School Idol QT Cool

The birthrate in Japan continues to drop … Enrollment at schools everywhere has declined and their administrators are beginning to fear the worst …

In this midst of this turmoil, at one particular academy, a legend begins to rise.

Faced with imminent closure of the school, a plan was hatched: The creation of a ‘School Idol’.

This idol grew in fame, and the number of students attempting to enroll skyrocketed. With this plan, the school had no trouble keeping its doors open.

In response, other schools followed suit, and a competitive School Idol Club culture was born. School idols increased both the popularity of their schools and whipped students into a frenzy about supporting their home idols.

‘This is … the dawn of the School Idol Era!!’

I couldn’t make this up if I tried …

This is the story of an Idol Club at one such academy. It stars one girl … and two ‘boys’ …

39 comments on “School Idol QT Cool

  1. I wasn’t going to download this because yaoi games makes me drier than the desert, but traps with girls is like the holy grail for me and my femdom side is happy to find some pegging. Now knowing I can avoid the yaoi route I definitely going to give this game a chance

      1. That’s like saying lesbians are straight because they like to masturbate with dildos, or simulate intercourse with a strapon.

  2. yay! Two traps! I love the “traps foreplay as lesbian” story. Added this on my download list

  3. Can’t seem to get the good ending with Akaru as I’m missing a few CG’s of him, though the H-scenes are all unlocked.

  4. I can’t actually play the game. When it starts, the autoload option keeps popping up stopping me from advancing the game. Anyone have any advice?

  5. love the plot: create a school idol group to prevent school disclosure.

    what is this? lov* l*ve with traps and nukige?

  6. I saw sexy girls, and I was like, yooo! Then I looked at their outfits, and I was like, Yoooooooo!! And then I looked at their panties, saw balls, and was like, YYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  7. /sigh

    I can’t believe how mediocre this turned out to be despite all the potential it had. They didn’t push any boundaries in any direction. Of the three routes, straight, yaoi and bi, all the sex scenes in them were exactly what you’d expect.

    1. Yeah, it turned out to be really, really, really mediocre and the sex scenes were outright bad. They were all moaning with no descriptions. That might have been excusable if it were funny, had good characters, or had anything else to attach to but it just sets this up, throws a few bad h-scenes at you and then it’s over.

      It’s the laziest, most half-assed attempt to cash in on traps that I’ve ever seen.

  8. Was Busty Maid: Creampie Heaven! ever cracked by any of the people who crack these games? I’m just curious, since this game was made by the same people as Busty Maid was made by. Maybe that game wasn’t good enough to get cracked?

        1. In the girl route she will use a dildo on you, literally. Probably not considered technically yaoi but might be an issue for some people.

  9. I’m not into traps in any capacity but I found it hilarious that the first line of the summary says “The birthrate in Japan continues to drop” and the VN is about fucking traps…

  10. first few seconds reaction “Wooo nice booty! time to-”

    after realizing theres some weird bulge and what the 2nd “girl” has my reaction to this would be…”oh… brain… how could you not notice that”

  11. After I initially saw it, I was like “oh, hey nice. Possibly a new nukige.”

    Then I noticed the crotches and went “oh, traps… Ooohh~”

    Then I looked it up and found out that the protagonist is one of the traps. Ehh… no thanks.

      1. Yeah, I’m fine with traps and all(in fact I quite like them) but I’d rather be the guy doing the traps instead of being one of them.

        The disappointments just keep piling lately…

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