description is for laughts!
    \FAPPS\… \larger than can fit in your hands\…\a few drops of milk\(instead of something alcoholic, unlike James Bond)… and everything else… LMAO

  10. I tried what ecactly the instruction told me, and then i clicked the ssss.exe and blue sceen with confusing code appeared… anyone can help? 🙁

  11. Oh god. I’m so downloading this. You know something is hilarious if you read the commentaries and laugh before reading the summary and laughing your behind off.

  12. Hunt Breaking 4th Wall: “She my sister you servs!!”

    Me: Yea like THAT’S gonna be a deal breaker…

    1 hour later…

    Me: See told you so 😀

    I was hoping for Lestie not knowing she didn’t have a solo ending (I always play games like this blind once first) ended up with maimi tho to my credit I was only one choice off for their combined one lol

  13. I am amazed at people who expect some story in Nukige games.
    And all latest MG releases just same useless garbage. Good only for Fap, and even at that quite decent. And the same can be said abot their future projects, there only one title that not nukige so far. And JustUSA Slow as hell… so sad T_T.

  14. I wanted a Leslie ending but there isn’t really one except in combination with the sister which isn’t really doing it for me. The game is short and the dialogue isn’t even worth mentioning. The CGs are at least decent though.

  15. the games been cracked admin just hasn’t gotten around to updating the download links yet you can find the url to the crack download among the older posts

  16. Seriously, what the hell? The crack works but this is a seriously screwed up story. Oh well *popcorn*

  17. The Name’s Bond…Ethan Bond…
    Screw MI6 which sounds like I’m asking myself Am I 6? I work for FAPPS which sounds like I’m…

  18. Tried the crack posted by Anonymous Cracker and it worked. For those that still haven’t gotten it, its

  19. But I have to say this game…it’s just so ridiculous it’s funny. I mean seriously don’t touch this game expecting anything that resembles logic and you’ll be ok.

    1. Yeah, I’ve got two endings so far – the Saki endings – and (spoilers) they both effectively said, ‘Yeah, this isn’t some epic ending, but you know what fuck you.’ Like directly at me. Any game that’ll do that is all right in my books.

  20. @breakthrough,

    nah, hackers are currently busy trying to hack north koreas military facilities. its nothing serious, they just wanna mess a bit with Kim Jong-un cause he is a retarded little kid with too much power… And yes, its hilarious to make fun about retards 😛

  21. Man their are so many people asking for the crack or code to this. It would make you think that this game is worth the tears.One word Nukige! Not hating or anything but that word alone means that its pretty much porn.
    I have porn…………………….. I can wait.
    (new type of DRM……….Ha Ha Ha!Not worth the time,the pentagon has way more money than these guys and they still get hacked.But props for it putting on a game hackers don’t care about, that’s how you keep it safe)

  22. Thanks.
    (Nice to not be dependent on the DRM system though being able to request more activations is a nice improvement from Mangagamer even if this new software dependency is a bit annoying.)

  23. Crack:

    Read instructions in the zip for installation information or just install the game and extract the exe and xp3 where you installed.

    Nukiges are invisible which makes this crack late.

    To admin: This is my fourth attempt at posting this crack without getting stuck in moderation, last attempt was made half a day ago. admin, let people with proxies post if you want timely cracks!



    I’m with RaffyS on this one. That is one HELLUVAH interesting way to engage consumers.

  25. It has to be like 13 year olds that are whining this much for the game… Any 18+ year olds would realize that bitching and moaning for your way is useless…

    1. I only wish that were true. Life has bitterly proven otherwise, though.

      … still, at least half of them are early-to-mid teens, probably, yeah.

  26. last time a game like this had to be cracked it took about a week or two after the game was released.

      1. I was just trying to be approximate but, if you want to be exact then Boob Wars was released here on October 31st and the crack was released November 23rd. So it was actually 23-24 days for the crack to be released not 38 days.

  27. i don’t wanna put hurry, just for ask, there is a release date for the crack, something like two-three weeks from now?

  28. ah ok, so nevermind. xD

    Now, that i have read the comments, i see that there is still no crack. alrighty then 😛

    Well, guess its fate. i originally didnt wanted to download this game anyway. Prefer Games with lots of story and such. Especially real nice VNs like g-senjou no maou

  29. Got a little issue. At the start, when i want to launch the game, its asking me if i want to install the latest doft-denichi runtime programe. Since i got a browser issue it doesnt open a website at my place. i guess it will open one if i click on yes. Can someone post the link here please?

    1. The thing it makes you download is the main component of the DRM software which is what every one is all annoyed with it installs always on background process is pretty much the heart of the protection scheme.

      Unless you’ve actually bought the game (which I doubt since you’re here lol) and have a valid code you still won’t be able to play the game anyway.

  30. Guys you might as well kick back and relax. It’s not that the DRM is tough. Trust me there’s far worse out there that gets cracked all the time. It’s just a lack of someone knowledgeable who would be willing to spend time on a game like this. It’ll likely happen sooner or later but it’s likely to be later rather than sooner. Might as well be patient.

  31. Two things:
    1- No one is interested in cracking this game
    2- The new DRM is a hard nut to crack

    I hope it´s not the latter.

    1. I seriously thought the same damn thing. ‘Will I get misunderstood if I start muttering about needing crack. Where is my crack. CRAAAACK’

      Also reminds me of Family Guy: where’d you get the crack? From Black’s. Woah, you can’t say that. No, I’m serious, there’s this guy behind Black’s Hardware store selling crack.

  32. Oh my god, the description makes this sound terrible. FAPPS, really? Am I the only one who actually likes an eroge to make a little bit of common sense, rather than just something like Big Boobs vs Small Boobs world war?

    Bring me games like Edelweiss, Nocturnal Illusion, Divi Dead, Kara No Shoujo, Princess Waltz, G-Senjou no Maou (FTW). Hell, even Bible Black and Monster Quest might have been a bit of a shaky sex romp, but at least it had some suspension of disbelief.

    If you’re not going to even bother to have a decent story, may as well head to g.e.hentai or gelbooru or rule34 and just get yourself some fap pics and cut to the chase.

    1. You don’t have to download or play them if you don’t want to, dude. “–

      It takes time to translate something and especially those titles that you mention above (Edelweiss, etc.) and not every company or translators willing to take the project, so you can’t expect those kind of ‘good’ titles to have an English patch released ever so often.

      1. I’m not going to download it or play it. =) I just saw the gagworthy plot and wanted to post. And I don’t expect those titles often. I just don’t understand the appeal of this sort of filler eroge. That’s not to say there isn’t an appeal, I just can’t see it nor feel it.

    2. Stop bitching and start learning japanese, you will be albe to play the games you want. And you could start your own translation group. Dont be lazy, do it. Otherwise, just wait quietly like a good kid.

      1. I am waiting quietly like a good kid. It’s the terrible pap eroge that exists that makes me sad.

        And I’m incredibly thankful for translation groups. But this game by the looks of things is hardly worth translating. But to each their own.

    3. Yeah, I mean, I love those sort of story-driven games, but I think you’re way overreacting (ie you care at all). This is… filler, man. I mean, did you see how quick it was from announcement to release? It was no time. That’s what these games are. Quick, easy projects to fill the gaps between the real ones. Get a product out, keep the buyers with something to do, then get back to work on the big things. Also serves as a convenient distraction in the meantime. A bit of mindless fun in between the real stuff? I’m sold.

      1. I’m just saying if you’ve got to wade through ten minutes of terrible dialogue just to get one or two pictures, personally I find it a little less time consuming to go find a picture site. You could say that of all eroge, but it’s like an erotic novel – the titilation of the pictures is supposed to be increased by the dialogue.

        But that’s just me, if people love this kind of filler that’s fine. The description just made me gag, that’s all, rather than serving as a convenient distraction. =)

        1. Yeah, it’s fine, I definitely realize this isn’t for everyone. On a personal level, the sheer absurdity of these filler games is just something that makes it all worthwhile for me. If all games were like this, though, I’d probably not even bother, it’s the big stuff that lets me enjoy silly things like this. Filler’s only good as filler, after all. But that’s all personal, and like I said, not for everyone. So no judging on you, all I ask is the same in return, yeah? Cheers.

  33. Hello admin!

    Thanks for another great upload however, there is this game i think is really awesome and is called “Kansen”. The series release i think is up to 5 but no translation group has translated it to english. I wonder if you could translate it 🙂

    Thanks and more power to you people!!!

      1. Well i am actually new here so I really do not know who does the translation part of these VNs 🙂

        To whom should I address translation request?

        1. To JAST, Mangamer or some translation groups. I’m pretty sure that nobody will listening to your “please translate game Y”

    1. You can try contact them.
      But im really wonder who gonna take effort to spending their 1000 hour of their life to translate some random game for you lol
      …maybe if you can pay them 100000$ they can do you you eh?

  34. It would take less time and just buy the game… and they do need the sales. Mangagamer releases many nukiges and not so many story driven stories ( like Shin Koihime) because they represent a much bigger risk (in cost and return) than the nukiges) if more people buy = more games = more chances of getting the game you guys want.

    Or just go learn japanese

    1. Who knows? But here’s the factors to consider – a new type of DRM (meaning it’ll need a new method for cracking), the type of game being, by all appearances, somewhat unpopular with crackers, and I believe they need a legal version to work with so they’d either have to buy it themselves or have someone else send it to them. All things considered, I’m not counting on a timely release, so just relax and wait a bit.

    1. No, no, Soft Denchi is Mangagamer’s new DRM, that’s the thing that stops you from playing illegally downloaded games. So, you kind of don’t want it.

    1. It is translated, but you won’t be able to play it without crack. Unless you buy it from the mangamer.

  35. STARLESS is being translated by JAST and it is one of their low priorities.

    You could always play with a semi-translated version using a free translation program online, it would just take you a long time.

    Fetish SPOILERS

    The MAIN fetish in STARLESS is scat, with femdom and torture as sub-fetishes.

    Ending SPOILER

    A good portion of the bad ends lead more into NTR, where the rest lead into either impregnation, slavery, or death.

    1. … That sounds… horrifying. I mean I can be into some pretty dark and weird stuff, but that’s just a whole different level. And I only got half a glance of it. And that’s being translated? Officially? For profit? By a real company? Damn.

      1. Oh, you don’t know the half of it. Their other games were Discipline which, like Starless, has 3/4s of the paths leading to bad endings and NTR. Bible Black was only marginally better but it still had too many bad ends.

        1. A lot of great Eroge have tons of bad endings. IMO if there’s a good ending, there’s no reason to complain overly much, since you’re not really deprived of one.

          Though it sort of sucks how much more submissive the male protagonist is in Discipline compared to BB.

    1. I am so happy people can read text conveniently placed directly over the links, and replies to similar questions (with the same answer) directly above their text posted an hour beforehand.

  36. Please translate the Himekishi Lilia ~Mashoku no Oujou ni Datsu~! I just see it in Meet ‘n’ Fuck games and is incredible. But I can’t find it anywhere. It would be wonderful if you could translate it. Please.

    1. Please learn japanese yourself, it will be a lot faster than waiting for your game to be translated.

    2. That is a Lilith game, meaning that it won’t get translated, not even by fans, since Lilith is actively sending out C&D messages and ready to sue anyone involved in spreading their staff in any format outside of Japan. So yeah. Wanna play it? Learn Japanese or forget about it.

    1. It is translated by JAST apparently. Although I’m pretty sure that they’ll censor it somewhat at least (pretty sure that the bestiality parts will be cut), and its a TBA release date (meaning I wouldn’t expect earlier than say 2015), but still, it is supposed to get an official English release.

  37. The synopsis alone is completely ludicrous. I despise games like these, but kudos to the writer here. That must have been fun. lol

  38. Juvenile enthusiasm post aside Even if I hadn’t been waiting for this due to having run out of eroge to play lately the description alone woulda sold me lol

  39. FAPPS? Really?

    Oh boy…another one of “those” games.

    I wonder when Jastusa and Mangagamer are going to start to localize good games like Rance, Toushin toshi, Arterial, Daiteikoku, Material Fortune…

    1. My guess is that the licensing agreements for those games are more expensive because they’re more likely to sell well.

      1. Jast and Mangagamer are sorta polar opposites tho. Jast take forfreakingever to release anything but the ones they pick do almost always end up being really good titles. Mangagamer pumps stuff out in quantity but its like 2-3 good VN with floods of nukige in between

        1. the reason why mangagamer picks nukige tittles is because its easy and fast to translate because theres not much of a story in it and the sales is surprisingly high

          1. I wonder then, why the hell mangagamer haven’t tried to translate Shin Koihime Musou? It’s one of the nukige masterpiece, yet they haven’t pick the project at all…

          2. Because it doesn’t fit any of the criteria that were just listed?

            It has a huge amount of dialogue and it would cost a fair bit to license. There would need to have been much better sales on the first KM for them to consider it.

          3. think your wrong their true mangagamer comes out with what i like to call fluff games most their nukige are those but i really enjoy most the games that come from over drive

          4. Well they do have a licensing agreement with Baseson so we might see it but given how long it is taking them to TL Harukoi (i.e it’s been on the ‘coming soon’ list for over a year) I wouldn’t expect to see it any time this decade x.x

          5. it’s not like I fault them for it and to be honest that was more or less the point I had in mind I just didn’t explicitly say it at the time 🙂

      2. Yeah. Key is outright xenophobic, and Alice Soft did block out foreign IPs to its main websites due to the effects of the Rapelay incident. The general American public stopped caring a while ago, but many eroge companies are still cautious.

    2. Stuff like Rance, Toushin, Daiteikoku, i.e. stuff from Alicesoft, aren’t going to be licensed in America insofar as I know.
      Think it was because Alicesoft doesn’t want them to be licensed to other countries? iono

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