My Secret Pets!

My Secret Pets!

When you return home rejected the evening after breaking up with by your boyfriend, waiting for you are four handsome men… who are actually your pets.
And so your life together with your faithful pets begins anew…

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24 comments on “My Secret Pets!

  1. Hi admi, well actually i want to eliminate this game but my computer doesnt allow me because i dont have permission, can you please help me?

  2. Hi+guys!+Thank+you+so+so+much+for+uploading+otome+games+^^




  3. Admin You Are the best!!! Thank you for your hard work, all the links are work like a charm~ Can you please upload more Otome Games like this in the near future~ ^^ Also Thank you again~

  4. Help :((
    When I launch the app, it says “SOUND init failed”
    and then I can only click “ok” and it just kicks me out.
    Please help Admins, thankyou<3 🙁

  5. Hi!!! Can someone help me? I finally got the game to start but now I’m stuck at the name screen. I can neither click “Ok” nor change the name. What should I do?

  6. Dude. I dont know anything about you but thank you. Without you and this site, I dont think I would even make it through my day. With these otome posts, you make my life a little easyer.

  7. Hi admind i got a problem with the game, i try turn off the antyvirus, and download the dxsetup, but still doesnt work, appear a mesaje “Hardware device not found”.
    Please help!
    im so saaad…. u_u

  8. Hi, it doesn’t work, it says that steam_api.dll is missing…

    I downloaded that file and put it in the game’s folder, but when I try to run the game it says that it can’t find SteamApi_RestartAppIfNecessary or something like that 🙁

  9. Hallo admin it’s been awhile since you upload an otome game
    so i wonder if you could upload some games like:
    my sweet bodyguard or Forbidden Romance: My Butler?
    But thank you anyway,i know you do a great job with your website.
    (sorry about my English I’m a foreigner)

  10. This sound EXACTLY like Dandelion, I’m yet to play this game, but if the heroine has an abusive mother then is the same :/

    1. It does sound exactly like Dandelion. And if it is, at least it didn’t take too long to download. :/ Plus, I personally like the art in this game a little better. xD

  11. hi admin thanks for uploading the game , but i need some help . does this game need any emulator or something like that ? because i cant seems to open the file ):

    1. This is true, there’s an error that says: Sound Init failed. How can we fix this? please help.

    2. I might be too late for this, but I found this info on another forum.

      check whether “DirectX 9.0c” has been installed by double-clicking “DXSETUP.exe”?

      ”DXSETUP.exe” is usually saved in the following file.

      The Men of Yoshiwara Ohgiya\_CommonRedist\DirectX\Jun2010

      If you scroll through this file, you eventually see the installer.

      1. Sorry, instead of “The Men of Yoshiwara Ohgiya” it should be My Secret Pets. But if you have any of the games by the same developer or publisher, it’ll need the same thing. You only have to download it once.

  12. When I try to open the application, both on this game and 2 other otomes (destiny’s princess & pub encounter) my virus software says that the file steam_api.dll has a virus in it and wont let it open, any way to fix this??

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