School Days HQ

School Days HQ

In the school the three people met. Their relation had been changed in the season, and turned into three love stories.

Makoto has been admiring a girl he has seen on the train. That girl is Kotonoha Katsura, and he even managed to take a photo of her with his cell phone. Due to new seating in his class, he ends up next to Sekai Saionji, a nosy, but sweet and sincere girl. As she snoops for his cell phone while talking to him, she discovers his crush and vows to help him until Kotonoha agrees to go out with him. When Sekai finally gets them together, she realizes her own feelings after finding out that the person Kotonoha liked was, in fact, Makoto. While waiting for her train next to Makoto, who was waiting for Kotonoha, she has him talking about how he can repay her for all of her help. Before leaving for her train, she kisses him and cries when she boards the way home. Kotonoha happily arrives for her date with Makoto shortly after. With all three main characters carrying different expressions on their faces, the story begins.

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SchoolDays.part01.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part02.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part03.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part04.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part05.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part06.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part07.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part08.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part09.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part10.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part11.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part12.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part13.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part14.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part15.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part16.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part17.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part18.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part19.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part20.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part21.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part22.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part23.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part24.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part25.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part26.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part27.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part28.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part29.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part30.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part31.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part32.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part33.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part34.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part35.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part36.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part37.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part38.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part39.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part40.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part41.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part42.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part43.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part44.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part45.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part46.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part47.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part48.rar – 200.0 MB
SchoolDays.part49.rar – 4.9 MB
sdhq_patch_102.exe – 2.4 MB
– Fixed bug that was causing widescreen mode to use the wrong resolution.
– Modified game to use a single CPU by default. This may significantly improve stability.
– Opening movies now play in every episode after the first.
– Fixed bug where sound disappears until you delete config.dat.
– Fixed bug where skipping scenes skips choices.
– Patched bug where skipping traps you on a blank screen. If this bug would trigger, it will now return you to the script it left instead of sending you nowhere.
– Fixed various scripting and textual issues, including missing subtitles and rogue Japanese text.

786 Responses to “School Days HQ”

  1. Velvetkiss says:

    So I have the download from Jast USA that I’ve purchased that I can easily upload for use if admin so desires. It isn’t corrupted as its the actual product from the site. Lemme know

    • Namémé says:

      Hey there I’m actually very interrested, you still up for it? And if not any admin allow you to publish it here, would it bother you uploading it to google drive and sending a link ? thank you so much :3

  2. yes says:

    Looks like the dl is broken. I’ve downloaded it twice and both times it says some data in disc 1 is corrupted or some such. What a shame.

  3. 2anonymous4you says:

    Do you recommend watching the anime first, or playing the VN? I wanted to watch the anime, but didn’t really started it because I knew about the novel. So which one would you choose?

    • DanTheMan says:

      If you know about the infamy of SchoolDays I highly recommend the anime. It shows on how the game really resembles your “choises” in game. But the game is vastly different, I recommend a guide if you want to find the endings

  4. john says:

    Can someone explain to me what to do after I download the game. I open the folder and see discs. what do I do next?

    • UncleSera says:

      You see that link in the upper left corner of this site saying “FAQ” under Pages? Go click on that and read the Daemon Tools/mounting sections.

  5. lilygoddessuuuu says:

    the anime version is ok but this is lit….uwu

  6. Alex Delbrey says:

    How do I install the patch for it?

  7. Kota says:

    This was a VN? I guess you learn something new everyday.

  8. BC503 says:

    So i tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game after a glitch but upon reinstall, it would keep asking to uninstall the program and then when I installed it would only install two blank folders. I found that the patch alters the registry data so it does not uninstall properly. you will need to delete the registry data manually. to delete the registration data you need to start by running “regedit” and going to => HKEY_CURRENT_USER => Software => Overflow => SCHOOLDAYS HQ and delete this file. this should allow to reinstall the game without any issues. if your install gets stuck then the anti virus is blocking the install and needs to be turned off. Just some FYI for those with the same problem.

  9. BC503 says:

    You need to make sure that your region is set to japan and that you turn off your anti virus. it’s probably blocking the install and after that add it to exclude programs from scans or it will erase the packs folder.

  10. Nana says:

    Welp… Got the one click download since I have premium. At first I couldn’t unpack Disk 1 because it said it’s corrupted. Tried it with 7zip and it worked BUT now I get the “Failed to copy files” error while installing.

    Guess I have to painfully download all 49 parts individually :/

  11. Darkdaej says:

    Well, after downloading the 49 parts, I discovered I can’t install the game. I mounted the isos in Daemon Tools and everything went perfectly up until I reached disc 2. After mounting disc 2 and continuing installation, it gets stuck and just stops doing anything. No error messages or anything, it just stops reading the disc and stays stuck there.

    • 2anonymous4you says:

      They’re not isos, but “rar”. First, you have to download it in chrome, because mozilla will give you mistakes, I don’t know about other explorers. Second, you have to “extract here” them and that’s all.

  12. xtrlsidma says:

    is something wrong with 1 click download? i did that but only got disc 2 not disc 1

  13. DrakePhoenix says:

    Found a fix to the corrupt file issue with the 1st iso. Use 7zip.

    • Anon says:

      7zip did’nt work for me either, I ended up having to download the free 49 part version even though I paid for the 7 day subscription to the download service sigh.

      I’ve got audio sync issues in all of the H scenes so far as well and the loops and transistions in these scenes seem kinda bad too… Is that just how they were made?

  14. Hiking Bear says:

    Fucking hell. Isn’t there a “normal” non-HQ version of this that doesn’t have a billion parts?

    • Obento says:

      Sure, it’s in the mouth of the gift horse, but you have to look really hard.
      At the end of the day, it doesn’t take that much effort to download all the parts, just fuck around with it while you watch youtube for a couple hours.
      Or, just buy a premium account for ten bucks, still a pretty cheap game.

  15. Anthony Daniel Buonanno says:

    I have a problem.I have installed the game and it starts without problems until the main menu but,after I click on the button “Start”,the game,obviously,begins but there are black screens and I can only hear the voices,see the subtitles,and choose the options.How can I fix this problem?I also want to add that,to start the game,I needed to install 2 .dll files:wmvcore.dll and wmasf.dll.Sorry for my English,it’s not my native tongue.

  16. Neki says:

    I am having alot of issues with this game.

    – When I try to installed the game, first disk is fine but when I try the second one it doesn’t work at all.

    – When I just moved the files (extracted from ISO-2) to the main file, It just do the title screen over and over and over again. I need help.

  17. Natz says:

    admin in my antivirus keep detecting that event00 up to event03 is have a win32 malware-gen is this just a false positive pls help

  18. Bruna says:



  19. Nickolia says:

    DA-1 Click linked files, when extracted have a file error in Disk1.iso. Tried it twice (18 GBs). Looks like most people that downloaded the 50 parts get it to work though.

    • admin says:

      I just checked again and it extracts without problem. Make sure that the place you’re extracting to is using NTFS filesystem (many pendrives for example still use FAT32) – Disc1.iso is 8GB after unpacking and FAT32 doesn’t support such large files.

  20. Suga says:

    Ah, if someone have problems whit the black screen, but you can hear voices, you just need download the patch of japanese language in your computer. Then just play the game from one of the virtual disks.

  21. Suga says:

    Muchas gracias! no lo encontraba por ningun lado. Son unos genios!

  22. jvc says:

    i tried the DA-1 click download but after the download the game does not open? why is that?

  23. anon says:

    I heard that this vn has tragic endings. I’m afraid a little ;__;
    Any protips?

  24. rune says:


    • rune says:

      Found better instructions!

      Instead of going directly to the folder, just go to the Daemon Tools and click “Quick Mount”. Then, select “Disk 1”. You should be able to install it.
      After a while, a message will pop out: “Please insert Disk 2”. Just eject “Disk 1” then mount “Disk 2”. Then press “Ok” from the installation setup.

  25. M says:

    I turn Automode off but it runs in Automode all the time

  26. Limey says:

    I can’t install the 2nd disc. After it installs the 1st disc it asks you to insert the 2nd, then when I click okay it keeps asking me to insert it. How do I install the 2nd disc?

    • Jacky says:

      Ok, so if you’re using disk mounting software like deamon tools you need to make sure you mount both disk 1 and disk 2 to the same virtual drive, ex. dive J. If you mount disk one to say drive I and the disk 2 to any other drive besides I, the program wont be able to locate disk 2.

  27. Bruno Zarate says:

    the one click download seems to be broken….when i tried extracting the files it told me that disc one file is broken, what should i do???

  28. Antonio Cipriano says:

    Is it in English? Is it english subbed only? Don’t like English dubbed but subbed is necessary

  29. Taylos says:

    That worked for me, so no more complains.

  30. Taylos says:

    I donwloaded the 1 click thingy 3 times now and I always get an CRC Error in the first Iso at about 30%.

    • admin says:

      I just tested it and it downloaded and extracted fine. Make sure your antivirus or other software doesn’t interfere with the process. Also, are you trying to extract it to SD card or USB drive? Some of those are using FAT32 filesystem, which doesn’t support files larger than 4GB.

      • Taylos says:

        I downloaded it to my 3 TB Harddrive so it should have no probs with Fat32, but I just finished the Multi part one and will try that.

        • KnowingEyes says:

          There’s an issue with the 1-click DL. The free version works fine though. For giggles I re-DL’ed the 1-click on another box and the same error at the same point rears its head.

  31. [2Play]~Tykes says:






    • ml424247 says:

      still cant get past insert disk 2 part
      please help both parts extract well with no error
      each part will install individually just not both together
      on either win 7 or 10 ….

  32. Heather Montgomery says:

    I have attempted to download this three times. I bought the premium version of the download site and at 99% it will say Network Error. What do I need to do? The download takes 14 hours.

  33. Sekai says:

    i cant seem to download, i try to download the parts but in the site when i click ‘free download’ I click and only shows a blank page. What should I do. LOL

  34. byakuya says:

    all i get is ran into a problem when i open it

  35. byakuya says:

    doesnt work for me all i get is school days hq has stopped working

  36. Natsumi says:

    Well, for you it’s 5 minutes for one file of 200 mb but for me it’s half an hour for one file of 200 mb :'(

  37. Sebastian says:

    I have the game installed on my computer and everything is running fine, but when I play the game I can not hear any of the characters talking. Male voices are on and I have character voice volume turned up so I don’t know what’s wrong. Please help me

  38. Sebastian says:

    I have the game installed on my computer and everything is running fine, but when I play the game I can not hear any of the characters talking. Male voices are on and I have character voice volume turned up so I don’t know what’s wrong. Please help

  39. Sebastian says:

    I have the game installed on my computer and everything is running fine, but when I play the game I can not hear any of the characters talking. Male voices are on and I have character voice volume turned up so I don’t know what’s wrong.

  40. dragonn says:

    how do i get the visual novel?

  41. asuraicHermit says:

    Also, with Daemon Tools standard, I install disc one, I eject it and mount disc two, run teh setup and click okay, I’ve inserted disc two, and keep trying to click it away, but it refuses to accept the disc. My last option is to burn the data to actual discs and run it off of there. Is this teh best option? Or can someone find a free DL of cracked Daemon pro advanced?

  42. asuraicHermit says:

    So I can’t even install. Halp Admin! I tried extracting teh two discs and running from there, and when it asks for disc two, I tried everything with disc two and it won’t accept it!
    I tried Daemon Tools and it’s saying it didn’t install properly when I try to run the SEtup on DIsc one, and now teh setup is stuck on my computer and wont go away.

    • asuraicHermit says:

      So I found a video of someone downloading it here perfectly fine but he used a cracked version of the pro advanced edition of daemon tools. Does anyone know if this makes a difference? If so, where is a download link for it that actually works? All the ones I’ve tried lead me through a bunch of BS that I think is just selling all my fake personal info.

  43. Trainee says:

    “Eroge rule #162: No matter how much of a douche bag the main character is, any major or minor girl character will want to have sex with him. This is known as the Itou Makoto Effect.”

    That pretty much summarize the entire game.

  44. Ichihi says:

    someone can tell me if and compatible with Windows 8.1?

  45. Elefheria says:

    How can I play School Days HQ on Mac?
    I don’t want to use a Windows emulator like bootcamp….
    Did I have to play it on a Windows PC?

  46. jahwanza says:

    also i cannot get to install patch v1.02 it wont install after it says select folder.

  47. jahwanza says:

    i was playing the game fine until after the ending of episode 6 were the screen went straight back to the home screen.i have tried loading over my save file but it keeps happening has the route ended or somethig or technical issues because it ended abruptly.

  48. Ser Smoka Lot says:

    Hi there everyone I have a very serious problem with the game and I tried to find a conclusion but after so many attempts I have failed. So the problem is, I was playing school days fine and it was working for 3 days. But after I attempted to play it. It wouldn’t lanch, I attempted to uninstall but it said ”You are attempting to start at DVD-ROM” and nothing happens. So I attempted to unintstall from the application itself. I would let me uninstall but it wouldnt actually uninstall. after it ”uninstall” I would click install and it would pop out the uninstall button again. I would uninstall and then nothing would happen. This repeats non-stop. So I decided to unmount the virtual drive and just completely delete the game from my laptop. I redownloaded it again. And when I start the application. it would lead to the same screen. I would click game start and it wouldnt do notihng. I would uninstall and same problem. I’m not sure if the game itself is still in my lap top. I went to control panel and tried to find it so i can uninstall. but it wasnt in there. If someone have any idea or solution of any kind. Please do let me know asap. Thank you very much.

  49. benni says:

    hi guys just downloaded the game and install seemed to run no problem but stops at SysSe.GPK.
    I read the troubleshoot/installation help and found the same problem for video files,
    i just wanted to ask wether it works analogue or if any of u had a solution.
    thx very much for any answers.

    • Jacob says:

      For the problem with SysSe.GPK file durring instalation.
      Dont close the instalation.
      Open packs folder copy SysSe.GPK file to desktop. Delete this file from packs folder and copy this file from desktop to packs folder.
      Instalation should continue.

      • Ryan says:

        That solution worked for me, thanks. 🙂

        Although, after following those instructions the installation didn’t continue until I clicked once on the little installation window, so I thought it hadn’t worked at first, but it did.

    • Rp616 says:

      Thanks for the solution dude, I copied the file but I replaced the one on my instalation and didnt work, now as you said deleting the file works perfectly.

  50. YourSenpai says:

    i cant get past the 2nd disk park of the install. i mount the the other disk eject the first one then click ok but the popup asking for 2nd disks just comes back again. What am i doing wrong?

  51. nareen says:

    So comment yeah blu

  52. HatsuneHideki says:

    Shit! 50 parts of 200mb?! And i need to wait 5 minutes to download one by one…

    Sorry if my english isn’t good, i don’t speak fluently… because i im brazil =*3*=

  53. jorge says:

    como instalo el juego school days para pc por fa

  54. sunny says:

    Wait woah!

    It wont let the 0.2 movie file download for some reason!
    I clicked on the trouble shooting link and It was perfectly fine!
    why is it doing this! QAQ

  55. wtf? says:

    This game just goes above and beyond fucked up -.-

  56. Nhoj says:

    I Can’t Install the Patch for 1.11 Does anyone know how?

  57. Jack the Ribber! says:

    Already at Part 3 after clicking on the download button it says that the website can’t be reached. Do you think that the link is down?

  58. FYI says:

    let the nightmare begin.

  59. Jack says:

    Very nice, indeed.

  60. Rob says:

    Sorry, I really don’t mean to be a bother and I tried figuring out how to install it alone but to no luck :{. I get up to the “INSERT DISC 2” and then I don’t know what to do afterwards, tried burning the second ISO onto a blank disk and then I put that into computer but it doesn’t seem to work because it still keeps asking for disc 2.

    I’ve been really looking forward to this game (especially after 49 downloads).

    • admin says:

      Just treat ISOs like game discs – you don’t put two discs into one drive. You don’t put one disc to first drive and one to second… and so on.
      Basically – when asked for disc2, you unmount disc1 and mount disc2 into THE SAME drive – just like if you were installing from physical dvd’s.

      • Rob says:

        Sometimes I don’t know what to do with myself lol. Thank you admin for the help, it worked like a charm. I don’t know what I was thinking before about putting it onto a blank disc but that’s in the past. Thanks for putting these games out for me to sink my teeth in to, and keep up the awesome work !!

  61. Sirzechs says:

    Does anyone know if this can be downloaded on a MacBook Pro. Kinda new to this website

  62. Super says:

    How do I install the game once I have downloaded all the part?

  63. Janneke says:

    Does someone know how I get the ‘two lovers’ ending. I have search it everywhere but it doesn’t work, I can’t get the ending.

  64. angelroi says:

    guys..i have download 49 files this game ..then i installed in my notebook .So it work fine just have a little lagg but not very serius 😀 hehe no problem when i running at my notebook :p

  65. patorikkudozzu says:

    I’m having some trouble installing the game. I’ve downloaded all the files, extracted them, then mounted the \disk 1\ file using daemontools. From there, I open the setup.exe file and it starts downloading. Then, it asks for disk 2, so I mount the disk 2 image. It contiues downloading, but then gets to 10409 MB complete, trying to install \Packs Sys.Se.GPK\ and stops there. I tried just leaving it, nothing. I tried mounting disk 1, nothing. Can someone help me here? btw, I tried searching for that file in disk 2, and i found it. It’s there. Is there just something wrong with the file? If so, holy crap, can someone please tell me which of the 49 downloads it’s in. I don’t want to have to download all of those again 🙁

  66. Animefan321 says:

    The 1click link is dead…can you pls make a new one?

  67. Yuuko says:

    Anybody with performance issues, update/install your graphics drivers. I had the same problem. If the installation freezes at the end, just close it and everything will be fine. I got to complete a route of this game already.

  68. Yuuko says:

    Hello. I got School Days HQ from somewhere (not sure if it was this site). I was hoping if you could find a decent copy (without the trojan) of Cross Days (in English too, if there’s anything like that). Summer Days would be nice as well. Thank you.

  69. Hisao_Nakai says:

    try opening Control Panel>Programs and Features… Uninstall it then use the installer after you are done (never really tried it but i think it’s worth a shot)

  70. Hisao_Nakai says:

    it doesn’t feel like an Interactive Visual Novel at all, it’s more like an Interactive Anime/Movie to me

  71. CrawlingChaos74 says:

    When I start the HQ setup the only option available is uninstall and game start, even though I don’t have it installed. After I click the uninstall button, it lets me click install, which brings up that popup,but it keeps on bringing up the uninstall popup and not installing. I have installed the game before and played it, so I dont know whats the matter, help please.

  72. Hisao_Nakai says:

    HOLY S*** 9.4 GB!

  73. catnab says:

    the 1 click download dose not work. will this get fixed?

  74. someone_else says:

    can someone link me to an accurate and english walkthrough? i would like to be able to do every routes…

    • someone_else says:

      im trying to get the ending “and with kotonoha” but for some reason it always give me the christmas ending, i did patch the game and followed the walkthrough already here, but its not working, any help please?

  75. Aoki Mazano says:

    Awww, I couldn’t run it well because my computer sucks :/ It lags a lot.

  76. Zero says:

    I installed it in the game a long time ago, but then I wanted to uninstall it. Since I didn’t had the ISO files anymore and I couldn’t uninstall it via the control panel I simply deleted the folder where it was installed. Now I want to play it again but everytime I want to install it it wants me to uninstall the game which it says is located in a folder which doesn’t exist anymore because I deleted it. If I then press uninstall it says completed and it lets me press the install button. But if I then choose where to install it and I press the install button it finishes within a second and the only thing it creates are 2 folders which are empty.

    How can I fix this?

  77. Devilsraging says:

    Graphics good, Voice is good, animation is good, hentai scenes are decent, ending h scences are nice, plot is twisted/ dark and nerve wracking, protagonist is a(an) [insert bad word or phrases].

    Rating: overall i’d give it an 6 or 6.5/10, because it did somewhat hook me in & it’s fully animated. The protagonist once again makes the game very uneasy to play, the plot is very depressing, it has it’s ups and down but overall it’s still plain bad.

    I’d recommend atleast a single playthrough, the game is animated , which is rare. Unless there is a walkthrough, it’s nearly impossible to get 100%, but GL

  78. Rika says:

    Uhh hey its me again. Because I really like to play this so I have no choice but to download it buy parts soo.. I wanted to ask that can I download the ‘part1’ extract it and play it right away(?) or do I have to download it all and extract it then I’ll play? so which one is the best to play? 😛
    anyway thanks in advance 🙂

  79. Rika says:

    I want the full download! I don’t want the by part download. But when I click DA-1click Download it says that the “File not Found” please FIX IT!! I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME TT^TT

  80. Kleist says:

    totally worth downloading the 49 files.
    the game is the best.

  81. alfian says:

    wow, there is 49 file O.o

  82. Otakuway says:

    THIS GAME IS AWESOME IT IS WORTH TO DOWNLOAD IS THE ANIME BUT THERE IS MANY CHOICES EVEN for 49 files IT IS AWESOME!!!! Download that shiet and play you will love it

  83. anime_junkie says:

    Here is the 100% game save for ya all the scenes unlocked

  84. anime_junkie says:

    Is there a 100% accurate walkthrough out there?
    I tried using the one posted on here and a couple of the endings just aren’t working.

    How many of the endings if any have to be unlocked by beating other endings?

  85. Otakuway says:

    Man 49 files… 20 minutes each one.. who cares i am downloading already

  86. Kleist says:

    Is this in English guys???

  87. Kleist says:

    want this so much… but 49 parts T.T

  88. MlkShk says:

    0_0….. so many files……

  89. random says:

    Are there voices in this VN? because I downloaded it, installed it, and it played just fine but every time there was dialogue there were no voices. in the options it had a voice volume control and an option to turn male voices on/off so there might be but I don’t know for sure. I can hear the sound effects and background music just fine but it kinda takes some of the feeling out of the game if i cant hear the voices…

  90. Sorata says:

    Hey i just download 49links finish…
    And why he say must 2 disc??

  91. Reiha says:

    Thank you so much for this admin, really appreciate it, for those having problem, all 49 links are fine (I dl all of them one at a time no compression problems there) I used 7zip in extracting it, and daemon when mounting. During installation if it ask u to insert disk 2 just unmount the current disk and mount disk 2 before clicking ‘ok’.

  92. terdf says:

    pleas admin make a recovery record when you make compression because it will help when the compression part corrupt. I cannot extract this game it because this corrupt problem.

  93. Anon says:

    Check out xluciferox’s suggestion above about removing windows update KB2803821. Tried it as well and it was a spot on fix.

  94. mindvaq says:

    Can someone help me? The game was working fine before, but now most of the scenes just show up black on the screen with the subtitles. Did the game just expire or something? I don’t know what to do.

  95. Brokencrown27 says:

    YANDERE ALERT! ~ Despite the title and description making this out to be a cute romantic game, both the main heroines go batshit crazy if you pick the wrong path.

    Not only that, your only male friend who is summarized as a ‘nice guy’ is actually a rapist waiting to pounce.

    It would have been really, REALLY nice if that had been added to the tags or the description for this game before it jumps out at you halfway through the game like a punch to the face.

  96. xluciferox says:

    hi, thanks for this game; but I have a problem with it, one time I install it and start to play( 5-6 months ago), today i want to play it but i can’t see the video but i can hear audio and see the english subs.
    After this i mount disk 1 and I play setup.exe for disinstall it, but when i click install and browse the folder after click install the program required me to disinstall it in the same folder where i install it the first time, and after click dinistall the installation didn’t start.
    Sorry for the trouble i cause you, if I din’t explain so well the problem is because i’m Italian and i don’t speack english so well; sorry.
    I wish you can help me

    • xluciferox says:

      Now i install correctly the game, but when i start i continue to see a blac window or an image with the english subs; sorry for the problems

      • elusis says:

        im having the same the same problem.pls help admin

      • kaisar says:

        i am having the same problem.cant find the error.

        • xluciferox says:

          i’m resolve it; it’s a problem of a windows update.
          You must go on control panel—-> programs and function———–>on the left, search look upadate of windows(my pc is in italian, on the left the second choice for the top for me)——-> and here you can look the update and on the top-right search this update: Windows KB2803821, right click and uninstall(this is for windows 7).

      • trainheartnetxiii says:

        how did you install it???

        • trainheartnetxiii says:

          I still have the same “uninstall problem” as xluciferox, can anyone show me how to solve it?
          Thank you very very much

    • kaisar says:

      how did you solved your problem in installing it?

  97. agus says:

    I say, that emulator to play?

  98. agus says:

    digo con que se juega emulador de que?

  99. OMG says:

    I cant download full because i dont have premium ID ?
    oh mann cant you upload at mediafire ?

  100. Noob says:

    HELP! Does anyone know on how to download this game? Please help! I really want this.

  101. Patrick says:

    well, the game does not save for me! when appears to save and i clicked, it didn’t save! please help me 🙁

    • RazoR says:

      try to run the game as an Aministrator (right-click to the game’s shortcut or it’s executable and click “Run as Administrator”)

  102. Death says:

    49 fucking files? Jesus Christ that’s a huge game.

  103. grim says:

    i downloaded all the files and put them in winrar but now when i try to install the game halfway through it sais i need to insert disc two. what am i supposed to do now?

    • The Kong says:

      There should be more than one iso-files. i guess you loaded the first one with daemon tools or something alike right? Well when the installer asks you to insert disc two just load the second iso file. like this you should get it to work

  104. wow says:

    i cant download anything anymore….everytime i try to hit the download link it sits there for awhile and then tells me it cannot be found..

  105. fugoshi says:

    it game sucks!

  106. grim says:

    The 45th file will not download for me and neither will the 46th file, am i doing something wrong or are they broken

  107. beginner says:

    Okay, I’ve downloaded all 49 parts. Now what?

    • beginner says:

      I’ve tried to extract all 49 parts at once using winrar, but it says it can’t handle more than 4 GB. What should I do?

  108. nik says:

    my download stops at 10409/11392mb does anyone know how to fix it

  109. Grim says:

    Don’t mean to sound like a noob but i am so, how do i install patches?? and also do need to use daemon tools, and if i do how do i do that? sorry for the noobiness but id appreciate the help soi could use this site more too 😛

  110. Luca says:

    can someone tell me if its subbed/dubbed in english or not?
    And do i have to donwload the 49 part one or just download the DA-1 click. Sorry for the noobiness

    • admin says:

      Every game on this website is in English.
      You can use da-1click if you have downloadani premium account, otherwise you have to download all 49 parts as free user.

  111. NotaTroll says:

    Still Works?

  112. Thankful person says:

    You’re the best, and yes I do feel retarded.

  113. Eroge Lover says:

    When I unpatch the game winrar gives me Diagnostic messages saying 1.SchoolDays.part.39.rar:you need to start extraction from a previous volume to unpack SchoolDays/Disc2.iso

    2.SchoolDays.part.39.rar:Packed data CRC failed in SchoolDays/Disc2.iso. The volume is corrupt

    3.SchoolDays.part.49.rar: CRC failed in SchoolDays/Disc2.iso. The file is corrupt

  114. IamLeinad says:

    Summer days (Shiny days) and Cross days! please UPLOAD! I WANT TO PLAY MORE F***ED UP GAMES!!

  115. lollex says:

    the translation is complete or only a few chapters has been translated?

  116. Mushi says:

    Hi ! I’ve managed to install the game and run it with Daemon Tools, everything looks to work smoothly, but unfortunately I just can’t save ! Could anyone help me, please ? I’ve got no clue what to do…

    • Mushi says:

      Okay you lot, gonna look stupid, but I’ve finally found a solution…dunno if it works really well, though…Anyway, time will tell !
      By the way, if someone’s interested, here’s what I did (very simple, actually) : left click on the School Days HQ desktop icon, then go to the tab compatibility and check “Execute with admin rights”…it should do the trick (at least it did for me).
      From what I’ve read, Windows 7 doesn’t allow you to write things on C:/, so you can’t save ’cause the game saves on its folder, or something like that.

      Well, I do hope this will help you !

  117. xurn says:

    I need help.

    Whenever I go to the setup to install the game, it believes it’s already installed and the only option I have is to uninstall. So, I do this and then the install option pops up.
    When I click on install, it askes for install path and all that and when I click ok, it somehow re-routes itself to the uninstaller making it impossible for me to install the game…

  118. Confused says:

    Stops at 9866MB after i run it in daemon tool

  119. Eva says:

    Alright, here’s my problem.

    Whenever I go to the setup to install the game, it believes it’s already installed and the only option I have is to uninstall. So, I do this and then the install option pops up.
    When I click on install, it askes for install path and all that and when I click ok, it somehow re-routes itself to the uninstaller making it impossible for me to install the game…

    • Eva says:

      Okay I got that part working again, registry problem.

      My new problem is that I can’t get it to work in English. I tried the patch but it didn’t do anything.

  120. bloo says:

    Is there a download for Cross Days or Summer Days?

  121. thedude says:

    can someone answer my goddamn question already? i downloaded this and it tells me disc 1 or 2 is corrupt.

  122. wtf says:

    –i cant download. im usin premium acc but it keep tells me wrong ip

  123. rrrr says:

    stuck at 9730mb…
    tried packing but it doesn’t work
    how to fix?

  124. Nach says:

    I can’t installed this game on windows 8.
    It’s always freezes at 10409/11392. – -”
    Please help me ;_;

  125. dj says:

    i think this game is a full version because its 10gb. my only question is, is this english subbed? thanks for the answers.

  126. Some random guy says:

    It worked excellent. I had no problems with the installation. The patch solved a little bugs (in example: the “eternal mute”…). So, I recommend to download it. I downloaded it yesterday and all the links are OK.


    Funcionó excelente. No tuve problemas con la instalación. El parche solucionó algunos pequeños bugs (por ejemplo el “muteo eterno” del sonido…). Así que, recomiendo que lo descarguen. Lo descargué ayer y todos los links funcionaban perfecto.

  127. khey says:

    Can you upload some of OverFlow games like Summer days, Cross days and Shine days.. thank you very much 😀

  128. Dude says:

    oh god. oh god. the anime……oh god. it was….it…it fucked me up bad.

  129. AngBilly says:

    anime took the harem endings, but i’ll take the kotonoha happy endings :3

  130. Acreaz says:

    Anyone else can download part 49 ? The link is not getting through for me.

  131. MrJupatho says:

    9 Gb this download will need long long download.

  132. Gabbie says:

    It stops at Packs.Se00.gpk (9730MB) </3 Please tell me what's wrong!

  133. kazuto says:

    do this need jap locale?

  134. shinjitsu says:

    ummm….how do i finishly install the patch download?

  135. dragon says:

    i have no sound 🙁 can anyone help me?

  136. ottkaji says:

    A heads up. Daemon Tools will not mount at all for me but Ultra ISO works perfect. If anyone else still has installation problems try a different program.

  137. André says:

    why am I not getting saved?

  138. rayvon says:

    is this the English version and how do you work this torrent its weird???

  139. Ren says:

    Okay, I’m having a frustrating problem. So, this goes out to anyone who had been able to get the game to run.

    I downloaded, and got Disk 1 and 2. No big deal. Used daemon tools, mounted second disk onto first, and it WAS going fine, but then it stopped at 9866 MB. I looked back in comments to see how to fix the problem, but someone said to download this ISO program. I did. And as they said, put both Disk 1 and 2 into one folder. Then, tried to click the start up, but nothing is happening. I’m sure this can be solved easily, so any suggestions I will take. Please, I need help.

  140. jibblrs says:

    hey guys when i try loading the game i get this error.
    “GraphicBase initialisation error.
    Failed to load display adapter information.”

    can someone please help me? i really want to play it. its driving me nuts

  141. kingston says:

    I’ve got the same problem as Lanfest. Can someone help me with that

  142. Lanfest says:

    @kin : I have solve this problem, when you build img of disk 2 with Deamon Tools, open it. Then copy the folder “packs” and merge with the folder “packs” who is on your computer (were you’re downloading the game). For me it’s “C:\Overflow\SCHOOLDAYS HQ”

    But now the game is running normaly, but I can’t save my progression (I click on “save” and I put a comment, but nothing happens). Can someone help me please?

  143. unknownerror says:

    wew! 9.38gb! hahaha too much for a game

  144. kin says:

    error when installing (movie3.gpk instalation error) help me!!someone!!

  145. Anthony says:

    I need me some help with the disk one and two thing because I don’t understand so can someone help I really want to play this game so badly PLEASE REPLY BACK >.<

    • Ren says:

      Well, you should use daemon tools lite first off. Mount the first CD, then install the first CD. When it says to insert the second CD, go back to daemon tools lite. Add new VT virtual drive and mount the second CD. Click on the CD after it has been mounted, and mount it onto the first CD, it will then resume the download. Also, set your locale to Japanese.

  146. TinkleWinkle says:

    49 parts!? F*CK DAT! *Facepunch*
    And then I don’t understand torrents…

    • higuys says:

      just download utorrent then download the torrent file. torrents are really not that difficult to understand and once you get used to it, you’ll love them!^^

  147. Kumaresan says:

    digitalboyDamn, that makes me want to watch it, lol. Anywho, I can see comparing it to Elfen Lied but I’m not sure the cocninteon runs so deep with Higurashi. The latter felt more like a mystery show which just so happened to have cute girls as characters just cuz it’s anime, rather than trying to toy with you.

  148. Tonymac says:

    Is this a different game from Crossday rite?

  149. Divine_Wind says:

    Is this the one with the now-legendary BAD ENDING?

  150. anime_junkie says:

    I try to install the game and it asks to insert disk 2.
    But whenever i go to mount Disc 2 there is just nothing there to mount no ISO or anything i tried mounting every single file in the Disk 2 folder but nothing works.
    Could someone please explain to me what i am doing wrong…

  151. Chetan Yadav says:

    Hey, Please can someone tell me How to Extract this game(All 49 files). I have tried every possible way.

    • Bi-kun says:

      Use Daemon Tool

      • Chetan Yadav says:

        No, I’m asking about extracting them from zip file actually I’m having same problem with kohime Musuo also its main file of 1GB lscebody is not extracting and winrar is reporting an error in 2,3 parts out of total 6(In Kohime) and in school days I was wondering should I just extract like before with option extract here or there is some trick in it.
        I’m not a Noob, I’ve downloaded and played 75 percent games of this website. So Please Help!!

        • DrRage says:

          Basically you must use the ‘repair’ function. the data has become corrupt.

          In winrar, select option, repair archive, treat archive as .rar, then go ahead with the repair.

          Do this for all .parts that are damaged. new ones will be created. remember to rename them, or, just repair all, and then extract from the repaired files.

          Ensure you don’t mix the damaged files back in with the repaired ones, or you’ll just be generating a nightmare from which you shall never awaken.

  152. Eliitti says:

    Credits and Intro after every freaking chapter is this game fucking with me?

  153. WhoCares says:

    Thank you very very much. My favourite eroge ever. Do you plan translate any other Overflow game ? Thank you for answer.

    • Jake says:

      Admin does not do the translating, he simply uploads the translated games so that it’s more convenient to download.

  154. Grosstadas says:

    niiiiice, finnaly the hq version! thanks man! =3

  155. Avvercus says:

    So this is a non-animated version? Or are you referring to the actual anime?

    I certainly hope this is a non animated version, cause……just….argh…..

  156. Fridoo says:

    The anime version is a total nightmare.
    Hopefully this one worth play.

  157. EternalDimension says:

    Just a quick question: where do I install the patch? In Disc 1 or something?

  158. Shiro "K" R.E. says:

    Awwww, Sekai looks so cute when she’s pushing Kotonoha in front of a moving train…

  159. Manabu says:

    ^ Nevermind, they appear to be available again. Could’ve been just me beeing impatient. It was probably just some random 404, happens.

  160. Manabu says:

    It appears the DA-Free files are down, also the 102 Patch. Re-uploading would be appreciated.

  161. person says:

    Hey, my installation is stuck at 9866 of 11392 mb. Does anyone know how to fix this or have the same problem?

  162. AnimeAddicts says:

    does the per part download work properly? im only at part 10 so if theres anyproblem with it i hope you can tell me sooner so that i can stop or download on the other options, i chose the per part because its better that the whole game even if the download stopped its only 200mb so it’ll be easy to redownload it, i got experience on downloading a whole 10GB but it failed on 90% so tell me if there any problem with the per part download thanks 🙂

  163. birthofthecool says:

    I’ll say, this was interesting as it was very close to an actual anime for a VN, on the other hand, it has a terribly bad story and main character is about the biggest asshole I ever encountered. Depending on which yroute you choose he cheats on both girls when they are his girlfriend, becomes something like a male whore, lies and deceives even his best friend.

  164. burningman says:

    Hello everyone. Could anyone help me with my problem? It seems that I can’t save, even after updating to 1.02. Is there a fix?

  165. Ichigokuro says:

    When i play this game i get a black bos that doesnt go away am i doing something wrong i used winrar to extract the files what did i do wrong???

  166. Lúthien says:

    Guys, please, help me! I installed the torrent but the disk 2 don’t initialize. ):

  167. kirito says:

    and a black screen appears before that lol

  168. kirito says:

    hmm ok i got it installed but its saying exemodule, soundbase initialization error failed to load properties information , please help lol

  169. kirito says:

    nvm about the last message but how do you change the disks ? kinda new to downloading them this way lol

  170. kirito says:

    yea im having patch issues no matter what i do its saying the folder where the game is doesnt have enough space im guessing since it wont let me click next i tried putting it in a different folder but that doesnt seem to work anybody know what to do ?

  171. celestialbeing says:

    why everytime I try to dl the patch it says wrong IP?

  172. megadeath77 says:

    The torrent link doesn’t work.

  173. King says:

    i got to say i like the game specially the normal and good endings but the bad ending are mestup the make me feel drepress luckly i had my copy of darksiders 2 next to me

  174. How to save says:

    How do I save, even though I save it, it still restart from the beginning when I load it????

  175. Help says:

    when I am installing it need disc 2, but when I extract disc 2 it will overlap disc one and still ask for disc 2.
    anyone know how to install PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

  176. Nyaa says:

    thanks for this game~ I will try it. I hope it works x3 thank you!!

  177. Quiver says:


  178. hellfish says:

    What does automode do? I don’t notice any different whether I have it on or off.

  179. conanbdetective says:

    More seeders

  180. Carniska says:

    Thanks for the installation tutorial I managed to get it work under Win7 x64.

    Because I have seen the original Anime series some time ago, I felt the game as somewhat boring experience. I think the main reason for this was the voice actors (and the fact that I’ve already seen the anime).

    In School Days anime series Hirakawa Daisuke did a great job being the voice of Makoto — vibrant and exciting voice filled with energy. Unfortunately I can’t say the same with the game where Makoto’s voice was phlegmatic, whimpy-like and boring. It felt like if I’d suddenly shout “BOOOOO!!” he would pee in he’s pants.

    Any ways the game itself was really confusing. While playing the game, I felt that some scenes skipped illogically from one to another. To pick up few things:

    1) From the start (in my first gameplay) I tried to avoid unnecessary contact / relationship with Sekai. When the story was nearing the end, Sekai was having a self-conversation where she evaluates Makoto’s love confession to her — which never happened during my gameplay.

    2) Sekai, Kotonoha, Taisuke and Makoto arrived to the swimming pool. Out of nowhere Sakai is suddenly patching Makoto’s injury.

    Well, for a conclusion to my post, the game ain’t bad – on the contrary: it’s well done and the aspect of being a visual novel with real anime scenes it is something you should at least try.

    Thank you so much for the game!
    I enjoyed it!

  181. ryuzaki says:

    i can’t save is there a problem please help

  182. O. Van Bruce says:

    I keep getting an error when decompressing the direct download parts. Concretely, the 1st disc doesn’t decompress correctly and consequently, the intalation fails when I try to do it.

  183. moo says:

    Nice boat.

  184. Andrew says:

    I’m new at this can anyone help me? How do i download and install this? Please and Thank you.

  185. JavierC says:

    Ey dude, when i’m installing it, it says “please insert disk 2” . What disk 2? I installed all 49 parts

    • Reynaldo says:

      Well, you need to use DAEMON. When extracting the game, you have two ISOs that are as copies of original DVDs. Then you use DAEMON program, which serves to emulate the ISOs, first DISC 1. When asking the DISC 2, use Daemon on DISC 2. Do not forget to install Patch 1.2, which must be downloaded.
      The program DAEMON must be downloaded on the internet, search in google.

      • Help says:

        when I am installing it need disc 2, but when I extract disc 2 it will overlap disc one and still ask for disc 2.

  186. Mao says:

    This is a big ass VN…

  187. Reynaldo says:

    Ow, Thank you very much!!! It’s a wonderful game.

  188. Indie says:

    This game is really addicting, but it also make me pretty worried that I’ll get a bad ending. Kotonoha started playing with her knife saying she’ll kill whoever’s stealing Makoto from her, so I was sure someone was gonna die. Luckily I still got a good end.

  189. juanjo_dpr9 says:

    Whoa, with the new patch there are bugs everywhere, it’s impossible get three or four choices before the game stops. I can’t get a few endings, for example:If I want ”And with Kotonoha” I get ”Christmas”. The walkrought is mistaken in a lot of endings.

  190. Beth says:

    Okay, so I’ve downloaded the game and installed both it and the latest patch. However, whenever I attempt to start said game, I only get to what I assume to be the background of the main menu with music playing. Beyond that, nothing happens and I have to use Ctrl+Alt+Delete to close the game.

    Any help availible?

  191. Tony Redgrave says:

    what the heck!
    this game tragic endings are all insane in every way, who the hell want to have a girlfriend can kill in the gruesome way like cut her rival in love neck, push someone toward a train, stab her love one, disembowel a girl to prove that girl pregnant or not, and cut her love one head to make it easy to carries. Both heroines are maniac bitches!!! It make my breakfast have a bad taste.
    For anyone who still playing or downloading if you don’t like the gruesome scene read a walkthrough and avoid tragic ending.
    PS: For someone who think that I’m naive: I already known it used to happened in real life but give me a break! This is eroge not real life. Eroge make people feeling relax not feeling want to vomit.
    (Im a Vietnamese so my grammar is very bad)

    • Crunchy says:

      ah..the maniac type bad ending in this game is the one that make this title famous you know? you can say that’s the selling point for this game.

      • Tony Redgrave says:

        please enlighten me! I don’t know why someone want to play a eroge with heroine can kill like a maniac just because jealousy. In my opinion, I never ever ever want to have a girlfriend can to something like that. If you want to experience something like that do it in the REAL-LIFE. In some way both heroine and protagonist can be considered as friend but they can butcher each other like that. It’s nut, totally nut!!!
        I play eroge to enjoy something like joy, romance, sympathy and every positive emotion I barely can have it in the real-life, and this game give us something shitty and bloody like that. answer me Crunchy do you want you or your girlfriend be killed like that.

        • Williams-Kun says:

          Dude Chill. Calm Down Seriously. Personally I Enjoy This Game For Having Them Endings, It Makes It Much More Of A Challenge. And I’m personally Okay when a Eroge/Visual Novel Does Something With A Real Life Standards/Rules (Because It Get Quite Boring When Its Just Joy And Etc. Not Saying Them Games Aren’t Okay Or Boring. I’m Just Saying Its Pretty Meh And Blandish When Your Playing Too Much Of One Type. That is Why I Mix It Up A Bit Oftentimes.) It’s Understandable If You Do It To Escape Life (I Pretty Much Do It Because I Love The Stories And Artwork And Would Like To Do My Own One day.) Alright I am going to be honest. I got a good ending on my first try. (No saving, No Walk through. ) So you have to be pretty bad, don’t have any sense or rational judgement and be blind of a girl’s feeling, doing it out of curiosity or for fun or too 100% it to get a bad end in this game really. So if you had reached a part where the characters are butchering each other and etc blame yourself not the Eroge/Visual Novel. Because This Is A Pretty Good One. The Story Is Decent, The Art Is Just Fine And Cute, The Flow Of Events Are Well Done, The Music Is Just Great, And It Must Of Have Been A Really Hard To Animate Most Of This.

          • Tony Redgrave says:

            Men!!! i know everything you said is true I play it 10 times and I get all good ending but due to curiosity I use walkthrough to unlock all CG faster and after tried 2 tragic endings it make me want to think: like hell I’m gonna date that kind of girls(both heroine). I fast-forward 3 another tragic ending and it make me a urge to vomit. before that I already have 5 good endings but after saw all tragic ending, it make me lost my will to finish all ending. Personally, when I’m 7 years old I already seen a girl butchering her friend because of jealousy like that in front of my eyes and it give me a trauma until now. I very upset when I saw that screen again in eroge where i escape a real life. And I just hate the part that friend butcher other friend and even the one who survives their life are all ruin.

          • Williams-Kun says:

            Ahh I See Trauma. Thats Understandable. I Just Don’t Like It When Someone Say They Don’t Like It For No Good Reason Or Haven’t even bother to play it. Anyway hope you find some way to fix your trauma.

  192. Anon says:

    Is this game in englsih please reply.

  193. Mintaka says:

    Been wanting to play this, Hope they do the other spin offs as well. Really want to do Kokoros route.

  194. leon says:

    you probably already know, but the Majikoi S partial patch with monshiro route translated is out, could you upload majikoi S to erogegames, i got the game on the internet but i couldn’t find a no dvd patch for it.

  195. yop says:

    lanselot, the endings of the game are very fore, too much than anime//

  196. dekusuta says:

    Just a question…why are there games like this one that are not showing on the downloads listing of this site? Does that mean this isn’t fully translated?

  197. Lanselot says:

    I’m so unsure abour dling this VN…
    I mean, does it have in common with the anime the possibility to get extremely gore endings? Or is it a normal VN?

    I’m certainly scared, and that’s keeping me off from dling it T_T

  198. Pete says:

    Still working through the game, cleared a few routes so to speak, just wanted to say I really enjoyed the game so far.

  199. Help says:

    so downloaded the game via torrent and disk one installs fine but when i try to install disk two the installation freezes at 9866 of 11392 mb

    • habb says:

      with installation freezes at 9866 of 11392 mb i used power iso to extract both disc 1&2 into the same folder and then launched the game from the file called overflow. the game icon should be in the overflow folder. so far the game is working

  200. waht says:

    Please seed. My torrent has completely stopped because nobodies seeding.

  201. kosuke says:

    i get stuck when install this game in movie01.gpk(5718MB/11392mb) . can someone tell me how to respond this problem

  202. David says:

    does this game have h scenes?

  203. CookieMonster7 says:

    Can anyone tell me if this is the 1.11 version or 1.0? I can’t apply the 1.11 patch either, possibly because it’s been translated.

  204. Latvis says:

    Huh, could somebody please give me a link to a 100% walkthrough with all endings? The one given here clearly doesnt work, and others that I have found don’t have all of the endings and/or are completely unreadable. -.- I really want to do Otome’s path, but I just can’t seem to be able to get it. Any help would be appreciated.

  205. th0usandeye says:

    these guides are bullshit

  206. BigSexy says:

    ok i fix the black screen thing and problem of failed to install just copy SCHOOLDAYS HQ files of the exe., sound, voices, and movies into a location where you want and play the game.

  207. New guy says:

    Hey admin, can you upload STARLESS (if not a problem) and splendid work uploadidng this game, only waiting for the bugfix patch to be released.

  208. Richard says:

    Hm, trying to download this game now but looks like my DA-1 premium didn’t renew and I can’t renew it, is the service down anyone know?

  209. _retro_reactive says:

    i have a few` questions…(btw the game is working great i have no problems at all :D)) so the questions are:

    1:what does the route map mean? how do i read it or understand those lines and dots

    2:the walkthrough for the game is all wrong…ive tried to use them for the tragic endings as well as other endings but i get a completely different thing and the choices i am presented with dont match up to what is posted there (for example if it says 1, 2, 1, 2 i am only presented with 1, [x], [x], 2 )

    i downloaded the torrent a few days ago….so if anyone can clear this up i’d be glad

    • Meh says:

      ahah ok.
      The map route shows you how many endings you’ve cleared, and scenes you haven’t seen yet.
      It’s pretty useful to go back if in your route if you need it (but cant step forward so dont screw it going back without saving)
      aaaand well the walkthrough does not work since its meant for the original version and this one is the HQ.
      BUT read the comments at the bottom of the walkthrough page and you’ll find comments with complete walkthrough to follow.
      (i used the one posted by “SirHenry” at the page 2 in the comments and i can say that is 110% accurate)

      well that’s it right?
      if you have any problems with the game check the trouble shooting page below the walkthrough link.
      have fun and make Saionji happy first lol.

  210. kestasx15 says:

    C’mon anybody please seed the torrent

  211. jackkane says:

    can someone post this to usenet?

  212. orberon says:

    seems Ef just came out but im on the fence to dl from you guy when you get it or buy from mangagamer with their censor of the h-scenes its just like how koihime musou came out with no voices had to patch it to get voices i want a full game not bits and pieces

    • the_one says:

      You do realize that the original Japanese release (as with all eroge) has mosaics over the naughty bits. Japanese law forbids “naughty bits” to be displayed, as such even in adult materials mosaics are present.

      MG’s release has “reduced” mosaics because minori, the Japanese company did not want the mosaics removed. You can’t compare this to Koihime Musou having the voices removed.

  213. Selvia says:

    For now, someone might be reported the file on Mediafire. And yea. Torrenting is the best way.

  214. Anime Freak says:

    are you going to upload yosuga no sora as well? since the english patch should be complete.

  215. ZZZZZ says:

    Cant save does anyone knows how to solve this?

  216. juanjo_dpr9 says:

    Ok, I ‘ve downloaded the game and it’s working but there is no sound, why? I’d really appreciate an answer.

  217. tuck234 says:

    I am kinda confused. I downloaded the torrent and it has both Disc 1 and 2. But the problem is, I don’t know if its okay to use standard CD-r’s or should I be using DVD? Its also pretty huge amount of data on both. I know I can get a 4.7 GB CD-R, but the disc 1 data size is about over 8gb. Do I just merely download it onto those CD’s?

    Much appreciated.

  218. amu says:

    how i can download patch school day

  219. BabyKid says:

    Can someone upload a 100% route map along with all the galleries and scene unlock.

    For some strange reason I completed the whole set but my route map is stuck at 45% and I am missing 2 scene but yes.

    If someone can upload a completed saved version for me to over-right my it would be very helpful

    thank you

  220. ShermanTank93 says:

    Can you play visual novels like this one on Linux Ubuntu?

  221. lolcatz says:

    Route A

    First Story
    Second Story
    Sekai Should Come after all
    I’ll take it
    Not Really
    You mean the kiss?
    I’ll tell her next time
    I’m sorry!
    Third Story
    We should tell her
    We don’t have to tell her after all
    We have something to tell you
    Let’s go home together
    Fourth Story
    Not Bad
    That outfit is so cute
    Fifth Story
    Not Sure
    Sixth Story
    She’s not my girlfriend
    Push her away
    I Love You END

    Loaded From Save 4

    Episode 6
    Forever END

    Loaded From Save 3

    Fourth Story
    I’ll think about it
    Fifth Story
    Shall we Watch?
    This is arousing
    Kuruda and I…
    I Love you too!
    Sixth Story
    Do I Love Her?
    Call her over
    I’m glad you did
    Call out to Kotonoha
    I spoke with Sekai on the phone
    All Hers END

    Loaded from save 6

    Fifth Story
    Sixth Story
    Come Outside
    Everyone’s Makoto END

    Loaded from save 6

    Sixth Story
    Sex friend END

    Loaded From Save 5

    Fifth Story
    give up
    Sixth Story
    Goodbye Sekai END

    Loaded From Save 8

    Sixth Story
    Setsuna’s Feelings END

    Route B

    Loaded From Save 2

    Third Story
    Am I afraid that Kotonoha will hate me?
    Fourth Story
    Shall I do it
    So long as you’ve got me
    We couldn’t’t kiss
    Good night
    I had nothing better to do
    not really
    I can’t come today
    Want to eat together
    Hold the meeting
    Have an idea
    The committee
    Help Kotonoha
    I should move my hand
    It’s just a little while longer
    A little more
    keep going
    I want to touch you more
    【Save9】(Used 2 times)
    I don’t know anymore
    Fifth Story
    Explain the situation
    I’ll tell just Sekai
    we’ll all go together
    Sixth Story
    Bavarois END

    Loaded From Save 10

    Sixth Story

    Loaded From Save 9

    Fourth Story
    Fifth Story
    You sure have big breasts
    Let me use your breasts
    Sixth Story
    I’m glad you did
    Call out Kotonoha
    After The Kiss END

    Route C

    Load from Save 1

    Second Story
    Triangle Love
    Third Story
    Now you won’t be cold
    You smell nice
    I love you
    Don’t worry about it
    You should have done that today
    【Save11】(Used 2 times)
    In that case…
    I still don’t really understand
    Fourth Story
    Squeeze Back
    It’s from Kotonoha
    I can’t
    Help him out
    【Save12】(Used 2 times)
    It can’t be helped
    Fifth Story
    You sure are beautiful
    Let me use your breasts
    I should stop
    Sixth Story
    Call out to Kotonoha
    It Begins with the first kiss END

    Load from save 12

    Fourth Story
    Don’t say stuff like that
    Fifth Story
    Not really…
    Sixth Story
    Two Lovers END

    Load from save 13

    Sixth Story
    To My Children END

    Route D

    Load From Save 11

    Third Story
    This isn’t right
    Fourth Story
    Regretting what happened
    Ask for advice?
    That’s not true!
    I’m in love with Sekai
    That’s right
    I love you after all
    You sure are perverted
    Ask Kotonoha to put it on
    Shall I help you choose?
    Hold her hand
    Kiss her
    【Save16】(Used 2 times)
    You don’t suit each other
    Fifth Story
    Not really
    Forget it
    Call Katou
    It’s a secret
    Sixth Story
    I’m glad you did
    Call out to Kotonoha
    To Kotonoha END

    Load from save 17

    Fifth Story
    Sixth Story
    That’s enough
    【Save18】(Used 2 times)
    I don’t mind
    Earnest Feelings Requited END

    Load From Save 18

    Sixth Story
    It does bother me
    Love Fulfilled END

    Load from save 18

    Sixth Story
    It does bother me
    With Kotonoha END

    Load From Save 16

    Fourth Story
    That Kotonoha…
    Fifth Story
    Hug her
    Sixth Story
    We should break up
    【Save19】(Used 2 times)
    Please understand.
    With Honesty END

    Load from save 19

    Sixth Story
    I was just kidding
    Christmas Eve END

    Load from save 19

    Sixth Story
    Please Understand
    Bloody End END

    Load from save 16

    Fourth Story
    Fifth Story
    Hug her
    Sixth Story
    No thanks
    Pushed Too Far END


    Load From Save 9

    Fourth Story
    Fifth Story
    Hang in there
    You sure are beautiful
    Let me use your breasts
    Scene Collection

    Load from save 12

    Fourth Story
    It can’t be helped
    Fifth Story
    I’m here for you
    You sure have big breasts
    Let me use your breasts
    It’s okay
    Scene Collection

    Load from save 11

    Third Story
    It’s just for a little while…
    just a little more…
    Keep going
    In that case…
    I still don’t really understand
    Fourth Story
    Squeeze back
    It’s form Kotonoha
    Class 3’s store
    There’s no helping it
    You sure are perverted
    Scene Collection

    Load From save 21

    Fourth story
    I can’t
    Help him out
    Don’t say stuff like that
    Fifth Story
    Not really
    Scene Collection

    Load from save 15

    Fourth Story
    Are you a virgin??
    I’ll guide you through it
    Scene Collection

    Load from save 14

    Fourth Story
    That’s right
    Pick up
    That’s right
    I love you after all
    You sure are perverted
    Ask Kotonoha to put it on
    Scene Collection

    Load from save 22

    Fourth Story
    Are you a virgin?
    I’ll guide you through it
    Scene Collection

    Load from save 20

    Fourth Story
    It’s not mine
    Let’s break up
    Scene Collection

  222. De Kus says:

    I am a little confused. The translation says it requires 1.11 to be applied. The SCHOOLDAYS HQ.exe says it is 1.0, but due to the installed translation in the image you cannot apply the 1.11 original patch.
    Is the 1.11 patch included anyway and just the SCHOOLDAYS HQ.exe doesn’t reflect it?

  223. Kan'U says:

    someone could seed for this game please ?

  224. Maniac00 says:

    umm guys how does the Bar of the 2 girls works?? any hint will be really helpful

  225. Cludusco666 says:

    Shin Koihime Musou Moeshouden when willit be translated?

    • Horse says:

      Never…. Who the heck said it was going to be in the first place? There’s been absolutely no announcements on it and I highly doubt it will get translated.

  226. xDarkness says:

    Is it completely in English? If not, how much is transated?

  227. dh234 says:

    Can someone explain what exactly automode does in this game? I know that in normal VNs it relieves you from the burden of constant clicking to advance the text, but I have no clue what the function is for an animated visual novel such as this one. Any ideas?

  228. LoveOriemo says:

    hey I need some seeders. Mine isn’t downloading at all

  229. lolcatz says:

    Is this worth downloading?

    • d-lite says:

      I think it is.
      I have not actually played the game but it’s infamous and it has so many cool features like it’s fully animated and there’s a lot of choices.
      I heard there’s a lot of h-scenes.
      If I were you, I would download it.
      There’s also a shitload of endings. You could check some out on Youtube.

  230. Ferchan says:

    Is this a remastered version of School Days? I mean, would it be okay to play this without having played the original one?

    • The Fox Spirit says:

      The HQ stands for High Quality, so yes, this is indeed just a remastered version of the original.

  231. UNICORNS says:

    I downloaded the torrent.. its been 6 hours it hasn’t moved a bit. WHAT IS WRONG HERE?!?

    • lolcatz says:

      Strange, check your firewall settings maybe? i’ve got pretty mediocre internet connection, but i’m getting a steady 200-300 KB/s

      • The Fox Spirit says:

        I have the same exact problem (but I’ve had the torrent open for 23 hours). and it doesn’t seem tat turning off the firewall helped. Anny other ideas?

  232. Knyght says:

    Thanks for the game! Though i must say, even in the best routes i could never quite squash the desire to throttle Makoto to death. His level of stupidity is so damn high it makes playing the game very very frustrating.

  233. Sgrumbledore says:

    i downloaded it form the torret twice, but evry time after i unpacked this happens:

    1) click on 1st fisc setup “stranger erro, something failed cannot install”
    2) if i reclick on the setup the game will start installing but at a certain point it stops. Any idea?

  234. The Fox Spirit says:

    anyone care to seed this atm?
    much appreciated

  235. Dark09 says:

    I’ve been uploading from the 6th with about 27:1 Ratio (257GB’s upload so far for the torrent)…

  236. Illa says:

    I know i should’t ask this here but I don’t know where to ask, so I’ll do it here (sry):
    is there any chances to see Rewrite of Key Studios translated?

  237. NeroSparda says:

    While I enjoyed this… is it expected that admin would upload Koihime Musou?

  238. Rhino says:

    How to save the game during a choice option.Because every time there’s a choice option i can’t save it.So can anybody how i can do that?

  239. Rye says:

    hey guys, does anyone here have a 100% save file? I’m missing 3 replay scene and I’m not sure how to get it.

    I tried the walkthrough and such but still can’t get the 3 missing scene

  240. arus says:

    @admin : Please fix the MF file 🙂

  241. Miikeru says:

    Currently downloading 4 parts a day, I will play this eventually! No matter what!

  242. Demon says:

    Acount suspended on MF. Can you upload them back? It downloads faster on MF then on DA

  243. ego says:

    Downloaded it but when i try to install it goes to 5718MB of 11392 and stops. Doesn’t ask for second disk or anything just stops. Tryed to install it normaly and with aplocale

  244. Overlord says:

    I’ve downloaded the torrent version. I unzipped the file and when I am installing it gives me an error saying that the file copy failed. It happens when it asks for Disk 2. Maybe the file download corrupted it. I’ll unzipping the whole thing and if that doesn’t work, re-download everything. It’ll be a pain but I ll have to deal with it.

  245. fujiyasuo says:

    somthing wrong with part 28. i can’t download

  246. Pirori says:

    You are absolutley fantastic!! It really works and its completly with eng subs!! OMG you made me really happy 😀

  247. nathred says:

    I’m really glad i’m not japanese, cause I didnt have to pay to play this slapdash game (sorry if the expresssion is wrong, I’m french).
    Because they put animation in this game, they must have thougth it was okay to make it so ugly you can barely watch it. The characters’ movements lack far too much realism; their expression NEVER go accordingly to the situation (nearly all tear-jerking moment are failure cause there is no change of expresssion).
    Futhermore, the voice-acting is really bad.

    All those thing make the game not so enjoyable, especially on scene charged with emotions and sex scenes,cause they are real mood-killers.
    I begun the game, so I’ll finish it, but I really dont recommend it to other. Downloading this messed up game is just a waste of time and computer memory.
    Good day to all of you

    • Crunchy says:

      nah i just download it for the sake completeting my english list VN. actually i have and finish playing the JAP version of this game long time ago, even the SQ version.

      official english vn is considered rare because how few they are, so not downloading it because you already have the another version is just lame :P, and i have all the eng vn that ever comes out so it’s another reason for me to get this game @@. heh.

      if you want vn that have nice cg and awesomeness try “Full Metal Daemon Muramasa”

      i’m not even japs but i can read it RAW.

    • hurgh says:

      I agree with your views on the facial expressions of the characters, they all look so unnatural. Moreover their expressions never change throughout the scene. I also would prefer a text eroge over this garbage.

  248. Crunchy says:

    admin upload the game ==> MF detect violation then suspend the account => admin create another id and reup the game => get detected and got suspended again.

    lately any game that reup in MF always get on this cycle.
    fortunately the DA’s link never got suspended 🙁

  249. Confused says:

    Um… is it just me or does this game display wrong scenes at times? Like while going out with Kotonoha, Sekai has a flash back of Makoto saying I love you to her. That never happened though and suddenly everyone thinks I’m her boyfriend even though it “had become common knowledge” that Makoto was dating Kotonoha.

    • Ste says:

      Totally agree with you. Something is definitely not working well with the plot: there are too many routes and the pieces of the mosaic do not fit together.

      I don’t like this game: the only good thing are Kotonoha’s breasts.

    • Ken says:

      I had the exact same thing happen to me.

      Did you use the scene back function at all? I figure it messed something up when using that for me.

    • confused as well says:

      that happened to me as well. I choose not to call to Kotonoha, the next day she thanks me for calling her. the shit?

      • ttrt says:

        I guess it depends on what walk-through you’re using.
        The one linked to on this page
        is for the non-HQ version.

        I had a similar problem on my first playthrough

  250. New guy says:

    I just checked the site of and no surprised finding they are a lot of complains about bugs everywere and untranslated text. It´s obvious there will be a bug patch or another release.

  251. VirusX says:

    Woohoo. Was about darn time this got fully translated and up on the site. Thanks, admin!

  252. Nitzors says:

    I seem to have a problem. I downloaded and installed the game fine, but when I click the icon it gives me an error message. The message says: “This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect reinstalling this application may fix this problem”

    I’m using Windows XP Service Pack 2. Could anyone help? I’ve uninstalled and installed multiple times now.

  253. Caelistas says:

    Konohata & Otome ftw

    go screw yourself sekai

    • Ken says:

      You like kotonoha AND otome?

      I figure if you like the first, you hate the second? :/
      (not going further into that since I don’t want to spoil it, but if you’ve gotten far enough I really don’t get how you can like both)

      • Meh says:

        Don’t believe that bullshit, it won’t last…

        I don’t really like Kotonoha due to her excessively fragile Character so when i wanted to go through one of her paths just when hurted Sekai, I hesitated and changed my mind… So ended up with 6 Sekai endings and just 2 with Kotonoha… I was thinking “bah i’m done with this, i’m losing interest” BUT i just got the “Two Lovers” ending and it was so fucking EPIC I still can’t believe it.
        Once you understand Both girls you can’t hate none.

        • ciccio566 says:

          i can’t really make me like sekai, i prefer hikari she is much cuter than any others even if i haven’t played otome yet

          • Zellrang says:

            whatever you guys said… I gonna for setsuna first that may even be my last X3

          • Meh says:

            lol i guess there is no arguing about taste…

            Fuck you all!

          • Williams-Kun says:

            Kotonoha Is My Favorite Girl!!! But my second favorite is Setsuna (even if she was kinda a bitch but that was for the sake of her friend so I understand) I don’t like Sekai that much that’s why every time I go near her route I end up cheating on her XD. The ending with both girls though were AWESOME!

  254. New guy says:

    It freezes a lot in ramdom places, it´s a bug or it´s the font?

    • kowaii says:

      freezes are caused when its played in full screen mode. Switch to windowed mode and you won’t have anymore problems.

  255. Xemnaseternal says:

    MediaFire links broken

  256. Ken says:

    Sorry if this isn’t the place to ask about the game, but I can’t find any active forum for it.

    But is this game’s story broken?

    I ask this because there’s so many things that are wrong when I’m playing.

    I focused 100% on katsura, being normal friends with sekai, never even once giving a reply that hinted that makoto had feelings for sekai.

    Now in episode 5, sekai’s getting really depressed, and in a scene she says to herself: “I’m such an idiot. He told me that he loved me… And I love him too…” and so on.

    That never happened O.O

    The game just keeps assuming makoto is cheating on sekai when I never made a single choice towards her.

    So is the game just glitched like that for everyone?

    • Meh says:

      LOL something like that happened to me!

      I was on route C (where Makoto starts these “gentle approaching classes” with Sekai) and well… they just make their way and enjoy themselves but around Chapter 5 there’s a scene where makoto is talking with Sekai and she says something like “so you would never cheat Kotonoha with another girl even if this girl ask you to have sex with her?” and he’s like “no i wan’t my first time with the person i love” (well something like that)and she answers “so you still haven’t done it yet…”
      just read that and think LOL! WTF?! but he already lost his virginity Sekay… WITH YOU!! are you fucking kidding me?! you two had sex who knows how many times! seriously WTF? you both got mutual amnesia or something?! maybe they came so hard their brain just burned i dont know…

      but yea this kind of nonsense lines are everywhere, someone says that did something and that thing never happened on that route.
      I guess it’s helpless.

  257. din says:

    please help! when I install the first part goes ok but when the installer request to insert disk 2 I mount the image of the disk 2 but the installer doesnt’t recognizes the disk and I can’t continue with the installation

  258. john says:

    mf fix

  259. Ciro says:

    But my torrent freezes at 99,67% lol

  260. Ryuzaki says:

    Wow it works perfectly in my netbook! That long days of download marathon has finally paid off
    As always, thanks Admin!

  261. Minato says:

    Uhm Part 45-49 links aren’t working aren’t working.

  262. liam says:

    Just curious regarding the openings when exactly do the start ? I’ve play through one route of the game and no opening has even played yet

  263. crjones says:

    stupid question. but I’m guessing this is blue ray? i mounted it onto my phantom drive using deamon tools but when i try to open it says it doesn’t know how. So either something is wrong with it or it was bluray. i’ve only got dvd capabilities. is there a way to know what’s required before the download? i saw nothing relevant on the post. i’d hate to waste my time on trying to get other things only to run into the same problem

  264. ... says:


  265. Aizengard says:

    ok I looked at the comments and see that I need an ISO disc file but I don’t have one. I downloaded the torrent and just don’t have one. Can anyone help?

  266. Aizengard says:

    ok I think I’m an idiot but how do I install this? When it says to put disc 2 in I have no idea what to do. I click on the set up file for it but it does nothing. Please help

  267. krag says:

    i asked befor but ill ask again can anyone post a 100% save file / unlocker or a save file close to 100%

  268. krag says:

    there are seeders ive seeded 92.1GB with average upload speed of 472KB/s and will be seeding for a few more days

  269. john says:

    mf problem

  270. Azula says:

    watched the anime so decided to get this… its torrenting right now… Is it in english though?

  271. Sakura says:

    Yay I’ve been waiting for this for some time now. I’ve had the Japanese version for a while and have played through all endings, but now I’ll finally be able to play a translated version, and be able to get a better understanding. hoorah! Luckily since School Days is full voice and all animated, it was much easier to understand the Japanese version than a game like Sukisho, in which it’s all text and no voice. I know J-List is probably all upset about how fast this got pirated, but don’t worry J-List, I love you guys and once I have the funds, I will be buying this for real.

  272. sharos says:

    oh my gooooooood
    they have been removed!
    please i need the all the parts above 26 :C

  273. Sijiwae says:

    this game..
    english version or not..??

  274. john says:

    warning “File Belongs to Suspended Account. “

  275. relytg2 says:

    Is it just me or do a lot of the h scenes glitch.

  276. anime_junkie says:

    I have every scene unlocked except one and its driving me mad.
    In the H-Scene replay menu it is on the second page bottom left scene i need it.
    Does anyone know the scene i am missing and do you have a guide so i can unlock this scene?

  277. Sky says:

    So this is all in english already??

  278. Santiago says:

    Hello, What happened to the sound? all of a sudden i can’t hear anything

  279. Zer0P0int says:

    is there somwewhere a guide how to install it when it stops at certain files

  280. mixon says:

    can’t download in MF
    can you repair it?

  281. mixon says:

    can’t download in mf
    can you repair?

  282. ttrt says:

    I figured out what the problem is(I think).
    I’m fairly sure it occurs when you try to
    download 3 or 4 files @ a time through DA,
    despite the fact there’s no limit.
    (There’s a 4 min. wait before you can start a new one though)

  283. john says:

    please fix mf links

  284. wikiguy0281 says:

    @ googlr
    Part 45 has the problem too

    • gifluvr2710 says:

      I’m not sure what’s going on, but part 44 has the same 383 byte file prob that seems to be occuring a lot.

      Hopefully admin will upload the fixed versions

  285. smtfan says:

    @ googlr

    I ran into that same problem with part 46

  286. googler says:

    part 48 has same prob as the others trtt keeps going n’about.

  287. Nishi says:

    Is someone even seeding torrent?

  288. ain_soph_aur says:

    hello admin ! ur mediafire link has been suspended.. can u revive it? coz i cant download it and the torrent have a low seeds..plzz admin and tnx in advance, ur d best! ^_^

    • ttrt says:

      just use DA.
      the maximum # you can safely DL is 2
      (free) and will wake approx. 30-45 minutes per 200mb file

  289. Ushio says:

    I just want to ask since the title is not the same, does this means that this game has a different story than in the anime?

    • Ciro says:

      There’s many different routes in this game, there’s even happy endings.

    • admin says:

      It’s more like anime shows only one of ways the game might end – there are many more possible endings in this game, depending on player actions.

  290. Rexxar says:

    Finally finished one route and found this ‘Route Map’ on the load screen. Was kinda hard to read with all those ups and downs, so took the trouble of making it into an image.

    So, if anyone needs it, here it is-


  291. Maou says:

    Ok, if I have the SP partially translated version of the game do I have to re download all of these files or is there a certain file part that I can start from?

  292. jack says:

    keep getting a runtime error any suggestions

  293. Crunchy says:

    file belongs to suspended account!

    ah.. MF is so mean theese days.

    • none says:

      they just do not want to end up like another megaupload or what ever the name of that site was that the feds raided and shut down ^_^
      cant say i blame them to be honest

  294. Tenma says:

    Just use the torrent people, go SEED!!

    • Meh says:

      it was the right decision when i decided to try first with the torrent, started yesterday and today its done. I’ll seed from now on.

  295. Minato says:

    Your MF account has been suspended..

  296. john says:

    MF links not working

  297. Phil says:

    Hey new to this site, excited to download and play eroge ^^, but unfortunately i don’t know how it works. I’ve downloaded School Play, i got the Disc 1 and Disc 2, but what do i do? Do I need to download any tools or anything? Thanks for any help.

  298. Mint says:

    I just took a nap a bit and the whole MF account is dead. I was so looking forward to it too, wtf

  299. Minato says:

    Your MF downloads don’t work..

  300. Ryuzaki says:

    MF links have been wiped out too 🙁

  301. ttrt says:

    Anyways, I’ll try the non working ones
    using IE instead of Mozilla

  302. ttrt says:

    part 41 has this problem too

  303. ttrt says:

    The DA link for part 39 seems to be having problems.
    (every time I try using it, I get an error message)

    The others seem to be fine though

    • admin says:

      Download starts fine for me, just checked it out.

      • ttrt says:

        I’m adding 42 to the list as well.
        some seem to work(like 38), but others do not.

        I keep getting the same message each time for
        the non working ones too.

        • Kyliea says:

          I torrented it so it came in one part and it works perfectly. Great game. in a game with that many parts, it’s likely that one’ll got corrupted or a downloads gonna fail, just try using the torrent.

          • ttrt says:

            I did try the torrent first, before the parts were uploaded to MF. BTW, the walk-through isn’t helpful.

            I tried the and with Kotonoha end, but even though I followed it correctly, it gave me the X-Mas Eve end and the plot didn’t make sense(I never chose Sekai, so why’d everyone think Itou was dating her?!)

    • reagon says:

      could U tell us what the error message says

      • ttrt says:

        file not found

        using IE, it downloads as a 383 byte file.

        this problem occurs with 32, 33, 42 and 43 so far

        could you please reupload admin?

  304. john says:

    you can change all your filenames with code. By changing some filename with code and save the meaning of the code on dropbox. You no need to do that if you can memorize all (^^). If you have suspended notification from Mediafire, and don’t report it MF will deleted your files! Just wait 3-4 days until the files come back to you.

  305. john says:

    Admin, File Belongs to Suspended Account- for mediafire link,
    You need to trick mediafire by “CHANGING THE FILE NAME” that it is not is copyright infridged.

  306. john says:

    mediafire link not working, if reupload please renamed it in abbreviations/ initials to avoid deletion by mediafire
    eg (S.D.HQ/SDHQ etc) for the file name.

  307. Ciro says:

    They already took down all parts ):

  308. JohnSmith says:

    Anyone know how to increase your upload speed? I’m the only one seeding right now and I was uploading far faster back when I was downloading as well.

  309. mathsdebater says:

    Has anyone gotten 100% completion on the route map? Despite getting all the endings and H-scenes ive only seen 85% of the game.

  310. tubehunter says:

    I am crying tears of joy.
    I promise to seed for one week.
    To share this AWESOMENESS.
    People who are too late to notice, people who don’t visit this website on daily basis, should just blame themselves when the torrent died one day.

  311. andrea says:

    am i the only one that’s having problem with the Walkthrough? i mean i’ve tried 3 or 4 ending (supposing 1 is up 2 is down) but often you can’t make the choice that the walkthrough tells you (for example the walkthrough says 1 or 2 but you only options are 0 or X)

  312. Ciro says:

    thanks for the MF links. Hope they’ll stay up for a long time lol

  313. Dlaw says:

    Does this game actually need dotnet to run?
    9Gb is a lot to download before finding out if it’s useless or not 🙁

  314. Mint says:

    Hooray for Mediafire links! More power to erogedownload!

  315. tony says:

    thanks for the mediafire links the other one is slower then molasses.

  316. Aoi says:

    i thought the game was supposed to be around 12 Gbs >.>

    • admin says:

      It is. I just compressed it so it takes less space/faster to download. After unpacking it’s like 12,5GB.

  317. railgun says:

    very very thx ADMIN!!!

  318. Patch says:

    thanks for this XD so much win ^_^

  319. munchy says:

    MF!!! thank you very much admin! wew… this will lighten the work…

  320. anonymous says:

    Is it fine to continue downloading from the new uploaded files? I’m afraid it is from another archive. (not the same .rar files with the old ones)

  321. hurr says:

    Gonna ask this again, is it true JAST USA removed some of the h-scene, especially setsuna and kokoro?

    • admin says:

      There’s no kokoro scene in school days.

    • ThatSnorlaxBehindYou says:

      Sorry to tell you this bro but the only way to see a kokoro scene it to play “Summer days” i’m not sure if it’s the prequel or sequel either way kokoro is an option (I’m pretty sure she is anyways)

  322. jason says:

    part 27 is not working 🙁 please fix im halfway done T.T

  323. 2Din3D says:

    so fast. Already 7 part uploaded o.o

    • admin says:

      I’m storing files on dedicated server in Spain ( where sharing is legal ). I’m using 100Mbit upload line – over 20 files done.

      • joe says:

        admin, the links seem to be broken again.. not sure if it’s just the site, but thought i’d let you know since it just happened

  324. wannabe_loser says:

    Uh oh. Looks like the links for the direct download are down…

  325. tony says:

    i like that you do this but being a jerk about this isn’t helping

  326. 12341234 says:

    the part 7 has been deleted ):

  327. ciccio566 says:

    please put back the files 🙁
    torrent is too slow

  328. Syapaaye says:


    the files… are deleted already….. ==”

  329. john says:

    mediafire please!

  330. qiao says:


  331. darczon69 says:


    Check out this site. All of the sollutions are there and are working 🙂

  332. Moogie says:

    direct download files got pulled x.x I’m at part 44 of 49 toos D:

  333. 2Din3D says:

    links are dead, please reupload (i know it’s big…) =x

  334. anonymous says:

    links has been deleted

  335. kurochan says:

    Gahhh the file was deleted and I was in part 27….!!

    • admin says:

      It’s okay. This was bound to happen, given how jast was butthurt over this release getting pirated faster before some people who pre-ordered even got their boxes. I’ll post new links later today.

  336. getaway280 says:

    Was to lazy to continue walkthrough i am like 95% finished with it but here is the otome route

    Episode 1 Skip (Right click)

    Episode 2 Skip
    Sekai Should come after all
    Ill take it
    Not Really
    You mean the kiss
    Ill tell her next time
    Im sorry
    Triangel Love

    Episode 3 Now you wont be cold
    you smell nice
    I love you
    Dont worry about it
    you should have done that today
    this isnt right

    Episode 4 (skip)
    Regretting what happen
    Ask for my advice
    Thats not true
    im in love with sekai
    thats right
    i love you after all
    you sure are perverted
    ask kotonoha to put it on
    shall i help you choose
    Hold her hand
    kiss her
    you dont suit each other

    Episode 5 Not realy
    Forgett it
    Call katou

    Episode 6 Yes
    thats enough
    i dont mind

    The Earnest Feelings are Rewarded END (Otome Katou END)

    walkthrough by getaway280

  337. Sanrasaa says:

    Why is this game so big?
    Whats so special that this game hast to be 4x bigger than a normal Visual Novel?
    whats the different do other Visual Novels and Eroges?

    • th0usandeye says:

      It’s entirely animated. It’s not just static images. It’s more like an interactive anime/hentai than a visual novel.

  338. Triellan says:

    Assuming your not using an IP that peer-block is blocking (Such as a known attack/botnet/trap/”School”, which there’s a lot of them trying…) your averaging 50kb/s from me (out of 2.7mb/s total). Will seed for another 2 weeks [^.^] b

  339. tlm10516 says:

    Hey the walkthrough you guys provided seems wrong…under the kotonoha happy ending it feels like im on sekai’s route so please make it more clear as to what choices to make.

    • tlm10516 says:

      To clarify im going on kotonoha’s route but my points for sekai are way higher and im almost at the h scenes so maybe im reading the walkthrough wrong? any help would be appreciated

  340. a very sad child says:

    please seed my friends… im downloading it at less than 0.1 kb per second… please seed… i must play this. the animes ending was too sad.

  341. Yukimitsuhide Kyuketsuki says:

    10gb file , looks like its gonna be a mission impossible to download it alone >_<

  342. themaster111 says:

    che <.<

    i think they took the sex scenes with setsuna out.

    somebody there who can confirm it?

  343. hakureimu says:

    Keep up the seeding, everyone

  344. hayden says:

    well might just have to buy this. taking to long.

  345. God Of Gaming says:

    Finished Kotonoha’s route with a happy end, so much better than the anime…

  346. N4HeavenCaller says:

    Yea i agree with Rexxar on this one, it feels like i’m trying to torrent crysis 2…

  347. themaster111 says:

    i got a problem with the sound.

    after i installed the game and run it the sound worked just fine.

    i closed it, deinstalled the normal school days version and the english setup thing from sekai project, then restarted HQ again, …. and there was no sound ._.

    anyone got an idea why?

    • themaster111 says:

      okay, just found the answer -.-

      if you rename the shortcut on the desktop and then start the game there’s no sound, strange thing, but well ^^

  348. krag says:

    does anyone have a unlocker/100% save file

  349. turbofag says:

    anyone get “soundbase initialization error” when starting? I can’t even start the game.

    I made sure that everything is up to date on my machine (latest K-lite codecs, DX, .NET 3.5, sound drivers, etc.). I’ve also tried reinstalling a number of times, restarting comp after install, checking my registry, etc. And I still get the error. Anyone had this problem/fixed it yet?

    • turbofag says:

      I should say I’ve also tried running in different compatibility modes, as administrator and all that jazz. No luck.

      I’m on Win7 x64 in Jap Locale

  350. loginofdeath says:

    The game installed smoothly and running perfectly.Thank you Admin for providing this great eroge.

  351. Ivy says:

    YAh seed plz! We have to help each other out we all are here for some *shared* eroge so we share a common interest and goal lets help our fellow men and girl out!

  352. Ivy says:


  353. goatse says:

    Suddenly all seeders are gone, please seed some more, i’m already near finish.

    Really really please.

  354. kurogane says:

    is there a download for just the translation, because i still have the raw japanese version

  355. Shivvi says:

    Seeding now… ~250 kB/s

    Does anyone know ehether this game runs w/o CD or not?

  356. DrWockles says:

    Sorry to be a bother, but whenever im installing the game at 9866Mb done out of 11392Mb (the file “packsSE01.GPK”) my install just freezes and doesnt carry on. Just seeing here if anyone else has had the problem and has found a fix for it.

  357. nick says:

    thanks admin

    heard good things bout the game hope there true

  358. nick says:

    thanks for the game admin

  359. Anon says:

    Gotta say I’m loving the animation, so refreshing from still-frame VNs 🙂

  360. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone figured out how to get Otome’s ending yet? I’ve already tried a lot of times and can’t seem to be able to get it. I’d appreciate any help in this matter(or at least a hint). Thank you.

    • mathsdebater says:

      Umm i dont recall exact choices, but in episode 5 (indecision) makoto will say he doesnt know which person he loves.
      In episode 6 respond positively to Otome and regardless of the relationship bar you will end up with otome.

  361. Triellan says:

    2.7ish mb/s…. enjoy my upload speed ^.^, it will slow when I hit a 3000% ratio

  362. Andrew says:

    Okay, it’s official; I freaking love admin. The game’s working great for me. There were only a few minor annoyances I had to figure a solution for. I feel obliged to share my discovery, in case someone else hasn’t fixed you guys’ problems already. If your game freezes, this is what worked for me:

    1. Always delete the CONFIG.dat file before launching the game. If you want to play full screen, that works, but you’ll have to change the settings every time you start the game (it’s windowed by default), since you delete the config file over and over again. My game freezes if I don’t delete the config file, so this step is necessary.

    2. If you play on full screen and want to save the game, pause, then window the screen and save. After you’ve saved, you can go back to full screen. This prevents freezing. Saving on full screen works sometimes, but I wouldn’t take the risk.

    I hope this helps. Also, as I mentioned, these are only minor annoyances, and are easy to live with, since the game’s so damn good. Thank you again, admin, for letting us enjoy this masterpiece.

  363. anon says:

    my automode is broken, whether its on or off, it plays by itself and clicking doesn’t skip to next line

  364. Mr. Clay says:

    I will be seeding too.. just a little more speed in my net and maybe I’ll be done by Thursday or Friday. I’m currently downloading in a speed that fluctuate in 30kpbs to 40kpbs in the day and 100kpbs to 250kpbs in night

  365. 2kinky says:

    I am only getting a disc 1 ISO Image. Where is Disc 2?

  366. quik says:

    I tried posting yesterday but didn’t post, so here it goes again.

    Thank you very much for this and all the games you have posted. I know I’m not the only one who appreciates it. Thank you very much!

  367. Eroshimaru says:


  368. Azada says:

    I can’t seem to download part 5. keeps saying file not found. Anyone else having this problem?

  369. otakuchama says:

    I am sedding ~ Come on people, open your hearts for all eroge’s lovers :<

  370. densetsu86 says:

    to: getaway280
    who is route a and who is route b? also what are the bad ends so if people want they can avoid them.

    its a little confusing.

  371. Rexxar says:

    Last Question…..why is the game so fucking huge?????

    • Andrew says:

      It’s not an ordinary visual novel with just static characters, voice-over and one route per heroine. It’s fully animated, has long, branching routes, and over 20 different endings. I don’t know much about what specifically contributes to the file size, but as far as I’m concerned, School Days is beyond any VN in regards to quality and number of possible scenes per route.

      • Triellan says:

        Its basically a Interactive Movie, that you can mess up if you fail to choose answers in time. also, its only 9.8 gigs to DL, 13 gigs unzipped, then another 12 gigs installed. The Sims 3 is a lot larger with all the expansions…

  372. Godzlla3000 says:

    Thank you very very very very much admin.

    I just finish download with torrent (It’s fastest way right now) and luckily I can install and play without any problem.

    game itself run very smoothly and of cause, very high Quality graphic.

    this is one of ‘must have’ game.

  373. Helvetica Standard says:

    @mathsdebater, this happened because the walkthrough is not 100% correct. To avoid this, swap some of the choices and make sure that the loyalty meter is always maxed out towards the girl of your choice. This method has worked for me so far, I’ll have to figure out the extra routes though…

  374. john says:

    can you please upload to mediafire?

  375. screenfun says:

    for a walkthrough getaway280 walkthrough is perfect it has all choices you should replace the walkthrough of getaway with the current one

  376. drunkman says:

    I have a question. In walkthrough is said that choises are left or right but they are on the top and bottom. Is anyone know how it works ??

  377. Ain Soph Aur says:

    I have a question…how many chapters in school days HQ? did all of them are translated to the end?…plz repz

  378. Scyris says:

    Were the loli endings/scenes removed? just curious, I am assuming yes since this is released in english. But unsure.

    • Andrew says:

      There are no loli scenes in School Days. You must be talking about Makoto x Kokoro scenes from Summer Days. It’s a spinoff game with the same characters as School Days.

  379. Lolicef says:

    seed pleaseeeeeeeee :3

  380. Shivvi says:

    Just finished downloading from the torrent.
    Disc1.iso damaged. Ohh, my luck…

  381. Jordan says:

    Could you please Upload this to MF?

  382. Jordan says:

    Hi is this version fully translated? Is this version the same as the one in the Partially Translated?

  383. Dong says:

    Has someone tried playing this on a laptop or netbook? I remember seeing some guy say something about this game not working to well with laptops, maybe cause its animated? I mean I have a netbook with decent specs and the only time I’ve really ever had a problem playing eroge on this thing was with kamidori, and thats only when I play on a big map with a lot of enemies, but when I turn off the fighting animation its still a little laggy but not too bad. I just don’t want to go and download all of this just to find that its so laggy that I can’t even play it lol

  384. kurochan says:

    It’s here!!! Thanks admin! but wow 9gb huh

  385. Dante says:

    The torrent works perfectly. Thanks so much for this. I screamed when I saw it uploaded. I will continue to seed as long as I can.

  386. AznNoProblem says:

    I believe the walkthrough is completely different, no? There are more options/path in HQ, than the original version, it seems. Trying to start off with all of Kotonoha’s routes, nothing is the same, and there are more options, even when the walkthrough shows the act to be finished.

  387. Sick Bastard says:

    Damn, I should have rode the seed wave while I had the chance. Was getting 500kbs-1mbs earlier today but then I had to leave for work, so I turned off my computer. Now it’s downloading at 1kbs again.

    Can someone please seed again?

  388. Tachjun says:

    while I download this via torrent, the upload rate suddently much higher than download rate.. and the speed is only 1kbps –“

  389. quik says:

    Thanks for all your hard work. It is appreciated by all of us

  390. Xx1tach1xX says:

    Fast the first 2 hours after released the torrent, then it was slow as hell, right now is 20-50 kbs, XD

  391. mathsdebater says:

    Does anyone have a link to the HQ walkthrough?
    I used the “normal” school days one and things went well(?) but the ending was different to the one listed by walkthrough.
    I remained 100% faithful to kotonoha yet i got the “christmas eve” ending which is apparently one of the least faithful ones????

    • Helvetica Standard says:

      @mathsdebater, this happened because the walkthrough is not 100% correct. To avoid this, swap some of the choices and make sure that the loyalty meter is always maxed out towards the girl of your choice. This method has worked for me so far, I’ll have to figure out the extra routes though..

  392. hurgh says:

    Lolz my installer installed more than there was to install…

  393. ene13 says:

    Seeding ahahahahah im at 50 kb/s as well. Oh well better than nothing

  394. getaway280 says:

    only one question admin how can i add my picture to my comment

  395. getaway280 says:

    Here is a little demo Prais me of the walkthrough

    Route A

    Episode 1 Skip (Right click)

    Episode 2 Skip
    Sekai Should come after all
    I´ll take it
    Not Really
    You mean the kiss
    I´ll tell you next time
    I´m sorry
    (SAVE 1) Save here save before you chose skip

    Episode 3 We should tell her
    We don´t have to tell her after all
    We have something to tell you
    Let´s go home together
    (Save 2)

    Episode 4 Not bad
    That outfit is so cute
    (Save 3)

    Episode 5 Not sure

    Episode 6 Skip
    She´s not my girlfriend
    Save 4
    Push her away

    • getaway280 says:

      i will try my best to continue

        • getaway280 says:

          Route A

          Full route A Route B will come out tonight by 8 pm germany timer

          Episode 1 Skip (Right click)

          Episode 2 Skip
          Sekai Should come after all
          I´ll take it
          Not Really
          You mean the kiss
          I´ll tell you next time
          I´m sorry
          (SAVE 1) Save here save before you chose skip

          Episode 3 We should tell her
          We don´t have to tell her after all
          We have something to tell you
          Let´s go home together
          (Save 2)

          Episode 4 Not bad
          That outfit is so cute
          (Save 3)

          Episode 5 Not sure

          Episode 6 Skip
          She´s not my girlfriend
          Save 4
          Push her away

          LOVE END

          Loade from save 4

          Episode 6 Skip

          Eternaly End

          Loade from Save 3

          Episode 4 I´ll Think about it

          Episode 5 Skip
          (Save 5)
          Shall we watch ?
          This is arousing
          Kuruda and I…
          (Save 6)
          I love you too!

          Episode 6 Do i love her ?
          Call her over
          I´m glad you did
          Call out to Kotonoha
          I spoke with Sekai on the phone

          The Him Only for Her END

          Loade from Save 6

          Episode 5 Skip

          Episode 6 Skip
          (Save 7)
          Come outside

          Mina and Makoto END

          Loade from 7

          Episode 6 Skip

          Sex friend END

          Loade from 5

          Episode 5 Skip
          Give Up

          Episode 6 (Save 8)

          Sekai End

          Loade frome Save 8

          Episode 6 Yes

          Setsuna´s Wish End

          Walkthrough by getaway280

  396. Bret says:

    I just finished installing the game but every time I try to start it the window doesn’t pop up. When I check my running processes it says it’s running but I still can’t find it.

  397. Question says:

    What’s the difference between this and the other, just animation quality?

    • fixation says:

      I’m not 100% sure but i think the difference is the full english translation whereas until this was released there it was just partial. Also i think there isn’t censoring during the h-scenes while i think there was in the original. I haven’t played the game yet and I’m in the process of downloading it but i think those are the differences that i’ve read

    • sporked says:

      Extra routes too for the HD version

  398. Felipe says:

    full game?

  399. Anon says:

    49 parts or a one click download. What to do…

  400. ryuushima says:

    ok , I just finished my first route.
    A perfect ending kotonoha route 😀 ( well atleast as perfect as school days routes can be haha ).
    So far i’m really liking the game , as usual thanks admin for bringing such great games to us.
    Tommorow im starting my second route.

  401. Anon says:

    game freezes every min any way to fix? i cant find any solutions anywhere that work

    • Random says:

      “Someone said that it’s because of the .NET Framework 3.5 . You can find it on Disc 1 and install it, but there should be much need to do it on Windows 7 since it has it installed by default (unless you turned it off for some reason. If you did, go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> on the left side click “Turn Windows features on and off” and see if Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1 is checked). After that, delete the config.dat file inside your game folder, run it again and see if it freezes in full screen again.”

      Taken from School Days installation help/problem troubleshooting

      It fixed my screen freezing problem for me

    • Anon says:

      after much trial and error i uninstalled all my previous codecs and installed CoreAVC and i no longer freeze up game works great now hope this helps someone els

  402. Bill says:

    does this visual novel work? i meant, posters above mentioned that they have saving problems… since this game is around 9gb, i have limited quota though… 🙁

    • Disky says:

      It works. The game may freeze occasionally but you can fix this by restarting and playing past that point in windowed mode. Also the main reason for freezing is fast-forwarding – DON’T DO IT!

  403. sharos says:


  404. Akira says:

    This is…..too big but i will still download it *troll face*

  405. Dope says:

    Am I the only one getting different endings from the walkthrough? Do I need to clear some endings first to unlock the others?

    • miker says:

      walkthrough is for original version of game….its not working for HQ

    • pumasrevenge says:

      Some endings are right, some are wrong, because there are new choices in some routes. Tested only a few, but these are to 100 % correct 🙂
      At the end of July there should be a release of an english walkthrough from

      Bavarois 1 (Sekai)

      Act I – 0 0
      Act II – 1 2 [X] 1 0 2 0 1 0 2 2 1 2
      Act III – 2 2 0 [X] 1 [X] 0 2 [X] 2
      Act IV – 1 2 0 0 0 0 2 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 1 1 0 0 2 2 0
      Act V – 2 [X] 0 1 1 [X] 1
      Act VI – 2 [X]

      Bavarois 2 (Sekai)

      Act I – 0 0
      Act II – 1 2 [X] 1 0 2 0 1 0 2 2 1 2
      Act III – 2 2 0 [X] 1 [X] 0 2 [X] 2
      Act IV – 1 2 0 0 0 0 2 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 1 1 0 0 2 2 0
      Act V – 1 [X] 2 2 1 1 2 2
      Act VI – 2 [X]

      Setsuna’s Feeling’s (Sekai, however, Setsuna is also a main character in this route)

      Act I – 0 0
      Act II – 1 2 [X] 1 0 2 0 1 0 2 2 1 2
      Act III – 1 0 1 1 1 2 0 1
      Act IV – 1 [X] 2 1 1 0
      Act V – [X] 0 [X]
      Act VI – 1

      Bloody End (Bad End)

      Act I – 0 0
      Act II – 0 1 2 2 1 [X] 1 2 1 1 1 2
      Act III – 1 2 2 1 0 2 2 1 2 [X]
      Act IV – 1 0 2 2 2 2 2 [X] 2 1 [X]
      Act V – 0 2 [X]
      Act VI – 1 [X] 1 [X]

      I Love You (Sekai)

      Act I – 0 0
      Act II – 1 2 [X] 1 0 2 0 1 0 2 2 1 2
      Act III – 1 0 1 1 1 2 0 1
      Act IV – 1 [X] 2 2 1 [X]
      Act V – 2 1 1
      Act VI – 2 1 1 [X]

  406. Censuur says:

    Man I wish there was a non-lesbian happy ending with Kotonaha, because I swear the main character grows a massive vagina in her route…

  407. contour says:

    if you’re all complaining about the torrent DL speed, you might want to try out it took less than 10 secs to DL the torrent to their servers an direct download it from them all the way. hope that helped

    • Sick Bastard says:

      That’s a great idea and I would have used zbigz for this but they have a 8GB limit and this is a 9GB torrent. Maybe it will come in handy for something else, this is my first time hearing about that site.

      • contour says:

        it’s handy alright. yeah you have a 8GB limit now if you’re a free user. but if you’re premium its unlimited. dont quite know about its max DL speed for premium though cause im only in a 3.6mbps plan and im maxing it at 350~400 KBps but it limits free to only 150KBps

  408. Souji Seta says:


  409. darczon69 says:

    Thank you for this release!

    I’ve had a few problems with the install (it kept freezing at ~9000 mbs so I simply copied the files.

    The game works (sound, subtitles, music etc) and I save it. But when I try to load the save, it says: “script version doesn’t match” and it boots me at the start screen.

    What should I do?

  410. laggy14 says:

    Why I do not have a sound in this game ?

  411. Kuroneko says:

    Hi, is there another way to get the torrent ? (I trust this site but not the other random ones i might find looking for it)
    But i can’t seem to download the torrent, it gets me on that adfly page that 9/10 times gets stuck on “loading the page” forever and if it manages to open correctly i end up stuck in the page that only lets me download some download manager crap and i can’t skip the add or anything like it was said in some earlier comment.
    Downloading 50parts is a pain :(…

    • Len says:

      Just click on the torrent link here. Wait 10 seconds on the adfly page and click “skip ads”. Your torrent file is now downloaded. The speed for this torrent is really picking up, I’m at 2.0 MB/s at the moment and the ETA is less than an hour.

      Or if you continue doing something wrong, just google it. Try setting the results to ‘last 24 hours’. But I’m not sure if the torrent sites you will come across will appear more ‘reliable’ to you.

      • Kuroneko says:

        Thanks but my problem is i don’t get any “skip adds” button anywhere on the page even if i wait 15m =/.
        I guess I’ll just have to download the 50 parts or try my luck with some googled torrent…

  412. Raf says:

    Is the anime ending available in the VN? I like demented Higurashi like things and would be very disappointed if that isn’t part of this game :O

    • Tsun2Yan says:

      I don’t know if that particular ending is in the VN,but don’t worry anyway, even if it isn’t you won’t be disappointed by the bad endings that are there, as they are quite violent and disturbing.

  413. GratefultoAdmin says:

    Thank you very much for the hard work with uploading this so quickly, thank you for this website and keeping it running for us leechers!

  414. Superlarry says:

    I clicked on the DA-free download and I was like “Whaaaaaaa-t”. Someday.

  415. wawawawawa says:

    Soooo ummmm, there a walkthrough? I heard that the HQ version doesn’t match up with the walkthrough for the regular one because of the new added stuff and it seems pretty hard to go for the path you want if there’s 21 endings 😛 just saying

    • strom says:

      The walkthrough provided is a placemarker until the HQ version is made. You can try using the flowchart ingame if you aren’t getting the correct ending.

  416. randompasserby says:

    Holy crap 13GB unpacked…

    I think I’ll have to play this one off my external HD lol.
    That is of course, assuming I can even play it. I have a horrible horrible sinking feeling that I’m going to have to mount discs, and that’s a pain in the ass to do on a mac.
    Bah I probably won’t be able to play this one :'(

    Thank you anyway admin 🙂

  417. 2Din3D says:

    is it just me or there’s a problem with the links?

    • strom says:

      Are you getting a problem with all the links, or just specific links? And are you trying to download multiple files at the same time without an account, or do you have an account?

      • 2Din3D says:

        I didn’t have an account and not multi-downloading.
        I’ve downloaded part 1, and after that, failed to download part 2-6 (i’ve put the right captcha and click download file). But after that i got an error message.

        Currently i’m downloading part 7 (in progress) and will try part 2-6 again. Perhaps it’s only my problem :p

  418. strom says:

    Give it a while. So many downloaders and not enough uploaders are causing the speed to be slow for everyone. Hopefully as more people finish they keep uploading for everyone.

  419. MYGTISRANDOM says:

    anyone else getting like 85kbs to 45 kbs on the torrent

  420. Katsu says:

    nvm i rmber this anime.. horror/drama aint my type..

    • strom says:

      Not sure about the horror part except the bad ends, but there are only 3-4 bad ends. The anime was based off the bad end. There are, I think, around 20 good ends.

  421. Katsu says:

    this any good?

  422. udizzle says:

    its finally finished! this looks so awesome, especially as a visual novel, very unique. btw, i dont know if can take another dose of School Days since watching the anime left a bad memory… but since you guys say there is like 20 endings im “gonna try” to get the ending i actually wanted in the anime, Kotonoha FTW! oh is it me or are there new voices for the characters bcuz they dont sound like the anime versions?

  423. Lol^^ says:

    Just load all the links into jdownloader and it will automatically download and combine the isos together.

  424. Sick Bastard says:

    Does anybody have any alternative download links? No way in hell am I getting this from a dead torrent or those 50 part rar files on that awful host.

    • Nizkus says:

      Just get the torrent, it shouldn’t be too dead, I alone have uploaded over 2TB for it.

    • Sinshlad says:

      It’s a new torrent rather than a dead one. The download speed has and will improve over time as the number of seeds increases and the number of leechers decrease proportionately.

      The game being soo large doesn’t help speed this process up, so it may still take quite some time to download, but just have some patience.

  425. Ban says:

    My install keeps getting to 9866MB (Packs.SE01.GPK) and just randomly stopping. Help please?

    • strom says:

      While this isn’t exactly your problem, could you try doing the method described with your error as described below. Just switch the error pack in this post to the one you are having trouble with. Would like to see if that works.

      “people are telling me they get stuck on installing the Movie02.gpk and Movie03.gpk. if it happens to you just extract the files from the disc named “packs” itself into the installation folder Overflow\SchoolDaysHQ\packs. its ok to overwrite it. and just copy the packs folder contents from disc 2 into the packs folder.”

      • Ban says:

        Thanks strom. I can’t find the instillation folder in my program lists though. I’m guessing it won’t appear until install is finished but as install isn’t finishing I can’t see it?

        • strom says:

          Try to manually create the folders in the installation directory. First create the Overflow folder, then inside that one create a SCHOOLDAYS HQ FOLDER, and lastly in that folder create a Packs folder. Then move the packs that you are having trouble with into the Packs folder and try the installation again.
          Hope it works.

  426. buttcrusader says:

    just wondering, does anyone know what that SOMCON stuff is in the options?

  427. Anon says:

    Download Speed slower than upload

  428. Crzo says:

    framework 3.5 xD

  429. Crzo says:

    for the guy that have problem and the game freezes in fullscreens, is because this game need framework 3.2 , in the CD1 u have a folder named runtime, press the ejecutable inside this folder and install framework, you will see that is japanesse but dont mind and install it, after it delete de config inside of your game schooldays and play the game now, this work for me…. i hope this work for you all too.

  430. Harlequin says:

    Also, as I wrote on the forum, if you don’t get any sound or music after restarting the game, make sure you remove the config file in the installation folder. You’ll need to do this each time you quit the game if you actually have this problem. Once the config file is removed, start the game and the sound should be back. You’ll need to change settings again, but there aren’t many settings to begin with anyway so it’s not a big deal.

    • Harlequin says:

      Thanks to Zind on the forum for this alternate solution to the config/sound problem that may happen for you:

      “Open config.dat with notepad, delete all the text, save, then set the file as read only. That way it will always be blank. It won’t save your settings but at least you won’t have to delete it everytime you want to play.”

  431. Harlequin says:

    Gosh… This is an excellent release right here.

    Definately the most drama-filled VN I’ve personally ever played. Even when you think things might settle down, it doesn’t. It never ever stops with the drama. If you somehow “resolve” one problem, another pops up the next second. HOWEVER, that’s not a bad thing, because it’s the main course for this game. The drama is its purpose, and it definately has quality drama.

    It has certainly disturbed me so far, but that’s a good thing, no? Just like how a scary game/movie is supposed to scare you, this drama is supposed to worry/disturb you.

    By the way, this is coming from someone who hasn’t played the normal VN or seen the anime, so I never knew what to expect.

  432. miker says:

    That walkthrou is for Original Shooldays not HQ it dont match in many choices

    • pumasrevenge says:

      True, it’s from the original School Days, but it worked on the Sekai routes for me. Haven’t tried any others atm, because I can’t load my save files anymore -_-

      You have to use a japanese walkthrough, or you wait until end of July, where Kanna (from should release an english walkthrough 🙂

  433. RANDOM_HERO says:

    Had been absent from home for almost two months and when i came i found these…
    Now there is just one thing to say

  434. Komic says:

    Can I ask how is this different from the other school days?

    • Raynor says:

      Well is HQ… kidding.
      This version has some extra scenes and endings. Other tha that there isn’t too much different.

  435. giovanime says:

    Hm, for some reason the installs stops at 5718MB of 11392MB.

    • strom says:

      Might be a dumb question, but are you mounting both discs?

      • block says:

        installing game with more than one disc is quite tricky after all,what you must to do is,don’t mount both disc on the same time, only the first one, then when the installer ask for disc two,unmount the disc one and replace it with disc two, and voilla it’s work. the tricks is same when i tried install rewrite and cross channel

      • giovanime says:

        I tried with both 1 and 2 discs mounted, but it didn’t work. I just copied all the files from the discs and it seems to work now.

        That is, until I save a game and want to load that one. Then I get bugged with an error again.

        • strom says:

          I tried with both iso files mounted and it won’t install that way. You have to mount disc 1, start the install, wait until it says insert disc 2, unmount disc 1 and mount disc 2, and then finish the install. Don’t know anything about failed saves yet.

          • giovanime says:

            For some reason I can’t decipher, it’s a local problem. This pc simply keeps borking on the install, while my other did it flawlessly. O, well… Guess I’ll play/watch it on my other system then.

  436. GUYSHAHAEA says:

    so is it work? did everyone had already try it?

  437. Dante says:

    Correction for previous post. All links are actually working. I just had to switch computers.

  438. Miguel Figueiras says:

    the most waited eroge of the year!!!!

  439. Yagami says:

    Very thx,it’s an most waited release for this year *o*

  440. Wolf says:

    Thanks admin. I have put this up on my seedbox, so i will keep it on for a while.

    I was curious if any of the files from the japanese version could be used at all?

    And if so how would that be possible, since the video files make up the bulk of the installation how could they decensor them for this release with just small edit files?

  441. Dante says:

    Alot of the files do not work. parts 3 4 10 11 12 etc.

  442. Kirby says:

    Hey, quick question: which download will be faster, download .rar files or download torrent?

  443. MadScientist says:

    Nice Boat

    • akh says:

      ah! what a lovely show that was… with the way they put it back then, I can’t help but wonder if this game will cause more murders. since, well you know games, movies, and music cause people to murder and NOT your own judgement.

  444. Enki says:

    Does anyone have save file?

  445. Raynor says:

    Hey, to those with the freezing issue, it seems to happen only when it runs in full screen, in windows doesn’t appear to have a problem untilnow. Confirmed from some guys in Nihonomaru.
    Sorry for my bad english.
    Thanks for upload this game.

    • Bass says:

      It freezes for me in full screen, windowed, wide, and standard. I can’t seem to get past the part where you’re told you’ll be eating lunch with the two girls. Sometimes it freezes up before then. And it always freezes when I try to load a save.

      • Raynor says:

        Another option that seems to word are replace some files in the original folder. The guy that upload the game in Nohonomaru upload those files too, but for now they are all down, sorry. But after that seems to work perfectly. There are also rumors that the freeze comes from troubles of compatibility, and they are working way to pass this in others sites.

  446. Disky says:

    So has anyone found a fix for the freezing? Started freezing after I saved the game – now it won’t let me pass that point even when I start a new game.

    • pumasrevenge says:

      Try following: Uninstall all your Codecs (K-Lite, CCCP, …) and install another one. Codecs are often the problem for animated eroges to freeze up.

  447. Dannyboy says:

    I have a problem.

    When I installed the JAST USA release of School Days HQ everything worked perfect.
    Sound and all.

    But as soon as I exit the game and restart it, the sound is gone!
    I’ve tried installing the game on two different computers, but still the same result.

    Anyone else with the same problem? Is there a solution?

    • strom says:

      Someone had this same problem on the forum. Try what they did to fix it:
      “For some reason, I need to delete the config file after I quit playing. Because if I don’t, there’s no sound or music at all the next time I start the game. Doesn’t matter if I actually change the settings or not either, once that config file gets created, there’s no sound the next time I start playing. Not sure what that’s all about…”

  448. Joey says:

    Downloading now. If it works fine, I’m buying the original hard copy as well!

  449. Gronaboy says:

    So I’m guessing this doesn’t have english translation, as Sekai project hasn’t finished yet? Or is there? tell me quick, because I don’t want to waste any time downloading a game that has no english translation.

    • Tsun2Yan says:

      This would be the English release from Jast USA, so it should be fine. Also, as many people tend to need to say repeatedly here, all downloads on this site have been translated to English.

      • Gronaboy says:

        oh awesome thank you! I just thought that this was a special occasion, being probably the greatest game this century, but anyway, DOWNLOADING TIME!!!!

      • KodeDekka says:

        A note, Sekai Project merged with Jast USA for this project, so they’re the same thing, SP just did most of the work pretty much.

        on another note, I’m glad to see the project has been finished. Been on SP’s forums since 2007 when the project started, its beena wild ride.

  450. Maniac00 says:

    umm guys does School days have any happy Ending at all?? didnt look like it from the Anime..

    • Gronaboy says:

      It has happy endings, and even a harem ending, but there are also multiple bad endings, so I’m sure you won’t get bored.

    • pumasrevenge says:

      Don’t worry, there are only a few bad endings which involves one of the main characters getting killed 😉
      There are also some good endings 😀

    • Tsun2Yan says:

      School Days actually has a total of 15 good endings, with only 3 bad endings. The only reason the anime went with a bad ending is because they are much more (in)famous than the good ones, due to their brutality and overall disturbiness.

      Anyway, thanks for the upload, although it will take me like 5 days to download since I’ve reached my download cap already:/

  451. ciccio566 says:

    yahooooooooo ,finally, i have waited this for so long 🙂

  452. Namida says:

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Admin!!!!

  453. warrof says:

    Lucky Bastards….. I can’t downloaded or put files over 4gb on my external (it’s a FAT32 system) , I gotta download all 50ish rar files. oh well, hopefully won’t take as long as it seems it will

  454. Crosaith says:

    1 kB/s lol.. More seeders plz! ^^

  455. ekstacy says:

    seriously i cant thank u enough admin for all that u have done for us seriously u r incredible

  456. ekstacy says:

    I LOVE U ADMIIIIN SAMA! WOHOOOO my life ends here

  457. Raf says:

    OOOOH YEAH! School Days. LETS GO BABY!

    Expecting this to be way overrated. Hope to be proved wrong.

    • Andrew says:

      It’s not overrated. It’s really one of a kind. Besides the spinoffs, it’s the only fully animated eroge that I know of. Also, it’s unusually dark for a h-game with school setting. It’s really one of the best games of this industry if you ask me.

  458. NEET11/11 says:

    thanks a lot man i have been waiting for this game since they announced it to be translated. i love your site and hope you can keep up the wonderful work.

  459. no name says:


  460. warrof says:

    Is this the first School Days game, or some sequel game?

  461. Locutus102 says:

    LEEECHERS!…um what?

  462. Phantom says:

    Woo, going back to school for the summer. School Days that is XD Been waiting for this one, thanks Admin.

  463. madbro_/ says:

    my game always crashes… please help me i want to play!!

  464. fall says:

    i can’t hear any sound in this game ,anyone have this problem ?

  465. SecretMan says:

    Help! The torrent’s not working and I really don’t want to download 50 .rar files. Is there a problem with the upload or am I just being stupid?

  466. Crosaith says:

    LOL torrent speed = 8 kB/s More seeds plz! 🙂

  467. Aerials says:

    Thanks GodLikeAdmin!

  468. fall says:

    i cant hear and sound

  469. Andrew says:

    This is the game I’ve been waiting for and I can’t wait to play it. However, the torrent link sends me to some suspicious adfly website that wants me to download a dl manager. I try to skip it, but the SD torrents don’t seem to be actual torrents, because they don’t have the icon, and won’t open in any program.
    I know this site is reliable, and I’m super grateful that you got this awesome game here so fast, but recently you’ve been putting torrent links that are nice and easy to use. That’s not the case now. Can you do something here or tell me if downloading the dl manager is really necessary?

    • khalid93 says:

      same here……….

      • Skraal says:

        Just wait some seconds and skip the adfly ad, in the top right of the page. Torrent should begin downloading as soon as you skip it.

        • Andrew says:

          Thank you! But damn, this torrent has an unusually bad seeder/leecher rate. Oh well, I guess it’ll have to do, because I really don’t want to download such a huge game part by part.

          • admin says:

            This torrent is literally few hours old. You can wait till tomorrow and it’ll be good to go. Torrents posted over here are always very fast.

    • razz says:

      you dont need to dl the dl manager
      just wait 5 seconds then skip the ad

  470. khalid93 says:

    is it just me or its just i couldn’t download either the torrent or the rar file?

    admin, if u can, could u split the 9.4 GB file into many smaller files so it wud be easy to download? ^^

  471. Hahaready2 says:

    My Body…is ready!

  472. Rexxar says:

    Does this got adult scenes?

    I mean I heard the US version wasn’t going to have adult scenes?


    NOTE: I want H-scenes 😛

    • superBlast says:

      Yeah It does. I went to the game’s site for whatever reason and the screenshots they had had pictures from the H-scenes. So don’t worry about that.

  473. Rave says:

    THX 😀

  474. Martin says:

    Hi admin!

    Thanks a lot for your hard work as always.
    Appreciate it a lot.

  475. NatsukiPL says:

    None of the sites in the whole internet does have so great admin. Dear Admin (with capital A) – shall the Great Spirit of Eroges and VNS’ protect you for your whole life. ^_^

  476. sebastian says:

    thax admin i been waithing for this for soo much time haa im gona cry tnx

  477. wewe says:

    Thank you admin. Thank you for being such a bro. Thank you for always doing this.

    I wish you the best in life, you are a true bro.

  478. Riptos says:

    I had the original game that had the partial translation so it’s nice to finally get this edition. Apparently there is better resolution and added bad ends for this version so it’s all gravy. I’ll have it in 3 hours, can’t wait. A long night of pursuing Setsuna awaits =D

  479. Baskerville says:

    T-T I’m crying right now, for real o.O, 10xs admin…

  480. chaotix says:

    Walkthrough please… thanks.. More nice boat. :3

  481. Tachjun says:

    Great! I’ve been waiting for this VN! After seeing the size, maybe takes 3 weeks or more for me to play this VN -_-
    Thanks, erogedownload 😀

  482. Chaos says:

    Agreed^. 9GB Thats amazing xD. The anime was good so the visual novel is bound to be even more good 😛

  483. Anonymous says:

    I thank our lord and masters at erogedownload for uploading this.

  484. Greed says:


  485. Dr.Orange says:

    Sunlight… i will see you next weekend

  486. Sinai says:

    Is it precracked or is the crack in the files or is it without any kind of security thingy? thx in advance and thx alot for all the hard work

  487. Goruka says:

    Thank you admin!
    Been waiting this ! 😀

  488. superBlast says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this too… mainly since it’s a fully animated VN. The sound of it sounds awesome. I have no idea how the anime goes. Anyways waiting for the torrent!

    • SecretMan says:

      If you haven’t hear about the anime, you should, umm, prepare yourself a little. Some parts of this game may be a little, uh, shocking.

  489. Skraal says:

    イヴァンさん、 we can’t thank you enough for all the work you do, all the time you expend, so that we can play epic visual novels like this.
    You have my most gratitude, I admire you man.

  490. Maou says:

    You people are really fast, thanks Ivan.

  491. -inFidelity- says:

    Why 9.4 GB? I thought it was supposed to be ~13 GB

  492. yup354 says:

    Yup…I do believe I’m having a heart attack now.

  493. razz says:

    tnx admin.. but one question…. pixelized or not?

  494. Nico says:

    Yahoo! No better way to start the summmer break, thank you so much!

  495. Dragon says:

    So is it possible for the main character not to be a total dick in the game depending on the route you take? Cause in the anime he was just horrible.

  496. Jakerams says:

    Thanks admin

  497. Souji Seta says:


  498. Wildsleven says:

    wow nice one admin, i watched the anime and it made me depressed lol

    i assume theres a good ending 🙂

    • admin says:

      Actually, this is common misconception – this game has over 20 endings, out of which only 4 are “bad”.

      • Savaris says:

        Over 20?! Wow, who’d have thought? How “good” they’d be will depend on perspective… and for who. Following that, those 4 “bad” endings would be considered to worse ones. Looking forward to seeing if Makoto can play the cool or decent guy. I’ll be looking for that “good” harem route, if there is one…

        Anyway, thanks for the upload admin!

  499. Cabbage says:

    Oh god… bad memories from watching the series are awakening…

  500. darkwings02 says:

    i’ve been waiting for this
    i didnt like the ending of the anime
    this time i want a happy ending with kotonoha

    thanks admin….

  501. mathsdebater says:

    YES, nice boat awaits.

  502. Erogelover20 says:

    Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss finnaly can i play this game soon, I have wait long time for to play this game.

  503. PongiiChan says:

    Thanks admin! Going to wait for the torrent ~

  504. 2Din3D says:

    School Days!!!
    Can’t wait for this one XD

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