Corpse Party

Corpse Party

A group of friends unknowingly perform an occult ritual that traps them in an otherworldly elementary school. Here, the vengeful spirits of young children threaten their lives and their sanity, and the only hope of survival is to uncover the chilling details behind the murders of those trapped before them…

Compared to previous PSP version, this one runs on PC, without the need to use of an emulator and has following upgrades:

– Over 5,000 lines of spoken Japanese dialogue from the original indie voice cast.

– Retelling of the chapter “Tooth” from Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, recreated in classic Corpse Party 2D adventure style with new puzzles and expanded story scenes.

– Text-skipping Full-featured fast-forward function to help makes replays and getting various endings and replays collection a breeze.

17 comments on “Corpse Party

    1. It’s not an eroge. There are many games on this site that aren’t eroge. The site may have started off as an eroge site, but now we have “family” friendly VNs and games here as well as other console games too. Uncensor patches, and others included.

  1. I save the game in the candles but when i try to load it it does not show, anyone having the same problem?

  2. Doesn’t work on winXP
    doesn’t work on 8.1
    Doesn’t work with applocale set
    Tried all the above with a game controller, no love
    Even tried ppsspp and of course with a .exe it doesnt work

  3. This is the windows version right?

    Opening screen says “press start button”
    Cannot click on screen.
    Ini file has options for gamepad not mouse/keyboard

    1. Extract part 1 with 7 zip.
      It should then extract all of the other parts automatically into a single map, which contains the game.

  4. I’ve gone through chapter 4 but since Ayumi approached the candle in the infirmary and tried to save, the game crashed and I couldn’t save the game on any candles nor accessing the ‘continue’ in the menu ever since. It there anyone who is having the same problem?

  5. Just if some one would wonder: How to make this game full screen?

    1.Open corpseparty.ini
    2.Change WindowMode=1 to WindowMode=0
    4. Enjoy!

    P.S.: Admins u’r the Best! THX 🙂 !!!! I always enjoy this website! it’s the greatest!

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